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  1. Panic ye not straightfeed I drive a 1 litre Ford Grand C-Max and also get lumped in with the gas guzzling monster people movers, does some what infuriate me a my car is smaller than a moderate size estate car and certainly less polluting. But heyho put up and shut up
  2. Nice to read a report of a trip to Jersey with no mention of the German occupation
  3. Have always found B+B Hotels in France good value and clean also near to the holiday routes. They also take dogs for about 4 Euros a night
  4. We had a rough crossing on the NEX and vowed to give fast craft a very wide berth so much more civilised on a cruise ferry
  5. Sorry to be picky but surely it is my Wife and not "the wife" sounds horrible
  6. For us Rose du Provence (we are lightweights booze wise) and the wonderful seafood sticks that the wrapper falls off so much more taste than the poor quality you can buy in the UK. and the duck breasts are so much bigger. Roll on September
  7. But makes for a far better atmosphere
  8. How can you not notice something that big
  9. You are a braver man than me with the phrase "the wife" and not even in capitals
  10. So sad, but Thank you for thinking of others at this difficult time
  11. Thanks Tony, found it at last on a 3rd browser so now a happy bunny
  12. The Portsmouth webcam is fine, the one I am having trouble with is the HMS Warrior one. Have tried 2 different browsers same result with both.
  13. Just checked again log onto the site and the following message appears "Error loading player no playable sources found" perhaps somebody more I.T. savvy than me could explain how to resolve this as other sites work just fine
  14. Would be fine if it was working, which it is not
  15. We need a printed ticket as my Wife is disabled and we have a dog and both are shown on the ticket which makes check in easier and also on the return is stamped to confirm we have visited a vet to conform to the Pet Passport rules.