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Irish Ferries Announce Newbuild for UK/Ireland/France

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15 hours ago, Fine Whine said:

I think she looks better in this one, but they are just an artists impression - remember how the image of Pont Aven's bow was quite different to the real thing.



I've spent the last 24 hours trying to work out what that bow shape reminds me of. Now I've got it, and it's going to win me the lifetime ticket prize. It's like a vampire bat with a stubby nose. So the name of the vessel will be the MV Dracula. Ed.  

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The way I see it, the fact that she has been designed for twin-level loading implies that that plan must be, at least in part, to operate on Holyhead-Dublin.  If she was intended exclusively for Ireland-France I doubt they would have bothered with that expense.  But I agree, also, that the cabin configuration is intended to make her suitable for the French routes and if Holyhead was the exclusive intention then they wouldn't have bothered with that expense either.

So, in summary, she is designed to be suitable for operation on both routes.

Whether that means we will see her on both routes, or what the balance is between them, remains to be seen of course.

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