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  2. We had been hoping to take the children there this year before number one Cabin-kid turns 12 and has to be booked at adult prices. Ed
  3. Not a place on my bucket list so I'm OK.
  4. He's certainly not cut out for diplomatic trips overseas. Here's a clip from the recent Spitting Image series. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DgxN1eRtbb80&ved=2ahUKEwis7q-m86ftAhXJ8eAKHeUnCB4QwqsBMAB6BAgBEAM&usg=AOvVaw3ESvEdydvA8SgcEjV2c8d- Ed
  5. I don't think that is right actually, he is cetainly opinionated and, if you recall, previously torpedoed Johnson's bid for the Tory leadership on th basis that he wasn't up to the job. He is certainly not a yes man in any way at all. His problem is that he is actually quite clever but becomes fixated with issues such as when he was Education secretary and ended up antagonising the people he needed to carry with him so he had to be moved. He has a tendency to go OTT and is best used in a support role rather than being in charge.
  6. I assumed he did. In my opinion he comes across as a bit of a bruiser with not a lot of intelligence. One of Boris's yes men
  7. I note you said published by not written by!!
  8. Not bad. Now try and persuade a 'foncionnaire' on a Monday morning who's already had a tiring hour or two in the office, is looking forward to the weekend and couldn't care less either way. If, as Macron and other politicians have tried to suggest, we are at war with the virus then surely as an occupied population (with the virus being the occupier and the government being the authority forced into managing the occupation) the fourth Geneva Convention takes effect. This clearly stipulates that there should be no form of collective punishment in retaliation for the actions of a minority.
  9. Yesterday Michael Gove published a 2000 word article in the Times. It was well written but he drew an apocalyptic picture of an imminent total collapse of the NHS if the latest restrictions are not followed, people with heart attacks being turned away from A&E at hospitals stuffed full of covid victims etc. It would not be possible to differentiate between areas within counties because infections simply spread from the nearest hotspots (although that is certainly not happening around here). It was strong stuff. Project Fear indeed! Overnight a complete change of tack by HMG, some Tier
  10. Liberty and Equality are for ever pulling in opposite directions. Fraternity is needed to bring balance. (Do you think I am doing well with my preparations for citizenship interview?)
  11. I don't know if anybody just caught the man speaking on R4's Broadcasting House programme. He was commenting on those people who believe their rights to freedom are being eroded by these repeated lockdowns and tiers. His argument was something along the lines of 'your freedom to do what you please impinges on the right of other people to remain in good health'. Well, if we listen to that sort of argument we should also ban all motor vehicles from public roads as it impinges on the right of cyclists not to be involved in accidents. Why are governments still putting the blame for in
  12. If you live in England, here is the NHS Situation Report from 26/11 with a breakdown for each area and tiering decisions. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/938964/Coronavirus_England_briefing_26_November.pdf
  13. Me too! I have a nasty suspicion that the French are waltzing (or shuffling in a long queue) into a carefully laid trap. Opening all the non-essential shops is clearly a needed boost for the economy but I can't see it being compatible with Macron's conditions for relaxing the lockdown in 18 days' time. People are free to go out shopping with no time-limits or distance-from-home-limits as long as it's reasonable. I can't believe people won't take the opportunity to meet friends in their homes in town for a coffee or lunch to break up the shopping trip, and this particularly concerns the yo
  14. Avoiding Super U and any other shops tomorrow ....
  15. All non-essential shops reopen here tomorrow morning but my wife was in Super U earlier and they had already removed all the plastic sheeting one hour before closing time. Her friend who works there said the management had decided to save time and hoped no police officers decided to do their shopping this evening. Ed
  16. Into Germany, I'd guess so, yes. But unless France decides to move 400kms to the east there might be a problem with the second suggestion. 😀 Ed
  17. Can one get the lift up in Austria and then ski down into France or Germany?
  18. Once the UK gets its travel rights back next week and we do too on 15 December, if all goes to plan, it's probably worth knowing what you can and can't actually do. There will be no limit on where you can go within France and there will be no need to prove your intentions with a form. Just in case anybody is considering coming over here, Disneyland and other theme parks will remain closed until at least January. Ski resorts will be open for walking as well as cross-country skiing and snow-shoe tours but no ski lifts will be operating over the Christmas/New Year period. In f
  19. I do hope so!! The data is certainly there and I think it would work in the true "counties" where Districts still have some autonomy - not so sure about other parts of the country though
  20. No, Macron himself announced those dates on Tuesday night and I just naievely assumed there must be some basis why they were chosen but couldn't work out what that was. There was no suggestion of a ménâge-a-trois going on in the Elysée. Of course the real scandal is whether Macron got his hair cut in the last month. And, if he did, was it done by a blind Parkinsons' sufferer or did Brigitte step in? Either way the result is questionable. Ed
  21. Love how Ed subtly links Brigitte Macron with Jean Castex. He has been here so long he just assumes the sort of things which happen behind closed doors .... In the past, such things were taboo for the press, but now even on this otherwise informative forum, we try to compete with the gutter press tabloids? (Joke)
  22. Wherever you draw the line there will be anomalies but I do think more effort should have been made to consider classification down to district level. The data trail clearly exists as I have been following my borough council figures for a while now and we are significantly lower than the rest of the County. The current system simply seems to level up. The whole of Kent is in Tier 3 when the problem is in one corner. Much of the county is rural with low infection rates and was previously in Tier one. It still has those low infection rates. Even in London there is a wide disparity betw
  23. Put it this way, we know who will be getting the first doses of the vaccine once it becomes available. Ed

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