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  2. neilcvx

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Armorique suits it the best in my opinion.
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  4. I agree the proposed demo's are a bit silly but people are feeling they have to do something, the problem is, as in France, the extremists will eventually take over, just to cause trouble.
  5. Gareth


    Something’s gone a bit wrong with a forum re-jig this morning. I’m sure Other Ferry Operations will be back soon. (And will then move this thread into it).
  6. 'Cap Finistere' outbound from Portsmouth on Wednesday - The livery definitely suits this ship the best. 'Bretagne' (which we have already seen) returns to Portsmouth next Wednesday morning (27th March). 'Normandie Express' will be next to get the livery which will be applied after her summer season, most likely while she's on the Syncrolift in Cherbourg.
  7. cvabishop

    Wight sun

    That's a decent price. Problem for us is that Southampton is significantly further from us than Portsmouth plus more prone to traffic delays. Then when you factor in the longer crossing the payload time on the Island becomes pretty marginal.
  8. May has made many seruous misjudgements and shown no sense of leadership or inclusion. She's just sailed off and done her own thing and is insisting that everyone accepts it. Howver, this topic appeasr to be veering of into discusions that should rightly be be continued in the General Brexit thread. I so agree the proposed genteel blockade at Plymouth is idiotic though. Rather drives a coach and horses through the concept that the electorate are all intelligent thoughtful deep thinking citizens with carefully considered views.
  9. eagleeye

    Wight sun

    There have been reports of a return crossing car and 4 people costing over £200 at Easter so us islanders can’t afford that .incidently I paid £33:80 for a day return on red funnel tues car and 2 people.the ferry was pretty full both ways
  10. Parliament asked the people do you want to leave the EU and the majority said yes. It doesn't matter how we or our MPS voted individually it is their job to carry it out. Instead over half want to remain and a lot more want an agreement that is not really leaving. Personally I think Theresa May, as a remainer is doing the best she can, certainly better than Cameron did, could anybody have done better?
  11. The problem is that a lot of MPs and certainly all the political parties (apart from one) have changed their stance on Brexit so it makes protesters like the ones in Plymouth frustrated .
  12. jonno


    I don't know where to put these now as "Other Operations" has gone? The ship which will be used to re launch the route to St Nazaire, Balearia's Visentini Sicilia, will be LNG converted between October & December 2019.
  13. I'm not sure on what basis you're claiming MP's are out of touch. MP's are representatives not delegates and as such are just as deeply divided as the rest of the country. We are three years down the road and many people will have changed their minds, both ways, many will have died and many new voters are now on the register. Neither you nor I now know who is in touch and who is not. That's just another one of the difficulties we all including MP's face.
  14. It relates to the 6th post on this thread but you had to be up and about at 7am to catch it. Tulip is the new BFE-approved word for those who manage to stimulate themselves in private with no external assistance. But don't worry, I agree with your sentiments about them being a bit dim. Ed.
  15. cvabishop

    Wight sun

    I rather think that the 'investment' over the last few years has been aimed at cutting costs and exploiting a semi monopolistic advantage rather than enhancing the customer experience. Fewer, larger vessels sailing less frequently and with a capacity below that of potential demand plus vulnerability to disruption if one of the larger ships is out of service. Underneath the gloss the service is poorer. The service will be running at near capacity at peak times and with better loadings ouside weekends as people look for alternatives. No need for 'offer' fares which seem to have dried up. Day trips for car & passengers are economically unaffordable now. Last year we had a short break on the Island and the hotel offered discounted fares from either Wightlink or Red Funnel. This year the offer of discounts seems to apply to Red Funnel only. Wightlink may be a commercial company but they are providing a vital public service. From what I have heard, the Islanders are not getting much benefit from the new setup either. As has been said in the past, more competition is needed but it is hard to see how it could be made to work in practice, especially for vehicular traffic.
  16. I think they are sore tulips. (Gareth will explain if necessary). Ed
  17. I really hope this stupidity doesn't catch hold on this side of the channel. How can it be that having won a referendum, with a government and Prime Minister committed to delivering what they want, these people are more angry now than before the whole saga began. Sore winners?
  18. It makes you wonder what other ideas they had before settling on that one. Ed
  19. Sounds like a really intelligent thing to do...
  20. adicat

    Wight sun

    It will be seized up by June. I still fail to understand why 4 vessels are not running peak Saturday's when capacity is still lower than the past. Are they trying to force people away from weekends? Surely they need 480 spaces every 2 hours having had 568nearly 20 years ago.
  21. It’s an out of touch PM trying to please the ERG and DUP that’s the problem, I suspect the protest at the docks will attract a tiny amount of people and be futile.
  22. This is what happens when, out of touch and self interest first politicians, ignore the people who elect them.Frustrations boil over. That`s why the Jilet Jaune movement got so much traction and made Politicos take notice. This might be a localised event or it might be the start of a wider movement. But certainly these people feel they have nothing to lose and want to do something. In that respect, whether or not, they delay the Roscoff ferry doesnt matter...They have attracted publicity and that will, no doubt, be their first aim..
  23. Oh dear. This means Armorique will have to cancel its slow cruise down past Cornwall before she sets off to Roscoff. Brilliant fuel saving for BF, less time in bed though for the poor customers. I presume this Farcebook mob will get a paid days work in before blockading begins in the evening. This is one of the most stupid things I've heard for ages. Hit the very company (BF) that is going to help the UK to get medicines and material in to survive Brexit. Tulips all of them Stu
  24. The reports of MPs receiving verbal abuse and threats of physical attack. I did of course assume that by 'hurt' you meant their chances of re-election and reputation, but just wanted to clarify. Since the problems kicked off over here there have been a number of constituency offices vandalised, graffiti scrawled, anonymous letters sent and at least one arson attack on a politician's second home. I would hope that people in the UK are above that kind of behaviour but you never know in this untested situation. Ed.
  25. Not sure what press reports you mean. I did mean 'hurt' in the general sense not physically.
  26. Adamoore

    St Anton

    That's fantastic thanks!
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