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  2. She did get her confirmation email and new ticket today, after the third phone call to BF and speaking to someone who wasn't as plus positive and empathetic as BF staff normally are. BUT, she has her ticket and all she needs now is confirmation that the sailing is good to go., Like a lot of you we don't live next door to the terminal, so if she rocked up in Pompey to find it was a no show, she would have a four hour drive home. More to the point when she arrived with all the good humour of a bull with a sore head, the fall out would be mine to deal with. Rhys
  3. I didn't mean to sound insensitive and apologies if it appears so. But I don't think it's fair to blame BF for not being able to guarantee the status of a sailing that is sailing to a 'vulnerable' port days in advance. Of course it's ridiculous and extremely inconvenient, but it is out of the companies control. I'm sure the cancellation information was conveyed as soon as possible.
  4. But there's no information to give? The point of a strike is to cause disruption. If the strike was BF staff then maybe, but it's consequential.
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  6. What sort of a reply is that?you are talking about sombody who is looking forward to a trip and are looking for some information.is that to much to ask?glitch or not bf is starting to fall below bf users are used to.
  7. Can't give any information that isn't there. Can't tell you it's cancelled until the impact of the strikes is known and confirmed. As for the ticket not arriving, just send an email saying you didn't receive it. Glitches happen.
  8. We are day tripping, so it is bad news for us, if it is true. I'd prefer to spend time (and sleep) on Pont Aven then a short night on Normandie.
  9. Correct, there is more work to do. The crane barge will be back, but not sure if anything will happen until after Christmas.
  10. That's how they manage to berth WBY in Milford.
  11. As you can see from this photo, the quayside doesn't need to be as long as the ship provided that headropes can be got ashore somewhere, in the case of Portsmouth to a dolphin. The main entry port is usually amidships on cruise ships. However cruise ships load and unload from lower decks, deck 5 on Magellan so the height above the quayside is lower than on ferries where the passenger access is above the vehicle decks. Towers should not normally be needed. Cruise ships also carry their own gangways for use where there are no local facilities. The gangway usually seems to project 90 degrees from the side of the ship and in some cases can be quite long, as in the photo, needing a lot clear quay width. Long gangways with a gentle slope are desirable on cruise ships with their high proportion of elderly passengers, many with walking difficulties. A look online suggests that Portsmouth are using shortish gangways for cruise ships. The steps adjust automatically to the slope as the tide rises and falls. The Portsmouth one in the link looks a bit steep to me, compare it with the one being used for Magellan at Honfleur. https://www.cruisebritain.org/news/portsmouth-international-port-introduce-covered-gangways/
  12. The Chinese yard building the E-Flexers have got a guy in place specifically in charge of checking all the measurements. His name is Sum Ting Wong. Ed.
  13. Just going back to this slightly, so she is the first new ship to use the extended berth, but the berth is only partly extended with more extension to come?
  14. That’s the guy that measured WB Yeats.
  15. And his able assistant Han MeDaruler
  16. Seems to me like a task for tug man Cal Libb-Reight.
  17. The quay levelling also has to be done.
  18. The answer will come back in tug-lengths though, so we'll need a conversion chart. There's a joke in there somewhere but as this is a family site I'll stop now. Ed.
  19. The works isn't completely finished yet, I can't see the extension behind the ship in the picture. Artania is 230m. the berth should be extending to 255m so there's still work to do then work gets underway on the terminal building.
  20. Makes sense! It just looked like a construction site last week! Anyone seen the finished article yet? An end to the ship shuffle hopefully now three ferries can berth
  21. Need to get Lee Shaw out to measure it.
  22. The strikes are bad news for day trips, however at least Ouistreham is open most of the time (weather permitting) which is a useful backup for most routes.
  23. It doesn’t look long enough! 🤣
  24. The final cruise ship of 2019 and to first use the extended Berth 2 in Portsmouth International Port - Phoenix Reisen 'Artania' alongside until 23:00 this evening. Photo thanks to SMS Tugmaster Lloyd Thompson.
  25. Not necessary! He's already very well trained. 😀 Ed.
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