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  2. Were the different emails on the same provider? I had a problem once when emails wouldn't go through on BTMail but no problem with my AOL address. For some reason the recipient would not accept BTInternet addresses. If so might be worth setting up a GMail address.
  3. I'm starting to wonder if 'Potty Pirate' might not actually be the children's entertainer but a saboteur. Ed
  4. That's possible but on the outward crossing in August Armorique's cabin 8326 has an un flushable loo. Sailing was cancelled on 13th September due to "technical issue" Anyone know what that was ?
  5. If the helpline still exists they clearly don't want you ringing it as I can't find a number anywhere online. Ed
  6. Could be someone stuffed something down the toilet that they shouldn’t have. Ok, maybe it disappeared after flushing but blocked up the plumbing further down the pipes, could explain weird noises. People put nappies, womens sanitary products, underwear and even clothes down toilets that aren’t in their own homes - which of course they never would in their own homes. Arm still got the salad bar, one of my favourite features of her dining areas. Great ship, she is, albeit not the best seakeeper.
  7. Even got a friend who is very savvy with pcs and he cannot do it either even on his device so that 4 different device and 3 different networks and no joy.has any one got thevspanish helpline address please
  8. Today
  9. Perhaps clear your cache on the device and delete any cookies before trying again. Ed
  10. Still no joy at all,keeps saying invalid e mail.tried 2 different e mail it keeps saying invalid e mail.
  11. That's the first time I've heard that recommended for someone heading TO the UK. Ed
  12. Excellent. Your first post on the forum and you start with a pun. Welcome! Ed
  13. That was good of them, the contract allows them to switch ships and give you inferior cabins.
  14. They are going to have to invent a new process which includes the lateral flow test and for some a pcr without charging extra for the pcr.
  15. What was supposed to be our long awaited reunion with the Bretagne on Tuesday didn’t happen instead we had to travel on the Armorique. We were expecting to travel back from our Toussaint trip on the Pont Aven, but that too looks as though it will change to the Armorique. On Tuesday evening’s sailing both vehicle and passenger numbers must have been almost back to normal. Not the best of starts at St Malo when the check in lady decided, despite a queue and displaying a green light, to shut up shop. 4 upset cyclists were able to push in to one of the other lines but motorists (me included) had to make a U turn and join the back of another queue, it took about 20 minutes to get through but passport control was just a look at the vaccination certificate and a stamp on the passport. No customs checks on the car just head for lane 8. Loading was quick and easy. Deck 5 was packed with 6 lanes of cars and vans filling up one side of the ship and 2 full lanes facing the other way. There were cars down on deck 3 also. Anyone easily offended should steer clear of cabin 8304. Some artistic passenger from a previous crossing has scratched a picture of a set of male genitals into the plastic porthole surround !. The bathroom became extremely smelly with a gurgling sound from behind the toilet cistern and loud running water noises from the shower plug hole.. Crew change day and Commandant François Le Breton was in charge. (what an appropriate name for BF) “A new boy” said one of the loading crew when I asked who was on the bridge. Restaurant was busy with slow moving queues and no safe social distancing but food good. Commenting on the large number of passengers the cashier in the self service said the crew were relieved things were getting back to normal . Enfin ! he said. No signs of Potty Pirate for entertainment, instead a lady promising to sing your cares away ! Her voice carried from decks 6 to 8. A smooth crossing. Breakfast gathered from the self service restaurant had croissants and pain au chocolat far superior to the stuff we had delivered to our Club Plus cabin on the outward journey. After all the announcements requesting passengers to “observe safe social distancing at this time of global pandemic” it seems counter productive and mean to turn everyone out of the cabins a full half hour before docking. It took around 25 minutes to drive off and twenty minutes to get past Border Force, plenty of lanes open and only passports had to be shown. “We can see your Passenger Locator form as it’s linked to your passport” they said. Back into the mad morning rush hour, but at least there aren’t so many tailgaters here ! I seem recall someone on the forum recently saying their cabin was changed due to flooding ? Was that aboard Armorique ? It seems to have serious plumbing issues.
  16. Nothing wrong with friends in high places - as we’ve seen from the testing debacle, it’s how the UK is run!
  17. Blimey, a sardine can in the sky better than an inferior ferry..🙄
  18. Is the 90 litre "guideline" per adult person, or per household?
  19. You can use NHS PCR tests, they'll do you out of £68 though. Just seen Nationwide Pathology only charge £20 for a LF, hope we can use these when we go away in November.
  20. Apart from mask wearing indoors and a higher percentage than the UK wearing them outdoors Spain seemed back to normal
  21. Went to Asda this morning wanted a bit of Fruit and some fish. As I left a couple about 75 were struggling to push a large trolley each. I hate to think how they managed once they had filled them. Tell our generation not to panic buy and it's the first thing we do
  22. Hi, Newbie here, I’ve just paid £130 for the second time this year for the AHC. I even missed out on visiting family in Ireland with my husband 4weeks ago as we would have needed an AHC for that and another for this trip to France. It pains me every time and I’m sure the vets have better things to do than to read, fill out, sign, stamp, photocopy 13 pages of bureaucratic shite. When I first used one in March, BF at Portsmouth went through it with a fine tooth comb. Border control at Cherbourg weren’t interested, the guy didn’t even look at it. He just handed it straight back to me saying, “just give me the passport.” What a joke! I shall definitely be asking our french vet for an eu passport when I get there, but in the meantime could everybody check out change.org and sign a petition to try to get this mess sorted out. I don’t think the last one got enough signatures, so let’s bump up the numbers. I can’t seem to get the link to work but if you’re interested then just enter “Bruno Nicolas” in the search on change.org and you should hopefully find it. Cheers
  23. Has anyone had their UK vaccine rejected by a venue when they scan the QR code? We had a restaurant in Savonnieres give the dreaded red cross and beep but they used their noggins and saw we had clearly been vaccinated and let us in. A restaurant in Ouistreham before we got the ferry had the same issue and there was no way on god's earth she was letting us in, my wife explained in perfect French she needed to update her app (as it says in the Anti Covid app) but she wasn't having it. Luckily we'd been tested in Tours earlier that day and dug them out of the bag and we were allowed to eat!
  24. Friends in high places also helps. Could you have a word
  25. Similar experience. The Commodore staff still make a booking for you and said it was just one sitting at, I think, 6.15pm, but folk were wandering in as we were finishing at about 8pm. A bit later there was a tannoy announcement asking those who had booked and not yet turned up to go the the restaurant.
  26. Yes, but don’t you feel better now that we’ve taken back control?
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