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  2. Following on from this, it has been confirmed that there's a small outbreak at the Penryn Campus, less than 5 they said. The question yet again is where did the students get it to start with?
  3. The Caen timetable from 4 Jan - 21 Mar is now showing just the MSM for passenger traffic. The freight timetable shows 2 ships (currently MSM/NO), however one of the deleted French screens did say that the Amorique would continue in freight mode in January. I am waiting for the dog owners to start complaining, however they don't know what the rules are yet !
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  5. Ye old village stocks .
  6. According to The Connexxion, unless you have a UK address, it can’t be done. https://www.connexionfrance.com/Practical/Transport/Applying-for-an-international-driving-permit I tried last year, in the end I exchanged my UK licence for a French one using the new on-line system. Took six weeks start to finish. Bob.
  7. Vaguely on topic, I decided to switch my outbound crossing to the 2nd October to give me more chance re quarantine & in case France signs up to anything at the European Council meeting. I decided to try ringing and not do it online as this particular ticket (now on on it's 11th version) seems to get pricing errors each time and the computer likes giving me Deck 6 on the Normandie. I got through immediately which is excellent news and their service was excellent as ever.
  8. Agree re surgical masks and I have just taken delivery of another 50. However I visited my specialist eye hospital this morning for an injection to try and save one of my eyes and expected to be given a surgical mask at the door as on previous occasions. It didn't happen but I was promptly helped into a PPE full length apron instead and taken off for the usual tests where the technician asked me if I had a mask. I produced one from my pocket but she said 'perhaps I'll give you one of ours' which she did. Whilst being led around the place I noticed that other patients seemed to be wearing whate
  9. I think that's the key. Just like we know that zero interaction with other people and things that they have been in contact with, is a certain way of not catching / spreading, we also know it's not practical
  10. Not me, I know that only surgical grade masks work. It's a medical fact of life and It's inconsequential what some may say otherwise. You can't enter a hospital wearing anything else and you don't see the staff walking around wearing some random pseudo designer piece of cloth on their face which Next are flogging for a tenner. ...saying that if it's the only thing some will allow themselves to wear then unless they're coughing or spluttering all over you (sneezing isn't a Covid symptom) then at least it's better than nothing and I'm pleased that there are those out there who can
  11. Because we don't have a testing system capable of letting everyone who has it know that they have it
  12. The same way I would deal with other problems like TB in cattle. At present the policy is to cull badgers and to compensate farmers when they lose an animal to TB. Research shows that farms who spend most on proper maintenance of gates, fences and hedges have lower or zero risk of TB. Farms that suffer most from TB either have poor safeguards themselves or are adjacent to farms with poor safeguards and hygene. Instead of compensating the farmers I would fine them heavily for having an outbreak. If you track and trace spreaders of Covid 19 why not fine them? Tough but these are tough times
  13. Just used my 'travel credit' with DFDS to book some new crossings for next April, out on King Seaways 15th April, back on Princess 19th April. Commodore cabins both ways. This is part of a trip to Utrecht, also re-arranged, to see Suede performing their classic album 'coming up', it was originally due to have been next month in Amsterdam. I thought it would give me something to look forward to, but who knows where we'll all be by then! Fortunately I can cancel or amend free of charge up till end of the year.
  14. 'You can't' is the answer to both those questions. You know that. Everybody does. It's just that many simply won't admit it. And that applies as much to The Leader of the Conservative Party and his pals as to any academic with a computer or all the amateur epidemiologists on this forum. For what it's worth I have been staggered at the incredibly high levels of compliance we have seen from the start but unfortunately Mr Johnson, like one or two of his doomed predecessors, talked about over by Christmas and fatigue is setting in. Especially amongst small businesses who have not taken a penny sin
  15. I think it would help if people had more details at a local level? Here in Cornwall we're told about outbreaks at a meat plant in Redruth and HMS Raleigh in Torpoint but not told how the outbreaks started, if we knew how they started we would know what to avoid. I saw somewhere that there's an outbreak here in Falmouth but no details, it could be connected to the Uni, as Exeter have had an outbreak. In Plymouth there was an outbreak from a group coming back from Greece, one up for Colin, more information would teach people what they need to avoid and why certain restrictions are brought in.
  16. Ah, finally a ship fit for a 21st century port. Ed
  17. Condor Liberation will be in Portsmouth this Sunday (27th Sept) for Berthing Trials as part of Condor Ferries' Contingency Plans. Arr: 0900 - Dep: 1345
  18. The plan at the moment seems to be that things will improve in six months. Is this based on a vaccine in the new year? I would like to know what plan B is if the vaccine does not work or has a similar success rate to current flu vaccine.
  19. Ad infinitum! In my opinion (not a fact) you wont stop it you may slow it but it will spread until it naturally subsides to a level that causes little effect. You cannot enforce people to act responsibly. You have to convince them that the action required is right (Banning smoking in public places is a good example I believe compliance was high from day one) The government and health experts change their minds almost weekly and then ignore their own advice so what chance have we got?
  20. Wyke Farm has fields alongside a railway track. At one time they sold advertising space on the winter 'coats' the cows wore.
  21. The more totalitarian a state the easier it is, China is able to lock people in Quarantine if it desires. New Zealand is able to do very well as it restricts who can enter the Country and has isolated quarantine for those who enter. However in Europe nothing will stop the spread, only slow it down until we have cures, vaccines and instant testing (perm 2 from 3).
  22. 'Wycke Farm is the brand) and it’s about €20 / kilo.' As Jim and I know from childhood - it is Wyke Farm. One of the lovely sounding village names from the area which it is always a delight to hear since I moved away aged 16 - Wyke Champflower. Sorry - I say this not to be pedantic, but just for nostalgia sake. If you can afford it, far superior are the unpasteurised cheddars from Keanes at Wincanton, Jamie Montgomery at North Cadbury and Tom at the Westcombe dairy at Evercreech (each within 5 miles of the other). And probably available in France at Laurent Dubois' fromagerie sh
  23. Problem is you can't stop it spreading. The natural R rate of this virus is about 3. Getting it down to"below 1" is fine... But it's false. As soon as things change, it will bounce back. So unless you have a near lockdown forever, it's going to go back up.
  24. I actually agree with everything that Colin has said. An open question to all. How would YOU stop the spread of this killer virus and how would YOU enforce people to act responsibily.
  25. PS there appears to be a new simpler way https://www.connexionfrance.com/French-news/New-French-website-for-UK-licence-swaps Ed - are you concerned re French Quarantine coming in - we are due to go over on the 5th October.
  26. It is worth checking, I roughly know the UK rules and if you live in the UK for more than a year a non eu license is not valid. I suspect that France will have a similar logic and Brexit will affect that ! I imagine that it is still simpler to swap a license this year than take a new test in France next year !
  27. Unless C-b’s UK driving licence is about to expire, he has no need to exchange it for a French one. At least, that has been the case hitherto, and I have no reason to believe that Brexit changes that. Just as well, because the procedure takes ages! The French DVLA (which also undertakes a number of other official document procedures) have had a decidedly dodgy last couple of years. When I had to exchange mine a few years ago, it took 9 months and by all accounts that was quick - it was over a year for some! However ....... returning to the Cheddar problem. Have you tried large In
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