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  2. I had an thought about Gal the other day... her service speed is 6kts slower than CF and CF has recently had those improvements from Wartsilla to increase efficiency by a further 4%... I wonder if CF reduced her service speed to 22kts as well if she would compare Galicia or a flexer, being so much newer and green-focused...
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  4. PA's horn would have destroyed Galicia's.... Galicia's sounded like a pensioners fart when I heard it the other day 😉
  5. True, but if contemplating Brest to Santander then turning your bike into a pedalo would probably be simpler. Ed.
  6. Let's not make problems. French local TER trains take bikes without undue any fuss. If I were a cyclist on a ferry diverted to another port I would go to the train station and look at the timetable. For example Brest to Morlaix takes about 40 minutes.
  7. But that is because they had foot passengers and had to pay for a coach anyway ! I suspect that if that happened this winter the cyclists will be on their own & have to claim for extra expenses.
  8. Just before the lock out a few years ago PA got diverted to Brest, we had the car but our friends on bikes were put on the coach to Roscoff.
  9. Amazing how foot passengers are now considered a too expensive cost centre. It was only 50 years ago when foot passenger traffic was the largest sector of traffic carried and was king! If ports and ships were designed more foot passenger friendly, enabling simple side on gang plank access we wouldn't be having this conversation now!!
  10. Pont Aven and Galicia passing by each other entrance to Santander harbour. Would have loved to have seen it. Expect there would have been a few blasts on their horns.
  11. It's a long trek in a car too! And with a further 400 miles on to Vigo it is why we decided to sail back to Plymouth from Roscoff that night with a further 500 miles back home to Edinburgh next day.
  12. Brest to Santander when PA's engine went boom would have been a long trek. Ed.
  13. As far as costs are concerned they are different, they use the car check in, security and passport control. If the ship is diverted to another port they are on their own ! BF are a business and not a service and we will see that more and more as they remove cross subsidies in order to bring their finances back in order. If foot passengers make a profit then the service will be available, if not it won't. It is possible that it will only be available on some crossings at some times of the year. Those hard facts will also be true of other features like seasonal routes, free wi
  14. Foot passengers are foot passengers for several reasons. I don’t drive, yet get collected in Cherbourg by a French national with his vehicle. I expect quite a few people travel as footies and get collected the other end of their journeys. Cyclists are sort of footies. Those who have other transport organised besides being collected by someone. Those footies also pay for cabins and meals the same as drivers. I have just sent my passport renewal so I do hope BF do not follow suit as I am looking forward to, eventually, once this pandemic is over, getting back to my trips. So much I want t
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  16. Trouble is once lost, it will be hard to get back I fear
  17. I think BF said that foot passengers actually cost them money to transport. Clearly it does for all of them. Maintaining the infrastructure required is a cost too far these days. If it doesnt pay it goes. Hopefully when sanity returns to the world they will have a re think.
  18. I suspect that BF may not put foot passengers back on all routes, it will depend on the costs plus the risks of having to run coaches when the ship is diverted. There are other options for carless passengers including quite cheap coach fares that use the dover route.
  19. Quite! We had to come back as foot passengers Caen/Portsmouth once when our car was involved in a collision in the French Alps and was transported back seperately. There will always be a requirement for foot passengers who for one reason or another don't have a set of wheels and are maybe unable to fly. It appears that ferry companices may be using Covid as an excuse to cut costs by removing the facilities needed to accommodate foot passengers. If so then they should be called out on it. Especially on Dover/Calais when you are only on the boat for less than a couple of hours.
  20. Not always... back in the days of the Val De Loire there were 4 digit cabins. 01XX was for Deck 1, 10XX for Deck 10. As Ed has said, only really an issue if you've got more than 100 cabins on a deck. I would expect the numbering logic to follow the same as per the Stena design as it's not just a case of what's on the door but what's in the blueprints for the plumbing system, the electrics etc. When P&O had the Olau twins and changed the decks from letters to numbers (EG Deck K became Deck 1), the onboard key printing systems still needed the letter to print a key. 0205 was J205,
  21. There used to be a Master at Wightlink that when he did his shift the red was taken down and blue put up, the company loved it.
  22. Very sad day if true (sounds more likely) Loved doing trips over, have good memories fo a few non-landing day trips when I was younger. Loking at the new ships... probably should have been easier to guess I suppose. So at the moment, the only route still accepting footies to France is Newhaven-Dieppe (with BF (fingers crossed) once this is over).
  23. I get the freight part - seems sensible to push it to other routes and speed up turnarounds/minimise activities needed. Foot passengers is sad news. Having been a legitimate foot passenger once following a car breakdown and having to leave it in Dunkerque for a week it was a helpful way home. I do wonder if an enterprising coach operator (or P&O themselves) will now sell terminal-to-terminal coach tickets.
  24. Wow amazing to both of you. Don't really understand what you are trying to do but do admire your attempt to understand the situation.
  25. All valid considerations and well beyond my constraints here! However, I am more satisfied than ever that there is something fishy in the SW NOIDs data. Age is by far the biggest determinant that I am aware of, and even that isn't anywhere near as skewed as I tried to make it in the tests I did earlier and yet, they couldn't replicate what the data said. As far as I'm concerned, it's just such a big outlier, it cant' make sense. I wonder if we'll ever find out why?
  26. Top marks for effort in trying to understand the figures VikingVoyager. As always there is a but. You really need to factor in the predominant blood groups in the different areas as group O doesn't appear to be so susceptible to the virus. You will also need to factor in the ethnic make up of the two groups as ethnicity does appear to be a consideration but before you do that you will also need to decide whether the ethnicity factor is down to race or social living conditions. You will also need to know what proportion of students and others behave responsibly and what proportion don't. I fear
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