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  2. I must be honest, I am not sure why one would do such a short trip to St Malo, it is such a great place with lovely restaurants and attractions and deserves at least one night.
  3. Thanks Colin. My last trip on PA was at a spring tide and foot passengers disembarked via a bus from the car deck. This meant a longer than usual wait & even less time ashore when through passport.
  4. I thought it would be helpful to start a thread on our experiences of navigating the 90/180 day rule, and particularly any issues at French border control. For example, has anyone had any problems if forced to overstay a couple of days. Our plans to visit our house in France every other month, have become more complicated, and needed fiddling around with a Schengen calculator app on my phone. I have used an app called Schengen calculator free for planning next year. It remains to be seen if it is accurate enough to prevent inadvertent overstays.
  5. If that's the case then perhaps the advertising standards agency should be informed. Be assured I will not be going to Quistreham. The money is not important it's the way BF are treating loyal customers. Telling me it would have been cheaper when I booked is a bit well insulting. I still don't understand your point that it was a sensible response. If designed to upset customers then fair enough.
  6. It was never a loyalty bonus, that was just marketing spin for a scheme to get some more bookings in a quiet time. The route from Ouistreham to Santander costs £175 in petrol and tolls !
  7. Today
  8. How do you come to that conclusion. It was advertised as a loyalty bonus! Anyway you pays your money takes your choice. That will be about £2,000 a year not going to BF. They should think a lot harder when making advertising did they not think it would p*ss off people who had already booked. Or don't they care I guess it's the later
  9. Cancellation fees for flexi tickets are either the original deposit or 25% of the final ticket price whichever is higher. i think that the BF response is sensible !
  10. I emailed BF regards the extra 10% discount I was not expecting any Joy and was not disappointed. This is the reply ;- You would of already reserved the space and cabin of your choice and probably a better price, prices tend to go up the closer to your travel date. (Not really the point if advertised as a loyalty bonus) The normal club voyage discount is still very good if you travel frequently. I'm sorry that you are disappointed. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. It seems they could not even by bothered to check the reservation details. (I did provide the number) So If I now amend the crossing to a cheap one to Caen and then cancel will they refund the amount already paid less 25% I will sacrifice the 25% and drive down in April and September and save my CV membership
  11. Surely the high speed crossings are more popular than conventional ones, NEX was a popular ship during her summer season, think people accept the current situation makes her surplus to requirements, but think she would be preferable option to many, except those who dislike HSCs.
  12. Accepted but the eflexers to Spain do give you plenty of time to see the faults and document them What else is there to do 😀
  13. You have been on board what restrictions apart from the occasional tannoy announcement asking you to wear a mask. What you see now is what you get yes they will brighten it up with advertising. The extra 10% for loyal CV members is a classic example but if you have been loyal you don't qualify. Extra loading time to allow segregation on the car deck is another. The actual loading seems to take about the same amount of time. You just wait longer to get started. Fresh sea air piped through the boat is plugged as if they had invested in it. They are becoming all front and little substance
  14. Yesterday
  15. I’ve not sailed on BF for eight years, so I might not be best if placed to compare the current service with the past. But all your comments/criticism relates to issues of service rather than the vessel sailed on.
  16. I believe that the deal allows for a few crossings a week for BF. When asked on twitter re fast crossings, BF do say hopefully next year. However BF won’t want to pay for the crossings if they don’t need the capacity.
  17. I think there is a bit of a difference between France and Spain. UK - France is just overnight usually and not much time on board. so minimal facilites are acceptable as passengers just want to get on and off as soon as possible with a tolerable bunk en route. The Spanish route is longer so the facilities of the vessel assume more importance. But esentially the same vessels with similar facilities service both routes. At the end of the day we are just talking about ferries where the really important thing is your destination and its delights. The ferry trip is a bit secondary really.
  18. I don't feel that we have seen how BF will operate the eflexer once the restrictions have ended, it would be better to judge them after next year's season. I have found the MSM soulless this year due to the restrictions / reduced service.
  19. I disagree. I'd rather have a vessel fit for purpose rather than one which is shabby, a bag of spanners and has reliability issues. When it comes to customer offer in terms of wines and food, the decisions made will be fleet wide they won't be targeted to individual vessels. I agree with your observations regarding Cap Finistere but the simple fact is that she is expensive to run, has limited passenger space and doesn't offer the cabin variety you find in the other Spanish sailing ships. Her lack of commodores is a very real reason why some won't even contemplate sailing on her. If you're of the opinion that the E-Flexer should be branded Economie what about Armorique?
  20. Rather than another decade! 🤣 Ed
  21. It seems that the independence movement is involved in the protests. Perhaps the government should call their bluff and offer a referendum. 🤣 A Martinexit if you like. Ed
  22. Yes Holiday Fleet is slowly becoming no more. BF will kill it off for many holidaying passengers. Freight Drivers will have little choice on sailing the 30 hours plus sailings from Portsmouth to Spain. If BF replace Pont Aven with Santona then that would be a crazy thing to do. I honestly feel the E-Flexers should be branded as Economie as they don't deserve to wear the Brittany Ferries name.
  23. Beause they come from another country I would imagine.
  24. Just wondering when they use the PIP do the cars get randomly security checks or not. Is it a case that it's the port that means checks or is it destination. As normally going to IOW no checks but same risks for any ferry really. Why do cross Channel ferry customers get car checks compared to IOW.
  25. It does appear to be that budget options are the BF future. It is really difficult to fortell the ongoing commercial prospects for UK/France ferries. Looks very much like lowest common denominator. I am just grateful that we experienced the glory days when Brittany holidays were a family adventure with their 'Holiday Fleet'. Very much part of our family history. So sad really.
  26. I am not a fan of these Chinese E Flexers. They are like motorway service stations at sea and have no charm whatsoever. I have been on Galicia a couple of weeks ago and the spanish theme does not work for me of the spark decor. The food was poor, crew were overworked and flustered and the selection of wines was abysmul with poor below par spanish wines. No real choice of french wine or premium spanish wine such as Arzuaga. Shame to me the slow boat from china to me doesn't live up to the Brittany Ferries standard and expereince i expect and enjoyed over the last 30 years. I came back on Cap Finistere which I feel (many will disagree) is a much nicer ship, the crew were lovely, food was great, fantastic selection of wine, and it is a shame if she does leave the fleet to be replaced by a poor quality budget chinese Stena ferry.
  27. I may have to go there next week...
  28. You can check the times of lock operation ahead. Basically roughly 2.5 hours either side of high water. Generally 6 times that the bridge can open.
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