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  2. Hi Jonny, and welcome to the forum! Its most likely a result of passengers moving their bookings following the (limited) release of 2022 sailings earlier this week. I would take the opportunity to grab the cabin you’d like whilst you can, just in case...!
  3. Hi there, first post in this forum! just a quick question. I’ve been looking at the crossing Plymouth to Roscoff for the 23.7.21 and a few weeks’ ago it was fully booked, with only seats left. Today, I’ve just checked, they have over 14 cabins left and even a club plus one! My first thought was that some people must have cancelled their bookings. But my partner said most likely BF are releasing the cabins as crossing date approaches. I really don’t know. Do you know how many of the 247 cabins of the Armorique are available ? Do you think this “flood” of cabins is because of cancella
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  5. Couldn't see the photos on the link but I guess that's because it's a closed group. BUT I did like the set of rules.
  6. Sadly, I have to agree with you David. It is a risk. Catch 22 for BF really - they have to find ways of cutting costs, but they also have to try to keep their customers (the ones they have not already lost). And the additional ones they are most likely to lose in dumbing down the product are the ones that tend to spend the most money on their BF experience. It was pretty clear, even last year, that the BF product that many of us knew and loved is already long gone.
  7. Totally agree, however this is the direction that BF are going in. I think that there is a very real risk that these facilities will be removed from the existing ships as well.
  8. If Pont Aven leaves Spanish routes this will be a massive loss. While Galacia is impressive and well fitted out, the lack of a formal restaurant and showbar lounge turns the journey more into a functional crossing rather than an exciting start to a holiday. Some might not value the passing of this, but many do, especially those who appreciate live music and entertainment, drink and a fun time! While it is not a cruise, a cruise ferry does normally have these facilities. So I think the lack of (or possible lack of) balconies on any new eflexer is the least of our worries.
  9. For me it's a great feeling onboard Pont Aven before she has even left the berth in Cork , the atmosphere onboard is that the holiday has already started , the food, staff etc, I can imagine the feeling is even better for those with balconies to enjoy the voyage to either France or Spain . For those that have had the balconies maybe you could tell me if there is much noise heard from the kennels above .
  10. Maybe its because its a Stena design and what they wanted after negotiations with the yard. The Lessors, in this case BF, had to pretty much accept it as it was, albeit with some furnishings differences to suit them personally.
  11. Yep, I don't understand that decision either. They do offer a a 4 berth Club or Premium Plus but I assume their footprint is no larger than a standard 4 berth, the only difference being that they're on the outside and you get a window.
  12. Red Star 1 (ex Viking III), the sole surviving passenger ferry from Townsend Thoresen days, left her layup at Paloukia yesterday under tow by the tug Christos XXVII. The apparent destination is Tuzla, to “prepare her for further work”! Reassuringly, the track does (at least for the moment) seem to be heading that way, and has not branched off en route for Aliaga. So, superficially at least, Tuzla was not a cover for a deliberate late change of destination (as it was for Pride of Dover and others). But the fact that she does seem to be edging closer to the final resting place of so many
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  14. She has now left Cherbourg, bound for Trelleborg
  15. Sea trials are due on Sunday evening (Uk) timeish 😜
  16. We love the big ones on PA, partly because the kids love them. Glass of wine in the evening while the kids are in bed - perfectly possible in summer - step outside for fresh air and sunrise in the morning. Will miss them when PA eventually goes (which I’m sure won’t be for a while yet; she has her new (old) niche at Plymouth and will be very busy on that for the foreseeable future, long after the Flexers have taken over everything at Portsmouth. The Flexers will never suit us, not because of the lack of balconies but because of the absence of premium cabins for families. So long may PA
  17. Ah but we are talking about balconies are we not?it makes no difference to me how people want to travel.jusr wanted to know what was so special about balconies.stay safe
  18. Pont-Aven only has twin beds,no doubles on Pont Aven (plus sofa bed & pull down bed from the ceiling. Every time I go to Spain, I always have a commodore cabin, mainly For the space, irrespective on the Weather, there is nothing better than being out on the balcony during a Plymouth departure & seeing the docking in Santander from “my space” > My Next crossing is from Pompy, trying out Galicia... so I will miss my usual Pont-Aven crossing. In October, I’m looking forward to a Commodore Suite (Double bed) outbound, and I’m sure I’ll miss the “balcony” but I will pro
  19. The extra space, the double bed and the extra service together with the fresh air and an outside seat are of more use than a swimming pool !
  20. Basically it is an indulgence if you don't mind paying for it but not of much practical use on the average Biscay crossing as Nodwad says.
  21. There will be a number of issues like this, however we just need to adapt to them.
  22. The main advantage I can see would be the ability to open the door and let fresh air into the cabin as even with the aircon set to minimum the "normal" cabins tend to get very stuffy overnight.
  23. Is that what it means? So it is just the have and have nots.very surprising answer I must say.stay safe
  24. PGTV, Solution is simple..wait till the other sailings to Roscoff are announced and take one of those.
  25. As Richard Gere says in "Pretty Woman" when asked by Julia Roberts why he rents the Penthouse Suite when he is afraid of heights, because it is the best!
  26. Re Plymouth to roscoff Friday day crossing (arr 19:45) I did a google search this morning of all the supermaches between roscoff and morlaix. all of them (Lidl, LeClerc, Giant, netto, Super-U) closes between 19:00 to 19:30. the ferry arrives at 19:45, so once unloaded, go through passport etc, at best 20:30. although I can have a meal on board, once I arrive at my destination- unpack, will be around midnight. Bound to want something to eat, plus wanting breakfast in the morning - so the question is what can I bring with me now we have brexit no diary or meat? Bu
  27. May I ask what is so special about a balcony on the pont ,most of the time it will be to cold and windy to sit outside for to long.stay safe
  28. Pictures on facebook of the P & O ensign being painted over on the Pride of Bruges funnel, and also the logo on the side Pride of York. Suggestion seems to be that they are med bound for GNV shortly, but not seen it confirmed by anyone official, although the posts do appear to be commented on by crew members who have mentioned they are destined for a new life in the med. Glad they appear to be getting some more use before the end of their days.
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