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  2. I take it you book that once on board ?
  3. I emailed them directly, didn’t get much joy tbh
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  5. Perhaps they don't sell them in the Peppa Pig World gift shop. Ed
  6. Good luck on that. It will not end in the foreseeable unless people just except it and get on with life. Boris is more worried about votes than covid. How often do you see him in a mask?
  7. In the early days of NEx, I posted on here that the catering offer had nothing at all for those with wheat and dairy allergy. I was pm'd almost immediately by the then commercial director (Mike?) to thank me and tell me what changes would be made. Not just excellent service then, but the warm glow of such service lasts many years.
  8. Will this be the Christmas number 1? Or will Mr Bobby stage a comeback? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10253473/Piers-Corbyn-leads-Covid-denier-chant-wearing-mask-like-trying-fart-trousers.html Ed
  9. We live in a nice, quiet little market town. Whenever I return from town - having worn my mask all the way- I wash my cloth mask and the water is FILTHY. Whether or not the mask gives any covid protection it certainly picks up traffic particulates and other undesirable particles and stops them getting into my lungs. I might even continue to wear it when all this is over.
  10. Good luck trying that excuse on over here. I've never seen anyone with one of those around their neck. Ed
  11. I bet Amazon are running out of them by Tuesday😁
  12. A couple of quid on Amazon buys an exemption Lanyard. Cheaper than a mask and lasts much longer. Pain when removing said mask is a good enough reason for exemption what a joke
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  14. For all those of you who find themselves unable to wear a mask when asked to or even when common sense would suggest it would be advisable will be delighted to hear that when partaking in alpine activities in Italy a mask is only compulsory going up the mountain in the cable car and not when descending on snowboard, skis or any other open air method.
  15. Have you tried asking them via Twitter? I'm sure there will be something suitable but if you specify the allergies they might at least be able to set your mind at rest. Ed
  16. Oy you lot! No wonder Andy is binning us .... Correcting Worltley is one thing, but suggesting I should treat UK law with the same cavalier attitude as HM Gov? God will strike me down.
  17. If La Flora is open, eat and enjoy. It will be excellent, specially with a bottle of Medoc.
  18. Hello ! Could someone post a photo of a recent dinner menu on the Pont Aven please ? BF seem to be rather reluctant to give me any idea what the food is at the moment, which is a bit of an issue as my youngest has a couple of allergies. I suspect the self service restaurant is the best bet for us but I’m curious what the main restaurant is actually like. Stena manage to publish their menus so I guess the BF one must change pretty frequently?! Many thanks ! Seán
  19. No idea but the Covid marshals kept asking me for the results. I told them I would check later. I suspect it's down to you to register the results (data protection) remember in the early days it was more to discourage travel. I think only about 5% were sequenced despite being told the testing was to identify new strains. I don't know so just rabbiting on
  20. That's what I would have thought. If you test positive they will want to know who you travelled with or sat next to on the plane, Eurostar etc, especially if they are not in your immediate family group. Obviously that's more complicated on a ferry as there is not be really any numbered seating (except on high-speed craft). Ed
  21. How can that be the case if a reference number from the test kit goes on the locater form presumably to get in touch with somebody who tests positve 🤷‍♂️
  22. I get that you just need a code from the test provider to put on the form. But surely the date of the test is included when you send it back. Does nobody bother comparing that to the travel details? Ed
  23. Unless it's been changed there was never any tie in between the results and the locator form. Data protection issues mean that the Covid marshals had to ask me for the results. Of course I gave them to them😊. Most people order the tests before leaving home anyway
  24. Wouldn't the Passenger Locator Form notice a discrepancy of the result turns up before he does? He's taking the ferry not the Tardis! Ed
  25. Even better get them delivered to you at home B4 you leave. Take the test then give it to one of your mates on BF to post for you in Pompey around about the 20th The result should be ready for you when you arrive
  26. Our local Asda is also a mega store just to clarify
  27. I think the issue is the fact that they are supposed to isolate until the results arrive which means no walks outside, trips to the pub, shopping in the Boxing Day sales, visitors etc. Ed
  28. Order PCR test kits to be delivered to your destination address in Uk, take the test when you get there and mail them back to the lab. The results will not arrive till you have left UK and gone home. No matter. An expensive formality but it’s not a deal breaker to block your visit.
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