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  2. Barfleur still had Cherbourg on her stern as her port of registry when she was Deal Seaways, so DFDS didn’t change that. NEX was Caen - with Condor she is Nassau.
  3. And whatever name is on the side has to be the name registered with the registry at the rear.
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  5. You cannot just rename a ship then not officially change its name, doesn’t matter who the owners are or weather it will change its name back to its previous name. Whatever name is painted on the side that is it’s official name.
  6. I believe that the posted letters are time limited as well. I did phone 119 on the first day and the message says only apply within 4 weeks of travel. My first letter from the app said Date of Birth followed by Expiry Date. Soon after this was amended to Code expiry date !
  7. You are obviously very capable as well as patient, Colin, but I am afraid I have neither of those admirable qualities. I will just phone 119 and ask them to post me a letter proving my vaccination status.
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  9. I've been trying to think of a word to describe them as well , they are a kind of 'bumper' for berthing but just on the starboard side on Inishmore .
  10. Continuing to dabble. I was able to access the ap via the browser on my Desktop PC running on Windows 10, download the PDF certificate and saved it to my "Desktop", so will now be able to print off a copy at any time, Now going to copy it onto the 128Gb micro USB drive which contains a copy of all my "User" files and always goes with me and my 12 inch laptop when I am on my travels. Just in case my phone!!😬. But the cerftificate will need to be updated monthly. i realise that in many cases, I may be trying to teach grandma to suck eggs, but my labours may be of help to some of our me
  11. Out of interest, I "googled" IMO 9221358 and there were numerous results, some showing as NEX and some as CV. The ones that had been updated to Condor Voyager, registered in Nassau were sites which you had to be a subscriber to find Owner and Manager. The free sites were all out of date for name, registration, and were showing BF as owner and manager. Note: I am a total novice in these matters!!!
  12. I think Equasis just hasn't been updated yet as it also doesn't show her change of flag to Bahamas. If she was still officially Normandie Express she'd have to display it somewhere like P&O's Portsmouth Express had to when her official name was Catalonia.
  13. From what I can see, information is provided by the owners/managers and flags states. Whether there has been a delay in information being updated, I don't know but he latest class renewal is one there.
  14. Your icy stare probably dissuaded them from further investigation. 😉 Ed
  15. Globalisation gone mad. Irish Ferries on the Dover-Calais route. SNCF trains now running between Madrid and Barcelona. What next? Brittany Ferries going to Portugal. Oh wait...
  16. They didn't even bother with the temp test when we left the boat
  17. Ok, thanks. So how does that work? Is that information relating to the 'owner' rather than the 'operator'? Ed
  18. With Equasis. All her survey information has been updated. I've looked in other places and she is still down is NEX.
  19. With which organisation? If you search for the IMO number you get Condor Voyager. Is your tracking page perhaps out of date or needs refreshing? Ed
  20. I don’t think that there will be general restrictions, it is every Country for itself taking into account Health and economic interests. I am in Spain now and the only test needed was the temperature test done whilst waiting to leave the ferry. I await what I find on the French border in a couple of weeks.
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