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  2. Yes, that's probably correct. Bad luck. Let us know how you get on. Ed
  3. I can see two potential arguments against the idea. First, are you sure that where you like going now will still be the same place you wish to spend your retirement? Second, if anything goes awry with the landlord-tennant arrangement, how confident are you of being able to get them out when you wish to use the place? France has a 6-month winter eviction ban every year to stop people ending up on the streets. There is one system which exists over here to allow people to acquire property at a cheaper price but not live in it. What you do is find a house you like but which may n
  4. I think that it has only be reducing for main residences, it has not been reducing for secondary residences !
  5. Ha ha ha! Good luck on that one. You can try but I'd be amazed if they give you a rebate. We no longer pay any taxe d'habitation here as it's been reducing down to zero over the last 3 years. Ed
  6. Today
  7. Oh well, looks like she's definitely gone then. Funny, my (now very elderly) parents still referred to her as "the new ship" when I told them she'd been scrapped - they haven't travelled between Holland and England by ferry for a very long time now! She wasn't as pretty as the likes of the Avalon (on the Hoek van Holland to Harwich route), or the Koningin Juliana or St George, but she was a very comfortable ship, and I always enjoyed the night crossings on her. Nice to hear there are still a few (former) Sealink ships still out there!
  8. Damla off the coast of Malta on Vessel Finder has been there for almost a week, it's what i call a Ghost Ship.
  9. In retrospect there have been many positive things from owning a property we return to. We have got to know the French locals. We have learnt many aspects of French life as honorary locals. Also we have used our cottage as a base to drive and fly onwards to other destinations in Europe.
  10. As far as I know, Saint Eloi, Chartes, Prince Laurent and St Columba are all still around. And, technically, Galloway Princess was also (just) a 70s ferry.
  11. May I ask why..we have rented from both
  12. Sadly the post directly above yours proves otherwise...
  13. DW, May I just pick on one valid point you made in your comprehensive post. The very reason we never bought property in France was that we would feel obliged to go to that one place regularly. We didn't want to be tied. We are a restless traveling couple and have roamed Europe for 50 years and Asia for 20 years. In France we have rented some lovely holiday houses - so there are good landlords over there and thank you to them. One was a tiny house for just the two of us, but others have been for big family groups up to a dozen of us - and we have never been disappointed. My goodnes
  14. Is there any doubt that she has indeed been scrapped? She was shown bunkering off the coast of Malta on Wednesday, with marine Traffic last plotting her position there at 19:04, and Vessel Finder has her heading west from this position, last showing her off the coast of Tunis yesterday (approx. 16 hours ago). I would love it if she's had a last-minute reprieve. I have fond memories off frequently travelling on her when she first came into service as the Prinses Beatrix on the Hook to Harwich route. Although operated by Stoomvaart Maatschappij Zeeland (SMZ) she's was the last of the 1970'
  15. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKVXo88LL7X/?igshid=1jnov46ge5fs&fbclid=IwAR2sWKzAK9GDc1yOLEQHQ4d-8cxYrdPVlULdiwXjnAIojlKppXoa2EPwIq8
  16. I am not sure what your aim is - life as a landlord has loads of hassles and if you add in the complexity of doing it in a different country, being subject to both Countries tax regimes, French Inheritance rules, possible extra taxes for non European owners, maintenance etc etc plus having a loan - is it really worth it ! We bought a flat in Normandy just under 20 years ago, our objective was a hassle free home from home. Our objectives were:- Easy access to multiple ways of getting there (it is 25 mins from Ouistreham, 3 hours from Coquilles', 5 mins from a branch line that connec
  17. I`m at a loss to understand why the Welsh Government would get involved. Yes the reduction of traffic will cause a reduction in port charges but thats all. These lorries roll off at Holyhead and by and large don`t stop until they arrive at the final channel exit port. The lorries are full of diesel, their drivers rested and fed on the ferry. The plus for the UK has to be a goodly reduction of HGV`s on UK roads. Sadly I don`t think this situation will improve as the landbridge will always be more attractive to hauliers already on wafer thin margins. Just the Covid requirements by the Fr
  18. Looks like CF stayed in port in Bilbao last night. Sheltering from the weather I guess. She’s on her way to Rosslare now, and the normal Friday night 2-nighter is scheduled to depart Rosslare on Saturday morning. CF is really reminding BF at the moment of the benefits of having these ships that can cross to Spain in 24 hours.
  19. I thought there was at least a daily sailing to France from Stena, making the 5. I couldn’t remember whether there was a second one on some days previously. Maybe I should have said 4-5, but a 500% increase on that would still have equated to an extra 16-20 sailings per day if those original 4-5 were sailing full. (Which we’ve established was far from the case).
  20. They all regularly go to Southampton to do both. If one disappeared from the bay last year, 9 out of 10 times it was to Southampton for a couple of days before reappearing. In bad weather they’d all scarper off to more sheltered areas.
  21. If you are 60-65 you think you should be a priority. If you are 70-75 then you think you are a priority. Me when I get the call I will go. Next week would be good but 4 months down the line will not fuss me. As for holidays if its legal and I judge the risk acceptable I will go. Worrying about who is a priority and getting stressed will not help. Get on with life as best you can.
  22. Sometimes the cruise ships do a trip from Weymouth to Southampton. Aurora did this yesterday. Is this to refuel or restock?
  23. Boris, in PMQs this week said that ferry traffic was travelling freely and unfettered on the UK-Belfast routes, as evidence that trade was not being hampered by Brexit. What he didn't say was this increase in traffic was due to hauliers diverting from Dublin routes. The 500% increase in Rosslare traffic is the comparison with Jan 2020. I'm not sure where Gareth got his 5-6 sailings per day previously. All I recall is four sailings a day to Wales and 3 sailings per week to France.
  24. Yesterday
  25. She is one of my favourites, a lovely ship and the last one on the Dover Straits still with a quiet aircraft style seating area. Well worth a trip if you can fit one in before she makes a one way trip.
  26. She is known to roll and pitch, even in the Dover Straits. So I would suggest she would be quite uncomfortable round Lands End into the Celtic Sea. Although she can carry the 120 trucks (as DFDS advertised) she is of less Lane metres compared to the three current ships, at around 1700m.
  27. Irish Ferries was established at the Southampton Wharf Terminal (Le Havre city centre) when P&O moved to the Citadel Terminal (now the Brittany Ferries Transmanche Terminal) in 1994. The current terminal is the result of a major investment plan of the port of Le Havre to better accommodate passengers and freight, in anticipation of the arrival of the Olau and to cushion the shock of the opening of the Chanel tunnel. There has always been significant local passenger traffic between Le Havre, England and Ireland. The City Concil of Le Havre has always wanted ferries to be close to the city c
  28. Channel 4 News had a substantial and striking report tonight on loss of traffic at Holyhead. In particular they highlighted that the Welsh administration is getting involved and spoke of traffic diverting to routes to Northern Ireland instead of Dublin. Stena Estrid was shown, nearly empty. The report was nearly 45 minutes into the programme (which is on Channel 4 +1 now, if you are really quick).
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