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  3. Fortunately the site is back up although some/most of the images aren't working at the moment. This is the correct link to the website front end: http://www.faktaomfartyg.se/
  4. At least this move had long been telegraphed - they took it down from two ships to one and then in recent times the Sassnitz has been operating a reduced schedule and made extra runs on the Trelleborg-Rostock route instead. The Trelleborg was the nicer of the route's two ships before she was sold; even with a bit of Stena overlay the Sassnitz was a bit wipe-downable and couldn't quite hide that she'd been built for the East German railways. But she was still fascinating, especially as she was supposed to be the last train ferry in northern Europe still taking passenger trains when the seasonal Berlin-Malmo train resumed later this year. Perhaps they'll be able to route that via Rostock instead. Here's a video of the train boarding the Sassnitz.
  5. Alf Garnett for me, or Billy Connolly...😄
  6. Not to forget the 1967 film - "The Plank" with Eric Sykes, Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Edwards and many more!
  7. Dr: Have you tried Mrs Cravatt? Hancock: Yes it was a waste of time. Dr; No she didn't do me much good either. A classic episode. Try The Two Murderers or a bit more recherche Pete Barbuti in the fourth trumpet
  8. Try Hancocks Half Hour - The Cold - on You Tube. It brightened my day no end.
  9. Look after yourselves Neil, best wishes.
  10. Is anyone else watching James May's live pub quiz on YouTube tonight? Ed.
  11. Yes, there is a post on their Facebook page, shame the Condor bashers cannot keep their mouths shut even in this situation, really sad that people have to bring their usual comments in...😡. Condor should delete their posts as they are not helpful, Rant over.
  12. All the way from Devon to the Lake District 🙄
  13. I think a lot of people have managed to 'escape' from the cities for the Easter break despite the police checks. I wonder if there is some sort of Facebook group alerting people as to where the police are posting roadblocks and people are diverting around then. We've had 24 degrees here today and it's getting hotter tomorrow and Friday. Greta won't be happy even though pollution levels are way down! Ed.
  14. A friend who lives in The Vendee posted on Facebook a few days ago that she had gone to the Hyper U in Challans at the weekend for supplies she can't get closer to home and the place was a riot. No one was bothering with social distancing, the shop was very busy and folk had trolleys piled high with all sorts of random stuff. To cap it all, when she escaped, she realised that the car park was full of cars from all over France, so a lot of the people were on their holidays. She felt extremely uncomfortable and won't be hurrying back.
  15. And to think Colin was looking forward to a voyage on this ferry!
  16. Galicia now listed on Vessel Finder IMO number 9856189 Vessel Name GALICIA Ship type Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship Flag France Homeport - Gross Tonnage 40500 Summer Deadweight (t) 7700 Length Overall (m) - Beam (m) - Draught (m) - Year of Built 2019 Builder - Place of Built - Yard - TEU - Crude - Grain - Bale -
  17. Here's the second... https://www.niferry.co.uk/pr-stena-line-plans-to-close-the-trelleborg-sassnitz-route/?fbclid=IwAR3pLBtaNH6VfvwmpGBfplPt_mJoNTAL9Qz2jogagjVL_R4Wobs485iN86Q
  18. It will be back - Micke has confirmed as much. Photos from it were used without credit. This was flagged to the individual who had done it and resolved amicably, but someone else made some rather unhelpful comments which resulted in Micke taking the site offline. It's currently being updated and will be back, but the timescale for this isn't known.
  19. I drove into the suburbs of Angers this morning for a medical appointment for my daughter. It's the first time in three weeks I've been any further than the local supermarket so was interested to see how much traffic there would be. Admittedly it was much calmer than a normal Wednesday at 10am but there were still quite a number of cars on the roads, most of which seemed to only have a driver aboard. I saw two police vehicles going in the opposite dircection but there were no visible checks anywhere. From what I'm hearing quite a lot of shops are now trying to reopen and offer a pick-up service in the car-parks to allow people to replace broken appliances, keep fit and do rudimantry DIY while cooped up at home. More and more companies/factories are also in negotiations with their union representatives to find ways to restart their activities in safety. Ed
  20. I'm sure this was discussed not long ago, can't find it at the moment, It was to do with people copying from the site infringing copyright, I think Tony explained at the time.
  21. Condor Ferries have now suspended their passenger ferries until the 14th of May.
  22. I just went through my favourite Kevin Bridges,Billy Connolly, Jerry Sadowitz and Dennis Leary sets and none are suitable here almost posted the “Chewin the fat back stairs lavvy song” but it was a bit risky so settled for one from that I found funny and true from someone I’ve never really liked before.
  23. All Condor passenger sailings are now cancelled until 14 May. https://twitter.com/Condor_Ferries/status/1247876858517094400?s=20 Ed
  24. I Believe we're all doing our best to be responsible during this period of self isolation & self distancing and are concerned about our friends, families and fellow forum members in neighbouring countries and counties. The media coverage is at saturation point, whether we want to or not and for even the shortest period, it's difficult to self distance or self isolate from the steadily growing numbers of those being infected or worse. For a little diversion I thought a thread allowing us all to participate with funny tales or links to some classic comedy sketches would bring a smile. I've started with this from the superb Pam Ayers as many of you may just...and not in a small way either... think she's talking about yours truly when I begin to act like a dog with bone! (telling me to shut up is allowed!) Enjoy! I don't know if there is any copyright infringement but they seem to be available on Youtube so hopefully not.
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