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  2. Presumably just one of the many perks of being a Club Voyage member! Ed.
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  4. I have just received the email - 24 hours after release !
  5. It runs until April 21st, I imagine that this is to allow Easter to be included.
  6. It is but the winter timetable runs until March which doesn't leave a lot of breathing space especially with BDS returning to her owners less than a month later and before Easter.
  7. I think there's a little confusion in the article with regard to her original planned start this year. The quoted January tweet talks about the 2nd officer stating on the 9th July, that's the 2019 schedule. The guy I speak to at FSG still maintains that they want her handed over during March 2020 and having her in place for the Easter weekend build up. Ah yes, the all important PEC... forgot about that.
  8. Pity no sailings from Roscoff to Bilbao in November and December. Means I have to drive there and back.
  9. How strong would the easterly winds need to be too blow her that far off course? 😊 Ed.
  10. Thought. This thread was about winter crossings?but in any case it is nice to read about what is going on.
  11. Not quite in the schedule. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/brittany-ferries-boss-leads-commando-style-5681927
  12. Why was that & was it planned ?
  13. Mont St Michel went to Roscoff once 😉
  14. I can’t see that anything more than Portsmouth, Ouistreham & Cherbourg would be needed. Normandie only did berthing trials in Le Havre recently and that was due to the ‘imminent’ move.
  15. I expect they will be done in both Le Havre and Caen, in case of industrial action or weather. Might perhaps do Roscoff in case of weather causes a division into Roscoff. Berthing Trials I doubt will be undertook in Plymouth.
  16. Yep, timed out twice due to inactivity for 10 mins. Rubbish, my finger never left the keyboard.I await the email to say the timetables have been released. I'll email BF to tell them its been released as they don't know yet it seems. Not good is it? SFD
  17. But it would be prudent to do trials at Cherbourg and Le Havre in case a diversion is required due to strike action or another incident. Ed.
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  19. The last time a new build entered service, she did trials in many ports first (Armorique). Not just Plymouth and Roscoff. However, I doubt Honfleur will. Presumably, they knew that Armorique was and would be required to be more versatile... but I doubt they ever envisage Honfleur doing anything other than Pompey - Caen?!
  20. Maybe I misread the French story; https://actu.fr/normandie/ouistreham_14488/transmanche-caen-portsmouth-honfleur-brittany-ferries-ne-sera-pas-pret-avant-printemps-2020_25519631.html?fbclid=IwAR2vwNwVtbGSNv1mmJFMfB2doAEQCGkkPn-QinejuxaDxu08bLcj8jKEIV4 I expect Berthing Trails will be done on both 3 & 4 in Portsmouth. I also expect PEC will be done too.
  21. I've been told that for the moment Honfleur's maiden voyage has been earmarked for Monday April 6th, the bloke doesn't know anything about berthing trials, you'd know better Tony... the week before perhaps plus is it usual to opt for berth 3, 4 or both?
  22. Any reason why the Cap is on the Le Havre route? Seems strange since its only two midweek calls
  23. Brittany Ferries haven't confirmed any refit plans yet, it's only guesswork using the timetable at the moment. Normandie Express gets her new livery after the 2019 Summer Season, but no major refit, she had a refit in 2018. Barfleur is going in November/December 2019. Mont St Michel is going in January 2020 both vessels will receive the new livery (Shipyard unconfirmed).
  24. Without Fanfare or announcement, or even a courteous email gone... obviously the funds it provided are not needed anymore.
  25. I'd be of interest also, if someone knows.
  26. Can anyone list all the Refits and Changes in the November 2019 - April 2020 timetable for me as i am limited on time at the moment thanks to anyone who does it much appreciated
  27. This is usual, there are normally some overnighters from Roscoff for a few weeks once the sailings restart in mid February, until the spring schedules start
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