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  2. Well for what it’s worth I suspect BF are doing everything they can to get her back up and running ASAP, including using their plane to fly parts up and hopefully now they know exactly what is required , so hopefully it will be fixed by then .
  3. “Source replacement parts” sounds a bit ominous, it could be a while.
  4. I know it's a few weeks away yet but we are due out of Cork at the end of June, do you reckon she will be back by then ? I don't want to have to start trying to book alternatives at that time of the year with perhaps a weeks notice !!! ... turning into a nightmare this is ... and I feel really sorry for all those who's travel plans have been thrown up in the air.
  5. The 'Damage' might just be the consequence of the oil leak. If it affected the lubrication system (and I'm no engineer) then maybe some internal parts were damaged. The engine fire was, I believe, on the port side so presumably there is no link there. Unless that caused manoeuvrability issues and, as you say Gareth, she hit the seabed or rocks on her way into Roscoff. Ed.
  6. Is there any word about what caused this “damage”? I had assumed that it was just some sort of equipment failure, but “damage” implies an incident of some sort. Did she ground?
  7. And here is the link which gives further details about rebooking etc. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/pont-aven-latest-news Ed
  8. From the sailings update page: Pont-Aven – Latest news 23rd May 2019 Unfortunately, following investigation it was found that damage to the starboard side steering gear was more extensive than originally suspected. This has meant a longer lay-over in Brest than originally planned to source replacement parts and carry out a comprehensive repair. A repair procedure has been defined with the agreement of Bureau Veritas (certification authority) and the manufacturer. In parallel, a complete check of the port steering gear has been carried out. At the moment we do not have a confirmed date for return to service, however, we are currently in the process contacting affected passengers, prioritising those with imminent departures. We will communicate this as soon as possible via our sailings update page. Ed
  9. Yes that was me on Twitter asking them about the crossing.
  10. They will not want to increase the Portsmouth-Spain passage time to more than 24 hours. It was the ability to do this crossing in 24 hours which was the whole basis for the success of this route (where P&O had failed, largely becase the crossing took too long). I’d be very surprised if they waste the new ships with Le Havre rotations - they’ll get 3 return sailings to Spain out of them, with crew change at Roscoff I’d have thought. With two of them, this would enable them to offer the Roscoff-Bilbao link both ways, as one if them could make their crew change call northbound rather than southbound.
  11. Yesterday
  12. On twitter they are saying that is just a website issue as the sailings are off sale, however the bookings are ok in their system, it is worth doing a DM with your booking reference to check.
  13. I think the reason Armorique hasn't been moved to Cork this weekend (whilst she was the previous 3 weekends) is due to this weekend being a much busier time on Plymouth-Roscoff (Whitsun half-term starts).
  14. Good idea. Brest repair shop is rather busy right now.
  15. There were a number of pieces in the German papers at the start of May that said that FSG were still in discussions with suppliers and customers to try and make their future work profitable, that would then lead to state guarantees which would lead to getting loans to restart new work. The focus is to complete the 2 ships including Honfleur and get some cash for them. One of the articles is https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/schleswig-holstein/Flensburger-FSG-Werft-weiter-mit-ungewissem-Kurs,fsg278.html It links to a number of other ones
  16. This really isn't looking that good...
  17. Problems reportedly continue at FSG shipyard, despite financial rescue (23/05/19) https://www.niferry.co.uk/problems-continue-fsg-shipyard/?fbclid=IwAR2-Tj4Ibww68V6cUqsM-MJMwqj4rbzVWX6Ysrs5YUlm-NiH6gGRBl1jmBc
  18. What date were you to travel, we are due out on June 1st
  19. We just got a refund but were offered €80 per person for overnight stay in Roscoff if we took the Connemara trip a day late
  20. Just logged manage my booking to be greeted by this, not good😡😡
  21. Here is a link to the regulations governing compensation and entitlements in case of delays or cancellations. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/577028/eu-regulation-maritime-passenger-rights-note-7.pdf Ed
  22. It leaves Helsinki at 1830 every night. Docks back into Helsinki at 1530
  23. Just contacted BF as due to return on the PA on 2.6.19 from Roscoff to Plymouth. Was told they hope that she would be back in service then but will update me if not.
  24. I really think that happen if I honest 3 ship on the same schedule is a bit too much they would probably keep the same format of time tabling in my opinion
  25. True - Halfords didn't list Pont Aven when I was last in
  26. A slip of the keypad , presumably they will still need parts for the steering to be fixed unless they just tape it up.
  27. An Alternative nevertheless, regardless of whether it is economy or normal.
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