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  2. For what its worth, last year on the Bretagne I was told some cakes were baked on board by the 2 resident bakers and others were sent in from the fleet kitchens at Roscoff. Maybe a good time to test the PR and write asking for the recipe..Always worth a stamp
  3. This gives BF another layer of problems and setbacks they could very well do without. They have freight that they can concentrate on and have done during the worst of the lockdown. They have and will lay up and re activate ships as and when required. The learning curve for them has been steep and although the views on here at times may have been critical it was always given from a friends point of view. They will have learned from it and become better at planning and more nimbal footed, as we can now see. They havent underestimated, either, the ongoing uncertainty and difficulties they face. They have nearly been bankrupt in the past. Since then, they are now the largest employers of seafarers in France, a vital transport link between the UK and France. They give employment land and sea base to many. The French Government recognise this and will support them. I agree to lose them would be catastrophic but I am certain they will come through. We all have to hope that 2021 can and will be better, for them new ships and reopened routes. For us a return to places and people we love. I believe that and have booked already for next year. They will go on for sure.. By the way DevonJen that Police tour sounds interesting. I bet the cameraderie was good but the drinking would have been fierce😂
  4. Three new vessels with currently not much income coming in to pay for them though... and no sign in sight of an ending. We have now had no real services since March, that's the Easter, and Summer Holidays which ae probably the big money spinners for BF. The only positive is the French government is unlikely to let BF fall. BF will survive... the question is will the other ferry operators.
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  6. https://www.letelegramme.fr/france/brittany-ferries-on-vient-de-nous-mettre-le-second-genou-a-terre-14-08-2020-12598674.php Both legs broken with a baseball bat.
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  8. According to reports Stenaare going to push her and try to arrive in Harwich before 4am to beat the quarintine deadline for passengers. Should be doable, as many of you know she arrives earlier than her designated destination time anyway (around 04:30). Keep a track on her on AIS! It had caused some controversy amongst enthusiasts but I am all for it. Fingers crossed for all involved.
  9. The company makes money and with 3 new vessels on the way has a bright future. As with all businesses, especially in hospitality they (the majority) will ride it out and bounce back. On a side note I have been very impressed with Tallink and the way they diversified and have handled the situation with various new routes and special cruises. Although BF is an entirely different company people should look at them and what they have done it has been impressive. Stay positive. L’Q.
  10. Just got back having sailed on Bretagne and Normandie. Both had fresh croissants and petit pain. Interesting to see the two different approaches (one guarded the entrance and insisted on using hand sanitizer, the other not). No main restaurant open. Was disappointed no steak available in the self service but the lamb stew was tasty. Something like 4-5 Hot options plus the usual array of cakes and tarts
  11. We are missing our ferry trips this year, and my daughter is desperate for the green Pistachio and Cranberry layered gateau/cake that is generally served as one of many desserts on the buffet table in Le Flora and Les Abers (it may also be available on other ships!). Does anyone know where I can get this BF speciality - or a recipe for it? A little inside knowledge would make someone very happy!
  12. . How can the company continue to trade when passengers are draining away, reluctant to travel not just from fear of covid-19, but from reluctance to undergo quarantine? We've travelled twice, more recently three times, a year to France and N Spain for as long as BF has been running. Add to that the regular school trips with two bus-loads of teenagers off to Caen twice a year, plus formal exchange visits, there have been years when I've been on the ferries a dozen times. I once was in charge of a visit by two dozen Devon & Cornwall Police officers to the Police Nationale in Caen and the Gendarmerie in Bayeux. An unforgettable trip! They were an interesting change from controlling teenagers... Please, please, please, Brittany Ferries, we need you!
  13. I was about 11 years of age and keen on plane spotting. Any way we flew to Tenerife with Court line on a TriStar the company went bust while we were out there & Freddie Laker rescued us with a DC10 as a young kid keen on airplanes this was magic. Don't know why but I liked the Tristar better. Mods please feel fee to delete my off topic ramblings.
  14. Yep, let down badly by RollsRoyce. The TriStar had so much redundancy and back up it was possible to disconnect pilot and copilot controls and still fly the plane. Airbus went the other way. Neither pilot can see or feel what the other pilot is doing with his "out of sight" joystick- or thrust levers that have no relationship with the amount of power delivered. Progress? It also had direct lift control where instead of the nose bobbing up and down on approach giving constantly changing attitudes/speeds the lift was gained or dumped. Way ahead of its time. Stu
  15. Unfortunately the inevitable has happened, and I agree the government's imposition of quarantine is knee jerk - possibly they thought it would help to right some of the previous wrongs, but it will take a lot longer to right those wrongs! Surely giving them the weekend would of been sensible, and would likely have a limited effect on the infection rate. Your suggestion of test-quarantine-retest is also sensible, and with little financial support for those required to quarantine it would be a sensible solution for all involved. It would allow for individuals to safely return to work following holiday, thus allowing the economy to continue to re-open/re-build.
  16. Wasn't the TriStar where the fan hit the sh*t?
  17. A mixture of testing and quarantine might be a sensible idea? Get tested before return to UK, quarantine on arrival, test X number of days later? And, sorry, regardless of my son's plight, I think overnight imposition of quarantine is knee jerk and trying to make government look decisive.
  18. The Celtic player was certainly issued with a fixed penalty notice by Police Scotland but that was under the quarantine law so not sure in the Aberdeen case as I think it was classed as guidance at the time.
  19. Can/will the perpetrators be prosecuted - and can they plead the Cummings amendment?
  20. When I did a lot of US travel [work-related] in the 70s, I would always look for a Ten-eleven if possible. A smoother flight than any other aircraft – I'm sure straightfeed can remind us what the technolgy was. Such a shame that it was not bought by more operators, but Boeing was able to offer better financial terms because of its range of different models. Later I worked on PR and marketing with the engineering team behind the RAF tanker conversions, although I was never able to fly in one. These days I've had my fill of airports and air travel – rail and sea are my preferred modes of travel.
  21. At least some good had come of the Scottish football debacle .
  22. They were all in on Tuesday down here in the Borders .
  23. I don't suppose their headteachers will be too impressed with their staff putting themselves into this situation when they knew they would be expected back at work. It's not as if the warning signs weren't there.
  24. The advice that BF has been giving on Twitter has been to amend your booking to a future date (assuming that your ticket is amendable) and to then amend it again once you know what you want to do.
  25. Schools in Scotland are back This week has been a phased return for the majority, with only certain year groups in each day, but from the beginning of next week the schools will be back in full. I know a family, the parents are both teachers, who returned from Spain 12 days ago so the parents and children have all missed the start of term; how many teachers in other parts of the UK will be in a similar position returning from France?
  26. Unless your employer is Celtic FC.
  27. Marco Polo is a regular visitor to Cork and I love photographing her. Hopefully she manages to survive the current crisis and will sail again, Couple of pics of her arriving and departing on 27th August 2015
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