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  2. That’s a rather unfortunate iPhone typo but if you’ve been to Ayr not entirely inappropriate.
  3. They could always use Ayr to bypass the English restrictions which would make people pong for the great roads to Plymouth.
  4. Going a bit further back , I like this photo as it captures a moment in time as well as a ferry of that age. ( Captain Squeaky Robertson pictured)
  5. We won't be able to use the Barrow-in-Furness ferry then
  6. Well there probably won’t be any foot passengers to transport back to Portsmouth.
  7. Has to be done Ed, nothing wrong with a bit of Lego. I take it Cotentin is next on the list, start with something a bit easier before tackling Pont Aven?
  8. Yes it is. And here are the other elements to go with it. Ed.
  9. Vehicle traffic maybe instructed to only travel to the port directly or BF could switch to using Poole and Cap Finistere to Plymouth?
  10. Some interesting issues there. If, for example, Portsmouth was classified as lockdown, how would it affect sailings given that the vast majority of passengers would be travelling from further afield?
  11. It will be interesting if the UK government go ahead with regional lockdowns if one of those regions affected is a region that involves a BF port , presumably there would be exemptions if necessary.
  12. P.S. Just noticed the last bit of your post. 27 although I should have gone for the 'bonus' 😢
  13. Whoever orders it, lets hope the seller doesn't use Hermes or their MV Kerry model might get a damaged bow or stern ramp...or the model might even end up in a Hermes Bermuda Triangle, never to be seen again...
  14. The Olau's and Pride of Bilbao did the same at Portsmouth. The Captain gave an announcement explaining why the bow visor was raised just prior to arriving and departing the berth. I don't know if it was the same at Cherbourg or Le Havre but PoB always moored stern on at Santurtzi. Great photo's and information, this thread is excellent!
  15. Back in my distant past I was a booking office clerk for Western SMT then Clydeside Scottish at their depot in Paisley and frequently engaged (during the summer months!) in booking our popular Day Coach Tours. One of these was the 'Trossachs and Aberfoyle' tour which, in it's description, mentioned the Lake. As stated we had been taught that there was only one lake in Scotland and only found out reasonably exactly where it was due to this tour. Never actually got on it though!🤣 Den
  16. Of course some ships built in the '60s didn't have separate doors 😬
  17. The main thing is that the bow visor isn't the watertight door - that's behind the visor and is (was) closed before they leave the berth, certainly post 1987.
  18. Managed to get my hands on a lovely Etretat model! It's really impressive
  19. I had a very dull and long telephone meeting with my boss this morning so, to pass the time, decided to build a Lego model. It wouldn't work if she insisted on a Zoom meeting but by phone she was none the wiser. In fact, it may have been my most productive hour in several weeks. Ed
  20. And was still happening into the 2000s with the Seafrance Renoir/Manet, and still with the Cote d'Albatre/Seven Sisters. At slow speeds in confined waters it is fine, you won't get the bow wave that you would going at higher speeds in open water.
  21. I see DFDS are already trying to drum up business for the 'new normal': https://www.dfds.com/en-gb/passenger-ferries/rediscover-freedom-with-dfds
  22. I note that the UK site says that the next update is on the 29th, however the French site says that the next update is on the 28th. https://www.brittany-ferries.fr/informations/situation-sanitaire-coronavirus https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus
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