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  2. There's something going on as Glenn Carr Irish Rails port manager there has publicly said that they're talking to companies about direct links to Belgium, Holland, France & Spain with an injection of cash from the EU for the first 18-24 months. I'd suggest that the former two will be RoRo and the latter two RoPax. You're right though, It's clearly a case of wait and see but BF being seduced into relocating in the next couple of years wouldn't be a big surprise everything considered.
  3. The Lymington-Yarmouth timetable for next summer has been published and shows three ships running at weekends from 30 March to 6 September, with sailings every 40 minutes instead of every hour. https://www.wightlink.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/timetable-lymington-to-yarmouth.pdf
  4. Report on the SW BBC today about speed cameras in Plymouth, the busiest cameras are on the road into Plymouth city centre, Alma Rd which is the one coming past the railway station. It's a pain coming from the west, lots of it are dual carriageway with a 30 speed limit. If you're not used to Plymouth take care.
  5. There already is one actually - we bought one on board for our (then) 5-6 year old a couple of years ago. He's not built it yet (and, come to think of it, I'm not quite sure where it is). I think it's meant to be of Normandie (probably pre-scrubbbers and certainly pre-livery change), but it's quite hard to tell!
  6. So that's what a scrubber looks like...!
  7. Is this an announcement or an expression of a wish? I can’t see where in the article it says that this is happening “soon”. (And it’s clearly nothing to do with BF even if it is talking about something concrete).
  8. What I said was out of order and did not mean to upset anyone.if I did I apologise unreservedly.
  9. Well I booked Flexi primarily for the low 25% deposit and BF have taken the entire amount today!! A wee bit miffed to say the least.
  10. I did the same thing after arriving from Roscoff at 8.10pm on Monday - worked a treat!
  11. I was thinking that too - it’s an obvious explanation. And, presumably, also a one-off, as the circumstances this year that required the delay are unlikely to be replicated next year.
  12. New Le Havre / Rosslare Route opening soon... https://www.waterfordlive.ie/news/home/485178/new-rosslare-to-le-havre-shipping-route-could-benefit-waterford.html
  13. Possibly, could have possibly been worse with a larger window of people looking to book. Who knows.
  14. Could that on itself be a problem of BF's own making? By releasing the fares and timetables so late maybe it's caused a build-up of people wishing to book for next year. I had my holiday in August and have been itching to book my crossings for next August from the moment I arrived home. I managed to book mine at around 1.30 today, I had been trying for about an hour prior but didn't see the point in trying to ring BF or complain online because I figured they'd be too busy handling all the other complaints. Didn't the same thing happen last year when the Summer sailings were released?
  15. Great model. I must go and have a swoon at Cenred again, have a sit and wander down memory lane! Could be an idea for BF, if they did Lego kits of the fleet, I bet there would be quite a few collecting the lot!
  16. It's possible to upgrade the cabin, but the amendment fee may apply. I believe the fee is going to be applied more consistently than previous years.
  17. I actually quite like that! Continues the tradition of the model of Cenred too. I don't find the VoW especially offensive aesthetically, I think she looks better than the jumboised Raptors and certainly better than the Clare or the W-Class (which can't even manage a funnel...) As I feared though, it seems the service may be being reduced further because of the VoW. The other week the 9pm sailing was packed, as well it might be given that there wasn't another until midnight. Three hours between sailings of an evening, really?? Thank God I didn't get stuck in traffic!
  18. My understanding is the amount is genuinely unprecedented and it has been an incredibly busy day at BF towers.
  19. So will Galicia arrive before Honfleur?
  20. Stena Estrid looks particularly dull the BF ships wouldn’t have to try hard to be better.
  21. Fairly standard for ships which have been originally built for the Greek market... notably because the concept of a passenger gangway or what we'd know as a 'berth' is somewhat alien to them.
  22. Am slightly wondering though, exactly how many people are booking today? Just because the sailings are online, are there that many people actually booking today? (OK I booked today, but very unsual, normally don;t have plans until few weeks before hand, its just I have part holiday, part event meaning dates are somewhat set)
  23. My Border Terrier has been doing some digging into the issue. Apparently, it's not the booking engine (aka the BF Abacus), but all those pampered pooches (described by Cabin-boy earlier) sitting in front of touch screens, refreshing the page with damp noses and drooling over the targeted ads from Google of Bonio dog biscuits as they wait to bark Pavlov-like as the Timetables come online, causing a huge amount of static to be transmitted down-the-line which overheated the twisted pair wiring into the BF K9 servers. On a more positive note, the sales of Bonio have gone through the woof !!
  24. To a greater or lesser extent, all ships in the BF fleet (with the exception of Bretagne and Pont Aven) can be considered ropaxes. Some of them, like MSM, carry off that role very effectively and with a luxury that makes them feel like a cruise ferry. I’m sure the e-flexers will be the same.
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