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  2. I've never seen anything bigger than a mini-bus or Luton-van on board. However there is no reason why they couldn't fit one (or perhaps even two) coach(es) into the central parking area. I suspect they let the passengers off first though. Did you walk on over the ramp or use a high-level gangway? NEX normally has access to the berth next to the old cruise terminal building and there are stairs and a lift up to the gangway. Ed.
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  4. Was I talking about Normandie then? That was sometime ago, and it was only a guess as she went there before. I'm sure if she was going to Brest, she would be on the way by now.
  5. I was going by what you had previously suggested. Do you have more recent information? Ed
  6. And imagine it doing 40 kts .
  7. 'Normandie' has been in Cherbourg all day but has moved berths since this morning, it doesn't take that long to de-store. When 'Baie de Seine' went to Gdansk, she was de-stored within 2 or 3 hours and on her way. 'Normandie' is out of action until Sunday evening, I'm sure Brittany Ferries said work was being done in Cherbourg, might be wrong.
  8. She is off for repairs, in Brest I believe, so I assume she is destoring. Ed.
  9. Been asked on Messenger why Normandie is/was in Cherbourg.
  10. neilcvx

    Village hotel

    The club room was very small but ok for a night and a lot smaller than the Aberdeen club room, the toilet is very strange and your correct @Jim the toilet door doesn’t smoke up as you can see in my photos , I personally wouldn’t spend anymore than a night there but it’s ideal for pre or post ferry stays, it’s aimed at the business market I presume going by the amount of sad single dinners that I saw.
  11. Noticed they have took Wight sun off the Yarmouth route today
  12. I know and that worries me. The Rapide takes 1h25m to do the trip to Jersey whereas the old Condor 10 managed to do so in an hour. That's still OK for day trips and weekends away but if I have to spend twice as long on a classic ferry it just makes such offers unviable. I'll have to take the Manche Iles Express from Granville or Carteret and hire a car instead which will cost me more and Cabin-girl hates those smaller vessels. Ed.
  13. Cabin-boy .... Condor have said there is no guarantee that the Rapide replacement will be a fast ferry.
  14. Thank goodness someone is still ordering these ships. Hopefully with new ones coming onstream it will mean that some of the slightly older ones reach the second hand market allowing Condor and BF to perhaps acquire more of them. If Rapide didn't exist there is no way ofe go to Jersey or Guernsey quite so often as wasting time at sea would seriously reduce the time ashore which is so important during a weekend away. Ed.
  15. Jim

    Village hotel

    If I remember right, the bathroom glass frosts, except for the door itself? Weird! I'm not sure how the hotel is doing in general, as I think it's aimed at the office complex next door and to compete with the Marriot down the road which had a refurb in response to the Village being built. There are generally good deals on the weekend though when business guests are lower in number. The standard rooms are quite compact though and might be seem a bit too small for any more than a night or two.
  16. I've been informed that 'Wight Sun' is due to relocate from Thursday this week
  17. They had better bring in Wight Sun before school holidays. In 6 hours St Clare can do about 240 car spaces without mezz in the 2 return crossings. Wight Sun 195 as 3 return crossings so not a lot of difference at the moment now festival over and not at Summer holidays. I don't think it will work very well in the Summer holidays all this faffing around moving her out the way then back in.
  18. If BF offer a hotel in the area you want to go then doing an inclusive short break with them is usually a no brainer. Breakfast is normally included too which can save quite a bit over having to purchase it. Sometimes you get one night free as well.
  19. Wasn’t the Pheasant Plucker then.... Crikey, back in time that one got me a hiding and early bed time when my grandmother heard me and a friend practicing it....😂😂😂😂
  20. I quite like them, they remind me of something which came out of a thunderbird 2 pod... wonder what they look like in pink with a big glass dome type thingy...?
  21. Here's a photo of her sister operating between Malta and Sicily - the bow isn't as pretty as the NeX but she looks better from this angle... Chris
  22. So, your observations are quite correct - essentially the cost to BF of conveying 'you' as a unit of a car and it's occupants in terms of variable costs is pretty much the same regardless of how long you're away for, maybe with a tiny tiny difference to the fuel the ship needs etc etc. But, BF still have the fixed costs of staff, running the ships, supplies etc. If everyone paid 80 quid return, BF would probably fill their ships up all the time - but probably also wouldn't make any money doing so. The bottom line is that customers will either decide a fare is worth it or not. The art of pricing is to, effectively, extract the maximum amount of money that the market/customer is willing to pay. Some people may need to travel for a specific period, others may not. Some people may be going for a holiday, others may not. From the BF perspective, offering a day-trip with limitations on it both in terms of how you travel and how far in advance you can book is carefully calculated to make financial sense for the company. A similar (but old) example is with airlines - there's a popular assumption that someone away over a Saturday night is a tourist - but someone who isn't could be travelling on business and it could be their company could be paying. They have a need to travel but probably don't want to for longer than necessary. When I used to go out to India, flying out on a Saturday (and thus being away Saturday night) instead of leaving on Sunday could reduce a return economy fare for the following week from 1700 quid to 800. No difference in cost to the airline, but they know what they can get away with charging. They know a business will pay more than double. Same principle goes with yield management - it could be argued there's no difference to BF in the cost of transporting you from the start of May to the end of May - but prices will increase for half term because that's the only time many people can go and therefore a time for a business to maximise the money it can bring in. In the case of your example... reverse what you've suggested a little... would you pay 300 quid to go for the day? Probably not. But you're happy to pay 80. To BF, 80 quid is better than none, so if there's enough space you're not blocking someone else from booking, why not?! The line has to be drawn somewhere. Apologies for the waffle, but hopefully it illustrates some of the possible logic! Yey capitalism!
  23. Betty Botter bought some butter, But she said her butter's bitter. So if she put it in her batter, it would make her batter bitter, But a bit of better butter, that would make her batter better. So, she bought a bit of butter, better than her bitter butter, And she put it in her batter, and her batter was not bitter. So, t'was better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter. Showing my age - remembered from Infants school, 1950s!
  24. Keep churning them out chaps! 🤣
  25. You should be beurre-ated for that one.
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