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  2. Well a good trip all round, except for SWMBO getting the dodgy Oyster - made for a quiet crossing today! Check In on 15th was a bit drawn out, just unlucky to be nearly the last one on despite being checked in good and early. Late departure, Club Cabin on Deck 8 was tiny, clean, stuffy, but thankfully quiet. Dinner in Les Abers was pretty good as usual, although the Main courses have ‘gone a bit Masterchef’ - never the less the Asian spiced Lamb was excellent. Arrived early in St Malo to a dreary and drizzly day, but soon burnt off and a typically Bretagne couple of days of sun seafood and strolling followed - even squeezed a trip over to Dinard on the Corsair Water Taxi. A sizeable Cruise liner was moored in the mouth of the Rance which was disgorging hundreds of Americans into port at the Gare Maritime. Hotel accommodation at L’Adresse couldn’t be faulted, clean, modern and spacious Junior Suite with a great brekky choice - the fridge in the room looked after the Gin and cheese purchases from M L’eclerc. Parking is a bit manic now, but worked out pretty cheap for the time we were about - 36hrs worked out to €5.40 for long stay on street ‘Payant’. Seafood Feast at La Cabane was again epic, will be back in October! Return leg was easy, a half empty boat! Boarded as 5th vehicle onto Deck 5 and one flight of steps and we were in to 6103 - Commodore Class was tired and showing age but clean and functional. Lots of patching maintenance underway on the top sides as the rust is lifting the paint, an angle grinder and chipping hammer were noticeable! Lunch was fine in Les Abers and several hours out the back in the hazy sun were a bonus, although wind direction made the exhaust fumes pretty evident - as was the black smoke trail! A delayed arrival to Portsmouth (reason unknown) meant being kicked out of cabins early so the turnaround could start before docking (which is annoying when you all get corralled into a hot scrum outside the pursers office waiting to access the car deck) However, rapid disembarkation and security clearance, followed by a smooth 98miles home in 2hrs meant overall it was a pretty good trip with BF on the old girl - still a class act👍 Looking forward to the next trip, will not be waiting Two years this time - when does the Bretagne get moved off the route? TTFN
  3. I see the super rich French donors are get a 66% tax rebate on their donations.
  4. Here’s some photos taken at 11:00 this morning whilst onboard the red falcon
  5. Former Wightlink Ferry 'St Cecilia' now sporting her livery for Delcomar and new name of 'Nando Murrau' applied. Image: Paul Montague
  6. It has recently cost Chichester Cathedral £5.3m just to replace the roof covering (replacing post-war copper with lead) with some associated repairs. It cost £800,000 just to put the scaffolding up. The English tab on the donation site has been corrected to millions!
  7. Specific answer - no. Just stairs and a lift. Ed.
  8. Random question - does Etretat have escalators also?
  9. Khaines will give you a quote. 😉 Ed.
  10. Frankly - I ask how much a roof will cost though. £14/15m is lovely - but they already have a billion in the bag before this was setup? So at the end of it all, give or take, a couple of BILLION euros most likely. Now even factoring in the reduced timeframe, surely it won't cost that much? (not really off topic here... calling all church-roof engineers please!)
  11. Really poor translation work. Click on the French language tab and it's 14+ million. If you do make a donation just make sure you use the French site, not the English site, or your bank balance might take 850 years to recover. Ed.
  12. This kind of disaster gets publicity no fundraising campaign of a normal kind would ever get and people respond based on emotion rather than logic I think. Anybody here who wishes to make a donation the Fondation du Patrimoine has set up a page here
  13. Looks alright to me, I've yet to sail on one of these ships but based on what I've seen here would be perfectly happy to, though maybe on Portsmouth-Le Havre rather than to Spain. Also I think the Armorique is looking particularly good, the new colour scheme seems to suit her the best of all those which have received it so far.
  14. A bit off topic - but we always book our caravan crossings with Caravan and Motorhome club. We tend to travel P&O Hull routes and the P&O price comes in at about £800. The CMC is always a little cheaper but if you then book three or four nights sites with them the price comes down by another £100 or so. As we use the sites that we book with them it's an overall saving of about £300
  15. Yes, these photos received this morning courtesy of Alex Anderson
  16. I had my appointment at the Prefecture yesterday to sort out my residency card. It was fairly painless as I'd prepared a stack of documents a foot high just in case. They were in fact able to reactivate my previous (expired) card number and update the paperwork. They want to give me a 'permanent card', which is only really valid for 10 years, and it should be processed in the next couple of months. However, depending on what happens in the meantime, they might switch it to a different document or give me a temporary one which can then be exchanged once the Brexit issue is finalised. The (overpaid/underworked) woman tried to take the upper hand by arrogantly asking me if I knew the latest situation or would like to be lecturerd to. I asked her to tell me what she knew and she said that June 30th was a decisive date.???? It seems like she's been listening to Theresa (and/or Macron) - bad idea. I said that I thought 31st October was the new official deadline and Cabin-girl (who was there to prove my status) chirped up and confirmed that. The woman then shut up, stamped and signed the form and shooed us out. I'll have to make another appointment to pick up the card at some point unless they tell me in the meantime that they are changing the system. Fingers crossed! Ed.
  17. Assuming red kestrel is still attached to the tug they have arrived at red funnel
  18. I don’t believe it! I said it as a joke - but she DID use the North Channel!! 😇
  19. Paris is almost unique whereby all the members of the fireservice are from military engineering regiments. I had one in my class at the Angers engineering school last year who was unable to continue due to injuries sustained at work and was requalifying as a structural engineer. The only other place where that anomaly exists is in Marseille where the local naval fire service are also from the armed services. In the rest of France they are either full-time civilian fire-fighters or local volunteers. Ed
  20. Yesterday
  21. Highly likely, her draught is 2.82m but the low tide at Hurst Point in the morning is 0.68 at 04:04. Seems they are waiting for the rising tide. Which makes me wonder why they changed from the NAB to the Needles. She has slowed and is close to Hurst Point now, it's definitely looking at be a 08:00 arrival, slightly earlier than 1st predicted.
  22. She has slowed and is close to Hurst Point, it's definitely looking at be a 08:00 arrival, slightly earlier than 1st predicted.
  23. Wow! Not sure about Paris, but I presume it’s the same, don't forget Sapeurs Pompiers are mostly volunteers, and not only do they put out fires but are also Ambulance men and women too. In Calvados for example 50 fire stations, 2200 firemen, 400 Full timers, the rest are volunteers. see https://www.calvados.fr/accueil/le-departement/routes-environnement--territoire/securite-publique/sdis-14.html Brave men and women one and all, giving back to the region/village/town/cities where they live. I have a nephew, he is the Fourth generation of the French side of his Family to serve his Village as a Sapeur Pompier. Tres Fiere! Come Christmas we always always buy the SDIS14 calendar, even if we are in the UK, great cause. Saw in the local French press concerns about similar event at the Abbaye at Mont St Michel and Cathedral at St Lo, Bayeux Cathedral, since we have had our place in France, (12 years) been in a constant state of restoration, so Macron’s plan for a five year rebuild of Notre Dame de Paris seems a bit hopeful to say the least. We shall see...
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