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  1. Similar pricing for next summer for me too - £15 more for Flexi over economy for each leg (Portsmouth to St Malo; Caen to Portsmouth) in August
  2. As a competition lawyer, the two are generally operating in different markets (UK to France vs UK/France to CIs) and are not currently competitors, and with only limited potential to act as competitors to each other with current fleets; there's also space at ports for competitors to enter if they wanted to. Yes, there will be merger control filings (probably to the UK, French, Jersey and Guernsey competition authorities, depending mainly on turnover and/or share of supply), but (based on a quick thought) I'd have thought that it would be cleared.
  3. Brest was discussed by the Commission, but wasn't found to be competing with Roscoff - lack of facilities, not in terms of a linkspan, but other issues (haven't the decision in front of me though - possibly lack of immigration/customs and restrictions around the naval base?).
  4. Absolutely. I was selectively referencing the B&I one merely as B&I is now Irish Ferries. There's other decisions relating to ports being essential facilities in other Member States too (eg Rodby in Denmark). Some very interesting cases!
  5. Thanks! :-) Yes, Roscoff port did indeed try to block ICL in order to protect BF. In terms of competition law, where there is such an essential facility, 'reasonable' access must be given - ie the port cannot deny access or impose conditions that are equivalent to denial (eg berthing slots that are completely unacceptable). Interestingly, there was a similar case a couple of years earlier involving Holyhead, where Sealink (owner of the port as well as the ferry operator) was found to breached competition law by arranging its schedules to cause maximum inconvenience to B&I (si
  6. In 1995 Irish Continental Group wanted to run a ferry service to Roscoff. CCI Morlaix, the manager of the port, although not a ferry operator, had a 5% shareholding in Brittany Ferries. The European Commission considered that CCI Morlaix’s conduct over the negotiations was a refusal to supply access and that this refusal would have constituted an abuse of dominance (ie a breach of competition law). (sorry about the detail - I'm a rare poster and also a competition lawyer)
  7. and, in addition, Sterling is predicted to fall significantly against the US Dollar (down to £1=US$1.15) - as oil is priced in US Dollars, this will make fuel significantly more expensive
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