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  1. I figured as much about the store managers. Glad to know it was not just me thinking it though. I think it is partly location and that Asda are around, and also they are also thought of as cheaper. Personally I not convinced on that as it depends what you actually want or like of course. Were allowed to go where ever, its just Asda is there so its simple to do. Of course it takes a lot longer at the moment, which has a knock on for rest of day.
  2. Seeing various comments about Asda and how organized they appear to have been is very strange. I go to Asda for work (i work in supported living and have done for 20 years) on at least a couple of occasions a week and it is nothing like as been described here inside. The only thing is the one way system, although I would say only 50% obey it. They let people in, in batches and then stop for 2-3 minutes. but they are not letting the same amount come out to going in. Every other checkout is open, but you queue down every other aisle for that respective till. So you have a queue of people every other aisle for the tills, and people going up/down doing their shopping. Not a single member of staff with gloves/masks of any description at all. To me it is a total joke of a system they are using. Compare to Tesco, which I use myself generally on my way home from a (24hr shift) and it is so much more organized. One customer into store at a time as one comes out of the store, so numbers are being limited properly it seems. One way system in place, but again probably only about 65% pay attention to it. 1 queue for all checkouts and they call you and tell you which till to use. Line markings on the floor all round store as well. Staff have gloves on of some description as well. Various staff have masks on as well. It seems as though it is down to individual stores and managers, as to whether they are following guidelines or actually following procedures at all. The only place I actually witnessed the card readers being wiped down, was at McDonalds drive thru before they shut down. Not seen it anywhere else at all by anyone. Edit Just regarding the locked thread about green flag. It is on their website to use app in all circumstances. Except if on motorway or in emergency situation
  3. It seems that they are totally different incidents. Although it seems that Seatruck applied for the court issue in part due to Pennant being held at Dublin regarding the Peel Ports issue. They may have set the new stuff today in motion as a way of making sure they got paid for it, due to being worried with what had been going on.
  4. This has been resolved according to Seatruck and no arrest would be needed when it docked at 5pm
  5. Norman Asturias docked in Portsmouth on her first scheduled visit to Poole, as she was running late and the berth was occupied by Barfleur. Was discussed from bottom of page 6 when it happened at the time.
  6. According to the Irish site the only available bookable accomodation are, 2 berth wheelchair accessible, inside 4 berth pet friendly, inside 4 berth, outside 4 berth. Reserved lounge seats available on Cork/Roscoff only. https://www.brittanyferries.ie/ships/economie/kerry/accommodation
  7. I don't know if its in this thread what actually happened as i have not read the thread properly. But this is the archived thread about her return. https://bfenthusiasts.com/bfe/topic/8205-barfleur-to-return-in-2013/
  8. Hopefully as seems to be the case with this particular person, they accept them without any issues other than ensuring that the person has support from there carers/family as they need and they take responsibilty which they should be doing anyway seen they are the carers/family.
  9. I wonder if they had already partly de-stored and basically just had enough for its 2 crossings.
  10. Is Pont's reason because of Cork where she is stern in, hence why she goes bow in at Roscoff.
  11. Yeah they have updated the timetables and I had not noticed. I think it will all depend on what specific issue Normandie has and how long its going to take. Currently the timetable says that she is operating from Portsmouth at 14.45 tomorrow, but that has to be doubtful. If it can be sorted quickly then may well return to service for the 11pm service tomorrow evening from Caen. Otherwise Armorique is likely to stay on the route and the Poole crossings will be cancelled and resume once Normandie returns.
  12. Yeah a 6.30pm crossing to Poole. Plenty of time to go to Portsmouth and back to Caen then position for the Poole crossing, although depending on the time issue for Normandie it could be they cancel the Poole crossings.
  13. ARMORIQUE has moved of the berth in Cherbourg, which appears to be for NORMANDIE arrival.
  14. That is what i am suspecting Gareth and the fact she had slowed down to 2 knots. Possibly just a warning to others in the area. She is back up to speed now
  15. RNLI now speeding towards the coast and Pont appears to be turning to get back underway to Roscoff. So maybe an evacuation and they have just used the RNLI lifeboat, unless it was a rescue from the sea.
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