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  1. Being reported today, is that with a no deal brexit, anyone going to the EU, may have to take driving lessons in say France, or Spain, and that drivers may be turned away from ports, How would this now effect BF's, or others. ???
  2. Eddies

    Brexit effect on BF

    Today I was at the port of Le Havre, with a friend who went back on the Tat, the booking inn and customs along with the Police it took 30 min's for them to do 4 cars, if this is going to happen when Brexit starts 29 March, how many passengers will not travel. ??
  3. Eddies

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    With the Economie, within BF, it's also about the Etretat which has so many bad points, like parking on the top deck, which is a nightmare, and the lack of food service, as for the Economie, going with the Tat, Le Havre will still be left with one visit per week from BDS, which is still a Economie, namliy for Spain, as for the rates for crossing on the Normandie, we will have to wait and see when she returns from refit.
  4. Eddies

    Government charter

    If BF, do a 3 ship per day I'd go with the morning trip and spend the time I hope eating in a restaurant and having a nice rest unlike how things are on the Tat. ;-))
  5. Eddies

    Normandie not sailing as economie

    I my self living near to Le Havre, have been longing for the Economie brand to go and the tat with it but we will still be left with BDS, for a time yet. The bad part on the brand is the dirty look it has about it from the outside with so much dark blue.
  6. Eddies

    Honfleur - The Launch

    Will be be able to view it from outside the UK ??
  7. Eddies

    Honfleur - The Launch

    Many thanks to Jim, and Andy, for sending the links. ;-))
  8. Eddies

    Honfleur - The Launch

    They ask the public to view the build / Launch and when the time comes they take the webcam's off line.
  9. Eddies

    Honfleur - The Launch

    Both down now ;-((
  10. Eddies

    Honfleur - The Launch

    Outside one still up but don't know how long for.
  11. Eddies

    Honfleur - The Launch

    Webcam now taken down ;-((
  12. Eddies

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    This is the outside webcam: not able to see anything yet.
  13. Eddies

    French road blockades

    It's a job that's been given to me. Le Havre, is on a bus route from the village I live in which only go's at 7 & 8 am the bus for Honfleur, is 6:30 which would give less to walk but I'd be late, so it's much better to go the day before just in case, as we don't know how long the blockades will go on for.
  14. Eddies

    French road blockades

    As I'm not able to change the booking or the port, I am going to go to Le Havre, the day before on Monday, to avoid any action if I can, that I be on time and eat out in the town.
  15. Eddies

    French road blockades

    Yes that's the Bridge, I have found this out before when it was to late and ended up walking 45 K to get home and it was closed for 3 days the only other thing is to get my local bus to Honfleur, the walk into Le Havre, which is then only 30 K's, I'll just have to be late.