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  1. As many now have had both vaccine jab's why France, is on the UK's Yellow list and which ever way you go, we still need to self self isolate and have and pay for test.
  2. I would not mind if their was a safe way of using a Covid, passport, the only thing is in time to come yet that puts me off, is the fact of were will it stop with our private medical information who will see it how it gets used, the one thing our goverment is open about to a point is that they would like us to share and at the same time take more then they needwithout the understanding of it.
  3. LHCity, Would that be the one at Coty's in the centre of Le Havre. ??
  4. What English foods can we find in Normandie, and buy like "Self Raising Flour" or English cheese; ??
  5. And it's only 35000, ill the rest are made up.
  6. Which is good for some and paying over the top, as for me I would like to plan ahead which has to made difficult by governments, with the type of lockdowns for flu.
  7. At the moment travel is ment to open on May 17th from the UK, so what are the options for a trip over to Caen, from then.
  8. With reading headlins online BJ, is looking at keeping lockdown laws to stay for 6 more months, so what and I am sure he will do is extend them again later, so what OPTIMISM are we ment to have, it's more like lack of confidence in the government.
  9. The way I see things at this time, I don't see any hope of free travel any time soon as our hopes are built up then kick down hard with more restrictions and more control untill we do what the goverments wish and with covid and brexit on top what do we have, ? I don't think it's freedom.
  10. It was clear and well spoken, I like to use of "Type Over" long with the makes you used on the ships map. It would have been nice to know what you had got to eat and if it was hot as the beans when you eating them comes across as being cold as with the rest on mixed plates. All things apart a nice video, much better then the first two at top of page. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I have not seen any comments about Kerry, which was in IRL, but I cannot recall if she has/had made a visit to Le Havre.
  12. Looking at my pic's which I took from the web cam, I'd say yes.
  13. This may well may have been covered, how ever on the news today it has been reported about Le Havre being closed. Sorry it's in French, how ever the link is: https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/normandie/seine-maritime/havre/dernier-ferry-britanny-ferries-quitte-portsmouth-havre-ce-7-septembre-1870562.html
  14. Is the re-start of the ships coming to a slow or even stop some routs again if France, is added to the list of not to travel too. ??
  15. Is that at the station ? As I've been paying 15 euro's each way when I book online, and 30 euro's one way at the station on the day.
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