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  1. The change with test maybe a welcome by the UK, goverment but what changes have others with UK, done if any to make it easyer for travel or indeed harder. ??
  2. This is the last photos I took.
  3. I needed to do this with more then one post.
  4. As I was in Le Havre, the other day I pasted Bretagne, so took some photos. If anyone is near Caen, maybe they would add photos of Barfleur.
  5. Off topic I know but why is it that up loading photos with a code 202 mean as I am not able to upload any. ??
  6. I need to do a day trip from Portsmouth, to Caen, for reasons of my own. What I can not see or find out is about testing for covid, can anyone help with the what the options are. Thank you.
  7. I have found that I am not able to get Knotting, in France, which is used for wood knots before painting, unless you live in the south of France. So can anyone help with a alternative. ??
  8. I understand that we may wish to sail with BF, I for one would like Le Havre, but Caen would do and if it come to the push how about using Dieppe, as it would be good to see Family even for 5 hours apart from online.
  9. Thank you Cabin boy, for the link, I look forward to going this week.
  10. See the news for France, it was reported that a new pirate ship, was in Cherbourg, for 2 weeks and they said she would move to Honfleur, to arrive yesterday. I have looked at Marine Traffic, and cannot find it listed, can anyone help with more info, as I would like to visit it and have a nose.
  11. I have seen this online with The Daily Mail, but it don't mean it's true yet.
  12. As many now have had both vaccine jab's why France, is on the UK's Yellow list and which ever way you go, we still need to self self isolate and have and pay for test.
  13. I would not mind if their was a safe way of using a Covid, passport, the only thing is in time to come yet that puts me off, is the fact of were will it stop with our private medical information who will see it how it gets used, the one thing our goverment is open about to a point is that they would like us to share and at the same time take more then they needwithout the understanding of it.
  14. LHCity, Would that be the one at Coty's in the centre of Le Havre. ??
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