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  1. Totally agree HONFLEUR is a ship that may not necessarily be needed, especially given how different things are now compared to when she was ordered. A fleet shuffle is the obvious answer. Let's not forget she was supposed to be delivered a year ago - the company doesn't really seem to have missed her much. The €117m loan (to be paid back within 5 years) is bound to mean purse strings need to be tightened and so costs reduced though. €117m is over half the contract price of HONFLEUR to be paid back over just 5 years so lets say for easiness about €24m a year extra to be found. Staff have already been warned that the company has five hard years ahead. Theres also the potential effects post December from that B thing many seem to have forgotten about since March. Of course BF aren't the only company with additional financial obligations due to covid, but liquidity is hugely important as will reducing costs be. Not just at BF but across the industry (and others). The medium to long term effects of COVID are yet to be seen, but at present BF pax bookings for this summer are down some 60%. PONT AVEN on her planned passenger certificate of 850 is surely unsustainable in anything but the short term! Crossings could well be reduced and decisions which six months ago would have been unthinkable may need to be taken. If nothing else, the cancellation of HONFLEUR may have given BF some additional financial breathing space without a hefty final payment to pay on the ship/loan payments to make on the financing. The ferry industry is in survival mode.
  2. Alas I haven't made ARMORIQUE. I expect she's quite different - Estrid is unashamedly a Ro-Pax though very pleasant. Perhaps my gallery will give you a feel for Estrid (though obv Brittany Ferries vessels will be quite different even if using a similar footprint). https://www.niferry.co.uk/stena-estrid-first-look/ ( a new version is in the pipeline) GALICIA and co will be as nice as Brittany Ferries specify them to be. Compared to the former STENA SUPERFAST X, I much preferred Estrid. If for nothing else for the sense of space and airiness. Interior fit out seemed to be to a high standard, but I was on her on day one! I personally don't think BF will end up with a fleet purely of E-Flexers and VIsentinis, but they could certainly supplement a core fleet (which seems to have been the plan anyway). They may just make certain routes viable that otherwise wouldn't be if the demand is of the correct mix.
  3. Yes. Covid and Brexit makes things even more complex than usual. More than ever, liquid funds are important for operators at present. Probably not a popular opinion round here, but I've just polished my hard hat.... Theres a good chance that running those E-Flexers is going to be more cost efficient than much of the current tonnage. Estrid has if anything exceeded efficiency expectations and have much reduced crewing requirements compared to much of the BF fleet. They may not be the last word in luxury, but are perfectly serviceable vessels. If they keep the company afloat then surely that's a good thing. Of course none of us knows what the charter fee is, but the order obviously made financial sense at the time and I'd argue that type of tonnage makes even more sense now!
  4. You assume that passengers have a future on the Zeebrugge route. Thats not necessarily the case on a route with heavy losses and good freight demand.
  5. I've been busy lol The plan is start looking again. Eamonn Rothwell is on record saying something along the lines of that even if they were at the stage where they could place an order they'd be looking 3 years plus before anything is delivered. They are still wanting a new build.
  6. That the German and French media have both picked up on and that neither the yard or BF have made an effort to correct? Even when asked outright? Those that have shippax access will see that the yard has confirmed it to them. Quotes directly from yard management are hardly speculation!!!
  7. Forgot the Le Marin link https://lemarin.ouest-france.fr/secteurs-activites/chantiers-navals/36817-brittany-ferries-annule-la-commande-de-son-honfleur-au-gnl
  8. Would create a very unbalanced route with ships that have totally different operating characteristics and costs. The failed moby deal made a lot of sense - who knows perhaps that could even get resurrected in time. I wouldn't totally rule out this ship ending up with Brittany Ferries eventually anyway. It wouldn't be the first time someone else took a cancelled contract on then sold (or even leased) the completed ship to the original orderer. A lot will depend on where companies see their future post-covid of course, not to mention the attitude of the banks!
  9. For those with access, Shippax also now reporting https://www.shippax.com/en/news/brittany-ferries-cancels-contract-for-honfleur.aspx
  10. They will likely want sister-ships. Makes life a lot easier. Unfortunately a very valid point. Freight volumes have been good in the past, but like many BF routes the route (and the ships which sail on it) need passengers as well. Those ships weren't designed to be freighters!
  11. As are Le Marin. That the yard have released quotes tells me all I need to know really - they are hardly going to say its been cancelled if it hasn't! Having contacted BF directly, they aren't denying it... A statement is on its way. With regard to BF's future plans, who knows. Several operators have opted for life extension on ships older than NORMANDIE. With the ship already a year late and possibly another year (or more away) its not really surprising BF have taken the decision not to continue throwing money at the project. Nobody's finances are great at the moment and BF are evidently suffering. There was a report from Germany a few weeks ago that the yard were still trying to raise the finance to complete the ship! Prior to the ICG statement it was reported that FSG's voluntary insolvency was to get out of the contract because ICG wouldn't negotiate. As HHV points out though, ships cancelled late into the build often end up with the original owner (Scandlines pair are the most recent examples I can think of from the top of my head). This could be via an auction process mind. With regard to fuel, her Wartsila engines are dual fuel ready afaik. I imagine its not a great deal of work to put some diesel tanks in there if they aren't already present as a backup solution, especially on a ship that isn't finished yet. Had she something like the RR Bergen engines it would be a different story. LNG may not be the ideal solution it was thought to be a few years ago anyway. Probably no coincidence that we are a year away from the original June 2019 delivery date.
  12. Estrid off service much of the day yesterday and cruising the Irish coast. X and Yeats sailed on. Suggestions her length combined with the tight turn into Dublin’s berth was is an issue in the weather conditions. She took a break at Irish Ferries berth 49 for a while which would seem to support the theory.
  13. Originally 626 berths in 179 cabins I believe so not quite the same.
  14. I just avoid the White Rose now lol Sounds like you've both seen more of my "home" city than me! I'd argue Titanic Belfast (the worlds top tourist attraction apparently) is more of an experience than a museum. I imagine the alert status is a bit higher than usual due to the risk of dissident activity with the whole Brexit thing. Hopefully things stay calm as I haven't heard anyone that has visited say a bad word and we want your tourist money 😜. Seriously though, the risk here has been lower than much of the UK if anything for a good while, as we haven't had the Islamic extremist element for example. Like everywhere, we have good and bad areas (except we often put up flags and paint the kerb stones to warn you) . Personally I find it reassuring that the police are armed and trained to respond.
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