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  1. Estrid off service much of the day yesterday and cruising the Irish coast. X and Yeats sailed on. Suggestions her length combined with the tight turn into Dublin’s berth was is an issue in the weather conditions. She took a break at Irish Ferries berth 49 for a while which would seem to support the theory.
  2. Originally 626 berths in 179 cabins I believe so not quite the same.
  3. I just avoid the White Rose now lol Sounds like you've both seen more of my "home" city than me! I'd argue Titanic Belfast (the worlds top tourist attraction apparently) is more of an experience than a museum. I imagine the alert status is a bit higher than usual due to the risk of dissident activity with the whole Brexit thing. Hopefully things stay calm as I haven't heard anyone that has visited say a bad word and we want your tourist money 😜. Seriously though, the risk here has been lower than much of the UK if anything for a good while, as we haven't had the Islamic extremist element for example. Like everywhere, we have good and bad areas (except we often put up flags and paint the kerb stones to warn you) . Personally I find it reassuring that the police are armed and trained to respond.
  4. Sounds like a Saturday afternoon in the White Rose Centre in Leeds! All police are armed here, some admittedly more than others. I think they bring out the heavy stuff sometimes to "reassure" tourists... Also if they are looking for something or someone. If you ask nicely next time they might let you see inside the armoured land-rover Did you do Nomadic as well as Titanic Belfast?
  5. I was in Belfast and nowhere near Lurgan 😜
  6. For it to happen they are missing three critical components. An operator, a ship, and a port agreement! Grimaldi and GNV (the two operators linked) have both publicly stated they know nothing about this project. It appears this is just the Vigo port management company trying to drum up some business and some over enthusiastic reporters. If Brittany Ferries, a well established operator, can't even half fill a ship what hope does an upstart have? The GB to IE component is interesting though - I know LD were looking to expand their Rosslare to GB service to three weekly but couldn't secure the tonnage. The demand was there though, such is the value of sailing into ports with other services!
  7. Turns out it was actually quite a small device. More designed to concentrate minds than actually go off? All police in Northern Ireland are armed and likely will continue to be so despite there not being much threat above what there is in GB (in a way less actually). Not armed to the extent I have seen in some shopping centres in England though!!!
  8. Just to confirm the "balconies" are more like balcony access. The outside deck's aft of deck 8 and 9 are accessible to everyone. Bit of a trek mind if you don't have a cabin. They are also connected to the sun deck above by steps. Would probably be simple enough to make them private though unless there is some sort of health and safety reason not to (evacuation?).
  9. The full press release https://www.corsicalinea.com/content/download/2580/file/CP A NEPITA CORSICA LINEA 04022020.pdf Renamed A NEPTIA to be fitted with additional cabins taking her complement up to 158 and a recliner lounge. Also scrubbers. Rumours the work will take place in Greece. Marseille - Algeria over summer. For the more observant of you the mockup is indeed Stena Superfast VII in Loch Ryan with her fins (poorly) photoshopped out! I like the funnel!
  10. Thanks. Yeah I'm not on here that often - I'm a busy bee! I've only skimmed the updates since I was last here so apologies if I am repeating anything. It appears the yard still isn't in a good place financially and much will rest on the conclusions of the report to be published at the end of the month. The yard want loan guarantees from the state (the same loan guarantees they've been seeking all along - SIEM financed the building of Leevsten and Liekut) and it appears that the white night isn't keen on putting more of his money in! Nearly half the workforce has now been sent home without pay to live on state benefits - seems odd for a yard that should be delivering a rather large ferry at the end of the year but doesn't appeared to have even started steel cutting! Its understandable that they wouldn't want heavy metal workers eating up wages if they were just outfitting the two ships, but there is a tight production schedule to be adhered to. Coincidence public access has been disabled for the slipway cam? For obvious reasons nobody wants to go on record but I wouldn't be surprised if Honfleur misses her current delivery date by quite a bit. As for the Irish Ferries vessel, who knows? The yard have been saying for sometime that they are renegotiating with customers and suppliers but I don't recall these talks ever being hailed a success. Irish Ferries have already shown they are prepared to sink the yard anyway. Brittany Ferries appear to have been more lenient but they aren't a charity either! Tasmania seem to be slowly conceding that their ships are going to be late. With regards to production, I believe that unlike with Yeats much of the fitting out is being completed at FSG (Yeats was largely fitted out with much of the work left in theory consisting of pipework and cabling). Cabins are usually modular these days for the simple reason that its always cheaper to mass produce something that is identical rather than make each one individually. It also means it can be done in a purpose-built facility off-site if desired. Before X-mas AVIC/CMJL Weihai and R&M celebrated the production of cabin 888 for the E-Flexer series. These are produced in a purpose-built climate controlled facility on-site that doubles as a storage warehouse. After being craned on they are literally wheeled into place on a cradle and connected to the plumbing and electrics already in situ. Its not really fair to compare the build time of the E-Flexers to other builds IMO though, simply because they are a series. A series that has now had 6 years intensive design and build work already, work which continues as they try to optimise the construction process and also get ready for the LNG examples! I did hear that some have been supposedly demanding payment in advance! Its hard to know how old those videos are though it does seem a bit strange to be releasing old footage just a few months ahead of delivery without saying it is old footage.
  11. Of course I can't say what size of vessel those routes are based on or weather etc. Gives a bit of an idea though.
  12. Well, at least people should be well rested! If the crisis does escalate you have to wonder if it has potential to disrupt GALICIA as well. There are a lot of European suppliers and people involved in the E-Flexers, though I don't think there has been any sign of any issues yet. I think many of the core people involved are living there anyway though.
  13. Tbh I doubt many would be working there atm anyway given it’s Chinese New Year! Of course if this crisis drags on it will delay her.
  14. If (and it’s a big if) Stena were to start a service to Le Havre and had a suitable ship, it likely wouldn’t be a replacement for Cherbourg. It’s debatable whether there would be enough traffic to justify such an additional route in any case.
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