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  1. Stena Line are introducing the MV Arrow tonight on a single round trip Monday to Friday to offer additional capacity on the Holyhead to Dublin route. She will layover at Holyhead during the day. Stena Adventurer will go to dry dock for refit from Tuesday 6th March until Tuesday 20th March 2018. During this period, cover will be provided by Stena Horizon in Stena Adventurer’s scheduled time slots. The Arrow will provide additional trips prior to Stena Adventurer’s refit period, starting 22nd February, from Holyhead. Arrow will sail ex Holyhead at 22:30hrs daily (excl. Sat) and from Dublin at 06:00hrs daily (excl. Sun). These additional sailings will operate until Stena Adventurer returns from refit
  2. From what I understand about the events of 2005 the vast majority of crew members accepted redundancy. An element refused to leave their vessel. Of course it made a good story to sell newspapers at the time (who weren’t entirely upfront I understand, implying that Irish Ferries action came out of the blue when in fact consultations had been ongoing and as above the majority accepted redundancy), but the bottom line is Irish Ferries is a business and a successful one at that that still employs many British and Irish people. It’s been a while since I worked it out, but Irish Ferries didn’t make a huge amount per passenger the last time I checked. Would the majority of passengers be prepared to pay more so the person serving their coffee has a different accent? I doubt it, especially considering on dry land there’s a good chance the person serving the coffee will also have a foreign accent! Stena have mostly U.K. & IE crews on the Irish Sea and that comes with a cost, they also have people on what are effectively zero hour contracts as well from what I can gather yet I don’t see any outcry. Neither does the crew have to be 100% British and Irish if a vessel is registered in the UK either. Having seen recent job adverts I wouldn’t call the wages generous either. Brittany Ferries isn’t really a fair comparison considering they mostly operate from English Channel ports in a totally different market, but even they have taken measures such as having Pelican on the “second” register. If it wasn’t for the strength of the French unions I’m sure they’d have more vessels on that register (or others) as well. WB Yeats is registered in Limassol like most of the IF fleet, just as P&O register vessels in Bermuda or Bahamas and Seatruck in the Isle of Man (UK second register) or elsewhere. Stena aren’t the only competitor Irish Ferries have after all! So long as the crew are competent at their jobs does it really matter what their nationality is? From my experience I’d argue that foreign crews are often (but not exclusively) better at customer service, they certainly seem to have less of a sense of “entitlement” than some locally based crew members. The difference between requirements between flag states is a lot more complex than the nationality of the crew onboard in any case.
  3. At present it looks likely the 16th will be her first sailing, it’s been pushed back a few times. Those booked before this date have been offered compensation I believe. W.B. Yeats was originally to be delivered in May but is now not expected until June. Amongst other things (like welding everything together) there is around 600km of cabling to be installed! I believe some of the interior fittings are already in place and as someone said above, bridge equipment is already in. While it looks impressive that everything is coming together now so quickly this is the culmination of a lot of work by 3 different shipyards (the central section of superstructure was sub-contracted by marine projects) which has been going on for months. FSG’s last build was actually completed early, but this one is obviously more complex than a RoRo. She’ll be good practice for Honfleur anyway ;).
  4. tarbyonline

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Possibly, it would seem a bit of a waste of a passenger vessel otherwise. Still nothing definite of course but I thought it was interesting and worth mentioning. May or may not be something in it.
  5. tarbyonline

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    There’s a suggestion in this weeks “ferry shipping news” email (worth signing up for if you haven’t already at www.ferryshippingsummit.com ) Near the bottom that the first of the new builds may actually be deployed on the Ghent - Gothenburg route.
  6. tarbyonline

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    I wouldn’t have thought the bow entrance to have been particularly narrow? is Pompey not getting a new linkspan. Will that alleviate the bow first height difference issue?
  7. tarbyonline

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    From the top of my head the actual passenger capacity of the Eflexers is 923, with the balance of the 1000 being crew. No guarantee that will be the case with the BF example, or even the Stena ones tbh as Stena have indicated they can and will be fitted out differently according to their area of operation. They are definitely twin drive through loading (works are already planned in Belfast and Birkenhead to accommodate this I believe), with a separate deck for cars so far as I know, but there’s been no indication whether there are ramps between the main vehicle decks or not so far as I am aware. They will need to be twin drive through on the Birkenhead route (if that’s were they eventually end up of course) due to turnaround times. Given they are supposedly designed to be as flexible as possible I’d imagine they do have ramps, but who knows?! The options are for 2+2 as someone has already pointed out.
  8. tarbyonline

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Yes, it had to be removed anyway though as there wouldn’t have been the clearance for UK lorries to get off as it intruded into the central lanes which are now raised. I think it also caused issues with manouvering vehicles in a similar way to the pillars that were put in after the central lanes were raised, some of which have now been removed to reduce the problem. I was just wondering if Cap had a similar area, that’s all :).
  9. tarbyonline

    Who are you?... (Introduce yourself)

    Suppose I should do this as I've been hanging around here on and off for as long as I can remember! Name: Steven Occupation: Unemployed at present (and webmaster of www.niferry.co.uk and "owner" of a couple of ferry related facebook groups of course) Lives in: Belfast. Famous for building a ship that sank after hitting an iceberg. She was fine when she left here, honest! In my spare time: Updating and editing NI Ferry Site, keeping an eye on the facebook groups and posting the latest news to them, a bit of photography and some IT stuff. Sometimes I even play Fifa on the playstation or go drinking! Countries visited (in no particular order): France, Belgium, The Czech Republic (before it was cool), The Netherlands, Spain (well the Canaries anyway), Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, err.... Last ferry journey: Across Strangford Lough on PORTAFERRY II. Last "big" ferry would be a Stena Line VIII day trip onboard STENA SUPERFAST to go drinking *cough* shopping in Ayr Next ferry journey: Who knows, perhaps I'll surprise myself. Would like to get down to the Carlingford Lough service while FRAZER MARINER is covering as I haven't been on her yet. Favourite ever ferry: Stena Fantasia, though I travelled on her before Stena went to town on her interior.
  10. tarbyonline

    Newbuild Freight Ferry for Red Funnel

    If people are prepared to pay extra, who knows! The premium lounge thing is common now across the industry, but it does appear to be getting a bit out of hand in places.
  11. tarbyonline

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Perhaps bizarrely I prefer her blockier sister! Speaking of profiles, heres the new DFDS vessel. Note the offset funnels.
  12. tarbyonline

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Interesting, on the lower deck or upper? I know VII-X had a height restriction on the upper deck forward, but that was because part of deck 6 was passenger space as built. Afaik Atlantic Vision retains this, though all the Stena owned vessels don’t.
  13. tarbyonline

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    It’s only taken nearly 2 years! Fingers crossed all goes well from here on :).
  14. tarbyonline

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    This is excellent news. the news release for anyone interested is here: https://www.dfds-news.com/featured/baltic-routes-dfds-orders-ro-pax-ships-in-china/
  15. tarbyonline

    P&O Considering Shetland - Scandinavia Route?

    To be honest they've only really not said no. Its a bit of a nothing story really that just happens to suit the agenda of the politician concerned. “We are always looking for new opportunities and would be happy to sit down with the relevant parties to discuss a route between Scotland and Scandinavia.” means just that, they are willing to listen to what is being said. I wouldn't get the champagne out just yet, even if they decided to run such a service they have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Not least vessels, berths, and passenger facilities. These things take years to come to fruition and by the sounds of things the groundwork hasn't even been done yet. P&O have other things to worry about at the moment, such as their current fleet!