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  1. HONFLEUR and the final Siem RoRo appear to be “safe” (Siem bankrolled the final RoRo afaik). The question is what happens after. FSG777 is supposed to be delivered in little over a year, having already been pushed back from her original delivery date in summer 2020. It would be a shame to lose yet another European ferry builder, especially given FSG have a healthy order book. Some have suggested mind that the project where they will start to make money is that for TT Line Australia.
  2. This is not made any easier by drivers going to great effort not to be detected! As above, Stena treat vans as freight. It’s common practice. With regard to berth occupancy, shared cabins are the norm and the price paid reflects that. Hauliers purchase a berth, not a cabin. The option to purchase a “cabin” can exist, but most employers won’t do so as it costs more as you are paying for all the berths! Perhaps the person making the booking on behalf of the employer is where the “blame” lays?
  3. Just to clarify, FSG has had financial issues for some time. SIEM actually saved the yard and took it over for a symbolic €1. They were always going to order Ro-Ro’s from the yard in order to give it work, however, with Ro-Ro’s they were competing with the Far East. Siem May or may not have purchased these vessels at cost, but again they also have a business to run - why should they pay over market value for vessels to prop up a separate company? Unfortunately the yards unprofitability continued and increased to the stage that Siem could no longer justify bankrolling the yard and the state could no longer justify loan guarantees for newbuilds. The margins on projects like W.B. YEATS were tight so they could win the work, but unfortunately they were so tight there was no room for error. It has been speculated elsewhere that she was always going to be built at a loss, just not that big a loss! Moving into Ro-Pax was meant to increase profitability but did the opposite - by their own admission FSG hugely underestimated the challenges. FSG’s problems have been made worse by senior staff leaving and taking their experience with them. One group have even set up a rival firm in Flensburg specialising in ferry design! They’ve already won work, for example they are designing the new Islay ferries. Part of the new strategy at FSG is to diversify such as by winning design work for vessels to be built at other yards, rather than just at FSG itself. Their majority owner has a bit of a patchy record - time will tell what happens. I’m sure if steel cutting had been announced for FSG777 it would make people a bit less unsettled about the future of the yard!
  4. As HHv says, they are building a new terminal. More info here, but it will remove the existing size restriction. It will also mean Stena can run an operation that doesn’t require up to 4 ships! https://www.port.gdynia.pl/en/ferry-terminal/243-cel-projektu-promowy When this was first announced there were suggestions they might somehow get Germanica and Scandinavica, but of course that was before Stena had up to 11 new ships on order (9 firm orders for 3 operators, but with rumours of more to come which will take the series beyond the current 9 plus 2 options). I have heard suggestions the “cruise” element to the route isn’t actually that profitable, but haven’t seen any concrete evidence.
  5. The smart money says they are going to the Baltic - the UK routes that would need them are getting E-Flexers. The routes from the Baltic states in particular are experiencing a lot of demand, and the funding for twin level facilities will likely be forthcoming. The twin level is needed for a reasonable turnaround time - bear in mind in vehicle capacity terms the enlarged Lagan/Mersey will be similar to E-Flexer. They'll probably run on ULSFO, which so far as I am aware P&O use on the channel still and most Irish Sea operators appear to be intending to switch to for the sulphur cap (there has been speculation Irish Ferries might go down the scrubber route). This is also what P&O's new-builds will run on, which also won't be fitted with scrubbers. Its essentially fuel oil with the sulphur chemically removed. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of issues with retrofit scrubber solutions with reports of hefty maintenance bills to go with them. These problems are not universal, however. Karlskrona - Gdynia is another option, though there has been a lot of speculation that they will get the enlarged E-Flexer's instead. Perhaps an enlarged Lagan/Mersey could go there in the interim, however.
  6. Original source is actually Chinese media (I sent this to Ferryvolution and DFDS Enthusiasts). Unfortunately there's no info on how recent a render it is, but I have since received info that indicates this may be an old render. The funnel logo may indicate this as well, as DFDS are phasing out the Maltese cross (though I don't read into these things too much).
  7. Regina remains part of the long term strategy at DFDS, according to their latest market update on the issue anyway!
  8. (As I posted to the Ferries! Facebook group) P&O Ferries EUROPEAN SEAWAY left Dunkerque last night under the tow of the tug FAIRPLAY 33 according to a post on the DFE forum. It appears Seaway’s AIS was switched off a couple of days ago. Destination is Gdansk. Looks like Seaway is in a pretty bad way after her little incident last month and can’t get to Poland under her own power!!! Apparently she was assisted at Dunkerque by no less than 4 port tugs!
  9. So Brittany Ferries are going to give people about 2 weeks notice to book a route they are saying is already on sale? I'm no expert but that doesn't sound like a good way of doing business on a route that is supposedly year round! How would people feel if they could only book crossings to Caen during November and December from mid-October?
  10. I'm also thinking Grimaldi are probably in a good position to secure ongoing year round revenue for such a route. Irish exports to Spain are relatively low (Spain isn't even in the top 5 import and export destinations for Ireland) so a link to the UK as well might make sense (thinking of how LD did things when they were running).
  11. Well aware of that. BF aren't taking any bookings for the route next year either though (or this year post November 4th), despite the Irish website saying 2020 bookings are being taken to France and Spain on the front page. KERRY doesn't seem to be appearing anywhere either. Odd not to be taking bookings less than 2 months ahead!
  12. Important to note the link (from the same source that previously said it was stena) was that GNV would charter tonnage to the would be operator, not actually operate the service themselves. In any case, that is turning into a bit of a saga! Seems the would be operator forgot to take account of the fact that one of the ports doesn't have any passenger facilities when they came up with the timeline for launching a passenger service! https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/traffic-and-travel/scotland-to-netherlands-ferries-delayed-until-april-2020-reports-say-1-5002633
  13. Purely a coincidence that there are no Ireland to Spain sailings on the BF Irish website after November 4th, either on the timetable or to book? Cork - Santander on the 4th of November is currently the final trip! Surely they couldn't be pulling the plug after stating pretty recently that they are extending the trial of the route by 6 months and bringing in AF MICHELA (which I've been told is a step down for passengers from the current ship)?!
  14. Exactly that. Brittany Ferries have a different layout on deck 7 as they have foregone the car deck that is there on the other units so they can get more cabins (note the portholes at the stern on GALICIA). On the Stena ships car passengers will be able to walk straight from the car deck and into the public spaces without any stairs or lifts. With regard to the port of registry, she's a Stena RoRo ship until delivered. Though Portsmouth is a bit strange for them (perhaps instead of somewhere like London at BF's request for PR purposes?).
  15. However, as chef says by the time Yeats is level with Rosslare she’s already well out into St George’s channel.
  16. I think from the top of my head it’s around the 3hr mark from Dub to Rosslare though Yeats can put the foot down a bit if they want. Of course Dublin Port is on the doorstep of a huge market as well (not to mention being a lot handier for the 1.6m+ of us north of the border) and gives Irish Ferries a unique selling point. There are improvements on the way with regard to getting to Rosslare too, but surely ICG will have factored that in when they decided to switch to Dublin. Irish Ferries are the guys with the figures in any case so will be in a good position to make a call of whether to move back to Rosslare. Cork to Spain seems to disappear after Nov 4th now. Can’t see any mention of Kerry on the timetable, nor are any bookings being taken from Cork after that date with less than 2 months to go.
  17. It’s been particularly bad over the past few weeks after a fatal accident led to new health and safety procedures meaning traffic was backed up into the tunnel. with regard to Rosslare it would be a big U-turn but the rumour is strong. Though as always we need to account for some wishful thinking too
  18. It does look like Portsmouth - the renders Stena RoRo published Morlaix. Interesting
  19. It WAS pretty blowy up here in Belfast but no idea what it was like that far south. In any case, parts of ship (its been suggested on facebook they could have been fire protection panels) shouldn't be falling on peoples property! Perhaps the different insurance companies will end up fighting this out - i wonder how much it would have cost to put this "right" given the negative PR it has generated - might have been worth it? Interesting description of the Isle of Man Government!
  20. The company have recently said that she could be back during October, but haven't committed to that.
  21. They also got a prototype Ro-Pax with the delays and issues that came with it - there have been suggestions that the original price was a loss maker to get a reference project even before the delivery penalties were applied. I wonder have they finished her inside yet? (I'm not joking - elements of the interior, including some of the cabins, have apparently had to be completed in service). At least the kids area looks a bit more like a kids area rather than a weird sort of seating area these days! HONFLEUR is also quite a different vessel from a technical point of view too. At least the guys at FSG have experience in designing and building LNG vessels even if the refuelling system itself is somewhat a prototype. There have been various rumours about the purchase price of the E-Flexer's but nothing official. You can be pretty sure they were cheap (to Stena) though, they aren't exactly known for paying over the odds! E-Flexer the only option Brittany Ferries looked at either, and the charter price is obviously agreeable. It's a transaction that looks like it will work well for both companies in any case.
  22. The current vessels are hardly streamlined either tbh. What Wonder and Aki do have is a LOT of power - over 50,000 kW from the main engines alone. It remains to be seen of course if they will require tug assistance for what is quite a tight berth to get on to at IJmuiden. Theres also the possibility DFDS could choose to do some technical upgrades as well. "Technical Investments" were mentioned in the press release but this could be anything from maintenance to upgrades. It will be interesting to see what they have planned though. When FINLANDIA (ex Moby Freedom and direct sister to 'Wonder') came up to Eckero it is said she was in quite poor condition technically despite only being 11 years old, but I'm sure DFDS have given both vessels a thorough inspection and factored in any issues in to their plans. Moby have lost two ships capable of 27-28 kts service speed and received vessels of around 20 kts service speed in exchange. They have not yet confirmed what they have planned for the soon to be former DFDS vessels, though the exchange is wisely taking place in the low season for Moby. Perhaps there will be some fleet shuffling. No current plans for replacement. Both have had money spent on them in the recent past and it seems the strategy is to continue with the current tonnage, for now at least. Worth remembering that Crown is younger than BRETAGNE, BARFLEUR, and NORMANDIE and Pearl is only a few years older than the latter two. I'm not sure what the merits of converting the three tiered show lounge area into a restaurant would be? The twin level area at the stern is already a bar so far as I am aware and the vessels already have multiple dining options. Hard to say what they will do as they are quite different ships to the current tonnage - perhaps they could even just rebrand the existing facilities to see how things go for the first year or two (not sure how much use an outside pool will be for a North Sea route in winter mind)! I'm sure we will find out more relatively soon given the vessels are to be delivered at the end of next month.
  23. Its a sale with a temporary charter back so they don't leave the route until the "new" ships are ready for service.
  24. As previously posted, DFDS have been looking at replacing the tonnage on the route for a while. Finally the deal has been done. Tidily it also solves the problem of what to do with the displaced tonnage
  25. They will. Spending 1bn DKK in total after the proceeds from selling Princess and King are taken into account
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