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  1. Hope he flew Yorkshire Airways 😂! Don't know any Roisin. Is she single? 👀 I think the truck delivery has a lot to do with the lack of availability of LNG bunkering tankers or onshore facilities though. I recall reading somewhere or other that Visentini went with external tanks as it was the easiest (and cheapest) way to add LNG to their standard design - makes sense to me. I find it interesting they are going with the internal approach with Salamanca and Santoña as to be honest I would have thought having them outside made sense! I guess that's partially why the people that designed her are naval architects and I'm not! 😜 As you say though, things are moving forward rapidly!
  2. Direct contacts in Stena are telling me that there is a year between Edda and Embla with Galicia in between. Also Embla is yard number 266 not 265 (which is a gap in the numbering) as in the email you received 🤔. It sounds really bizarre to have Galicia arriving so late, especially given how far on she is in the photos (unless Christophe Mathieu took part in the wrong keel laying ceremony 😂)! I guess we will see in time but it would be interesting to know what would make her so late!
  3. I was thinking that it would be useful for small cruise ships at ports without the infrastructure. Mind you, VIKING GRACE has been fuelled by trucks from the shoreside! I do recall something about Chantiers and "Bretagne II" actually, think it might have been mentioned in an interview? I know Chantiers was preferred but there's no chance of getting anything in there for a while. So far as I am aware the hull for HONFLEUR is another derived from the standard FSG design.
  4. Sorry, I've been catching up. I'm not on here all that often. I'll link to my article when its published which hopefully will explain how things are going to work with her, but she's basically W.B. YEATS with the car deck and lower cabin deck replaced with a freight deck and an interesting bow loading arrangement. Very different machinery package as well!
  5. Very interesting. If correct this suggests Brittany Ferries have gone to the back of the queue. Galicia is already well underway - I have her down for about mid 2020 between Edda and Embla (my dates are in the same ballpark for those two).
  6. Thanks for the clarification on the LNG layout. I was under the impression that Honfleur was an FSG/BF design with elements of the Chantiers de l'Atlantique designed PEGASIS incorporated. Are there any plans to incorporate this LNG refuelling method into any other vessels do you know?
  7. Original delivery dates to Stena RoRo were Autumn 2020 and Autumn 2021. Add on a delivery voyage from China (over a month via Suez) to that and you could well end up in the following year. Galicia is a repeat of Stena Edda/Embla (both definitely on time) with cabins in place of the car deck and some BF interior styling and perhaps layout changes. Everything is on schedule as of a few days ago unless my sources are wrong (which would be a first for this project).
  8. The Irish Ferries new build doesn't have LNG! W.B. Yeats was €151m when the scrubbers are included. Minus late delivery discount. Yeats has a higher gross tonnage partially because she carries more vehicles! Theres also the fact she is LNG electric and not a straight diesel build. Electric motors cost money.
  9. Yes. Its an area for loads which require an open deck. Its accessed by two fixed ramps towards the stern. Its aft of the cabins (nice view there lol)
  10. Heres a diagram and video showing the process. To be clear to everyone (and Jonno touched on this), the engines are not fed directly from the ISO tanks. They are simply a way of replenishing (and expanding) the onboard storage. In a way the refuelling is sort of happening at sea! https://www.destinationhonfleur.com/en/news/all-power-to-honfleur An aerial shot of Honfleur showing the large "master" tank which is significant in size.
  11. Apologies, I should have been clearer in my original comment. So far as I can tell the current plan is to refuel SANTOÑA and SALAMANCA in either Santander or Bilbao. There was definitely a suggestion from BF that refuelling would take place in the UK along with HONFLEUR though when SALAMANCA was first announced. HONFLEUR's "replaceable" tanks will be used to feed a permanent tank further forward. Brittany Ferries have even published a diagram explaining this process!
  12. Who really knows what will happen to be honest. Understandably (given they are a listed company) ICG aren't giving anything away. There is of course the possibility they could go with an all new design (or one off the shelf but modified). Siem have just sold their minority stake in FSG as well so perhaps Tennor holding are planning on offering financial guarantees. The next Ro-Ro launches in October and there's been no reports of any steel cutting happening yet on the Irish Ferries vessel which is still expected "late" next year!!!
  13. P&O have confirmed the new route in an email to freight customers https://www.niferry.co.uk/po-ferries-to-open-new-calais-freight-route/ “P&O Ferries is pleased to announce the launch of a new Calais – Tilbury – Calais daily service operating from end September 2019. This is in response to customer demand for an improved unaccompanied product connecting cargo flows from Calais and Continental rail connections with a location close to London, and therefore supports both your traffic flows and safeguarding your customers’ supply chains with improved BREXIT options. The service will provide space for 12 self-drive tractor-trailers and 90 unaccompanied trailers or containers per sailing. The ship is planned to arrive in Tilbury daily at 0430 hours enabling your driver to be on the M25 before 0600 hours. A new direct route to and from Tilbury gives you quick and direct access to the M25 London markets, the South of England and also all the Regional Distribution centres north of London / along the M1 corridor up to Birmingham. This route saves up to 75 miles / 125 km each way versus the traditional Dover-Calais crossing. Not only will you save fuel, but also save on drivers hours, and wear and tear on your vehicles and trailers. Fast discharge of vessels means units available in Tilbury 0600 hours or before, placing your drivers on the M25 beating the rush hour. Allocated space for regular round trip shippers guarantees availability to support your contracts. Fast turnaround of units gate to gate on all our terminals.” P&O Ferries
  14. Not enough. There’s also her running costs - she’s no Visentini (a ship type that couldn’t be run profitably on the previous similar route between Scotland and Europe). To be honest the whole venture sounds a bit like wishful thinking. Particularly the bit where they think the Scottish Government will hand them a £35-40m loan (because this company doesn’t have any assets of its own to secure finance 🙄) in time for any of this to become a reality! Short of a “hard border” being put up between Scotland and England is there really any demand for a service taking around 18 hours to get to Holland? Enough to sustain two passenger ships with the appropriate facilities? Bearing in mind that crossing time can be effectively halved from the likes of Immingham! The business idea seems to rest on every Scottish haulier currently using Dover or Folkestone and driving to Eemshaven or similar. Immingham - Cuxhaven? At least some of the original board members of Seaborne Freight had ferry operating experience.
  15. To add to this it will be more cost effective to use Stena’s new build programme to design and build these ships than going it alone (not to mention raising the finance as Gareth says - remember Pegasis!). There also isn’t the potential issue of directly building ships for BF outside of France or Europe either, or needing to acquire the contacts and knowledge of the local way of working to do so (Stena RoRo have been present in China for a number of years doing just that). Not only are Brittany Ferries getting the type of vessels they want, but they are getting them for a good price. Brittany Ferries are also known to looked at alternative new builds at Visentini (Stena had a look too) - E-Flexer wasn’t the only option. Stena have the financial resources to purchase ships when they become available at the “right” price, and the in-house expertise and experience to take on big new build programmes such as E-Flexer simultaneously with others. BF have a purchase option on all of their E-Flexers after the initial charter period (as do DFDS). Stena did want to purchase apparently, but the price was too high. Another mutually beneficial arrangement.
  16. There is definitely some sort of storage onboard (or the option for this to be retrofitted). Once SALAMANCA arrives the plan is to bunker HONFLEUR more conventionally. There was quite a bit on Estrid if you knew where to look to be honest (see https://www.niferry.co.uk/stena-e-flexer-new-stena-ropax-ferries/ for some examples - which reminds me that page is due an update). Edda pretty much moved straight to fitting out with the keel for Stena Embla laid in the vacated dock 3 days after her sister floated. If anything the production will speed up now. The cabins in the BF examples shouldn’t make things any more complex given they are prefabricated at the dedicated onsite facility in advance (complete with furnishings, pipework, electrical contractions, etc) and literally wheeled into place! The exception may be the first LNG example if there are any issues but the whole series has been designed for LNG from the outset and AVIC already have LNG experience. The one for DFDS is the nearest to a one off and so may even take a bit longer than the others. Stena Estrid (left) and Stena Edda. Afaik that’s the first keel section of Galicia to the right ready to be lifted into place for the laying ceremony, but I could be wrong.
  17. The existing twin level linkspan at Dublin will be used for Decks 3 and 5. That’s because there’s no passenger spaces below Deck 9. She still has a lot of berths for the route she is for mind. I’m just finalising a full article on her for NI Ferry Site which will be published in the coming days. It’s also flammable once it does vaporise and can explode if ignited in a confined space. It does contain methane, ethane, and propane at the end of the day. LNG won’t evaporate until it reaches the required temperature - it’s only a liquid because it is cooled (which introduces the possibility of cryogenic burns if handled incorrectly). It vaporises quickly but not “instantly”. There’s a lot of sense in putting those tanks on an open deck. Nowhere near as much hazard as using pressurised gas though, but a hazard nonetheless. I’m sure this has all been well thought through. If it hasn’t the classification society, MCA, etc will have great fun!
  18. The route has strong freight trade as well as the passenger trade, so what would traditionally be called a “cruise ferry” wouldn’t be suitable. Lack of vehicle space is already an issue and they are looking to grow the route. There’s nothing wrong with a Ro-Pax - even Brittany Ferries are rather fond of them these days!!!
  19. Regarding the Newcastle to IJmuiden route, a couple of FACTS 1. DFDS has publicly stated that the route is performing well 2. There are live plans to bring in replacement tonnage This was all discussed at the "capital markets day" presentation just last month! https://www.dfds.com/en/about/investors/capital-markets-day
  20. For a start the UK’s consumer rights act of 2016 does NOT supersede EU legislation, which in this case is EU passenger rights legislation (Articles 16- 21 of regulation 1177/2010 for those who care). It has already been proven in court that this applies to technical difficulties and Brittany ferries themselves have paid out before due to technical difficulties. In order to avoid paying out an operator has to show an external factor prevented them performing the service so a strike by port workers or technical failure of a ramp isn’t their problem usually but a failure of their ship or a strike by their staff is. The original poster might be interested in this guide I compiled to claiming (and escalating) https://www.niferry.co.uk/ferry-delay-cancellation-compensation/
  21. I believe suction dredgers are also what was used in the past at Ramsgate too. But then they did previously own their own as well! Obviously it needed done frequently enough to justify owning a dredger in the first place. I read somewhere Van Ord are getting paid £14,000 a day
  22. Also worth remembering that the practice of staying in a lorry cab (or any vehicle) while at sea is illegal. With regard to the incident itself its probably best to wait until the investigation is complete rather than speculating on whether cargo was adequately lashed for the conditions, but the North Channel can be quite rough at the best of times - especially on the Scottish side. Some of the furniture onboard was damaged as well so this was more than just a choppy crossing. There have been some accounts describing the vessel taking a "dip" which sounds a lot like what sometimes happens near the entrance to Loch Ryan itself near Corsewall Point, even in very calm weather. The main thing is everybody is OK.
  23. It is indeed one of the Van Ord fleet. A bubble dredger. My rudimentary understanding of the process is it blows bubbles into the sediment and the outgoing tide carries it away. Somewhere. Theres no real control over where the sediment ends up like with a suction dredger. What could possibly go wrong.... Even I'm taking this with a huge pinch of salt, and I wrote that article! I just can't see the MCA giving the OK to a 39 year old vessel with very questionable mechanicals!
  24. Oscar has at least a few more visits to France to do - at present she looks to be doing Dublin - Cherbourg when Epsilon returns from drydock at Brest to run alongside Yeats on the Holyhead run. Once Ulysses gets back Yeats goes onto Epsilon’s Holyhead roster and she goes full time to France (until mid-March). Oscar will then cover Inishmore at Pembroke. After that, who knows? The med? Epsilon is very tight at Milford I believe and doesn’t seem to have been judged a success in the past. It’s likely she will go back to her owners though once the second newbuild arrives so who knows what they’ll do for dd cover? Space charter on Stena perhaps?
  25. There were similar stories in Poland that were later proved. I'm sure working conditions in Gdansk were better than Pjongyang though!
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