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  1. Re: Harwich-Esbjerg route to close I will believe it when I see it. The "official" website puts me in mind of some childs fantasy company. The images are "borrowed" from google image search.
  2. Re: Dieppe Seaways to Holyhead. Supplier contract confirmed Just thought I would pick up on a few things here 1. The crossing time from Belfast to Stranraer was actually 2hrs 50 mins and 3 hours for the return journey. 2. Stena Superfast VII and VIII operate at a speed of 20kts and don't exceed 22kts. The Birkenhead Visentini's actually regularly exceed this. The current Belfast - LRP crossing time is 2hrs 15 and 2hrs 25. 3. Stena Europe is NOT 35 years old and does sail when Inishmore is stuck in port. 4. Europe had at least one of her engines replaced just a few years ago and I am told is in very good technical condition for her age. Unlike her late sister she has been within Stena her whole life and so has been consistently well maintained. 5. The reduction in crossing time from Belfast to Lough Ryan Port is due to relocating the Scottish port a number of miles closer to the mouth of Lough Ryan and not due to the ships running at a significantly faster speed. Stena's ships (including HSS Voyager) had to crawl down to Stranraer which accounts for the additional sailing time. Even Hoverspeed's Seacats had to do this. The Superfast thing is all marketing with the ships themselves actually running rather slow. Despite this and the fact that their propellers have been re-bladed to increase efficiency the Superfast twins have significantly higher bunker consumption than the Visentini's operating at a higher service speed. 6. If Stena for some reason took the significant hit on bunker consumption (and it would be a very significant increase) and ran Superfast X at significantly higher speed than Nordica the timetable would then have to be totally rewritten. The current timings work well for Stena. Much of Explorer's current role is acting as a passenger overflow for Nordica. Her timings are no accident. With Superfast X in place this overspill facility will no longer be needed. 7. Stena do not own Cairnryan - P&O do. Stena own Lough Ryan Port - there is a difference. 8. At present Europe will be staying where she is unless the right ship comes along at the right price. Nordica will now NOT be going to Fishguard I am told due to her pax capacity being far too low for the peak season. She could potentially have this increased but this would require significant investment. Her freight capacity is of more use elsewhere - Fishguard's freight carryings are the lowest on the Irish Sea (excluding fast craft). 9. Stena have other plans for the LD operated ship I am told.
  3. Re: Dieppe Seaways to Holyhead. Supplier contract confirmed The entry of a new ship on the service would be the opportune time to quietly drop her, thats for sure. "No more Dun Laoghaire ferry?" "But look at this new ship"!!!! Hope she gets the tips back on her wings while they are at it!
  4. Thanks to Chris Brindle on the Ferry News group (FaceBook) for the heads up on this http://www.cargotec.com/en-global/newsroom/Releases/press-releases/Pages/macgregor-conversion-expertise-secures-new-order-from-1851367-Wed-27-Aug-2014-11-00.aspx I wonder how long it will be before DFDS tell us what they are doing with Calais
  5. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie To be fair Stena and their predecessors have had little trouble on the Belfast - Liverpool run with the Visentini's (discounting an incident last year which was nothing to do with the vessel itself). In fact their reliability is one of the reasons the service was able to re-establish itself in the first place and eventually be taken over by Stena. Stena certainly seem keen on them given they own or operate just under half (11/24) of the Visentini ropax's built to date. As for Etretat, I personally see a straight swap with Contentin/Stena Baltica. Whether BF would extend her passenger accommodation or not I don't know (theres plenty on this board much more familiar with Contentin than I), but she isn't all that dissimilar in concept to a Visentini and has much more in common with the rest of the fleet. Afterall, if need be she could be converted into another Amorique with relative ease.
  6. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries Economie To try and force DFDS out of the western channel so they can have their monopoly back, whilst not diluting their core (and more profitable) offering? I wonder how long economie would stay if DFDS announced they where withdrawing from the Western Channel
  7. Re: Larkspur I remember there was something about this around the time of Greece's economic crisis but can't recall the outcome. However IIRC there are certainly ships operating in Greece currently which are over the 30 years. Theres a report on Ferries of Southern Europe that Ardenia has been renamed Benia. AIS indicates she is still anchored in the Piraeus area, as she has been for a few days
  8. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged Hardly surprising given their well subsidised financial issues.
  9. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged The other ro-ro's SNAV operate are all ex North European cruise ferries, the majority of their fleet are Catermaran's and Hydrofoils though GNV operate some further ferries. 3 of SNAV's ferries are of similar design (and at least part sisters to the ex Val de Loire). To my knowledge they are Snav Adriatico (ex Koningin Beatrix, Stena Baltica) Snav Lazlo (ex Olau Britannia, Pride of Portsmouth) Snav Sardegna (ex Olau Hollandia, Pride of Le Havre) Snav Toscana (ex Wasa Star, Peter Wessel and an enlarged sister of the old Stena Felicity) Of the 4 I would say Snav Toscana is most likely to be replaced given her age, if indeed Napoleon Bonaparte has been purchased to replace an existing vessel. In a way the fleet are similar to NP, but of totally different heritage/design.
  10. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged The €60m was the insurance settlement and has not gone directly to SNCM as it is to be used to fund the voluntary redundancy programme as part of the companies restructuring. The €7m proposed sale is for the ship itself in its current state and the entire amount will go directly to SNCM to use as they please I understand.
  11. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged It appears the €7m purchase still needs to be signed off by the board of SNAV's parent (expected Monday). There also is a clause that the ferry cannot operate to Corsica for her new owners.
  12. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged A quick Google later http://m.corse.france3.fr/2014/04/10/la-sncm-vend-le-ferry-avarie-napoleon-bonaparte-7-m-eur-l-italo-suisse-msc-456473.html#xtref=http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t$rct=j$q=$esrc=s$source=web$cd=3$ved=0CDYQqQIwAg$url=http%3A%2F%2Fcorse.france3.fr%2F2014%2F04%2F10%2Fla-sncm-vend-le-ferry-avarie-napoleon-bonaparte-7-m-eur-l-italo-suisse-msc-456473.html$ei=RilIU5K-GqWS7AafsoCQDg$usg=AFQjCNH7kmoT-v3hCnNwTe8C7dWHeXUUVQ$sig2=HXODNvChJip4zdxKPXkrFw$bvm=bv.64542518,d.ZGU Did I read right - €7m? That's a big loss on the part of the insurers!
  13. Re: Napoleon Bonaparte damaged According to a post over on DFE she has been purchased by SNAV for further service. Re water damage, its the salt and other minerals in salt water that causes the most damage, not the water itself.
  14. Re: Larkspur By worth what I mean is Oilchart could maybe get more for her as scrap than what they would as a operational ship minus the costs of getting her operational, particularly if they plan to open the Ostend service with her again which could take a while (if it ever does) to generate a profit. How viable a reliable service would be with such an elderly vessel is also a big question. I wonder how much it has cost to have her laid up all this time in port fees etc as well? Given that Larks and Ardenia have many similarities in their design, would it perhaps be possible to make 1 decent ship out of the two i.e. using the mechanical parts from one to get the other (and keep her) fully operational? I know what you are saying about worth though, a busted up Plaxton beaver (or the aforementioned Dart) can be fixed up to do much the same job in many circumstances as a brand new Citaro for a fraction of the cost.
  15. Re: Larkspur Given she's 38 years old and her well documented technical issues, I think they need to start taking their medication again! Surely they are going to have to spend more than what she is worth (I seem to recall a website trying to sell her for €400k). Neither passenger or vehicle capacity are on her side either. Would love to see an Oostende cross channel ferry again though not convinced about Ramsgate and the crossing time could be a concern - its quicker to drive for Ramsgate to Dover and take a ferry to France then drive to Oostende than the 4 hour crossing was anyway. Unaccompanied traffic is the only real market I see and theres a lot of competition out there for that. Of all the TEF vessels I thought Larkspur would have been first to hit the beach (with the aid of a tug or 2)!
  16. Re: ETRETAT: Brittany Ferries to operate former Norman Voyager to Le Havre & Santande I believe the Norman Voyager is handed over tonight (midnight) and Seven Sisters is ready and waiting to take up her services from tomorrow. Then its a matter of what BF want to do to her before she takes up service. Re the showers its says a shower pack is available, not you must buy a shower pack to use the showers. I assume that means you can bring your own toiletries etc, though you never know I suppose, perhaps part of the pack is a key to open the doors lol! The cynical part of me expects the cost of these extras to total around half the price of the fare. Perhaps I have travelled to many times on low fare airlines!
  17. Re: Larkspur Exactly, and its his own reputation affected if the info is wrong. It a strange phenomenon someone asking others to post on facebook on their behalf but with their name on the message!
  18. Re: Larkspur I doubt Mike Louagie would have posted unless he was certain tbh, given that he is Editor in Chief at Shippax!
  19. Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne A quick look at the page source code confirms the date changes automatically They didnt change this bit though
  20. Re: My Ferry Link - Updates . What that release doesn't mention is that the CC where told to re-investigate the result of which is due in April.. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent_business/news/stormy-seas-ahead--12529/ I love this bit: “We are a French company, buying French assets and running out of a French port. “When the Competition Commission stepped in we were surprised because we thought everything about it was French. “It sounds like a French authority should have jurisdiction.”
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