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  1. So presumably, the flight was still on sale then?
  2. It’s giving the customer options: would you like to rebook or would you like a refund. That’s a good thing. Most airlines, or at least I speak for easyJet and BA, will simply cancel your flight and send you an email, with a link to rebook or refund. That’s it. Meanwhile, BF will take the sailing off sale - thus not knowingly taking a customer’s money for a cancelled sailing. Then every single customer on that sailing will be proactively contacted by a member of the team, over the phone, to discuss their options. I know which service I’d prefer to receive. I can’t see any such s
  3. Absolutely, I agree. We all, as travellers, customers, enthusiasts are interested in Brittany Ferries restarting their passenger routes. But a company’s – not just BF’s – main priority is its customers, not it’s enthusiasts. And to BF’s credit, their customers who have already booked; hence why sailings may (or may not) be marked as full, temporarily whilst they deal with said customers. To use Gareth’s terminology, I think it wise and fair if we don’t berate a company and it’s hard-working employees for trying their hardest to react to an ever-changing virus, whilst trying to help their
  4. Firstly, Gareth, may I make it abundantly clear that I do not work, nor am I affiliated in any way with Brittany Ferries. Secondly, do you know what has gone on internally at Brittany Ferries to address the concerns of customers, to learn from any mistakes they may have made in the past, to improve their service? No. None of us do. Thirdly, I was responding to the member’s point about not being told if a sailing is cancelled - there was no indication if he was on an affected sailing. My point being; as enthusiasts, what difference does it make if a sailing is cancelled or full - its
  5. I don’t understand your grievance? If you’re not booked on one of the potentially affected sailings, and you don’t know anyone on one of those sailings - how are you adversely affected by it? The sailings are unavailable to book, whether they be full or cancelled. It doesn’t make a difference either way. I think that prioritising those affected customers first, ensuring that resources are - in the first instance - devoted to them as they are the one’s who have booked to travel, is commendable and a refreshing approach for the travel industry. It seems simple, decent common courtesy
  6. More importantly you’ve got the LSA; lifeboats, rafts and the FRC to check and lower to the water periodically.
  7. I can’t speak confidently for Pont-Aven, but certainly not 80 (that would be around 50% of the entire ships company) 🙈 Bretagne’s Les Abers had a compliment of around 10 in high season - 10% of the ship’s hotel crew in high season.
  8. Seafarers ey, why let the truth get in the way of the a good story 😉 I’m guilty of it when I’m home...”ah we had 100 knots on the beam” (okay maybe 20 knots on the port bow, but shhhhh)
  9. I don’t think that the HRA in question has any specific rules or regulations allowing AIS to be turned off. Anyone know for sure? SOLAS Chapter V (Safety of Navigation) states that all vessels with AIS fitted (which passenger ships must) shall maintain its operation at all times. When I passed through in January, I wasn’t aware of any such extraordinary regs. That said, SOLAS not applying to navy ships - they turn there’s on and off like light switches ha!
  10. I had no idea they were called that, interesting choice of name! Did a bit of research to see what they were - and low and behold they do still exist and come on board. Selling cheap souvenirs: magnets, postcards, little ornaments etc. We confined them to a tender lounge; stop them doing some “shopping” of their own 😉
  11. The HRA is currently up to 15'N (I think, although it recently reduced, so I might be wrong) – last January, we had a RDV with an armed response team around 16'N. But you're right, David, I guess it all depends on the company chosen. It hasn't changed all that much today, scarlton 😂
  12. It’s one thing being woken up by an alarm you set, to get up and go for work. And another being rudely awaken in the middle of a deep sleep. I’m not sure training comes into it at this point – although I’m only talking from personal experience. I suppose where training does come into it, is being trained to identify the alert signal, coded announcement or even here that ‘bing bong’ at 3am...you’re woken up by that and one thing and one thing only kicks in – adrenaline.
  13. Oops - I love a double post 🤦🏼‍♂️
  14. Indeed - after technical stops and dry docking, and in severe cases of disruption. But never routinely. The UK would be a more likely option. However as I say, under the current crewing model, France is the only viable, long term and sensible option.
  15. I can’t see them footing the bill to bus or fly the crew down to Spain - nor the crew wanting to be bussed, or to fly. Them making their own way is out of the question. Safe to say it’ll be a French port.
  16. Whistling is bad luck at sea too – as the saying goes; "you'll whistle up a storm". The number of times I've been told off for that by the old guard 🤦🏼‍♂️
  17. Unless you have an exemption from flag.
  18. Bretagne’s tannoy system was very old, had less functionality to select zones etc. It was operated by a pedal and the sound quality wasn’t always the clearest. The new system - which is used on Armorique, Normandie, MSM, Bretagne and Barfleur - is must more suited to requirements, you can add prerecorded announcements, be more selective with zones etc. Wow, what a pointless nugget of information that is for a Wednesday 😂
  19. News just out for those who haven't seen or heard! https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/brittany-ferries-confirms-fourth-new-cruise-ferry-post-brexit/
  20. I'd highly recommend Le Bouche à Oreille on the Chausée du Sillon - it's about a 15 minute walk along the seafront away from Intra Muros but the food is fantastic, the service amazing and price very reasonable. It feels a much more authentic, different to those in the tourist hub. Bon ap !
  21. BAI4

    BF Refits 2018-19

    For the hotel crew, It'll be a mix of some on leave - some voluntarily, other imposed - others will have been posted to other ships over the winter period. There's a lot of chopping and changing out of season. There are also a handful who will be seconded to shoreside departments in Roscoff for a few months to help with upcoming projects and planning for the upcoming season. The officers and engineers, again, some will have been posted to other ships - other's may have been seconded - a handful will have stayed with Bretagne during her layover and the rest - yes - are seasonal on CDD cont
  22. Ever so slight correction, Seashore - just me being pedantic 😉 P&O Cruises (along with Cunard) is indeed owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC, based in Miami (listed on both the NY and London stock exchanges) but operated by Carnival UK - who retain full executive control - based in Southampton.
  23. Lesson to myself – read the thread title before the post, and then actually read the post in full; I thought it actually happened for a second then whilst reading. Duh! Might be a good idea to start this post with *FOR EXCERISE FOR EXCERISE FOR EXERCISE* for idiots like me 😂
  24. Exactly that, Gareth. It's always best, as an initial action, to let the crew know - whether that be relating to your food, service, cabin etc - of your complaint. Then, depending on the resolution or severity, contact customer services afterwards. In many cases, the crew contact customer services to let them know of the situation. Sometimes you will be contacted by the shoreside team, otherwise it is used to improve procedure and minimise reoccurrence.
  25. BAI4

    New Look Revealed

    Best to wait for official Brittany Ferries impressions before casting judgement.
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