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  1. I'd class Miller and Carter as the high end of mainstream chain restaurants, great steaks though
  2. I eat out a lot and £29.95 for a Sirloin definitely seems at the higher end, more central London prices to be honest Les Abers/La Flora are decent value though I’d say for the level of quality and ambiance
  3. It also does this when you put on foot and then miraculously changes to having availability the moment you select a car
  4. To be fair I have not experienced Galicia yet, and I’m sure that her and the other e-flexers when they arrive will be very comfortable and tick a lot of boxes for people. I do worry about the loss of character in comparison to previous generations of ferry however
  5. When the Armorique was introduced way back in 2009, it was lamented amongst some ferry enthusiasts that she was somewhat of a step down in comparison to the ferries from the true golden era of BF Compared to Bretagne, Normandie, MSM, Pont Aven and the Val de Loire, she seemed less grand, more sterile, lacking in character and not to mention missing certain facilities As the years have gone by I have had a number of enjoyable crossings on her and whilst still not my favourite, I think that she has aged quite well and has earned her respect Now there is the bad news of two more cookie cutter vessels to replace the old classics Bretagne and Normandie. Coupled with the questionable decision to have 3 identical ferries serving Spain, this means by the middle of the 2020’s there will be 5 more or less interchangeable boats making up the majority of the fleet. For me this is sad, as one of the great charms of BF is the individuality of each member of the fleet and this is one of the things that set them apart from companies such as DFDS with the likes of Dover/Dunkirk/Delph seaways So, by the time these new ships are all in service, will Armorique, as one of the last remaining fleet members with a bespoke design, be come to be regarded as “old school BF” and her popularity and regard amongst enthusiasts increased as a result? She may even become as nostalgic as Bretagne! Naturally, most people travelling would neither know nor care, but I still think it’s interesting from an ferry enthusiasts point of view
  6. More bad news then. Having 5 sister ships that are more or less identical is lame. Looks like the days of each boat having its own individuality and character are numbered. I know that it probably makes sense from a business point of view, but that was also what makes BF so special
  7. This is my first post although I have lurked on these forums for a long time! With the current corona restrictions (France being amber) it seems difficult if not impossible to get the boat to France. I like to take the ferry simply for the experience of doing so, and although the red funnel to the isle of wight has provided something of a surrogate, it is just isn’t the same In February last year I took the overnight sailing to Caen and came back on the following morning crossing, with a cabin both ways. Me and my friends were pretty hungover so we did not disembark and apparently were not required to (previously I had thought that you always had to disembark) With this in mind, I’m wondering if it’s possible to do this simply for the experience of the boat ride and avoid some of the corona restrictions if I was to not disembark? Wondering what people’s thoughts are on this and if anyone perhaps from Brittany ferries could give some info on whether this would work
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