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  1. I was on one a few years ago in a high wind and sea state. We went accross from East Cowes almost to the Beaulieu River estuary, then we went "astern" along the coast to Calshot, before going forwards again up Southampton Water. I was was told this was to prevent the ship being broadside to the waves as it made the turns which would cause a lot of rolling motion. By reversing it always stayed head into the sea and remained more comfortable.
  2. It's still on iPlayer for a few more days https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00087lz. Watched it when it was broadcast, even Mrs PSU was captivated. I don't think either of us had realised that one man was responsible for all that artwork, as there are so many different styles. Always enjoyed looking at it (them?) on our trips on her over the last decade.
  3. My boy made those! The quick release mooring hooks, that is! http://www.strainstall.com/load-monitoring-products/mooring-and-towing-products/quick-release-mooring-hooks/ And we enjoy watching them operate on every crossing.
  4. Will it have seemed strange, a fortnight in the sun, without the son in tow this year?
  5. The annual trek to the Vendée is on! (Wightlink permitting, of coarse!) Just Mr and Mrs PSUPete this year. 23yr old son wants to go way up north with his mates, I believe Scotland was mentioned. Can't say I blame him, we've enjoyed a over a decade holidaying in France with him and his friends.
  6. Manual mirror folding on my 2013 Passat 😞
  7. You can press the key's lock button twice to disable the interior monitor and anti-tow, and also the deadlocks but leave the anti-theft alarm on. See Page 117 of the manual. This is the same as my 2013 Passat which is derived from the Touran apparently, the same as the Alhambra. I often use the double press if I want to leave the windows down for ventilation, but tend to use the button on the B-pillar on the ferries.
  8. Travelling back from the Vendée on Bastille Day, hopefully everyone else will be heading towards the coast at the start of the French holidays. Overnighting in St.Malo, so will join in the celebrations in the Intra-Muros/harbour area with fireworks on the beach, I expect.
  9. Annual holiday to the Vendée. Hoping to catch a bit of the opening stage of Le Tour de France as it appears to be going along the road behind the holiday parc we are staying in. Crit Air sticker fitted (to passenger side) just in case!
  10. Staying at the Ibis Le Madelaine on Saturday night which leaves time for another adventure into the Intra Muros (and Carrefour no doubt). Must remember not to catch my towbar on the ramps in the underground car-park by the harbour this year!
  11. Our almost annual trek to the Vendée. Booked the whole trip through BF this year in the 25% off sale, which has pretty well made the ferry crossing free! (apart from the Wightlink bit of it) We are a week later than normal, so am hoping the Bison Futé website is correct in showing that most of France is travelling to the coast on Thursday 13th ready for the Bastille Day Holiday, although I see the fireworks on the beach have been moved to the Saturday night, just for us!
  12. I'm sure with the old bridge they had some additional chains that could be attached between the edge of the slipway and the upstream chain as the tide went down to prevent the ferry being dragged "out to sea". Haven't seen any evidence of these in any of the photos of the new ferry. Anyway, problem now solved by not running the ferry when it's low tide! Pete.
  13. Cabin-boy, you spoke too soon! Floating Bridge high and dry as efforts continue to relaunch
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