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  1. Finally got on board and found we were being topped up . Wonder if they will fill everyone's tanks?
  2. That's my worry, my last two booking on her down to Spain have resulted in me being swapped ship. Beginning to think I may be a bad omen. She is just approaching the Rame peninsula at the moment.
  3. Booked on Pont Aven for today's crossing Plymouth - Santander and received a text to say she has technical problems and last check in now 15.00hrs instead of 14.14. Arrival time will be disclosed on route. Whats the problem this time?
  4. Totally off topic but a number of years ago I used to compete internationally in .22 rifle shooting. Everyone used to decorate their rifle cases in stickers from shoots they had attended together with shooting manufacturers stickers. I had a friend who sourced some nuclear warning stickers and loads of us dutifully attached them to our rifle cases, it was ok for them as they didn't travel out of the country! Oh how the security at Heathrow laughed as I passed through. We were always subjected to detailed scrutiny anyway but I spent a very sweaty half hour being questioned by Police and HMRC in a little office. Everything in my possession was checked with a dosimeter and I was eventually allowed through. One of the customs officers from the interrogation took me into a small room where there was an xray machine and put everything through again and then went off on one when my rifle showed up on the screen shouting for security and Police. He had been the one who took my rifle out first time and when happy had put it back in again!! A few choice words were exchanged.
  5. Plymouth Live is reporting that four lanes will be open this bank holiday weekend. it may ease some of the queues. Not holding my breath though.
  6. I'm with you @KenTownley loved a Thursday evening departure from Plymouth after an early loading and as you say a great meal in La Flora. We have had many a great long weekend and filling the car to the brim at a certain wine establishment in Roscoff. With the new timetable (if it happens) it's going to be a Tuesday departure this year. Never mind longer in France cant be bad.
  7. Cant see BF berthing on the side opposite the cruise terminal, if it does its an easy walk over the bridge and the tram stop is at the bottom of the steps. It is also the end of the blue line so you cant go the wrong way! from memory its only about 2 euro into Porto centre arriving about 30 mins later. The best way to get into town is on the 500 bus which hugs the coast with spectacular views, its a double decker so even better. I have walked this route three times on the camino to santiago and cant wait to return. Its less than 3km from the port onto the main m/way that takes you north or south.
  8. Had my second jab yesterday and it was updated on the NHS app by the time i got back in my car in the Dr's car park.
  9. I'm with Saga and I asked for a green card on renewal last month. Arrived a couple of days later printed on white paper for length of the insurance. Lady said something about It had to be sent from them and couldnt be downloaded. Didnt listen much as I was internally celebrating getting her to knock £50 of my premium by dropping 4000 miles off my annual mileage.
  10. This story has appeared in Plymouth Live. Cant see it happening in a month of sundays. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/brittany-ferries-travel-cornwall-take-5228370?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  11. Thanks for all the replies, a visit to my local bike shop got me wondering. One of the staff started telling me about different countries had strange rules when you transport them in a car. He said some insist on the batteries being removed and stored in individual bags, some dont allow them to be carried on the rear of the car. When pressed couldnt come up with any hard evidence of these strange requirements. I was going to remove them anyway and store separate for protection in a cloth bag inside a cool bag to keep out of the sun in Spain. Cant wait for the opportunity to travel again.
  12. Hi all, I am thinking of taking our two folding electric bikes inside our car both to France and Spain when we are able. As they are Li-on ,are there any special rules transporting them. I cant find anything on the BF website. They are bulk standard models. Regards
  13. Pont Aven is now out in the bay doing her normal hanging around. Is this so Armorique can dock in the morning or running as normal?
  14. BBC Radio Devon has just announced tonights Plymouth - Roscoff is cancelled.
  15. I know this is not the Armorique but on our return trip to Santander on the Pont Aven full english was available together with croissants and petit pain. Croissants etc are individually plated on paper plates.
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