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  1. Bisnick

    Do I or don't I ?

    I totally agree, the way the mask wearing has been enforced is so good. We are 20m from the sea and everyone has them on. The local Police regularly patrol the beach in their buggy and there are new beach security staff patrolling as well. We both feel far safer here than back home.
  2. Bisnick

    Do I or don't I ?

    Yes that was my interpretation of the latest message, Obviously its costing us in moving the booking and we are adding it into the total holiday costs so far.
  3. Bisnick

    Do I or don't I ?

    As we left before the latest do not travel dictate all is fine, both car, breakdown and personal Ins Ok.
  4. Bisnick

    Do I or don't I ?

    In between villages called Palomares and Garrucha, just off the A7. One hour north of Almeria and two south of Alicante.
  5. Bisnick

    Do I or don't I ?

    A question for those of you who have a better crystal ball than mine that cracked in the extreme heat in Spain. We have put back our return to UK, Santander -Plymouth one week as people cancelled in the apartment we are using. Its happened again so we have the opportunity to extend another week and return on the 12th August sailing. Has anyone heard if many people who had booked on the Spanish sailings have cancelled due to the new quarantine requirement on return? I was wondering if lack of numbers would make BF consolidate sailings to enable continuation of services. We have no problems with the 2 week isolation at home as retired and it may well change by then. I have a hard hat ready, so don't hold back. So would you or wouldn't you ? All opinions welcome. There may be something glaringly obvious that we have not considered. Regards Bisnick.
  6. You will be given the correct form at check in which has a section on the top to include your ferry and date of arrival. The link I saw only takes you to ones for air transport. BF staff will collect the form and take your temperature from you when you are sat in your car waiting for disembarkation .
  7. We were one of the lucky couples on this crossing, we arrived exactly on the 90 min check in time. The queues of vehicles filled the check in lanes and we were directed into the carpark with the electric charging points to wait our turn. All marshals staff were fully faced masked and were pleasant despite the numbers. It took an hour and five minutes to reach our check-in booth. We were handed the hanger which now has a colour sticker and a highlighter strip on your boarding card to remind you what colour you are. It was yellow for us. You need this for disembarking. Customs had two cars empty their entire contents of their cars in front of us, so held us up. Once through we were straight on and directed onto a lane on the port side deck 3 just inside the loading dock which closed as we were collecting our overnight bags. No cards were handed out so remember your stair number..only two people are allowed in the lifts unless it's a family group. We had left Millbay by the time we got out on deck and were pleased to see chairs everywhere as I had heard they were all removed. We spent a pleasant few hours in the sun and went for a bite to eat. Inside we found every other table closed off with tape together with the seating but there was no problem finding spaces, this is the same in the bar areas. There were numerous announcements reminding everyone the wearing of masks was required at all time apart from eating and drinking! Everyone complied apart from a few who thought wearing them below the nose was OK. Staff were putting them right. About 30 mins before docking at Santander announcements were made asking for your colour group to go down to the car deck , so first people checked in at Plymouth had a long wait for disembarking. We were last down and still had a 30 min wait before cars began moving. At check in you are given official forms that require full personal details including passport numbers and the address you are staying in Spain. While you are sat in your car staff come along with a bag , take the form and check your temperature. Not exactly sure what happens if you fail but I did see one dog kennel being kept empty.... Overall it was a very pleasant crossing and everyone went out of their way to ensure correct distancing. The staff ensured everything ran smoothly. There were queues for the bar and self service but we are now used to them at shops etc so no problems. Looking forward to our return at the end of the month. Hope i included everything as I have just finished a few Estrella Galiicia.
  8. I had a very frustrating couple of days over the weekend trying to book Plymouth - Santander. Website showed a price as opposed to Sailing Full,Must have tried 10 times and as I came to the payment page I was knocked out and back to the start or it then said sailing full. Then tried Portsmouth - Santander and it gave Plymouth as an alternative and allowed me to book. So frustrating. I had booked as a single because of the restriction in using more than one voucher code. Could I book the Santander - Plymouth, no way just would not let me. Eventually managed yesterday then tried to change the cabin on my original booking and kept bouncing me back to start page. I know the website has had historic problems ever since the "new" one was launched but they just don't seem to take on board the criticisms and sort the obvious problems. It will be very interesting to see what will emerge after this maintenance!!!
  9. Just as an aside on the breakfast you can have on the ticket. I returned Caen - Portsmouth overnight 26th Feb with my wife and sister, they went for breakfast first while i had my shower and my sister proudly showed me with amazement how many yogurts and croissants she had and not been charged! I had a coffee and cooked breakfast and was asked to pay after giving my room key. The explanation given was the two other card holders had used up my allowance. Last time i'm being polite and letting them in front of me .
  10. Bisnick

    ibis Plymouth

    I worked in the area when this hotel was built. It is a cast concrete construction and a fleet of lorries arrived with two bedrooms on the back and were taken off by crane and stacked like Lego. It only took about two days to have everything in place. Every "pod" was pre drilled for all the utilities and everything was in shipping containers and partially constructed in a factory in France, the installer ( I wont call them plumbers) would feed one end of the tap assembly into the pre drilled hole into the next door pod and then line up with the holes in the wall knock a raw plug in and screw in. All the other parts of the pod were installed the same. Everyone from the ground workers up were French and were travelling the country fitting them out. They moved to Cardiff after Plymouth. They had came from the Liverpool and had to pay protection money to get that one built as the Liverpool workers insisted they did the work but the French company would not allow it, so all construction was stopped until an agreement was reached! The hotel was opened as the Campanile brand but didn't make any money. The French owners came over many times and could not work out why it was failing. It was soon sold to Ibis and I would cry with laughter when driving past seeing they were asking upwards of £80 per night. There was a time when ladies of a certain profession would book a room for the night as there was no need to go through reception and anyone could come and go!
  11. Hi Paully, you need to edit as your email address is visible at bottom of mail.
  12. They only had reserved seats left, no way were we travelling that distance without a cabin.
  13. I was affected by the Pont Aven cancellation on 26th May Plymouth - Santander and only by the heads up from this site knew before BF officially announced the extension to the delays. I was able to sort a Poole crossing and then had three overnights on the way down to Santander. I used Ibis hotels to keep the cost down and submitted a claim for £223.48 which I thought was not unreasonable. Last week I received an envelope from BF with no correspondence but had a cheque for £81 inside. I rang customer services and they explained that was my payoff for my claim stating it was a maximum of 80 euro per person for one nights accommodation and as the most expensive nights stay was 91.85 euro that was all they were paying for! I explained that I was on a BF holiday and not a straight ferry crossing as I had mentioned in my earlier claim so couldn't arrive until the 27th May. The Poole crossing was on Fri 24th May. They had paid the contribution for extra travel directly into my bank account within 5 days so that was a help. I was very polite and expressed my displeasure at their failure to cover my I thought very reasonable costs but the rep was adamant that was all I would get but suggested a further letter of complaint. I sat down and began researching compensation for cancellation of ferries/holidays etc and was just about to send my additional claim and like @kgst an email arrived with the same apology but with mine a voucher for £200 was attached. So my faith in BF is restored. How have other people affected by the cancellations faired with their compensation claims ?
  14. The Barbican turning is just at the start of the restriction. I think all of Exeter Street will be affected going by the previous holdups.
  15. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/well-straight-point-isnt-good-2952888 This could well impact anyone using Millbay Docks for the next few weeks. Best not to enter Plymouth at the Sainsburys roundabout but carry on the A38 and turn left on to the A386. These roadworks have been going on for weeks now causing major traffic problems. The proposal is now to narrow the road at Charles Cross ( The Old ruined church roundabout ) into single lane. I would recommend the same way out of Plymouth via A386.
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