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  1. makes logical sense 1.8+2.6=4.4m I cant recall seeing that configuration before on MSM or BdS come to think of it ...is it even possible on BdS?
  2. After almost 5 years of being a member and reviewing the forum daily I thought it was probably time I filled this out. Name: Josh Occupation: Structural Integrity Engineer for Rolls Royce (Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer) Lives in: Derbyshire In my spare time: Sailing, Cycling, House Renovating/building, Touring Europe (or anywhere requiring a ferry to get there) in the campervan with my wife and 3 smallish children. Countries visited : UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland. Last ferry journey: Condor Rapide back from Jersey (meant to be Liberation - less said about that the better) Next ferry journeys: Portsmouth-St Malo return on Bretange (out) Portsmouth - Caen MSM (Rtn) Santander - Portsmouth BdS
  3. I have just installed rear suspension airbags on our campervan. It didn't really twig at the time but when inflated the rear vehicle height is 7cm higher, bringing me in at 2.63m loaded. I have always booked the ferry height at 2.6m, today upon realising my mistake I tried to amend my booking however, for the extra (3cm) height the cost comes up by ~£90 return. I therefore plan to deflate the airbags as I enter the port and then re inflate after the crossing before the drive south (not ideal but better than £90) The question I have is: 1. What is the tolerance on the height limit ( there must be some...? a vehicle with a long rear overhang and starting the descent of a ramp - the rear will pivot up and become significantly be higher than on a level deck). 2.I have only ever seen decks set at 1.8m heights and the full lorry height of 4.4m. Is the 2.6m height ever used? Josh
  4. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018.
  5. I was on Clipper Sunday just gone. I was surprised to notice all the car decks hadn't been painted. Furthermore lots of the white superstructure had enough rust to conclude it also hadn't been painted. I appreciate Liberation is costing Condor alot of money at the moment, hence cutting costs is important. But opting not to paint the majority of exposed areas is only going to cost more in the long term.
  6. I am currently in Jersey and was expecting to return on Liberation this Saturday. Speaking to family who are quite clear that liberation isn't liberating the channel islands. No one trusts it and they take the plane if they need to be in the UK at a certain time. Pretty poor state of affairs is a plane is more reliable on the fog laden channel islands. Even viewed through rose tinted glasses it is not providing any form of reliable service.
  7. Booked on Barfleur tomorrow. Just heard from BF that all pre arranged bridge tours are cancelled in light of recent events. Completely reasonable and rational. Wont lie - I am a touch disappointed....
  8. I heard (albeit 3rd hand) that St Malo port authority wouldn't have the liberation on this occasion due to the conditions and its previous form.
  9. I have arrived in the south of France today in the motorhome, filled up 3 times on the journey, never a queue; however two of the three had no petrol. Supermarket at my destination had both but 5 minute queue. Not nearly as bad as the UK media make out. I had a bigger queue at Shell by the euro tunnel.
  10. I recall others mentioning that Brittany didn't like operating NEx out of Poole, silt or something... Be interesting if they run from Poole/Portsmouth. ​Thoughts anyone?
  11. I noticed on Twitter that a lot of Portsmouth - Le Havre sailing have been cancelled over the last week, Technical problems are stated - anyone know more? Presume it is Étretat...
  12. This might be a bit sad but … I had a bit of a play round with the readily available on the internet surrounding past BF fleet and produced a chart. The data is to the best of my knowledge and incudes all owned and chartered boats. Few points I noted: Current fleet size is highest with the exception of 1989. The average ferry age is the highest since before Mont and Pont EIS. MV Pont L'Abbé & MV Coutances were the only boats to get to 30yrs old whilst still in the fleet. If someone has the number of routes in operation since 1972 it would be nice to add this… Please feel free to correct me if anything is wrong - I have included the data table aswell.
  13. Hope for Condor's sake this isnt serious, with clipper in dock they only have Rapide for pax... Engineers have identified a fault with the exhaust system on Condor Liberation, and are currently making an assessment of the situation. As a result we regret the 03:00 Poole-Channel Islands-Poole service is cancelled. The 14:00 Poole-Channel Islands-Poole service is currently under review - Next info is expected to be at 09:30 or sooner as more information becomes available, we sincerely apologies for the disruption and are working hard to minimise any further impact to customers travel plans. Seperatly it is yet another problem with liberation...
  14. JKawalek

    Cap Calls in at Brest

    On Cap at the moment. Asked at reception- it was due to the weather. She is being knocked around at the moment and the are planning to avoid ushant
  15. Thanks all. Apparently according to my wife (who knows best) I am not allowed to get up at 4 to see the passage through ushant (not that I will see that much) because I will wake the children... As for deck 1/2 I have no issue with waiting 25 minutes just presumed was told it would be longer. Also just thinking about it we will have the trailer on so not sure if they would even put us under there anyway. Should be good. Thanks fo​r the advise
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