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  1. No the W-class have never operated every 30 minutes. Though we were assured by Wightlink prior to introduction that they would do, but it never happened.
  2. Well that's good news, mostly. But it does mean for foot passengers it will mess up the connections with the train service to Lymington Pier that runs every 30 minutes. There was a time (not that long ago) that the ferries used to run every 30 minutes and so did the trains and they all co-ordinated well. Then Wightlink switched to having departures at seemingly random times and it didn't. Then when they cut the service back to hourly it does at least mean one train an hour connected well with the ferries. However now it won't again. I do wonder why SWR bother to run through to Lymington Pier at times when there isn't a ferry connection, but I suppose there are a few houses along the road to the ferry terminal (and a pub I believe) so perhaps it is useful for people living there.
  3. Your right that you cannot buy a rail ticket between Portsmouth Harbour and Ryde Pier Head, sorry about that. However you can buy a ticket to Ryde Esplanade online and the ticket office are obliged to sell such a ticket (whether they want to or not). I suspect a rail ticket to Esplanade is probably cheaper than the ferry only fares that Wightlink charge in most cases. SWR should remember that Island Line is part of their rail franchise. Therefore it's in their own interests to make the journey an interchange as conveniant as possible. For example the SWR timetable for Island line shows the connecting trains to/from London Waterloo. So I would expect that if you catch the appropriate train from London or other stations on the way nd miss that ferry and so end up on a later Island Line train you can claim "delay repay" for your journey (which you can now do with only a 15 minute delay). Whether of course SWR see it this way of course remains to be seen. There is a similar somewhat daft situation at Guildford station. The station footbridge is a right of way (there are entrances to the station at both sides), so when they put ticket barriers in at the station, they have to let people wanting to cross the bridge through. When the barriers are in use you just say that you want to cross the bridge. They give you a "bridge pass" (a laminated bit of paper saying "Bridge Pass", last time I did it), which you then hand in to the staff at the other end side of the bridge to get back out. Of course locals are wise to this knowing they can ask for a bridge pass in order to get into the station without paying, then got on a train. This is why I still think the solution is proper checks of tickets on the trains and not barriers. Barriers only ensure you have a valid ticket NOT that you have a valid ticket to where you are actually going!
  4. You already can. Just buy a rail ticket to Ryde Pier Head or Ryde Esplanade (or any station along Island Line), which can be bought from the ticket machines and at the booking office (I think they might even be a little cheaper than the Wightlink fare). So I guess this is really only an issue for those already holding a ticket for the ferries which is not a rail ticket (such as a season ticket) or tickets that only Wightlink sell (those that also include bus travel on the island, for instance).
  5. Indeed this is the best solution. It does not stop people buying a single ticket one stop up the line to Portsmouth and Southsea when they are travelling much further than that. The barrier will let them through (they have a valid ticket) but it won't be detected if they are not checked on the train. Of course the rail companies might take the view that some revenue is better than none I suppose.
  6. Sorry yes you're right, looks like Liberation is operating both the northern and southern routes for a few days.
  7. Condor Rapide is out of action this coming weekend, just in time for half term. Liberation is to operate the St Malo services in place of Rapide and no fast service between the UK and the islands, with passengers to travel on the Clipper from Portsmouth instead.
  8. I do. I once even booked tickets on Emeraude line, but I didn't actually travel on them. The ferry was cancelled on the day due to a technical fault, so I was transferred onto Condor instead. That reminds me that on that occasion I travelled on Condor 9 which if I recall correctly was Condors' own foot-passenger only vessel that used to do inter-island shuttles and to St Malo, but I don't think it lasted long. Think they used to use it to run a service from Torquay to the Channel Islands prior to that. I think the service from Torquay was fairly popular with day trippers too, though clearly not popular enough to sustain the service. If they still had Condor 9, they could perhaps use it for this service!
  9. It looks like the authorities on the channel islands are looking to introduce a passenger only ferry service between the islands during the summer, particularly aimed at the day trip market. Condor are one of the bidders. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2017/09/27/condor-hopes-to-run-inter-island-ferry-service/ It seems the lack of day trip oppurtunities between the islands since Liberation came in has hit tourism. I hope it happens.
  10. I doubt it's going to come back :-( It does seem to me ferry companies would be best off comissioning a like for like replacement to avoid these kinds of issues.
  11. Can't see it working out at all. The only place I can think of where there is a ferry along the coast (not connected to islands) that seems to be successful is around the Bay of Naples from Naples, Sorrento and to the towns on the Amalfi coast where there are quite a few routes, especially in summer. I can see how it works there given the standard of the railway and roads (and the standard of driving) as well as the scenery. The same is certainly not true of the surface between Portsmouth and Southampton (nor the scenery). I can't see how such a service could pay unless traffic conditions become much worse except perhaps if there is a prolonged rail strike across all the train companies that operate on this route (there are at least 3 only 1 of which currently has a strike).
  12. This is disappointing news but I thought that their existing to craft (Freedom 90/Solent Express) were enough to operate the timetable service without needing the new hovercraft in service. Is one of those out of action too?
  13. I see the Jersey call for Liberation was cancelled again today due to wind, with passengers transferred to the Clipper. Meanwhile Rapide was able to operate as normal from Jersey.
  14. An article in the Guernsey Press today suggests that the likely outcome of the service review of Condor is to recommend the introduction of another vessel on the UK to and inter-island route. Although the article doesn't seem to specifically say I assume this is in addition to rather than instead of the Liberation. http://guernseypress.com/news/2016/08/10/another-ferry-seen-as-likely-answer-to-condor-problems/ Whether Condor will choose to act on the recommendation (assuming the article is true) I am not sure, neither am I sure what the consequences would be if they don't.
  15. An interesting reversal of events in the last few days- passengers booked on Flybe flights both between Guernsey and Jersey and to Southampton have been transferred onto Condor ferry services as flights have been cancelled due to a combination of weather conditions and un-available planes. I understand Blue Islands (who now operate only as a Flybe franchise) have one plane that had gone technical and another that was meant to have been delivered by now but hasn't been.
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