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  1. 'St Cecilia' ('Nando Murrau') is taking the same route as 'St Catherine' and 'St Helen' did when they re positioned to the Med, but has stayed closer to land due to the weather.
  2. Further to my comment yesterday:
  3. 'Nando Murrau' has taken shelter close to land off France in the Bay of Biscay, she is roughly 75 miles SSW of Nantes. Arrival in Carloforte has change, now scheduled for Sunday (23/06/19)
  4. Rebranded funnels: Maritime look and clear communication of the name DFDS is testing a new funnel look. It includes the use of our name rather than the logo and tests a blue wave that aims to underline the maritime nature of our business. The logo isn’t to be used alone but only together with our name to ensure that we are recognised in our markets. Thank you to Mike Hughes for taking the picture. Some of you might have noticed a change to a couple of funnels on our ferries. The Maltese cross has been replaced by the letters DFDS as can be seen above on the funnel of Ark Germania. Over the centuries, DFDS has had many different funnels looks – varying from bands of special colours to the recent ones with a huge Maltese cross. “However, we have grown considerably in recent years and are now operating in new markets where we have a rather new history and are less known and where our market studies have revealed that the Maltese cross isn’t directly and automatically associated with DFDS if it is used alone. Therefore, we have started testing a new way of branding our ships to ensure that we communicate our name as efficiently as possible in both our old and new markets,” says Peder Gellert Pedersen, Head of the Ferry Division. The gradual rebranding process will be managed by Jette Lundquist, Head of Marketing. She says: “We have already rebranded two vessels, and their funnels are now adorned with a light blue wave together with the DFDS name. The blue wave is inspired by the angle in the parallelogram around our logo and by the maritime nature of our business. It provides a sense of movement and energy,” she says. “The blue colour ensures continuity since it is being used across all online and offline material already.” No change to logo “It is important to note that we will not be replacing the logo. However, in the future, we will only use it together with the DFDS name, such as on signs, stationery, equipment and advertisement."
  5. 'HMS Queen Elizabeth' departing Portsmouth Harbour on Monday Lunchtime at 12:30, no doubt this will affect the arrival of 'Mont St Michel'.
  6. DFDS’ newest freight ferry named Troy Seaways in Turkey Following a change to the Turkish flag yesterday, our second Jinling vessel was named Troy Seaways at a festive ceremony in the Pendik Terminal today. DFDS’ new vessel is similar to the 237-meter-long “Ephesus Seaways” and thus one of the two largest freight ferries in the Mediterranean. The naming ceremony was hosted by Peder Gellert Pedersen, Executive Vice President of the Ferry Division, and Selçuk Boztepe, Senior Vice President of BU Med. Among the many guests from customers, media, partners and other stakeholders were name sponsor Mine Sahillioğlu who is the wife of Garip Sahillioğlu, chairman of Mars Lojistik A.Ş, a customer of DFDS’ Mediterranean services. She was introduced by Selçuk Boztepe, Senior Vice President of BU Med. who also said: “With Troy Seaways, we are proud to continue our tradition of naming our vessels after the UNESCO cultural heritage sites in Turkey. Troy Seaways will further strengthen DFDS’s ferry operations on the Mediterranean route. We hope that this significant investment will have a positive impact on DFDS customers’ operations and Turkey’s exports, just as in the legend of Troy.” In his lunch speech to the name sponsor, Peder Gellert Pedersen said: “Troy Seaways is now the newest ship in our fleet and a strong symbol of the world today characterised by technology, efficiency and international trade. However, the name you have given it is from ancient history, and this beautiful meeting between old and new is very meaningful for a ship that will sail the same waters and trade in the same places as ships traded thousands of years ago.” He added: “It is difficult to predict what history will say about our time and this event, but I hope and believe it will manifest as something great in our time. That the freight ferry you have just named will contribute to growth in trade between Turkey and the EU to the benefit of our Turkish logistics customers, the Turkish industry and employment – and that this will also be the case in the EU countries with which we are trading.” “The ancient name is hopefully also a symbol of resilience. Symbolising that we will be strong enough to withstand the risk of new barriers for trade caused by economic downturns, Brexit or risk of global trade wars, and that we can make our business prosper in the long term and thus earn our right to carry this ancient name across the sea. The ship you have just named is very well fitted for this task. It can carry as many as 450 trailers, making it one of the biggest in the world of its kind. It is also so well designed that it can be loaded and discharged in a few hours, making it one of the most efficient of its time. And it is due to its size and modern equipment reducing its emissions to the environment per transported trailer significantly, making it one of the most sustainable ones.” “Troy Seaways” will take up service from Pendik to Europe on June 22, 2019.
  7. There's only about half a dozen on board, probably using sleeping bags.
  8. The departure of 'Nando Murrau' from Southampton today. Arrival in Sardinia scheduled for 19/06/19 Photo: Mark Leiper
  9. Like 'St Catherine' and 'St Helen', she will leave under her own power. Captain Nando Murrau will be at the helm himself. The vessel will be in safe hands. I'm not keen on the forecast for Thursday though.
  10. CONFIRMED: 'Nando Murrau' will be departing Southampton Water for Sardinia this Thursday at 10:00, the ship will leave via the Western Solent.
  11. Delayed due to the high winds, no doubt the departure will change again.
  12. Saw these online, a bit pricey I think. They do look good though. Etretat £120.00: https://anticsonline.uk/N426/N1590/N1603_/108002479_.html Connemara £117.25: https://anticsonline.uk/N426/N1590/N2516_/108428440_.html Baie de Seine £126.00 https://anticsonline.uk/N426/N1590/N2516_/108376379_.html
  13. Fiera Infrastructure Inc., a leading global midmarket direct infrastructure investor, has acquired a 50% equity interest in Wightlink from Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLP. The Canadian company’s investment in the cross-Solent operator will be added to its open-ended global midmarket infrastructure strategy. Fiera Infrastructure has assets under management and commitments of circa $1.6 billion, including an active interest in 29 infrastructure assets – one of which is UK water company Thames Water. The purchase – for an undisclosed sum – was finalised in May 2019 and announced earlier this month (4th June), although it has not been announced to local media. Alina Osorio, President of Fiera Infrastructure, has said: “We are delighted to be the new owners of the largest cross-Solent ferry operator and remain committed to investing in the business. We believe our investors will benefit from the increased diversification of our portfolio through exposure to the transportation subsector. “We are also excited to work with the Wightlink management team to continue to deliver a best-in-class transportation service in the UK.” Keith Greenfield, chief executive of Wightlink, has said in an internal memo: “A new investor, Fiera Infrastructure, has joined our existing owners Basalt Infrastructure Partners as shareholders of Wightlink, with both funds owning 50 per cent each. “Fiera are long term investors and an excellent match for Wightlink, which also has a long term horizon. For everyone working at Wightlink, it is very much business as usual. “Fiera coming on board at this time is an endorsement of our current strategy and the changes we have made such as the successful introduction of Victoria of Wight. We will continue to focus on safety, service performance and customer experience for our Isle of Wight customers and visitors alike. “The management team and I are very much looking forward to working with our new and existing shareholders as we plan an exciting future for Wightlink and for our customers. Basalt will continue to have a 50% equity position in Wightlink. Basalt acquired Wightlink Ferries from Macquarie in 2015 for around £230million.
  14. 'Nando Murrau' (former St Cecilia) is scheduled to leave Southampton Water for Sardinia this Wednesday, departure time TBC.
  15. If you hover your mouse over the ship on AIS, she's shows up as 'Nando Murrau' but if you click on it, it shows up as 'St Cecilia'. She's not scheduled to leave just yet, she's still being painted internally and having other work done.
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