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  1. Welcome home, Sirena Seaways Picture taken on board Sirena Seaways at the Polish Remontowa Shipyard. Thank you to Captain Andrejus Simutis for sharing. There is simply no place like home. After the end of a 5-year charter agreement with Brittany Ferries, Sirena Seaways will once again be back in business with DFDS after she returns from the drydock with an expected delivery on 10 April. Yesterday, Sirena Seaways entered drydock at the Remontowa Shipyard in Poland where she will receive a total make-over. Christian Bagger, Superintendent, says: “When Brittany Ferries took over Sirena, they named and rebranded her MV Baie De Seine as well as reconfiguring after their needs with new fenders and removal of walkways among others. In drydock, we will revert some of these changes, for example adjusting the weather deck to accommodate more trailers (as originally designed). In addition, the construction crew will sandblast the existing coating off to prepare the surface for a recoating that will reduce the hull’s resistance through water to reduce the needed engine power and fuel consumption. We expect an official delivery on 10 April.” The return of an old celebrity It is a very familiar face returning to us, as Sirena has a long history with DFDS. She is mostly known for her service on the former-DFDS route Esbjerg-Harwich where she started in 2002 and quickly became a beloved part of the journey until the closing of the route in 2015. Afterwards she was set in service on Paldiski – Kapellskar and Karlshamn – Klaipeda before Brittany Ferries chartered her in May 2015. Sirena will return to a familiar scenery between Karlshamn and Klaipeda. https://www.dfds-news.com/ships/welcome-home-sirena-seaways/?fbclid=IwAR0vWRiJLQa0JY6xKzkoiAX6xAT9LT-WV1Xw43nhdCbaP9FD49Ag_qtMQdk
  2. First new Boiler being installed, image: Colin Leck.
  3. Dear Tony, The coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on the numbers of people who want to travel to and from the Isle of Wight. Fewer people have been travelling in recent weeks and numbers have fallen heavily since Monday’s announcement by the Prime Minister urging everyone to stay at home, unless they are essential workers. This has affected all cross-Solent ferry companies and is likely to last for many weeks. We are currently running a reduced timetable with fewer sailings during this emergency. Freight and essential services for the Island are being prioritised. Changes to our service We regret that we will be suspending our Lymington-Yarmouth car ferry route from the last sailing on Tuesday 31 March 2020 until normal services can be restored. For more information on how this will affect those of you booked on this service please visit our dedicated webpage for more information. There will continue to be hourly sailings on the Portsmouth-Fishbourne route and Portsmouth Harbour-Ryde Pier Head FastCat passenger services. Full details can be found on the Wightlink website and the Wightlink mobile app. We hope all our customers understand that bringing essential supplies to the Isle of Wight has priority at present along with supporting the Island’s NHS and the emergency services. Information for essential travellers All of our routes Following Government advice, we have closed our Costa and Wight Taste outlets, to minimise the spread of Coronavirus, until further notice. We have closed our ticket offices to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus to members of staff and the wider community. Essential travellers who want to purchase tickets during this time can easily do so here on our website and ticket vending machines are available at all our ports for foot passengers. We have also temporarily changed our booking and check-in times to allow essential travellers to spend as little time in our ports as possible. This is also to limit contact with our colleagues and other essential travellers. Bookings and amends can now be made up to 15 minutes before the scheduled sailing time. You can now also check in up to 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. On arrival to the Isle of Wight, the Isle of Wight Council is asking all essential travellers to isolate themselves on arrival and to minimise social contact. Under the leadership of Isle of Wight Council during this crisis, all cross-Solent operators are working together to keep the Island connected. Pre-purchased Wightlink foot passenger tickets will now be accepted on Red Funnel and Hovertravel. This includes rail tickets and season tickets. Portsmouth-Fishbourne travellers only We are allowing essential travellers to stay in their cars during certain sailings and our on board facilities will be limited. To find out which sailings please visit our dedicated webpage for more information. Keeping up to date Unfortunately, there may be further changes to our services, in line with Government advice and traffic volumes. Please use the link below for all the latest information. We are sorry that the spread of Coronavirus has forced us to reduce our sailings and look forward to carrying large numbers of Islanders and holidaymakers across the Solent again when the danger has passed. If you have any questions, please email feedback@wightlink.co.uk. Kind regards, The Wightlink team
  4. Yes, the livery is on there, covered over with some form of protection.
  5. Seen on @tarbyonline Group, progress of 'Honfleur'. Still much more work left to do. Image: Frank Jensen‎
  6. I have been receiving lots of messages on my Facebook page, so many that I have put up a pinned post asking people not to enquire about their bookings. Forums are not the place for customers to enquire about their sailings. We don't work for BF so we could end up giving out false information.
  7. Brittany Ferries stops Plymouth passenger service and asks for coronavirus aid Brittany Ferries has suspended passenger services to and from Plymouth and Portsmouth - and backed calls for a multi-million pound relief fund "to ensure the shipping industry can continue to bring in the food, goods and medicines the UK will need to fight the coronavirus". The UK Chamber of Shipping spoke with Maritime Minister Kelly Tolhurst last week and "demanded an immediate multi-million pound government support package". After the conference call, UK Chamber of Shipping Chief Executive Bob Sanguinetti said: “The world is facing a monumental crisis. Shipping is the lifeblood of our nation and we must do what we can as an industry to keep our supply lines open for a strong and healthy UK. "Shipowners will adapt to meet the ongoing coronavirus challenges head on. It will mean changes to infrastructure, employment and processes on ships and in ports, but it will only succeed with the necessary leadership and support from government today. “We recognise we are living in unprecedented times and we strongly urge the government to set up an emergency relief fund to help the industry in the coming weeks and months. "The UK shipping sector moves 95% of our trade and employs over 180,000 people. Immediate and ongoing financial support from the government is needed to guarantee the importation of essential medical supplies, food, manufacturing components and other goods, and the future prospects of our seafarers.” To keep freight moving and to enable the UK to continue to function, the UK Chamber of Shipping is specifically asking for: A multi-million pound fund Clear guidance to ports and local health authorities to allow ships to continue trading, and for the swift disembarkation / repatriation of crew members Delays on VAT payments The use of credit notes for future travel in lieu of refunding deposits Relief from income tax for seafarers onboard vessels which ordinarily spend over 183 days a year outside the country Ships laid up in UK ports to continue to receive tax and duty relief for standard supplies Assistance with the safe return of UK cruise passengers from around the world A spokesperson for Brittany Ferries told us today: "We support the Chamber of Shipping’s clear message to government. "As a consequence of this unprecedented global crisis, we have regrettably suspended passenger services connecting Plymouth with Roscoff. "In fact only five ships in our 12 ship fleet continue operating to France and Spain. And these are operating on a freight-only basis. "Plymouth/Roscoff, Portsmouth/St Malo, Poole/Cherbourg and Plymouth/Santander have all been suspended. "As well as the impact on passengers, we must not forget the disruption this causes to the logistics chain and wider communities served by Brittany Ferries. For example, the regional fishing communities which rely on the links to France and Spain for their livelihoods." https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/local-news/brittany-ferries-stops-plymouth-passenger-3975755?fbclid=IwAR29hkbv20W9AyOt9m5ma0KLwA20CAFDnFEPZuhAiu_Pl6Muoe4hiRVgGNs
  8. Sailing Updates says the same.
  9. 'Baie de Seine' has left Le Havre, en route to Gdansk. Arrival scheduled for Monday morning.
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