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  1. Someone on a Ferry News page said that the ship still has the three dormitories.
  2. I agree, I can't see 'Barfleur' going anywhere.
  3. Brexit: "a smart border" tested at the port of Saint-Malo https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/transports/video-brexit-le-port-de-saint-malo-teste-sa-frontiere-intelligente-1571302973
  4. Thank You for sending me this photo earlier @jujudu62100, along with all the other photos you have sent me from Dunkerque. It's much appreciated. 'Normandie Express' leaves Dunkerque at 09:00 next Wednesday (23rd October) bound for Le Havre, arriving at 16:30 where she will be laid up in her usual spot in Darse de l'Ocean.
  5. Already being discussed on another thread.
  6. Lego version of 'Victoria of Wight'. https://www.wightlink.co.uk/pressrelease/seeing-double-two-victoria-of-wights-cross-the-solent/?fbclid=IwAR3JE_5AiffxFFG70P6J1VB6l4sE2qdbZiOTcGRabAb3mjmiU9YbQavXrxQ
  7. Photos of 'Kerry' as she arrived in Santander this morning. photos thanks to Jose Luis Diaz Campa.
  8. I guess so, although she's not on their list yet.
  9. 'Normandie Express' left the dry dock this morning at around 10:00, and is now docked alongside Quai de Panama. She's still scheduled to depart Dunkirk on October 26th.
  10. The shipping schedule has changed again, now saying that 'W.B. Yeats' is leaving Dunkirk on Thursday at 18:00 bound for Cherbourg, not Rotterdam as previously printed. 'W.B. Yeats' will re-enter service from Cherbourg.
  11. Guaranteed dry-docking, normal for any new ship after 1 year. 'Victoria of Wight' did it in too, so will 'Honfleur'.
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