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  1. TonyMWeaver

    Brittany Trains

    Plenty, however I can not comment.
  2. Wightlink have found a relief crew member, those sailings are no longer cancelled.
  3. When 'St Clare' comes back from Dunkirk, 'Victoria of Wight' will be going to Dunkirk.
  4. If @scarlton's image was the portside, it would be spot on, the hole in the side has been cut over & above the orange section (Engine Room). I still believe, as I was reliably informed, that the engine is being put in via the car deck and lifted in from there. The hole in the side is for part of the lifting gear to assist with the lowering of the engine.
  5. Pont-Aven, Connemara, and Kerry are all timetabled until the end of October.
  6. Update on the Berth 2 Extension works at Portsmouth International Port. "Another piece of the cruise berth extension puzzle was successfully installed by Knights Brown yesterday.The new structure, called a 'Dolphin' which is a mooring point placed at the end of a berth."
  7. This image thanks to Maciej Sienkiewicz.
  8. I received this photo this morning of 'Pont-Aven' in Gdansk. It looks like workers have started cutting a hole in the side of the ship. Image: PortCentralNY
  9. 'Stena Edda' is now on the move, 1st stop Singapore arriving on Wednesday 29th January.
  10. Neil's link takes you to the mobile site, try this one:
  11. Sorry Chris, I was just slightly quicker than you.
  12. First look of 'Mont St Michel' with her new livery.
  13. The old logo on 'Bretagne' still visible. Image: Bertrand Denis‎
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