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  1. Galicia, Mont St Michel & Etretat all in tomorrow, they will have to get MN Pelican out by 19:00, even if it's just to anchor.
  2. It appears that the reason for MN Pelican being diverted to Portsmouth is due to Cotentin taking up the berth and her sailing cancelled. I've been informed that today's 16:00 sailing has now been rescheduled, not cancelled and will depart Poole on Monday PM (TBC).
  3. Can only be the generators, I don't think any main engines will be running. Besides, the nearest residential properties don't seem that close.
  4. I think they will scrap that, shame really, I was looking forward to that.
  5. Yes, I've copied and pasted to make it easier to read. Cross-Channel ferry and holiday company Brittany Ferries is extending the suspension of some services operating between the UK, France and Spain. The move follows continued stringent travel restrictions for passengers on both sides of the Channel. Only essential travel is currently permitted, and there is little prospect of this easing in the near future. Four ships that are currently laid-up, but which had been due to resume service in late March, will not now resume service until mid-May at the earliest. Under t
  6. Extension to suspension of some services. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/as-travel-restrictions-persist-brittany-ferries-extends-suspension-of-some-services/
  7. Cap Finistere alongside Berth No.3 at the Terminal De L'Europe in Le Havre. Photo: Ship Hunters.
  8. Le Havre movements has 'Cap Finistere' moving to the linkspan at 20:00 on March 15th then bound for Portsmouth sometime after, possibly the following day.
  9. I couldn't really tell on Vessel Finder, just a green dot and no ship shape. I do know they turn her often. If the schedule is correct, Cap Finistere should dock between Normandie Express & Grande Nigeria but she will be along there somewhere. That is Terminal De L'Europe.
  10. Cap Finistere is on the schedule to depart the linkspan in Le Havre at 22:20 this evening and it looks like she will dock astern of Normandie Express.
  11. 'Connemara' awaiting her departure in Santander today, looking nice and clean with her fresh paint job. Photo thanks to Oscar Marcos via my Facebook page.
  12. Once Cap Finistere arrives and has docked, check the list again under 'Vessels at Quay'. She's back in service from Portsmouth on March 22nd, only 5 weeks away.
  13. Santander Port Rules state 1 Tug is compulsory in force 6 S/W winds, but 2 Tugs attended.
  14. Connemara is returning to port early, wind gusts are currently force 6 so she will have 2 tugs.
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