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  1. "More pictures from Portsmouth City Council's project manager Anisa of the cruise berth extension project. With almost all the fenders removed, the Knights Brown team have started preparing for the concrete cap demolition. We've also got the largest hammer in the UK working on the piling." Images: Portsmouth International Port.
  2. 'Bretagne' is doing Sea Trials then she'll be heading to Le Havre for 2 week lay-up. Arriving in Le Havre on Monday. This is a photo of 'Bretagne' alongside in Gdansk earlier today, thanks to Pierre Lemercier.
  3. The old logo is still on there, if you look close enough, you can see it. But, I don't know how old this photo is. It might be recent.
  4. 'Stena Estrid' now bound for Gibraltar, estimated to arrive on December 15th. Sea, Berthing, and Crew Trials are looking on course to commence on December 23rd.
  5. 'Red Eagle' is heading back to Southampton from Falmouth, currently scheduled to arrive at 10:00 on Thursday.
  6. The plan is for her to come back at the end of December.
  7. 'MN Pelican' in Gibraltar, photo: Francis Ferro.
  8. That would be Kristell Kerouredan.
  9. Stena Estrid is due to have sea trials off Dublin from December 23rd.
  10. Image and Video from PortalMorski.pl featuring 'Bretagne' in Gdansk.
  11. 'M/V' Anne' arrives in Portsmouth, the return of Geest Line.
  12. Short video from on board 'M/V Kerry', thanks to Jonathan Kilpatrick.
  13. Fingers crossed, although the timetable still says September 9th 2020
  14. She never received any exterior work with regard to painting while at Astander.
  15. They mean by Length although Etretat is the same and she visited Poole before Connemara did.
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