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  1. 'Cap Finistere' outbound from Portsmouth on Wednesday - The livery definitely suits this ship the best. 'Bretagne' (which we have already seen) returns to Portsmouth next Wednesday morning (27th March). 'Normandie Express' will be next to get the livery which will be applied after her summer season, most likely while she's on the Syncrolift in Cherbourg.
  2. Pont Aven sub-propellers lead Brittany Ferries’ sustainability charge in 2019 Brittany Ferries’ Pont-Aven is saving energy and reducing fuel consumption thanks to the installation of two innovative devices on her propellers. Wärtsilä‘s EnergoProfin system is a small sub-prop, which is attached to the main propeller helmet, helping improve propulsion in water. Two of these devices were installed during the ship’s dry dock in December 2018. As a consequence fuel consumption and emissions have been cut by around 2% on every crossing. This project is a small – but significant – step and it comes as part of a range of studies initiated through Brittany Ferries’ Research and Development program. But, as Vincent Coquen, Head of R&D, Energy and Environment for the company, explains, it is not just a question of developing practical and technical solutions for today such as the propellers on Pont-Aven. “Sustainable development means looking to the future and studying innovative projects and technologies that could be used in either the short or longer term,” he said. For the past two years, Brittany Ferries has partnered with CEA Tech in France. Several projects are underway, including the development of a long-range broadband link that would use land-based transmitters to obviate the use of satellite-at-sea. A second study focuses on hybrid energy solutions for Cap Finistère, Brittany Ferries cruise-ferry that sails from the UK to Spain. The last is exploring the long-term implementation of fuel cells for powering certain of her on-board systems. Brittany Ferries is also looking at the potential for wind energy. Flettner rotors, traction wings, or modern sails are at different stages of development, but could significantly reduce ship fuel consumption and therefore emissions. “Of course, we must be cautious, checking the feasibility of integrating these technologies on board our ships, in terms of safety, reliability and profitability,” added Vincent Coquen. “But I am convinced that they will have a significant role in the equation that ship-owners must solve to achieve the zero emissions ship.”
  3. THE number of cruise ships using the city’s port is set to double under a major £18m expansion. Portsmouth International Port revealed detailed plans for an £18.7m cash injection agreed by its owner, Portsmouth City Council. The development is part of an overall £33.7m port development which will also see the city’s cargo dockyard firm Portico – formerly MMD Shipping Services – undergo a complete overhaul. Business leaders and councillors were given a tour of the site by port director Mike Sellers who detailed the plans last week. He said: ‘The fact we have secured the money for this development is fantastic news for both the port and city. ‘The port is owned by the council and so any additional revenue we generate from this development goes back into the city. ‘The more successful the port, the better for the city.’ Mr Sellers’ presentation revealed the ferry terminal’s capacity is to be increased to around 2,000 people, with separate areas for cruise and ferry passengers. He said: ‘The terminal will include baggage handling facilities and new boarding building, with more efficient walkway, to replace the current 30-year-old tower. ‘The dockside is also to be levelled from the current two-tier structure to improve accessibility for cruise ships. Mr Sellers added that the port have already ‘secured the business of major cruise lines’ and that ‘we wouldn’t be making this investment if we weren’t confident of it being a success’. Mr Sellers said: ‘This will increase the ports capacity to deal with cruise ships up to 253 metres from the current 240. This would greatly increase number of vessels we are capable of dealing with. ‘As a result we would be looking to double our annual cruise calls from the 48 we had last year to over 100.’ Cabinet member for planning and development, Councillor Ben Dowling, said: ‘Last year’s cruise industry brought in £8m to the city’s economy. ‘More people visiting our many tourist attractions and spending money in local businesses will only serve to enhance our economy.’
  4. Very true @Cabin-boy, although the passengers will already be aware before BF posted the sailing update.
  5. The screenshot posted by Eddie, the same sailing update which has been posted above his, I typed it manually on Friday.
  6. The arrival of 'Cap Finistere' into Portsmouth this evening is currently delayed by approximately 75 minutes, arrival now expected at 21:00 The departure of 'Cap Finsitere' from Portsmouth to Bilbao is expected at 23:15 this evening.
  7. All the others are taken up, BdS must be in D5. I looks like 'Bretagne' is going to be turned again on Monday afternoon at 16:00
  8. Welcome back 'Cap Finistere'
  9. Sailings for 'Barfleur' cancelled this Saturday due to the poor weather. Industrial Action in the Port of Le Havre on Tuesday 19th March - The sailing from Portsmouth to Le Havre on Monday 18th March at 23:30 has been cancelled.
  10. I popped down to Portsmouth Harbour earlier, it's blowing a hooly out there and with that horrible misty rain. I won't be going back for photos of 'Cap Finistere', I'm going to wait.
  11. 'Cap Finistere' is currently running approximately 90 minutes behind schedule.
  12. Good question, it certainly could be one reason why they are turning her on Friday morning. My contact on board returns to the ship next week so I'll hopefully have photos.
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