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  1. Won't be long, she's supposed to be doing to Dunkirk too.
  2. 'Arrow' currently en route to Portsmouth, ETA: Wednesday morning at 09:00.
  3. They cancelled her Spain sailing over the weekend. She's back in service tomorrow from Portsmouth to Santander. Looks like they shifted her round to the Darse de l'Océan for the weekend.
  4. Just been told the Libby visit to Portsmouth has been cancelled now.
  5. Strangely though @Gareth, Portsmouth QHM haven't listed her tomorrow.
  6. No, I agree @Gareth. We know that Normandie Express' days are numbered, she is 20 years old after all. She won't be around forever but I think she'll be around for another 3 or 4 years.
  7. I'll send you a screenshot @Gareth, not going to name names though.
  8. Just had an update from Condor Ferries, Re: Condor Liberation coming to Portsmouth. "The vessel is going to Portsmouth to assist. This has been released on public slot, this is for unaccompanied freight only."
  9. Well the Pilot and Tug are both booked so I hope so.
  10. Well, she'll be there for 16 hours so plenty of time to trial all of them. Will be interesting too see if this goes ahead, the weather is not looking good this week.
  11. I will be interesting to see if she trials all berths like she did in Cherbourg but i've only heard she's going on Berth 5, not the others.
  12. I suppose it's another option if she can't get into Poole for any reason.
  13. 'Condor Liberation' will be visiting Portsmouth this Tuesday (February 18th), coming from Poole. She will be docking on Berth 5 - Arrival 14:00 (Approx) Pilot Pick-Up at St Helens Pilot Station at 13:00. Departure at 05:50 on Wednesday morning. It's believed to be part of Condor Ferries Contingency Planning.
  14. Portsmouth have 2 tugs for commercial shipping, they could still get VoW in but they would have to pay for the tug (or tugs).
  15. Looks like it but the image from Instagram certainly looks like Etretat.
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