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  1. I certainly don't recall Norman Asturias ever calling at Portsmouth before, Poole, yes, but not Portsmouth. Norman Voyager (Etretat) did for LD Lines.
  2. Portsmouth International Port welcomed Brittany Ferries’ Connemara for the first time on Sunday 17 November, which had sailed from Santander in northern Spain. To commemorate this inaugural visit, Harbour master Ben McInnes exchanged official plaques with the captain of the Connemara, François Le Breton, on the ship’s bridge. Mike Sellers, port director said: “I’m delighted to welcome Connemara to Portsmouth for the first time, and am looking forward to January when she will start operating the popular Portsmouth – Le Havre route. With their recent contract extension committing them to the port until 2032 this long-term reassurance from Brittany Ferries means the city's residents benefit from a thriving municipal port, which contributes nearly £8m to the council's budget.” Graham Boyes, Brittany Ferries’ Portsmouth port operations manager said: “We’re really pleased to welcome another member of our fleet to Portsmouth International Port for the first time. Connemara adds both capacity and flexibility to our routes from Portsmouth to France and Spain, benefiting both our passengers and freight customers. She’ll be the first of several new Brittany Ferries vessels to make Portsmouth their homeport in the months and years to come as part of our €550 fleet renewal programme.” Connemara is the vanguard of a wave of Brittany Ferries vessels which will arrive over the next four years as part of a their extensive fleet renewal programme. Honfleur, powered by liquefied natural gas, will be delivered from the German FSG shipyard in 2020 and will serve the Portsmouth to Caen route. She will then be followed by three brand new ‘E-Flexer’ class ships to serve longhaul UK to Spain routes: Galicia in late 2020, Salamanca in 2022, and Santoña in 2023. IMAGE: There was another new arrival in Portsmouth Harbour this weekend - we welcomed Brittany Ferries' Connemara to the port for the first time! Harbour master Ben McInnes was on hand to welcome her and exchange plaques with Captain François Le Breton. https://www.portsmouth-port.co.uk/news/connemara-makes-her-inaugural-visit-to-portsmouth?fbclid=IwAR0zyKgwme1KjESaBV68fKu0fBjtItb0zxLI6m2uFoX-l5dNcWGIl2eEUos
  3. 'Armorique' has left Cherbourg currently doing sea trials before heading back to Roscoff. Arrival expected at 10:30 Monday morning, returning to service at 22:00 Monday evening.
  4. HMS Queen Elizabeth is due back on the weekend of 6th, 7th, 8th of December, obviously to be confirmed.
  5. There were many people down there for the arrival, including a Piper. It's a popular spot for photos. Many people don't know that the pier is owned by Haslar Marina. Mary Mouse 2 is now a Bar & Restaurant, but when I went down there 2 weeks ago, it was closed. I'm not sure if it still is.
  6. Yes, I was the other side of the ferry pontoon, got there about 12:30. I cheated, used my dad's mobility scooter to get a bigger space.
  7. Won't be until Sunday, arriving in Portsmouth at 15:15. She's still doing Sea Trials off Santander at the moment, she'll depart at 12:00 bound for Portsmouth on Saturday lunchtime.
  8. Both can be in port at the same time, both carriers are expected to be alongside over Christmas.
  9. Stena takes delivery of 'Stena Estrid' https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/uk-world/stena-line-takes-delivery-of-new-ferry-expected-to-be-sailing-on-dublin-route-by-january-38693233.html Although the story from the Independent says that 'Stena Estrid' has set sail, it hasn't left Weihai yet. The journey from China to Ireland is expected to take a month. https://www.independent.ie/business/irish/new-stena-line-ferry-sets-sail-from-china-to-dublin-38694136.html?fbclid=IwAR3Q2DzDPO3C9KTlNzpp_-40GzcKjhpJATLPeF206-I9YR9ysSg5xPJU-_Y
  10. Latest at the moment is that the Aircraft Carrier 'Prince of Wales' will be arriving on Saturday, docking around 14:30. Outer Spit Buoy: 13:40, Harbour Entrance: 14:00
  11. The Aircraft Carrier 'Prince of Wales' has been delayed due to the weather. Arrival is now scheduled for Saturday (MTBC)
  12. Brittany Ferries Release. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/columbia-threadneedle-investments-and-brittany-ferries-reach-agreement-to-acquire-condor-ferries-from-macquarie-infrastructure-and-real-assets/
  13. As Cabin-Boy said, I was referring to Normandie. Kerry's BF livery was applied before she first arrived in Spain, wasn't this done in Italy or Greece?
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