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  1. Maybe I misread the French story; https://actu.fr/normandie/ouistreham_14488/transmanche-caen-portsmouth-honfleur-brittany-ferries-ne-sera-pas-pret-avant-printemps-2020_25519631.html?fbclid=IwAR2vwNwVtbGSNv1mmJFMfB2doAEQCGkkPn-QinejuxaDxu08bLcj8jKEIV4 I expect Berthing Trails will be done on both 3 & 4 in Portsmouth. I also expect PEC will be done too.
  2. Brittany Ferries haven't confirmed any refit plans yet, it's only guesswork using the timetable at the moment. Normandie Express gets her new livery after the 2019 Summer Season, but no major refit, she had a refit in 2018. Barfleur is going in November/December 2019. Mont St Michel is going in January 2020 both vessels will receive the new livery (Shipyard unconfirmed).
  3. 'Honfleur' won't be delivered until the Spring of 2020.
  4. Brittany Ferries has hired its first eco-responsibility manager, in a move to centralise the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. The appointment of Claire Artagnan reinforces a long-standing commitment to sustainable development across all aspects of ferry operations, from building new ships to reducing single use plastics on board. Claire joined Brittany Ferries in March 2019. She spent six years working on the development of offshore wind farms and on smart building projects prior to joining. “From the outset, Brittany Ferries has had a profound respect for the environment,” said Christophe Mathieu, CEO Brittany Ferries. “We were founded by the farming community in Brittany and protecting and nurturing the environments in which we operate is part of our DNA. However, Claire’s key role will be to ensure positive action is coordinated across all parts of business, from the delivery of new ships to tenders for every new contract. It’s a key role and we warmly welcome her to the Brittany Ferries family.” Progress today The company has already taken concrete action reduce the environmental impact of its operations today, particularly in terms of single use plastics. Many changes have been driven, for example the replacement of plastic cups in cabins with a cardboard cups, the replacement of plastic straws and stirrers on board, and the installation of battery recycling points on ships and in French terminals. Brittany Ferries’ buyers are also in the process of sourcing bamboo cutlery to replace the limited remaining plastic cutlery used on board,. Eco-friendly shampoo/soap distributors have been installed in ensuite showers, while studies are taking place to replace soap packaging on the sinks (lavabos) with biodegradable alternatives Looking forward In terms of progress, Brittany Ferries has already announced significant steps towards cutting emissions from ships, through the transition to LNG (liquefied natural gas). Three new LNG ships will be delivered within the next four years, in an investment worth more than half a billion Euro. This will deliver an estimated CO2 reduction per passenger on long haul routes by 46%. Better air quality in ports will also follow, with a dramatic reduction in sulphur, nitrogen dioxide and particulate emissions. Circular economy The company has a strong track record on what is known as the circular economy. Eighty percent of food served on board originates in France, reducing food miles, the majority coming from Brittany. Dishes served in restaurants, for example, include vegetables supplied by Prince de Bretagne, a farming collective run by the shareholders (and farmers) of Brittany Ferries, including the company chairman Jean-Marc Roué. Protection of marine mammals Scientists from ORCA, a charity dedicated to monitoring and protecting marine wildlife, regularly observe marine animals’ behaviour from on board vessels. They organise public awareness campaigns during the summer and are engaged in ground-breaking research projects. This year scientists will start a ship strike study, based on observations from Brittany Ferries ships, documenting whale behaviour as a ship is approaching. The aim is to learn by observation, then make recommendations that could apply to global shipping operators anywhere in the world. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/brittany-ferries-appoints-a-green-leader/
  5. I wanted a scooter when I went to St Malo and Cherbourg, you can hire them for a cheap daily charge in the UK and take them with you. You'll have to double check with BF but they may let you charge them during the crossing.
  6. Due in Portsmouth tonight at 21:15 - 90 minutes later than scheduled.
  7. She arrived and departed Portsmouth yesterday 90 minutes late.
  8. 'Norman Atlantic', sister-ship of Brittany Ferries 'Etretat', has finally left Bari, Italy after being there for 4 and a half years since the fatal fire. The ship is en route to Aliaga, Turkey, being towed by tug 'Ionion Pelagos' https://giustiziapernormanatlantic.wordpress.com/2019/07/13/goodbye-norman-the-ships-last-journey/?fbclid=IwAR1yy7j1LInit8ejllM0j9GS6FPRlw0aAPYNUpJoFdIRj3VnXAT9Omz87vs
  9. Yes, this was announced on June 20th. The vessel in question is currently sailing as 'AF Michela'. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/new-ship-charter-will-secure-2020-season-schedules-says-brittany-ferries/?fbclid=IwAR3SDR7XQDPGTY13UONrX-05p0mNqV9QNmbsWJpqI1axp3RmZauO7-XENPs Image: Adria Ferries
  10. Bretagne has been a familiar sight in Portsmouth for over 25 years, and this weekend she is celebrating her 30th birthday. She was the first fully commissioned cruise-ship for Brittany Ferries and a great achievement for a company that was relatively new. Since being launched from the Chantiers de L’Atlantique in St Nazaire, she has become a moving tribute to the hard work and determination of the Breton farming cooperative that started the company, bearing the same name as the region in which the company began and their headquarters still remain. Bretagne is one-of-a-kind, thanks to the work of a Scotsman named Alexander Goudie. Described as a floating art gallery, three hundred original pieces of art are displayed on-board in honour of Brittany. Ceramics, drawings and paintings were all passionately designed around a region he adored. Regular travellers on the Bretagne are well-versed on how to make the most of the crossing, beginning with a drink in the piano bar, followed by a meal in Les Abers restaurant, lovingly described as the place to eat on the English Channel. Happy and full, passengers retire to a comfortable cabin for a good night’s sleep ready for their arrival in St Malo. So, please join us to raise a glass to Bretagne, for she is a jolly good ferry which nobody can deny! https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/30-years-young/?fbclid=IwAR1mTi2HrSnOU3lixNh4zMegh5dqNEF1M-ajNQ7fitdhRLcaDQifPXEB-s4
  11. Just 4 days to go until the anniversary of Bretagne's Maiden Voyage
  12. Stena Nordica is covering for the Stena Europe.
  13. Bretagne, best ship in the fleet. Ships Monthly, worst shipping magazine in history.
  14. She's not due to return to service until at least July 22nd because of delays to her refit, it may even be later. P&O's 'European Highlander' is also suffering delays on her refit.
  15. Two new boilers ordered for Paddle Steamer Waverley to get it sailing again Two new steam boilers have been ordered for the Paddle Steamer Waverley - just two months after the iconic ship was withdrawn from service. Scots attempted to raise a whopping £2.3million for the new boilers after a crowdfunder was launched following the news. Waverley Excursions General Manager, Paul Semple, thanked all those who donated for their attempts to get the steamer back off and running again. He said: "Thanks to the initial donations received towards our ‘Boiler Refit Appeal’ we have placed an order and paid the deposit for two new boilers to "This is just the first vital step in returning Waverley to steam and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to the appeal so far as they have allowed us to progress plans quickly. "The new boilers will be manufactured by Cochran Ltd. and at their Newbie Works in Annan for delivery early in 2020." Other areas of the boiler room will have work done including replacement of electrical generators to ensure the safe sailing for years to come. Mr Semple further added “We will only be able to install the new boilers if we continue to receive further donations and support from a variety of sources. "The response to the appeal so far has demonstrated that many people around the U.K. and beyond wish to see the last sea-going paddle steamer saved. "Our vision is to see a rejuvenated Waverley return next season and cruise from over 60 ports and piers around Great Britain allowing tens of thousands access to a truly unique piece of maritime heritage. "However, we will require ongoing help and support to achieve that vision." https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/news/17764434.two-new-boilers-ordered-paddle-steamer-waverley-get-sailing/?fbclid=IwAR0l8D8bZL8V-qVdb75MQrmyot9kdJu_W09ljsEi7mib7VOMAQlNNvNRdZU
  16. Troy Seaways is named. https://www.dfds-news.com/bu-mediterranean/the-naming-ceremony-of-troy-seaways/?fbclid=IwAR0v8nLjbSsREpUWN2335LuBfQ7eZqXNHl7UFX-sLlQi9REzc3dVFh0eQkk
  17. Please, not the bread debate again.
  18. Not the first time she's suffered a leak, although all ships leak to an extent, this is more laughable considering the ship is very high profile. People have commented in the past on Social Media about BAE and their poor quality builds, HMS Queen Elizabeth has had a number of problems in the past so has HMS Forth, both vessels built by BAE.
  19. 'Bretagne' departed PIP bang on 21:20.
  20. There has been a fire onboard TT-Line's vessel 'Peter Pan'. She currently lies near Travemünde harbour. TT-Line's have only released the following information so far.
  21. Yes, I've read that elsewhere. 'Bretagne' docked at 19:34. Rumours already floating around social media saying that 'HMS Queen Elizabeth' is taking on water again, she wasn't due back for another 2 weeks.
  22. The arrival of 'Bretagne' has been delayed this evening due to the unscheduled arrival of 'HMS Queen Elizabeth', 'Bretagne' is arriving in Portsmouth International Port now (19:30) and is scheduled to depart this evening at 21:20 (was 20:45).
  23. One missing, 'Santoña' for Brittany Ferries.
  24. A pleasure boat full of tourists has crashed into Westminster Bridge on the River Thames. Emergency services have been called out after the City Cruisers boat, the 'Millennium of Peace' hit the underside of the central London bridge around 4pm on Saturday. Witnesses claimed passengers were “screaming” as the vessel became wedged under the structure, and photos posted on social media showed the boat firmly stuck on the stretch of the river near the Houses of Parliament. There were no injuries reported, but police said the bridge had been temporarily closed while crews attempt to dislodge the vessel. “London Fire Brigade and the local authority are in attendance,” said Metropolitan Police. “No injuries ... This incident is not terror related.” Witness Gabby Moran, filming from the pavement, tweeted: “Just witnessed the top of this ferry get crushed and now stuck, Westminster Bridge, crazy seeing the people scream and getting stuck under the bridge.” Photographer Mark Slater said “you could hear people crying and screaming” after the boat hit the bridge “with a force”. A spokesperson for Westminster City Council said: “The council is liaising with the emergency services after a boat collided with Westminster Bridge this afternoon. Our staff are on hand to provide assistance.” City Cruises offers sightseeing tours and dining cruises along the River Thames. The company is yet to comment on Saturday’s crash. UPDATE: The vessel has now been moved and it's rumoured that the new skipper thought he could fit under the bridge!
  25. That's correct, in past visits to Rouen, she has moored alongside Docks 76.
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