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  1. Problems reportedly continue at FSG shipyard, despite financial rescue (23/05/19) https://www.niferry.co.uk/problems-continue-fsg-shipyard/?fbclid=IwAR2-Tj4Ibww68V6cUqsM-MJMwqj4rbzVWX6Ysrs5YUlm-NiH6gGRBl1jmBc
  2. Port of Ouistreham is closed on June 6th, the sailings for 'Normandie are being diverted to/from Cherbourg. 'Mont St Michel's sailings to/from Ouistreham are as normal.
  3. It appears to me that no one knows what is going on, I can only go by what I see or hear. The info from the NI Ferrysite which is normally reliable says different and going by info received tonight, my sources are saying that Stena are having 5, Brittany Ferries are having 3 and DFDS are having 1. As listed below: #1: Stena (Stena Estrid) #2: Stena (Stena Edda) #3: Brittany Ferries (Galicia) #4: Stena (Stena Embla) #5: DFDS (Name TBC) #6: Brittany Ferries (Salamanca) #7: Stena (Name TBC) #8: Stena (Name TBC) #9: Brittany Ferries (Name TBC) Please see screenshot from NIFerrySite below
  4. Stena have officially confirmed the name of their next E-Flexer will be 'Stena Embla', which will be the 4th E-Flexer (3rd E-Flexer for Stena) built at the AVIC Shipyard. 'Galicia' will be the 3rd E-Flexer built by AVIC with the 'Salamanca' being the 6th E-Flexer. https://www.niferry.co.uk/stena-officially-announce-the-name-for-second-new-belfast-to-liverpool-ferry/?fbclid=IwAR3IgSH2JR6B49gk5aGjn4a6-_CzMotSEvTGH8XBZMwrN6r6MsATivBuX9k
  5. Me neither, certainly not while this rudder problem is being sorted. They may arrange something for when she has her engine sorted.
  6. The customer service team can only give out the information that they have been told, they are hoping that the ship will be back in service on May 31st as that's probably what the engineers have told them. Also, they can only update their Sailing Updates page as and when they receive new information but they won't do that until they have contacted affected passengers first.
  7. 'Norwegian Getaway' has left Brest, a dry dock is now available should they need it.
  8. Na, she's not scheduled to leave. Quite possibly moving or turning her.
  9. 'Red Kestrel' is not in service yet, quite possibly will be at the end of this week.
  10. I think you are right, the work required may be internal and won't need dry-docking.
  11. The next sailing for Pont-Aven that I can see is the Roscoff/Cork sailing on May 24th
  12. Isle of Wight ferry failures blamed on 'assembly errors' Two engine failures during Solent ferry sailings were caused by "assembly errors", an investigation has found. The breakdowns happened on Wightlink ferries operating between Lymington and Yarmouth in 2018. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) said errors were made by Swedish engine manufacturer Volvo Penta and a UK Volvo dealer. Wightlink said it has made sure none of its other Volvo Penta engines are faulty. Image copyrightLEWIS CLARKE Image caption The vessel Wight Sky suffered two "catastrophic failures" in 2018 The two incidents are part of an ongoing MAIB inquiry into four Wightlink breakdowns last year. The Wight Sky suffered "catastrophic failures" in August and December, investigators said in an interim report. In the first incident, an engine was "engulfed in flames" as the ship, carrying 117 passengers, was preparing to enter the Lymington River. The fire, which is so far unexplained, was extinguished by the ship's water-mist system. In December, a newly-built engine on the ferry failed due to a factory error, the MAIB said. Investigators said there was no fire, although Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service previously said a blaze had been extinguished by eight crews. Image copyrightMAIBImage caption A Wightlink engineer was seriously injured in a fire in 2017 Another ship, Wight Light, suffered less serious engine failures in February and August. One was caused by "an assembly error during overhaul conducted by the local Volvo Penta dealer", the MAIB said. The dealer, RK Marine, was named in an MAIB investigation into a previous fire on Wight Sky in 2017, in which a crew member was hurt. The "unusually high incidence of failures" might involve "several underlying factors", including the way the vessels were driven, the MAIB added. In a statement, Wightlink said it was "working hard to eliminate the problems". Chief executive Keith Greenfield said: "We have been able to ensure that the manufacturing and rebuild assembly errors are not present on any of our other Volvo Penta engines."
  13. 'Anglia Seaways' sold for service in Greece May 15th 2019 'Anglia Seaways' came to Norfolkline in July 2000 and has served on various routes. She has been sold to a Greek operator and all crew members will be offered jobs on other ferries A dear old friend will be leaving us. The freight ferry 'Anglia Seaways' that came to Norfolkline from the Jinling Shipyard in 2000 as 'Maersk Anglia' has been sold to the Mediterranean shipping group Attica. 'Anglia Seaways' started her career on the Scheveningen–Felixstowe route on 8 July 2000 and has since then been just about everywhere in our North Sea network. 'Anglia Seaways' sailed the Irish Sea and was on charter with Seatruck for a period of time. She even sailed the Baltic Sea between Kiel–Klaipeda–Ust-Luga. However, her ‘home waters’ have been those between Vlaardingen and Felixstowe/Immingham, where she has served us and various crews well for many years. “Despite a reliable service record, however, she has become a bit too small for our North Sea routes with her capacity of a maximum of 121 trailers. In the future, she will therefore be cleaving the waters on a Greek route where her capacity fits much better,” says Jesper Hartvig Nielsen, Fleet Management. The crew members will all be offered jobs on other ships,” he says. The sale price is DKK 90 million.
  14. 'Oscar Wilde' will be renamed 'GNV Allegra'
  15. The 'European Endeavour' will be renamed 'Finbo Cargo' and will operate on the Tallinn/Helsinki for Eckerö Line.
  16. Wind is currently East - 22 knots
  17. Read the full interview Transcript here: https://www.paddlesteamers.org/news/national/waverley-in-the-press/
  18. It could be in the region of £2,000,000 needed to repair 'P/S Waverley'
  19. That's basically what I said, lol
  20. True, but NEX doesn't carry freight.
  21. 'Armorique' will be required to cover 'Mont St Michel' in January and possibly 'Barfleur' in February. I'm guessing that 'Bretagne' will stay in service longer this year instead of being laid-up. NEX is getting the new livery after the Summer Season, she's not going anywhere for a while.
  22. ***WAVERLEY WITHDRAWN FROM SERVICE*** It is with deep regret we must inform our loyal customers and supporters that Waverley has been withdrawn from service. Waverley Excursions Ltd General Manager, Paul Semple has made the following statement. “Today I have to announce that following extensive efforts to repair Waverley’s boilers we have reached the conclusion that we must stop repairs. We now know that to give Waverley a future she will need new boilers. The challenge ahead is significant and unlike previous challenges the ship has faced in the last 45 years through her preservation. I am personally appealing to anyone that wants to see this historic ship sail again. I know first-hand the fondness that the general public have for Waverley and I know this news will be upsetting. However, Waverley can sail again if we can raise the funds required to purchase and install new boilers. The Registered Charity which owns Waverley will shortly launch an appeal to save the ship and ensure she sails again. The cost of the required works is significant but if every passenger who would have sailed this year donated the cost of their ticket towards our appeal we will return Waverley to steam. More than ever we need support to preserve this iconic vessel as the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world.” Donations can be made now via our website or by texting STEAM followed by your chosen amount £10 or £20 to 70085. https://www.waverleyexcursions.co.uk/friends-of-wav…/donate/
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