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  1. AN UN’FUR’MILIAR ARRIVAL Portsmouth International Port welcomed some unexpected passengers over the weekend in the form of two kittens. The unlikely pair were found on the 'Normandie' arriving on Saturday 1 August, where Border Force officials discovered the cats had reached the UK with no official paperwork or pet passports. The two undeclared kittens were given permission by authorities to spend a night in the kennels at the port, before being taken in to care by the Cat Welfare Group in Whiteley, where they will be quarantined for four months. A different meaning to the word quarantine as to what we’re currently used to, the tiny two named ‘Coco and Chanel’ were relinquished by their owners and will be rehomed in four months’ time. Pet sailings have become a popular choice for travellers over recent years, with Brittany Ferries now providing pet-friendly cabins and an increased number of kennels onboard. On average 100,000 cats and dogs travel to France and Spain every year with Brittany Ferries, however pet passports must be fully completed before allowing them to travel. Requirements include an up to date microchip which will be scanned for at the port and proof of vaccination records. Advice and guidance on travelling with your four legged friends can be found on the Brittany Ferries and GOV.UK websites. https://www.portsmouth-port.co.uk/ne…/an-unfurmiliar-arrival
  2. They have known for a long time the ships are arriving/departing later than scheduled, this is the port schedule for Tuesday.
  3. I see, I was looking at the wrong part. This is what it is (Pictured).
  4. The Caen ferries have been coming through the harbour entrance on arrival at around 13:20 for the last few weeks and I expect tomorrow will be no different. I wouldn't take much notice of the QHM list, they have been incorrect on various commercial movements for sometime. If you hang on until midnight tonight (or 01:00 to be safe), check the PIP Arrivals & Departures on their website, they are more reliable.
  5. The press release from PIP did state that ships up to 255m can now be catered for, that was the plan anyway. Past visits were to allow for crew repatriation and stores. The most recent visit was to allow the crew to disembark for a day visit to the city, the ship left again yesterday afternoon. If the rumours are anything to be believed, Majesty of the Seas was brought in to test the new berth for even larger ships, maybe to compete with Southampton. Berth 2 could possibly handle ships up to 275m now.
  6. Etretat will be taking on that route (4 days a week) for a few days after the end of August for 8 weeks. Connemara will be doing Portsmouth to Santander, Portsmouth to Bilbao and Portsmouth to Le Havre routes, former routes of Baie de Seine.
  7. I expect Galicia will be in service before March, BF did say November on a number of occasions.
  8. She did unload in St Malo this morning, departed on time bound for Portsmouth
  9. TonyMWeaver

    2021 Timetables

    Maybe, but this isn't the first time that the wrong vessel has been named in a press release.
  10. Saw this on Steve's group: 'Honfleur' sold??? FSG: Transfer company secured for six months In the morning, the management of the insolvent Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) informed the almost 700 employees at a works meeting about the further course. The FSG currently has no orders and no buyers. In a week, the majority of employees change to a transfer company. The meeting was briefly interrupted for a IG Metall rally. There the union announced news - and with it a little hope: The Norwegian ex-owner Siem will buy the large ferry "Honfleur". Then there would be money for the transfer company, which would be financially secured for six months. IG Metall rally in front of the FSG shipyard Schleswig-Holstein Magazin - 07/24/2020 7:30 p.m. The FSG's insolvency proceedings will open on August 1st. Until then, the employees hope for orders or a possible takeover. However, there were no concrete statements from the management. Apparently order for two more ships The ship "Honfleur" is half finished in Flensburg at the pier. The previous client, the French shipping company Brittany Ferries, had surprisingly canceled the contract, according to the FSG - the last order in the yard's books. The company Siem has provided a loan in the millions for the construction of the "Honfleur" and therefore a great interest in the survival of the shipyard. It is still unclear whether and where the "Honfleur" will continue to be built. Investor Lars Windhorst has also announced that two RoRo ships will be commissioned for the shipyard. However, this is also not yet contractually signed. According to previous information, Siem also acts as the client. There is a glimmer of hope at the Flensburg shipyard FSG. The ship "Honfleur" is apparently bought by the former owner Siem. The future of the shipyard is still uncertain. Many more question marks FSG managing director Martin Hammer said there will probably be around 300 employees who will continue to work at the shipyard and the other employees will then switch to the transfer company. This company is then only secured for six months. The shipyard has this time to find a solution. Important points will be set in one week, on July 31st. Then Schleswig-Holstein's Minister of Economics Bernd Buchholz (FDP) is also expected at the Flensburg shipyard © NDR https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/schleswig-holstein/Insolvente-FSG-Siem-kauft-offenbar-Grossfaehre,fsg334.html?fbclid=IwAR1TnoHrKvDAb-kJFQki7lqrISa_-iD3cFBPCS_WnU4G_J1TWwAVGWlYuw0
  11. TonyMWeaver

    2021 Timetables

    I'm sure the press release that mentions 'Connemara' doing Rosslare to Cherbourg route is a typo.
  12. Looks to be heading to St Malo, AIS also up to date.
  13. 'Bretagne' now arriving in Portsmouth, scheduled to depart at 22:30
  14. 'Bretagne' departing St Malo now.
  15. At least they managed to dock.
  16. 'Cap Finistere' passed through the harbour entrance at 23:55 this evening, docking at 00:10.
  17. 'Cap Finistere' is due to dock at 01:00, departing again at 03:00.
  18. 'Cap Finistere' arrived into Santander nearly 2 hours later than scheduled today, apparent "Technical Issues".
  19. A lot has changed in 20 years, the Gosport Ferry have 3 new vessels for a start.!
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