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  1. 'Normandie Express' alongside in Dunkirk this morning, photos thanks to Julien Carpentier.
  2. 'Caroline Russ' seen in Calais this morning. - Photo: Julien Carpentier
  3. Try again after mid-October when the timetables are updated. AF Michela (which will be called 'Kerry') should be on the timetable from then.
  4. 'Normandie Express' is now alongside in Dunkirk, 'European Seaway' is still in port, departure keeps being delayed for her tow to Gdansk (Currently scheduled for tomorrow morning). 'Normandie Express' is expected to remain in Dunkirk for 10 days.
  5. It appears that 'Normandie Express' left Cherbourg at approximately 09:12 this morning, currently 37.1 knots.
  6. Shame others didn't dude.
  7. Maybe wait until the timetable is updated mid-October.
  8. 'Connemara' is moving to Poole/Cherbourg at the end of November, not sure what's happening between the 4th November and the end of November, annual maintenance possibly.
  9. I wouldn't say 'Audacia' (Rizhao Orient) has a busy schedule, she only does one rotation per week operating between Pyeongtaek and Rizhao. She has been in Rizhao since Thursday and hasn't moved since.
  10. Brittany Ferries missed out there, I can see this being very popular.
  11. Could this be the one? Plymouth/Cork/Bouzas (Vigo) service starting in November. I don't subscribe to this site so I can't get the full story. https://afondo.farodevigo.es/gran-vigo/grupo-nosa-terra-y-grimaldi-se-alian-para-unir-vigo-a-irlanda-e-inglaterra-con-un-ferri-tres-veces-por-semana.html?fbclid=IwAR0WtLb_EWzRZZKxgQsONGENySxR3adyTUWDjifwEcOEISsUXJ5H5V5T1Ew
  12. 'Normandie Express; is now scheduled to leave Cherbourg tomorrow morning bound for Dunkirk, arriving at around 15:00 local time. 'Normandie Express' is expected to dock at Quai de Suez (Circled) if the 'European Seaway' is still in port.
  13. PRESS RELEASE FROM JULY 17th 2019 Brittany Ferries has hired its first eco-responsibility manager, in a move to centralise the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. The appointment of Claire Artagnan reinforces a long-standing commitment to sustainable development across all aspects of ferry operations, from building new ships to reducing single use plastics on board. Claire joined Brittany Ferries in March 2019. She spent six years working on the development of offshore wind farms and on smart building projects prior to joining. “From the outset, Brittany Ferries has had a profound respect for the environment,” said Christophe Mathieu, CEO Brittany Ferries. “We were founded by the farming community in Brittany and protecting and nurturing the environments in which we operate is part of our DNA. However, Claire’s key role will be to ensure positive action is coordinated across all parts of business, from the delivery of new ships to tenders for every new contract. It’s a key role and we warmly welcome her to the Brittany Ferries family.” Progress today The company has already taken concrete action reduce the environmental impact of its operations today, particularly in terms of single use plastics. Many changes have been driven, for example the replacement of plastic cups in cabins with a cardboard cups, the replacement of plastic straws and stirrers on board, and the installation of battery recycling points on ships and in French terminals. Brittany Ferries’ buyers are also in the process of sourcing bamboo cutlery to replace the limited remaining plastic cutlery used on board,. Eco-friendly shampoo/soap distributors have been installed in ensuite showers, while studies are taking place to replace soap packaging on the sinks (lavabos) with biodegradable alternatives Looking forward In terms of progress, Brittany Ferries has already announced significant steps towards cutting emissions from ships, through the transition to LNG (liquefied natural gas). Three new LNG ships will be delivered within the next four years, in an investment worth more than half a billion Euro. This will deliver an estimated CO2 reduction per passenger on long haul routes by 46%. Better air quality in ports will also follow, with a dramatic reduction in sulphur, nitrogen dioxide and particulate emissions. Circular economy The company has a strong track record on what is known as the circular economy. Eighty percent of food served on board originates in France, reducing food miles, the majority coming from Brittany. Dishes served in restaurants, for example, include vegetables supplied by Prince de Bretagne, a farming collective run by the shareholders (and farmers) of Brittany Ferries, including the company chairman Jean-Marc Roué. Protection of marine mammals Scientists from ORCA, a charity dedicated to monitoring and protecting marine wildlife, regularly observe marine animals’ behaviour from on board vessels. They organise public awareness campaigns during the summer and are engaged in ground-breaking research projects. This year scientists will start a ship strike study, based on observations from Brittany Ferries ships, documenting whale behaviour as a ship is approaching. The aim is to learn by observation, then make recommendations that could apply to global shipping operators anywhere in the world.
  14. Ferry company Brittany Ferries has embarked on a rigorous series of ‘dry runs’ to prepare for the possible consequences of a no-deal Brexit on both sides of the Channel. The first rehearsal took place on Wednesday 11th September as lorries in Portsmouth embarked the overnight sailing to Caen, and continued the following morning as vehicles disembarked in France in the presence of Gérard Darmanin, the French Minister of Public Action and Accounts. Altogether 15 rehearsals are planned between now and mid-October. These will take place in eight Brittany Ferries ports: Portsmouth, Poole, and Plymouth in the UK, and Le Havre, Caen, Cherbourg, St Malo and Roscoff in France. Five Brittany Ferries ships are also involved: Mont St Michel, Armorique, Étretat, Barfleur, and Bretagne. This week’s trial involved around 100 freight vehicles travelling from the UK to France carrying a wide variety of loads including furniture, perfumes, aircraft wings and engines, car parts, fish, tractors, bird food, steel, and salt. The Portsmouth to Caen route is the busiest Channel crossing west of Dover carrying one million passengers, 280,000 cars and 100,000 heavy good vehicles each year. Patrice Narozny, director of port operations France said: “Over the last 12 months Brittany Ferries has been actively preparing to deal with a no-deal Brexit. We’ve adapted our IT systems, allowing seamless communication with customs offices ashore. We’ve also implemented a system allowing us to communicate vital information to lorry drivers via text message and onboard live information screens. “These dress rehearsals will allow us to test these new tools and procedures, and also the co-ordination between all the different players. Our freight customers, holidaymakers travelling with pets, customs offices, port authorities, and our own operations departments all need to be perfectly co-ordinated to ensure smooth and efficient loading and unloading in our ports. “So we need to test every part of the process to make sure everything works efficiently and harmoniously. Once this programme is completed and we’ve made any necessary tweaks, we’ll be ready to welcome our passengers whatever happens post-Brexit.” As part of the dry runs, information about freight vehicles boarding Brittany Ferries’ vessels in the UK are sent electronically to French customs officers, who divide vehicles into a green channel for those with advance clearance, and orange for those requiring inspection upon arrival in France. Drivers are informed of their vehicle’s status by onboard information screens. On arrival in France, lorries in the green channel can bypass customs controls as they exit the port. Meanwhile those designated ‘orange’ must proceed to a dedicated customs facility for inspection and paperwork checks. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/brittany-ferries-prepares-for-a-no-deal-brexit/
  15. They do but on certain days, 3 arrive in the space of an hour.
  16. Yes, I posted above on August 30th that the vessel will be scrapped in situ.
  17. A storm has caused the destruction of 'Pinar Del Rio' in Denia.
  18. 'Stena Europe' now bound for Liverpool, arrival expected on Sunday (15th September) at 17:00.
  19. 'Stena Europe' now at anchor off Gibraltar.
  20. Yes, me too. Nothing appears to have changed on the UK website.
  21. Brittany Ferries reassures customers, following Yellowhammer report publication https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/brittany-ferries-reassures-customers-following-yellowhammer-report-publication/
  22. Are you looking on the Irish Website Stefeni? It was always planned for 'Bretagne' to run throughout the winter with the exception of her refit from November 3rd until December 29th There's no Santander to Cork after November 4th and nothing on the Cork/Roscoff timetable either for 'Connemara' according to the UK Freight website. I think this maybe the case until the timetable is updated in mid-October., unless I've been reading the timetable wrong.
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