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  1. 'Armorique' has left Cherbourg currently doing sea trials before heading back to Roscoff. Arrival expected at 10:30 Monday morning, returning to service at 22:00 Monday evening.
  2. HMS Queen Elizabeth is due back on the weekend of 6th, 7th, 8th of December, obviously to be confirmed.
  3. There were many people down there for the arrival, including a Piper. It's a popular spot for photos. Many people don't know that the pier is owned by Haslar Marina. Mary Mouse 2 is now a Bar & Restaurant, but when I went down there 2 weeks ago, it was closed. I'm not sure if it still is.
  4. Yes, I was the other side of the ferry pontoon, got there about 12:30. I cheated, used my dad's mobility scooter to get a bigger space.
  5. Won't be until Sunday, arriving in Portsmouth at 15:15. She's still doing Sea Trials off Santander at the moment, she'll depart at 12:00 bound for Portsmouth on Saturday lunchtime.
  6. Both can be in port at the same time, both carriers are expected to be alongside over Christmas.
  7. Stena takes delivery of 'Stena Estrid' https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/uk-world/stena-line-takes-delivery-of-new-ferry-expected-to-be-sailing-on-dublin-route-by-january-38693233.html Although the story from the Independent says that 'Stena Estrid' has set sail, it hasn't left Weihai yet. The journey from China to Ireland is expected to take a month. https://www.independent.ie/business/irish/new-stena-line-ferry-sets-sail-from-china-to-dublin-38694136.html?fbclid=IwAR3Q2DzDPO3C9KTlNzpp_-40GzcKjhpJATLPeF206-I9YR9ysSg5xPJU-_Y
  8. Latest at the moment is that the Aircraft Carrier 'Prince of Wales' will be arriving on Saturday, docking around 14:30. Outer Spit Buoy: 13:40, Harbour Entrance: 14:00
  9. The Aircraft Carrier 'Prince of Wales' has been delayed due to the weather. Arrival is now scheduled for Saturday (MTBC)
  10. Brittany Ferries Release. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/columbia-threadneedle-investments-and-brittany-ferries-reach-agreement-to-acquire-condor-ferries-from-macquarie-infrastructure-and-real-assets/
  11. As Cabin-Boy said, I was referring to Normandie. Kerry's BF livery was applied before she first arrived in Spain, wasn't this done in Italy or Greece?
  12. I don't think that is paint fading, that's where the bow doors rub against the berth.
  13. 'Kerry' arriving in Cork this evening, photos (x2) thanks to Glen Grace. There is some damage to the paint on the bow.
  14. Yes, arriving tomorrow lunchtime. She'll be going in the floating dry dock, the same dock Normandie Express was in back in September.
  15. 'Connemara' not leaving the shipyard today, now scheduled for tomorrow morning. BF have also cancelled her sailing to Portsmouth tomorrow.
  16. Thanks, sounds like it could be scrubber maintenance.
  17. Very handy vantage point when there are no cruise ships in. Any sign of life on board?
  18. Yeah, they don't seem to have done anything externally.
  19. 'Connemara' & 'Cap Finistere', seen today at the Astander Shipyard. Photos thanks to Jose Luis Díaz Campa. The departure of 'Connemara' from Astander has been delayed and is now expected this evening.
  20. According to savetheroyalnavy.org, the sea trails of 'HMS Prince of Wales' have progressed well and her arrival in Portsmouth has been brought forward. The Aircraft Carrier is expected in Portsmouth at the end of this week or the weekend, rumoured to be Friday Lunchtime. As always, these movements are to be confirmed.
  21. TonyMWeaver


    Not much would have been done, a coat of paint, new livery, that's about it. Not a lot was done with Baie de Seine when she first arrived. Even now, there are still hints of Sirena Seaways showing.
  22. A lovely review, thanks for sharing. Having been on most of the fleet, I find that 'Pont-Aven' is a great ship to sail on, but she's not my favourite. Regarding your mobile phone waking you, please tell me you switched off your Mobile Data? This seems to catch many people out and they get a nasty surprise when they get their next bill. It's great to hear you were very quick on arrival back in Portsmouth, it's nice to see it all went smoothly. I've seen many complaints on social media regarding the delay at customs and those wrongly blaming the ferry company for it. It's very unfair that BF get the flack for something they have no control over.
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