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  1. Advice given on Breakfast TV today was to go for an amended booking rather than a credit where possible as you are more likely to get your money back via your bank card if the company goes bust. In those circumstances if you only have a credit voucher you will almost certainly lose out.
  2. Nodwad, it would be worth you emailing customer services about this as we had a similar experience a couple of years ago when travelling to Spain for a winter holiday. We presented our cabin key as usual to cover the cost of breakfast but were told we must pay so we did. Back in the cabin I checked my ticket and it clearly stated we had a breakfast allowance so I went to the reception desk to query it but didn't get any joy there. Once I got home I emailed customer services who were very apologetic and sent me a voucher to use in any of their food outlets on a future crossing.
  3. I think these sudden discounts are quite a disincentive to early booking. I still remember being caught out several years ago when I'd booked five return crossings as soon as the timetables were released only for a sudden sale to knock around £30 off the price of each if only I had waited..
  4. As far as I can tell by making dummy bookings Club members do get a further discount but around another 15% so there's no advantage in the current offer.
  5. Angel

    Pont Cabins

    If that is the cabin I think it is, it's an outside 2 berth cabin with more free floor space than usual.
  6. Angel

    BF survey

    Just as well since the scales in our surgery are in the waiting room.
  7. I'm sure I have read on here that it is possible to go to the the reception desk on board the ship and ask to upgrade a reclining seat reservation to a single berth in a shared cabin (gender segregated). This is an economical solution and because not many people do this it is most likely that you will end up with a cabin to yourself.
  8. We were one of the last vehicles to leave Deck 3 today and our motorhome was directed round to the right with most of the other motorhomes. The queue moved quite efficiently past the single booth and we were leaving the port within 20 minutes of docking so no complaints from us.
  9. Since BF already have a webpage giving advice on taking your pets abroad they may be willing to look into this and add the info to their page. Maybe just email customer services with your suggestion and see what they have to say.
  10. Angel

    CF vs PA

    Funny you should call it a pond as the only time I have seen the pool in use it was for a children's fishing contest, hooking out plastic fish.
  11. Now, that's a proper croissant. I like that style much more than the common, barely crescent shaped ones as you get nice crispy ends to bite into.
  12. For some reason it doesn't feel quite right doing that in the a la carte restaurant but I never have any qualms about taking a couple of pain au chocalates away from the self service to eat later.
  13. I haven't done that crossing but, assuming you are a Club Voyage member, if you look on your ticket under Onboard Services where it says you have an £8.50 allowance towards breakfast there will be a multiplication number eg on a single overnight crossing for 2 passengers it normally says x2 so you'll be able to work it out from that.
  14. I did think of doing just that but I don't think the saving will carry through because when making an amendment, if next year's price has changed you'd have to pay the difference anyway. I wouldn't mind being wrong on this so if anyone knows better I'd be glad to hear it.
  15. Just confirming that you can amend your booking online as many times as you like until 5 days before your outward travel date. I have done similar to what you are considering in the past when family illness prevented us travelling for the rest of the year. In fact one of my current bookings is up to amendment 7 already.
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