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  1. Angel

    CF vs PA

    Funny you should call it a pond as the only time I have seen the pool in use it was for a children's fishing contest, hooking out plastic fish.
  2. Now, that's a proper croissant. I like that style much more than the common, barely crescent shaped ones as you get nice crispy ends to bite into.
  3. For some reason it doesn't feel quite right doing that in the a la carte restaurant but I never have any qualms about taking a couple of pain au chocalates away from the self service to eat later.
  4. I haven't done that crossing but, assuming you are a Club Voyage member, if you look on your ticket under Onboard Services where it says you have an £8.50 allowance towards breakfast there will be a multiplication number eg on a single overnight crossing for 2 passengers it normally says x2 so you'll be able to work it out from that.
  5. I did think of doing just that but I don't think the saving will carry through because when making an amendment, if next year's price has changed you'd have to pay the difference anyway. I wouldn't mind being wrong on this so if anyone knows better I'd be glad to hear it.
  6. Just confirming that you can amend your booking online as many times as you like until 5 days before your outward travel date. I have done similar to what you are considering in the past when family illness prevented us travelling for the rest of the year. In fact one of my current bookings is up to amendment 7 already.
  7. . The best keeping bread seems to be Pain Complet (wholemeal loaf) which is usally good for a few days if kept in a poly bag. If you keep the white French bread or baguette in a poly bag (or wrap it in cling film) it will go soft rather than rock hard. Then if you prefer it you can get it back to something like the original if you lightly wet the crust and give it a few minutes in the oven
  8. I'm sure you are right and judging by the press release linked in the first post of this thread there is certainly an intention to use French crew. Para 3 states " It will offer increased capacity and comfort for customers as well as employment of French seafarers".
  9. It is free if you make the amendment yourself on line up to 5 days before the outward journey. If you ask BF to make the amendment you will be charged a £15 amendment fee. Within 5 days of the outward journey you will be charged £25 regardless of whether you make the amendment yourself or ask BF to do it.
  10. Yes. I can't refer back to the email as I didn't keep it but I was under the same impression as you so I suppose it is possible my friend may have been misinformed. We shall see.
  11. As my membership is due for renewal this month, my associate member called BF to clarify their position and were told that they could continue as an associate member for one more year as the renewal falls before the changes come into effect later this year. However next year if they want to stay in the scheme they will need to pay full price plus joining fee.
  12. Today, whilst attempting to book a crossing for early next year I noticed the following statement at the stage where you select your crossing date and time "These prices are intended to help you choose your journey(s) and they are subject to change. In some cases, the price may be different later on in the booking process if the availability has changed. The exact total will be presented on Step 4 of the booking process" I realise BF prices have been flexible for several years now but wasn't aware they were so dynamic that they may change mid booking. Is this something new or have I just not noticed the statement before?
  13. Well, I'm sure there is some demand. We always book a Plymouth - Roscoff crossing at the start of January (when available). The main problem is the risk of cancellation due to weather, this has happened to us several times. Last year our booking was changed to Portsmouth - St Malo then before we'd even arrived at Portsmouth we had a text to advise us that the ferry would now be going to Cherbourg instead. There were quite a number of disgruntled passengers and it must be quite a hassle for the BF team to manage the changes, lay on busses for foot passengers and liaise with the port authorities etc. Maybe they think it is just not worth the risk at that time of year.
  14. Angel

    Barfleur kiosk cafe

    The cafe on Armorique Deck 6 is normally closed on the Plymouth Roscoff route at the quitest time of year.
  15. My top three grievances are being turfed out of the cabin half an hour before arrival, tannoy announcements that can't be heard in the cabin and have ended by the time I get the door open to listen and people not bothering to report obvious maintenance issues in the cabin.
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