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  1. The main advantage I can see would be the ability to open the door and let fresh air into the cabin as even with the aircon set to minimum the "normal" cabins tend to get very stuffy overnight.
  2. James, where did you find the Live Chat icon as I have been searching the BF website and can't find it?
  3. You will be able to take some food with you, just not meat or dairy products. Eggs will be accepted along with fruit and veg. I suppose it may help to leave some long life milk in the house for use on arrival in future. I wonder if BF would consider stocking small cartons of milk on board that would be acceptable to the authorities on arrival.
  4. Similar to you, except I had a total of 4 months added last year, then a few weeks after renewing in January I had an extra 3 months added taking my renewal date to the end of April 2022.
  5. According to BBC Spotlight Southwest recently there has been a huge increase in city dwellers expressing a desire to continue working from home and relocate to the countryside. The most popular destination of choice is Cornwall, closely followed by Devon so the potential customer base for the Plymouth service could well expand in the years to come. There is certainly a lot of new housing going up in these parts and sales are brisk.
  6. Sounds about right apart from the seasonality aspect. Eg. I think brown crabs are at their best right through the months when the Plymouth - Roscoff route shuts down and I know how popular oysters are in France at Christmas.
  7. Getting back to the topic of ferries and passenger travel, if we have a scenario in the summer where holiday travel to France is still forbidden for us but Spain is allowed, is it likely that BF could run extra ferries to and from Spain to meet demand? I imagine it would be difficult at short notice but perhaps there is contingency planning in place.
  8. Exactly, and the ratios are even better than you suggest as 17 million people have received the AZ vaccine so far in the UK and EU according to this safety update issued by AZ yesterday: https://www.astrazeneca.com/media-centre/press-releases/2021/update-on-the-safety-of-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca.html
  9. Agreed. I had my first dose this morning, 2nd dose to be before 29th May. By tomorrow over 22 million people in the UK will have had their 1st dose which according to the Health Secratary speaking yesterday is 2/5 of the adult population.
  10. Nodwad, As it is a rolling 90 days in 180 using the Schengen Calculator makes it easier to work out whether your future travel plans are within the rules. You can input several holiday periods to check that all is well and tweak the travel dates a bit if you have to.
  11. Viking III, there's a blast from the past. My father was a steward on on her back in the mid to late 60s when she was on the Southampton - Cherbourg route.
  12. I suppose the brand message they are pushing is "your holiday starts the minute you step aboard" so if Spain is your destination you can get in the mood straight away.
  13. Hello & welcome to the forum. You will need to contact BF to request a refund of the money owed to you. If you look on the 2nd page of your ticket (the invoice page) it normally says towards the bottom "balance by refund application" if you are in credit.
  14. There's a large E Leclerc on the outskirts of St Pol. Heading away from Roscoff in the Morlaix direction take the St Pol turnoff at the Rond Pont de Kergompez and the supermarket is a few hundred metres along on the left.
  15. Grego, the Foreign Office Travel Advice site at https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain/entry-requirements has a link to an online form that you will need to complete for entry to Spain. Note also that the BF CEO mentioned the form in his Coronavirus update message today as follows "Moving away from our exciting launch, we’ve heard from many of you questioning the documentation required for entering Spain. The Passenger Locator Form required by Spanish authorities that you can download doesn’t explicitly mention travel by ferry. But it should! Please do not worry, the authorities in
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