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  1. Angel

    Grumps corner

    My top three grievances are being turfed out of the cabin half an hour before arrival, tannoy announcements that can't be heard in the cabin and have ended by the time I get the door open to listen and people not bothering to report obvious maintenance issues in the cabin.
  2. Angel

    Kennels on Bretagne

    It is many years since we used the kennels on Bretagne and we vowed at the time never to use them again. I don't remember there being fumes but the area was very cramped and the kennel sizes way too small. The small kennels in particular are a ludicrous shape, long and narrow, just over a foot wide so it isn't possible to fit a dog bed in. The surface is smooth stainless steel so your dog would just slide about uncontrollably in rough conditions and there is nowhere to secure a water bowl so when we returned to collect our dog the bowl had been knocked over, her blanket was soaked and the dog was parched. Unlike Pont Aven you can not visit the kennels freely but have to make an arrangement to be escorted by a staff member at a time of their choosing.
  3. Angel

    St Nazaire to Gijon

    I guess many would choose to sail direct to Lisbon if they had the option, especially if their final destination was the Algarve. We were only touring northern Portugal though, so were happy with Gijon as an entry port.
  4. Angel

    Superior Wi-Fi options

    We have had free wifi in cabins 8119 and 8176 just behind the bar area on the Pont.
  5. Angel

    St Nazaire to Gijon

    One attraction of Gijon as a port is that it's well placed for driving to Portugal. That's certainly why we used the Poole-Gijon service when it existed.
  6. Angel

    BF Refits 2017-18

    According to an email I received from BF advising me of a change to my booking on the Plymouth Roscoff route in March, Armorique is specifically required to stand in for Normandie because of her superior freight carrying capacity.
  7. Just a tip off for anyone interested, BBC4 Sun 7th Jan 9pm, Engineering Giants: Ferry strip down showing the Pride of Bruges receiving a major overhaul.
  8. Angel

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    I do hope not, we're booked to sail on her tomorrow and don't fancy the dreary four hour slog to Portsmouth instead of the the leisurely half hour run to Plymouth.
  9. Angel

    Security, what is your opinion.

    I don't think it would be fair to expect office staff to go looking for and challenging illegal immigrants or terrorists whenever they have a bit of time to spare. That's not what they signed up for, it's risky enough for trained security officers but at least they agreed to the job.
  10. Angel

    Complaint handling _BF

    Me too. On numerous occasions I have found minor problems in the cabin that previous occupants must have known about but couldn't be bothered to report eg. shower curtain falling down, leaking shower hose, light bulbs not working, power socket ditto. On each occasion after reporting the fault to Reception someone has soon been sent to fix it.
  11. Angel

    Pet friendly hotels

    If it is just an overnight stay you are needing you might consider one of the Ibis hotels in or around Bilbao. They usually take dogs for a small charge. Google accorhotels Bilbao to see what's on offer.
  12. Or, to relieve the pressure on pet cabins, how about introducing a Pet Lounge where pet owners using the kennels can spend some time sitting comfortably with their animals. I think a lot of pet owners would be happy to leave their dog in a kennel for a few hours overnight if they knew they could keep them company more during the daytime hours.
  13. BF really encourage people to book as early as possible so it is a great benefit to just pay a modest deposit when booking multiple crossings. For instance, I usually book five return trips for the next year soon after the new timetables are published but I wouldn't do it if I had to stump up around 2k in one hit. Incidentally, there is no need to lose a deposit if plans change, just move the booking to a future date. It doesn't have to be a final date (if you don't exactly know your future plans) as you can move it again as often as you need to so long as you set yourself a reminder that you have it.
  14. It's Quiberon for me too, followed by Barfleur and for a new ship name I suggest Morbihan or Presqu'ile de rhuys.