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  1. Thank you! I assume it would be something straightforward but it's good have it clarified.
  2. MN Pelican is still in Poole after arriving at 1500 yesterday afternoon. She normally leaves within a few hours of arrival so why the prolonged stay?
  3. And from Bournemouth to Cherbourg.
  4. I see that the timetables (updated today) include Poole to Cherbourg with Barfleur restarting on Monday 31 August. Can this be true?
  5. When Barf gets into Poole from an overnighter from Cherbourg at 07.00 she is only in port a short while to allow disembarkation and to load up again for her 08.30 departure back again. Pelican is usually anchored out in the bay on her days and she waits for Barfleur to come out of the harbour then she goes in, they pass each other. Cotentin did the same, as did Norman Asturias when she served Poole. So overnighters from Cherbourg don’t affect Pelican. Agreed! So why the overnight crossings which, I think, have only been a place for a couple of years?
  6. As a regular user of Barfleur (living in Poole helps) I've never used its cabins. The 0830 sailing from Poole and the 1830 return from Cherbourg make them unecessary for many passengers and I've always noticed just how many of the cars it's carrying have registrations (beginning H, W, R or O) that suggest their owners live within a couple of hours drive from Poole. Totally unscientific of course and obvously the registration isn't a perfect indicator of what part of the country it's based in. The three (?) overnight crossings a week from Cherbourg create a different situation and I've often wo
  7. Brittany Ferries Poole-Cherbourg timetable shows Connemara standing in for Bafleur from 25 November until 31 December. Barfleur comes back on 3 January.
  8. We've usually taken advantage of the 'up to 24 hoursin France' offers for £50, sailing from Poole and 0830 and returning on the 1830 from Cherbourg the next evening. With Barfleur's current sailing patterns this is no longer possible but twice this year we've sailed from Poole at 0830 on Monday and returned on Friday evening. The first of these trips (in March) was £128 for the two of us and the car, and £138 when we repeated the exercise last week. Excellent value!
  9. Why would you need a visa? They weren't necessary before we joined the EEC, except for communist countries such as Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Drove to or through both of those in the 1960s and getting a visa was very simple. We just sent our passports to their embassy(s) in London with a small fee and they came back by return. As young people at the time, we regarded it as part of the 'glamour' of overseas travel.
  10. Today's Sunday Times Travel Section has a full page advertisment by Cruise & Maritime Voyages for four cruises from Poole in March and April 2019. They range from nine to thirteen days induration and the ship is the Astoria.
  11. When my son worked as a car marshall at Poole, he said that Barfleur was known as 'Barf-tub' and, yes, Cotentin was 'Cocoa-tin.'
  12. I was also wondering about this - she's currently entering the harbour after waiting for Barfleur to sail.
  13. We did a day crossing on the Armorique on Thursday and we drove around the ramp and on to the lowest deck on the way out. Coming home we were put on to the next deck up, driving up the ramp to board and unloaded down Poole's ramp. There was a delay in Poole before we could drive off. We couldn't quite hear the reason given over the tannoy but it was something to do with the rough weather during the crossing.
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