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  1. Probably true but how many people know that CYM is Wales? I've also seen stickers for Scotland as 'Ecosse' and I suspect that there are people don't realise which countries 'E' and 'D' represent.
  2. The problem is that nobody knows where that is. You need codes which reflect the recognised name for the country. Finland would probably prefer S for Suomi but that conflicts with their western neighbour so have accepted FIN instead. They couldn't have F as that would have caused an international incident with the one country not known for its rational reactions! 🤣 So, unless you wish to rebrand all your Kernow Pasties and Kernow Cream Teas, I think simplicity is better. Ed
  3. Wales - BIW or BIC (perhaps better kept for Cornwall when they get independence) Cornwall would probably prefer 'K' for 'Kernow.'
  4. Little Britain (or Lesser Britain) is Brittany, Great(er) Britain simply refers to the larger of the two. Say it in French.
  5. The 2001 film The Shipping News, based on Annie Proulx's novel, shows the main character travelling to Newfoundland by ferry. The ferry shown in the film is the Beaumont Hamel which (I think) ran between Farewell and Joe Batt's Arm, in Newfoundland. In real life, the characters would have travelled from North Sydney in Nova Scotia to Port-aux-Basques, Newfoundland, and on Marine Atlantic's larger vessels (around 200m in length compered with the Beaumont Hamel's 53m). I've travelled that route four times, usually on The Joseph and Clara Smallwood. Here's the extract although the ferry only appears at the very beginning and the on-board scenes last only 40 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2uxTq38UPc&ab_channel=ScreenThemes
  6. We spent a couple of days in St Pierre and Miquelon a few years ago and it was (apart from the landscape) totally French. Televison from Paris rather than Montreal, almost all the cars were Renaults, Citroens or Peugeots (never seen any in Canada) and Gendarmes providing the policing. The currency was the Euro which puzzled Canadian and American tourists. Shops, though, were happy to take Canadian or US dollars as the exchange rate was heavily weighted in their favour. To try and make this a ferry related topic, we travelled there from Newfoundland, the journey was by a rather fast catamaran (probably Le Cabestan) and took an hour.
  7. I'm 81 and my wife is 77. We've both had two doses of the Pfizer jab and neither of us had side effects other than a slightly sore arm for a couple of days. In my case, I only noticed it if I turned on to my left side in bed.
  8. Thank you! I assume it would be something straightforward but it's good have it clarified.
  9. MN Pelican is still in Poole after arriving at 1500 yesterday afternoon. She normally leaves within a few hours of arrival so why the prolonged stay?
  10. And from Bournemouth to Cherbourg.
  11. I see that the timetables (updated today) include Poole to Cherbourg with Barfleur restarting on Monday 31 August. Can this be true?
  12. When Barf gets into Poole from an overnighter from Cherbourg at 07.00 she is only in port a short while to allow disembarkation and to load up again for her 08.30 departure back again. Pelican is usually anchored out in the bay on her days and she waits for Barfleur to come out of the harbour then she goes in, they pass each other. Cotentin did the same, as did Norman Asturias when she served Poole. So overnighters from Cherbourg don’t affect Pelican. Agreed! So why the overnight crossings which, I think, have only been a place for a couple of years?
  13. As a regular user of Barfleur (living in Poole helps) I've never used its cabins. The 0830 sailing from Poole and the 1830 return from Cherbourg make them unecessary for many passengers and I've always noticed just how many of the cars it's carrying have registrations (beginning H, W, R or O) that suggest their owners live within a couple of hours drive from Poole. Totally unscientific of course and obvously the registration isn't a perfect indicator of what part of the country it's based in. The three (?) overnight crossings a week from Cherbourg create a different situation and I've often wondered why BF has them. Presumably to give Pelican access to the berth?
  14. Brittany Ferries Poole-Cherbourg timetable shows Connemara standing in for Bafleur from 25 November until 31 December. Barfleur comes back on 3 January.
  15. We've usually taken advantage of the 'up to 24 hoursin France' offers for £50, sailing from Poole and 0830 and returning on the 1830 from Cherbourg the next evening. With Barfleur's current sailing patterns this is no longer possible but twice this year we've sailed from Poole at 0830 on Monday and returned on Friday evening. The first of these trips (in March) was £128 for the two of us and the car, and £138 when we repeated the exercise last week. Excellent value!
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