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  1. Good afternoon, If we can we always book a commodore cabin unless one is not available which is rare if booked early enough. We have done this for many years (a little treat as we got older). Until the last couple of years the T.V. worked in port and at sea to and from France and at times Spain. Last week however on Pont Aven crossing from Portsmouth to St. Malo it did not work until an hour and a half at sea. On the last several crossings on P.A. and Bretagne the TV has had a commentary in the background for the blind. We have complained on board each time and been told it is a fault of the satellite. It never used to be the case, we have watched TV in port and at sea with no problems. On complaining last year on board we were told someone who was deaf had altered the settings to the blind commentary. Does that make sense? The buffet in The Flora was, as always, very good but the main course was at best warm. My wife's lamb was very gristly, in fact she didn't eat the lamb, she persevered with the rest but upon being asked if the meal was OK she said no. The waiter shrugged and said sorry. Not a good response. The following morning I decided upon a cooked breakfast. It arrived nearly cold on a cold plate with one flaccid luke warm piece of toast. I complained and was brought a new piping hot breakfast with a rack of fresh crispy toast just how it used to be. We were really too late to complain about the cool tea and coffee but on mentioning it to the cashier as we paid she smiled and said "well it hasn't stopped you travelling with us" This is all very disappointing, I have always thought Brittany Ferries was the best but it's not what it was. I could go on - fag butt in the corner of a supposedly clean cabin, heating not working, but I won't. Has anyone else had problems? Writing to Brittany Ferries brings polite apologetic replies but not much improves. All that said I am still crossing again several times this year. Any comments?
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