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  1. Does anyone think that Pont Aven style balcony cabins will be incorporated into the design of the final E-Flexer, given that it seems presumed that the Pont will be retired from Biscay? They are obviously a very popular feature on the Pont and must generate a good revenue.
  2. I have attempted to postpone my booking online from a date in July to one in October. Why is a further deposit required, as I've already paid a deposit of over £300? far greater than the deposit required in relation to the potentially amended booking.
  3. Can anyone tell me whether the balance payment for a booking is still taken before the original sailing date if you postpone your booking, or is it taken a set time before the revised sailing date?
  4. There is certainly a difference in the cost of a commodore cabin, I've always found it cheaper Santander/Plymouth. Could be wrong!
  5. Is anyone aware if those of us which were originally sailing to Spain on the Pont Aven from Portsmouth this summer will be receiving a refund, due to the lower fares/commodore cabin costs of departing from Plymouth?
  6. What big changes are in the pipeline?
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, always did suspect it was a fairly lame standard excuse! We're just happy to have the extra time enjoying the crossing,
  8. Only repeating what our reason for delays have been given in the past. However I think you'd find plenty of adverse currents around the Fromveur Passage!
  9. Several times over the years, never in challenging conditions, we have been delayed returning from Santander to Portsmouth. The reason has always been given as, 'adverse currents in Biscay'. If adverse currents can delay Pont Aven for up to three hours in calm conditions when it has the capacity to use four engines, surely we will be looking at considerable disruption to the running schedule until repairs are completed.
  10. Especially a vessel that is predominantly used in Biscay.
  11. I have no idea what replacing an engine would entail. However, should Pont Aven be out of service for the bulk of the summer season, would Brittany Ferries charter a temporary vessel in order to cope with demand?
  12. Is there any hope that they'll incorporate some Commodore cabins with balconies on the ships to Spain? Must be good for revenue as they always seem to sell out quickly.
  13. Why has Pont Aven turned around and would seem to be heading back to Cork this evening?
  14. Would it be possible or viable to bring an E-Flexer up to the cruise ferry specifications of Pont Aven and subject it to prolonged use in Biscay or does a ferry have to be specifically designed and constructed for that route?
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