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    There is certainly a difference in the cost of a commodore cabin, I've always found it cheaper Santander/Plymouth. Could be wrong!
  2. Jack N


    Is anyone aware if those of us which were originally sailing to Spain on the Pont Aven from Portsmouth this summer will be receiving a refund, due to the lower fares/commodore cabin costs of departing from Plymouth?
  3. What big changes are in the pipeline?
  4. Thanks for clearing that up, always did suspect it was a fairly lame standard excuse! We're just happy to have the extra time enjoying the crossing,
  5. Only repeating what our reason for delays have been given in the past. However I think you'd find plenty of adverse currents around the Fromveur Passage!
  6. Several times over the years, never in challenging conditions, we have been delayed returning from Santander to Portsmouth. The reason has always been given as, 'adverse currents in Biscay'. If adverse currents can delay Pont Aven for up to three hours in calm conditions when it has the capacity to use four engines, surely we will be looking at considerable disruption to the running schedule until repairs are completed.
  7. Especially a vessel that is predominantly used in Biscay.
  8. I have no idea what replacing an engine would entail. However, should Pont Aven be out of service for the bulk of the summer season, would Brittany Ferries charter a temporary vessel in order to cope with demand?
  9. Is there any hope that they'll incorporate some Commodore cabins with balconies on the ships to Spain? Must be good for revenue as they always seem to sell out quickly.
  10. Could anyone recommend a good restaurant in or near St Malo please?
  11. Why has Pont Aven turned around and would seem to be heading back to Cork this evening?
  12. Would it be possible or viable to bring an E-Flexer up to the cruise ferry specifications of Pont Aven and subject it to prolonged use in Biscay or does a ferry have to be specifically designed and constructed for that route?
  13. Jack N

    Club Voyage

    How about priority boarding if that would be at all feasible?
  14. By chance I got talking to a member of Brittany Ferries staff whilst shopping in Santander last week. He seemed remarkably informed and somehow the conversation came around as to when the Pont Aven would be replaced. To my surprise he told me that a replacement for Pont Aven was destined to be constructed in St Nazaire, coming into service during 2020! Can anybody corroborate his claim or is it simply wishful thinking?
  15. Jack N

    Pont Aven

    Wow! thank you Tony, much appreciated.
  16. Jack N

    Pont Aven

    A while ago I was browsing through some old posts and came across a dramatic photograph of Pont Aven entering Santander during a storm. She is at an amazing angle, caused I presume by a large swell catching her broadside. I have unsuccessfully tried to locate the photograph again on several occasions to no avail. Could anybody with a superior knowledge of this excellent site point me in the right direction please.
  17. Could anyone advise me as to whether the 'La Flora' restaurant is open for dinner on the 21.15 Santander to Plymouth sailings.
  18. Apparently not on deck or on private balconies, as I was told when I complained to customer services about our recent experience. They need to make this point clear when booking a Commodore cabin on Pont Aven as I'm sure that we were not the first people to have suffered this problem.
  19. We were in 8409 early August in a relatively calm sea, the vibrations were so bad that we couldn't actually sleep, even the television was shaking too much to view! When the stewardess brought our breakfast in I questioned her about the problem. She told me that the vibration was being caused by the scrubbers not working correctly and, amusingly, told me that they were 'shit!' She said there had been 'many complaints'. Strangely we noticed no vibration as we sailed North through Biscay during the day, but only after we had returned to our cabin at around 23.30.hrs. As for fumes, we had a chain smoker on the next balcony during our outbound voyage. His foul smoke filled our cabin every time we opened our door! After these recent experiences I won't be wasting £322 on a balcony cabin
  20. My apologies, only curious.
  21. With the news of ICG ordering a new vessel this week, what is delaying Brittany Ferries from getting a much needed new flagship under construction? If the build takes two years, as the projected delivery time of the ICG vessel, won't the fleet will be looking rather tired by the time it arrives.
  22. Jack N

    BRETAGNE: Refit 2016

    Glad to hear that, sailed on her regularly since 1990 and enjoyed every trip. Would be sorry to see her go elsewhere, wish someone would give her bell a polish though, can't believe they leave it like that.
  23. Jack N

    BRETAGNE: Refit 2016

    How much longer will the Bretagne remain in service for Brittany Ferries, is there a cut off point where she will have to go?
  24. When do we anticipate the ordering and arrival of a new flagship?
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