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  1. Well it could be a possibility I suppose. A very Rapide like Incat has appeared for sale in the UK... http://www.boatersresources.com/boat-for-sale/1996-Custom285FastRoPaxFerry-Used-438653
  2. Portsmouth - Ouistreham canceled PORTSMOUTH TO CAEN / CAEN TO PORTSMOUTH All services are cancelled between 19/03/20 and 13/04/20 inclusive.
  3. Looks like Barfleur is off to Caen according to the AIS
  4. When I cam back from Cherbour on NEX approaching Portsmouth a senior crew member entered the "Cupboard" with a radio opened all the blinds and washed and wiped the windows and was sat in there until we berthed. Don't know whether it's simply just a lookout or if there are controls. I just remember getting asked to move my feet so he could open the door!
  5. She does look like an awesome ship. Only been on her once going to Jersey(Crossing back was canceled due to weather so experienced Clipper instead.) She was alright. It was a flat calm day and there was a slight rocking motion. Just a shame she seems to be mechanically plagued!
  6. Must have been an issue with the website. All working fine for me here: https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/ferry-routes/ferries-france/poole-cherbourg/timetable
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