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  1. Know I am jumping ahead,but thinking of Autumn salings from Plymouth. Last few years theres been a couple of offer sailings from Plymouth to St Malo.done this trip a few times combined with a few days in a hotel in St Malo. I know its very few sailings but its a godsend to people in the farflung southwest not having to travel to Portsmouth. Does anyone know if BF are doing anything this year and when winter sailings are due to be announced ? P.S. sorry to hijack the spring offer theme.but thought it most appropiate place for BF offers
  2. Re: Torquay to Channel islands ferry 70/80s Once It left Torbay seaways ownership,it had a quick succession of owners and gradually deteriorated and finally sunk in a Bulgarian port ! Heres a link that shows its history in photos. http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/Scillonian2-1.html#anchor73852
  3. Re: Torquay to Channel islands ferry 70/80s Many thanks for that...looks like it was a ferry of many colours. I have copied in your photo as to give people an idea of what it was like.
  4. Re: Torquay to Channel islands ferry 70/80s Thanks for that.Was able to google up a link showing bit more info. Looks like I was wrong about the crane hoist and the colour scheme unless it was rust ! Putting a link on which may be of interest to those liking ferry history. Looks like we have come a long way. http://channelislandsshipping.je/page73.html
  5. Now just wonder if any "old-timers" especially in the West country may remember a short lived ferry service that ran from Torquay harbour I think 70/80s. It ran from Torquay to Jersey in summer time far as I can recall. Cars were hoisted aboard by crane ! I remember its condition being rather past its sell by date and was painted a bright red !. I was tempted to use it but luckily enough was able to see it in harbour, my confidence in its seaworthiness was quickly dashed. However be interesting if any ferry enthusiasts can recall this service.
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