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  1. Is this what Nigel Farage's blue passport gets you. Not being allowed unhindered back into the UK?
  2. WHO changed the names of the strains because it was upsetting the Indians. Now its upsetting Delta Airline.
  3. Stale food. Lack of hygene. French Supermarches have imprived a lot. I can remember one in Carhaix which had birds flying around attacking the food.
  4. Every Super U I've ever been in smells. If I took the fish counters from all the supermarkets in Cornwall and put them into Intermarche in Pontivy there would still be room for more fish.
  5. Here in Helston, Cornwall Tesco is the best option. The larger Sainsbury is bigger but spreads the products out more. Lidl pay their staff the most but don't do deliveries. Sainsbury pay the least and are brutal about the zero hours contracts. They seem to have 3 delivery vans parked up so I suppose they don't have the drivers. Deliveroo are not in this area. A few years ago was speaking to a young guy who moved up to Slough. Had worked locally for a supermarket in Cornwall so applied in Slough for a job at the same chain. He told us that the wages were double and the prices were nearly half.
  6. Pilots the world over have to stock up on duty freešŸ˜€ And being a photographer I am familiar with PEC wipes for digital sensors but I doubt if that is it. Talking of acronyms have you noticed how many medals the ROC have. I never knew the Republic of Congo had so many athletes.
  7. Looks like its now officia Double-jabbed EU and US travellers will be exempt from quarantine rules in England from 2 August, ministers have confirmed.
  8. A new option.... From the Times website Restrictions on travel from France are likely to be dropped next week as part of a review of the governmentā€™s traffic light system, The Times has learnt. France is expected to be removed from the so-called amber-plus list after government officials appeared to acknowledge the threat from the Beta variant of the coronavirus had been contained. Sources said the Delta variant, which is prevalent in the UK, was spreading faster and would ā€œout-competeā€ Beta in Europe in the next weeks.
  9. When loads of businesses are complaining they cannot get staff makes me wonder where they are getting these people from?
  10. Done that and written 3 letters to the local manager. At age 80 I thought we were being protected. At least I don't have to go far to post off the tests.
  11. Not in my neighbourhood. All the slots are taken. Would Click and Collect be allowed?
  12. What are travelers doing about food shopping in quarantine? I know my wife thinks I should lose a bit of weight but 10 days starvation might be difficult. Are there any limitations on the foods one brings back from France?
  13. It would help if you gave us the name and address and the web address. Also how long it took to get the results. Is it practical on the way to the ferry at Roscoff?
  14. I stand corrected. I had forgotten the one alone who made it to Portugal. I am more sure of the Wooden Horse story. The Wooden Horse was about three escapers, all of whom made it. Two traveled together while the third man traveled alone. When very young I met the 3rd man. While at the camp he had made a non-flying scale model Tiger Moth plane. After he got back to England he wrote to the camp Commander and asked for his plane to be sent back to him. They sent it via the Red Cross. A few years later it had suffered a bit of damage and as I was then into making model planes he asked my to fix it for me.
  15. I would remind you that only 2 managed to escape successfully.
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