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  1. I was told that my local Navy airstrip Culdrose has a printed price list for civilian aircraft landings and takeoffs. It includes the price of a 747 landing even though its too short for it to take off again
  2. They have ice in the bar. You may have to through away the gin.
  3. We went into Truro yesterday and 2 things frightened me. A woman walking along without a mask and coughing her head off. No handkerchief. It was a still day, no wind, and I saw the size of the vapour cloud from a guy vaping. It was a huge demonstration of how much further one's breath can spread beyond 2 metres.
  4. The same way I would deal with other problems like TB in cattle. At present the policy is to cull badgers and to compensate farmers when they lose an animal to TB. Research shows that farms who spend most on proper maintenance of gates, fences and hedges have lower or zero risk of TB. Farms that suffer most from TB either have poor safeguards themselves or are adjacent to farms with poor safeguards and hygene. Instead of compensating the farmers I would fine them heavily for having an outbreak. If you track and trace spreaders of Covid 19 why not fine them? Tough but these are tough times
  5. Wyke Farm has fields alongside a railway track. At one time they sold advertising space on the winter 'coats' the cows wore.
  6. Are BF sailing to Beijing? Hadn't seen that on the timetable.
  7. But in the case of France they have had mask wearing in shops for some time and will continue to abide by sensible measures. The ignorant and uneducated UK population are a greater risk.
  8. I think it was a general trend before the pandemic to "tank up" before going late to the pub. This mostly applied to groups of young women who would meet in one of their houses with a bottle of wine each to help each other do their hair and makeup. They would arrive at the pub at 9:30 already drunk. That was the time I and my friends would leave. Perhaps it is a Cornwall thing. A bottle of wine from Lidl is about the same as a drink in a pub.
  9. I would suggest she isolate for 14 days in Devon first. If she thinks that the virus only spreads at parties and not if all her friends come round then her student days seem wasted.
  10. You can't have any faith in Cornwall's figures. The Medical Officer for the county decided on day one that the information was subject to patient confidentiality and keeps the data secret. We know about cases in Plymouth and South Hams because their decision is different. For all we know all the deaths in Cornwall could have been from the same health worker visiting all the old peoples homes. We don't know the dates of admission to Treliske of those who have died or where they came from. The ONS data can be over six weeks old. The only thing I do know is that 2 local people who wer
  11. Glad the boozers are happy. Did you notice that this is the only allowance? All the other goodies seen in duty free shops are excluded.
  12. When Walt Disney's forbears arrived in the USA the immigration official made a mess of their place of birth, d'isigny, in the name box. I always call it Walt Disney's butter. I often bring back stuff from Bricos for great savings. I saved about £400 on my porcelane sink.
  13. It was current in Australia before he bought the Sun. Especially after he bought out the paper supplier to his liberal rival and starved them of material to print on. Not a man to believe in democracy.
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