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  1. BobCrox

    Preparing for no deal!

    From memory I needed a IDL to drive in some eastern European countries which are now in the EU.
  2. BobCrox

    Preparing for no deal!

    I've hired cars several times in foreign countries outside the EU and I have never needed anything other than my plastic driving licence. I've even had it inspected by the police in the USA and Mexico. I don't understand how the EU would be any different. Who recognises what licence has always been a bit strange. My stepfather never took a test in his life but was allowed to drive worldwide on his Jersey licence.
  3. BobCrox

    Government charter

    I admire your faith in a company with a shareholding of just £66.
  4. BobCrox

    Brexit effect on BF

    More publicity for the Plymouth crossing would make some people realise that they do not have to deal with traffic snarlups on the M25 to get to Dover. I've met plenty of first time passengers on the Plymouth sailing from the western side of the country who have been gobsmacked at how easy the drive to Plymouth is.
  5. BobCrox

    Brexit effect on BF

    In Franschhoek you should be drinking wine.
  6. BobCrox

    Brexit effect on BF

    On a BF trip a few years ago I got talking to a truck driver. He spent his life delivering turkey meat to France and returning with a truck full of chicken. He made 2 return ferry trips every week. It is that sort of traffic which Brexit will affect meaning that BF will carry less freight.
  7. BobCrox

    Brexit effect on BF

    I am old enough to remember traveling on assignment before we joined the EU. Spending time at the customs desk going through every item of equipment on a Carnet for an hour didn't half annoy the cars behind me.
  8. BobCrox

    Brexit effect on BF

    I've hired cars all over the world on my standard plastic UK licence. I think that the last time I needed an IDT was in 1968.
  9. BobCrox

    Club Voyage

    Don't you mean SELLING cards to 3rd parties. According to the phone call my wife had from BF everyone will need to buy a card to get the discount. She is the named card holder and I am the Associate but from next April apparently Wives, husbands and children do not get the discount without a card in their name. Currently AFAIK you can give your number to 2 guests each year. Looks like that will disappear too.
  10. BobCrox

    Russian Cargo Ship Aground in Cornwall

    At least my friends will have something to talk about during their game of Boules on the beach this weekend.
  11. BobCrox

    Sister ships, definition..

    Not as bad as shoving a passenger through the porthole! Happened on the Durban Castle. An 8 year old me and family were on the ship just after the trial. My mother told me later that the atmosphere was a bit tense among the stewards.
  12. BobCrox

    Sister ships, definition..

    I would have guessed that some of the Union Castle Line would be sisters but it looks like they were not. I sailed on two of them but was far to young to remember if they were the same.
  13. BobCrox

    Brittany Ferries 1993

    I seem to remember that there were some Plymouth - St Malo and St Malo - Plymouth sailings back then.
  14. BobCrox

    Plymouth - Roscoff disadvantaged again

    Discussing this with someone in the holiday business in France they suggested that AirB&B are taking a lot of bookings away from Brittany Ferries' holiday business.
  15. BobCrox

    Why so long for a rough crossing?

    But they sell breakfast when the boat arrives 3 hours earlier. I think that those with long onward journeys would prefer an extra 3 hours at their destinations rather than wallowing around on the high seas.