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  1. Don't know about scooters but wheelchairs are available at Pharmacies in France on prescription. I assume scooters are too. Try google http://www.scooters-rascal.com/rent-a-mobility-scooter-in-france/
  2. Nah. Its owned by Walt and Mickey.
  3. The CI are not in the UK. Channel Islanders will tell you that England is part of the CI since they invaded in 1666.
  4. Before the days of twitter, internet forums and route trackers this sort of thing happened all the time.
  5. It is common for Plymouth sailings to stop so that the ship keeps to schedule. I've known Armorique to sail east along the coast for some distance before heading at an angle for Roscoff to give a more comfortable trip.
  6. Take it slow and stop en route. Discover new areas of France. We had to do this once and found the Marais Poiteven. Have been back many times since.
  7. Only if a few nore people read it😋
  8. I call it Walt Disney butter.
  9. Time was when there was no passport checks on arrival in Roscoff but you did get a free bottle of Orangina. I preferred it that way.
  10. Not me on twitter. The problem at Plymouth is made worse by the position on the booths between a high wall and high buildings. My sailing was no where near full and the delay was what we expect with a full ship. What it will be like in summer with full sailings I dread to think. (on a separate issue I wonder why Border Force use slow scanners when the data on the passport can be captured by a camera in 1/2000ths of a second?)
  11. Coming back through Plymouth the other night the traffic was very slow going through immigration. A man was holding up the traffic and only allowing cars to proceed to the available cabin when the previous vehicle was well clear. Turns out the reason was Health and Safety. The workers in the cabins were exposed to high levels of air pollution with the cars waiting close to them. Just another irritating delay.
  12. Mass protest at Millbay Docks😄 https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/local-news/brexit-ferry-protest-plymouth-no-2677855
  13. I can recommend the Alembic Bar. Very friendly for an early evening drink.
  14. I think you will find that the greatest danger on holiday is a road traffic accident. Especially not looking when crossing the road. Its even true in places like Mexico and Guatemala.
  15. The hire company have your Credit card details and pay the fine for you.
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