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  1. I think that travel will be impossible without a Covid-19 vaccination card and passport stamp. Remember the Yellow Fever and Smallpox cards?
  2. But the odds of dying from it are much greater. About 50/50
  3. I have been shopping for a few weeks in that magic quiet hour. Sainsburys plan seem to be to get all their old customers dealt with early so that the regular customers have it quiet for the rest of the day.
  4. Currently the big one is........... Obesity.
  5. That is brave. Iceland have a very high infection rate😄
  6. Likewise. We are occupying ourselves with a redecoration of the house. I have noticed that supermarkets are very quiet just after opening and just before closing.
  7. Its the number of times per hour the air is cleaned which is important. Airlines do as few cycles as they can.
  8. Anyone known of a link to an up-to-date map of infections in France.
  9. Have the French stopped kissing?
  10. And they will learn how much better Cornish food is! Met a French surgeon on a BF ferry who has a permanent home in Cornwall and commutes to France for work. 5 days in each 2 weeks. We asked why he liked Cornwall. His reply; "Better food".
  11. My local Tesco has 4 points. I have yet to see a car using them.
  12. Another scenario is if France banned travellers from pandemic hit UK.
  13. Looks like a similar boat, if not the same one, which put the previous St Vincent to Bequia boat out of business. That had been a wooden sailing boat. It was previously a Norwegian fiord crossing ferry. It was bought by a local from St Vincent and sailed back from Norway.
  14. The Norman fisherman are confined to the vestiges of the Norman Empire, The Channel Islands.
  15. No cars. Electric autonamous buses. Home deliveries with only one van for all per day.
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