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  1. Dear Ian I can see why we don't agree. The vulnerable include diabetics, asthma sufferers and many other below the age of 60. To the best of my knowledge children are not allowed to drink in pubs. I still maintain that the vulnerable are far more numerous than the youngsters sharing the virus in pubs.
  2. The vulnerable outnumber the youngsters by several million.
  3. Those at risk gave up a lot and are still doing so in order for the youngsters to go to the pub maskless.
  4. Its due to locality as I have said in this area not a lot of Masks are worn. We went to Market Harborough about a week ago and a lot more were wearing masks in the shops. In Truro last week not a single person in a couple of shoe shops was wearing a mask while everyone in Waterstones was. Like wise mask wearing in Waitrose was 100% while Tesco its about 50%.
  5. More Scilly Isles ferry news https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-59249634
  6. I think you'll find that the figures for the UK in 68/69 was close to 80,000. 3 million might be the World figure
  7. I remember a trip from Deal to Calais. My mother lived in a house a short walk from the pier. All I can remember is it being a lovely sunny day.
  8. Putting a gloss on the real reason; Tit for Tat with the USA
  9. Didn't I read that France require the cert to be in English, French or Spanish? Welsh might just do in Brittany but I wouldn't bet on it.
  10. Its a game Customs officers play. If someone is a nuisance they phone the car number over to their opposite number.
  11. If you really want to go off topic have a look at the DVD Bal trap on the cote sauvage. French camping will never be the same again.
  12. A few years ago 2 tax inspectors decided to make a surprise visit to the Isles of Scilly. Made a thourough nuisance of themselves. On the way back they were the only passengers on the ferry. The sea was a bit rough but the captain made it a lot rougher by riding sideways on some big waves. When he reached Penzance he pretended it was too rough to land and sailed around in circles until nightfall. Next time he reached the Isles he was given a standing ovation .
  13. And the only people with a constant supply are the police!
  14. I hate to be a pedant but the only county growing tea in the UK is Cornwall.
  15. It will make a change from clapped out secondhand Scottish boats. I was told that the difference in crossings was that going to the Isles of Scilly was like going up steps but coming back was a gentle slope.
  16. I used to have regular arguments in the bread shop in our local town. The woman behind the counter insisted on practising her English on me. I would remonstrate with her and say she should go to England to learn English because I was trying to practice French in France.
  17. It might be for my protection but not for my sanity. Having to update the QR codes when on a trip of just over a month can be a pain in the *****. In rural Brittany without a mobile signal and with the need to put the code on my iPad before scanning it with the mobile into TousAntiCovid was not easy. The software engineers in the NHS will rot in hell if my curses have any effect. There was also the small matter of a £10 charge to receive one security code. GRRRRRRR.
  18. That's funny. Its usually the English who make that complaint. We heard it again from an englishman on our recent visit. An Anglo-French friend who worked as an estate agent told a story about an English couple who asked her to sell their house in Brittany. They were selling up after 25 years because they could no longer cope without a knowledge of French.
  19. I did the same a couple of months ago. There seem to be more than one way into the form. The link from the BF website was impossible to get into and I struggled also for 2 hours. When I next tried I searched on Google and got a different entry interface.
  20. I had a perfectly good phone but when these requirements came in I went out and bought a secondhand iPhone. I was pissed off when a couple of months later Matt Hancock airily dismissed concerns about old iphones not working with the Tracing App by saying everyone should just upgrade. The NHS are now warning this for old iPads. Do they not have a policy of not chucking perfectly good phones into landfill?
  21. I can't get my car fixed on a Sunday. 😒 It takes two weeks just to get an appointment to fix my car around here. I did once get to spend 5 days in Venice all expenses paid because a RORO ship I was supposed to be on broke a piston rod.
  22. The vast majority of house purchases in Cornwall are to Londoners. With what they get for their London home they can buy in Cornwall and live off the rest.
  23. I actually know of a Breton, with his English wife, and his sister who have retired to Sicily. Makes room for the Cornish retiring to Brittany. Which in turn makes room for Londoners to retire to Cornwall.
  24. I have a history of getting snarled up on the Bilbao bypass which inexplicably is a toll road. My problem has been during heat waves.
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