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  1. And will you get insurance?
  2. Thanks for the answer. I travelled on a regular ro-ro ship with no passengers years ago from Mestre/Venice to Pireus. It was built to fit the Corinth canal. After Pireus it continued to Jeddah. There were a pair of matching ships owned by a Greek/Saudi company called Saramat.
  3. Showing my ignorance but what is the precise difference between a Ferry, a Ro-Ro Ferry and a Ro-Ro ship?
  4. AFAIK they open when they have both enough vaccines and enough people. The one I went to was manned by all the local doctors who were back at their surgeries the next day.
  5. Just think how angry they will be when pubs are only open to over 65s. 😉
  6. Take the step. We have hardly ever booked much in advance. We once flew to Tenerife with nothing booked at all. Just drove around the area we wanted to stay and asked apartment block caretakers.
  7. Evidence of this is that almost the only travel advertising now carried by newspapers is for cruises.
  8. I am still puzzled. Drivers from the USA can drive in the UK and EU with just a piece of plastic. Many get that piece of plastic after one day of tuition in the school playground.
  9. I am puzzled why I can drive and hire cars in the USA, Mexico, and many other countries with my plastic licence but that EU are getting their knickers in a twist over IDP.
  10. I met some classic car owners who had booked to sail Plymouth - Santander. PA had a problem and they had to go to Roscoff and drive across France.
  11. Just wait. We'll all be lot healthier when we eat all that fish we can't export. 😂
  12. It all depends on the number of vaccines delivered. Doing a bit of simple mathematics following a statement from Cornwall's chief Pharmacist it will take two years on current numbers to have Cornwall covered. The early euphoria is fading a bit about the rollout. While free travel might happen quickly free SAFE travel will take longer.
  13. There was a time when the Pont Aven had some Spanish dishes on the menu, even on French crossings. I especially liked what the Basques call "puddins" which are a kind of savoury mousse.
  14. BobCrox

    Drakes Island

    As its named after that famous pirate Francis Drake perhaps a skull and cross bones? As an aside I was in Campeche, Mexico where Drake sailed up and down bombarding the town and doing a lot of damage. We stayed at the Francis Drake Hotel. I cannot see Plymouth having an Adolf Hitler hotel to commemorate that city's bombardment.
  15. We love ours. We weren't looking for a place in France but we were with some friends when they looked at the property. £3500. Less than the price of a secondhand car. OK we did spend some money on it but not a lot. We avoided a large garden so very little outside maintenance. The tax is really low.
  16. We must be near neighbours. Guemene is our nearest supermarket. From Cornwall we always go Plymouth - Roscoff and always a night crossing. A delight is taking the Friday night to hit the Saturday Carhaix market. Really starts a trip off nicely. I have often spoken with Welsh passengers on the Plymouth crossing. First timers are surprised how fast the journey is.
  17. They have ice in the bar. You may have to through away the gin.
  18. Wyke Farm has fields alongside a railway track. At one time they sold advertising space on the winter 'coats' the cows wore.
  19. Glad the boozers are happy. Did you notice that this is the only allowance? All the other goodies seen in duty free shops are excluded.
  20. AFAIK there are ship cleaning machines like giant sunken car washes scattered around the oceans which large ships sail through occasionally. These are not needed to the same extent if the ship stays in cold water.
  21. I wear a mask whenever I am in a public place. It works because when they see it people remember they are supposed to keep a distance. If I didn't wear one people would happily bump in to me. Not wearing a mask is incredibly selfish. Do those non-mask wearers really want to keep infecting people?
  22. The flu vaccines are 100% effective but there is a basic problem. The makers have to decide months in advance which flu strains they put in the vaccine. They choose the most likely candidates but other strains can appear after the vaccine has been made. This has been made more difficult with the number of travellers now visiting China.
  23. Its a log time since I looked at the timetable and didn't understand the new layout. I'm sure it used to show year at a glance.
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