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  1. Happy Christmas and All the Best for the New Year to all BFE members and visitors
  2. Originally from outskirts of Durham City but used the name cos work had exiled me in Cornwall, but fortunately now retired and back home. Have used the M42/M40 link but not the A43. Fortunately not done during rush hour but certainly prefer the A46 to the M42 link and it does bypass Coventry which means a series of roundabouts which may be a problem at rush hour but normally aim for the Bretagne to St Malo so leave mid morning after getting the dogs into kennels so miss the rush hours in the midlands.
  3. We do A1,M18,M1,M69,A46,M40,A34,M3,M27. It's a more direct link from the M1 to the M40.
  4. Thanks Wortley & Andy that's given me some food for thought
  5. Going overnight from Plymouth on 3\11. Lookng at either Pause Cafe or Ferry Terminal Cafeteria for Breakfast. Pause Cafe has good reviews but can't find anyting on Terminal Cafeteria. Has anyone breakfasted there? Jim H
  6. Booked on the Pride of York for our holidays this September. Never been on this route before but a lot less driving from Durham than down to Portsmouth for the Bretagne.
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