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  1. It's a big investment for a 22 year old. Though it is possible. Clipper should be in line for a mid life extension if the plan is to keep her as the principal UK/CI RO-PAX.
  2. Because Commodore Clipper has also suffered from a Technical Issue and is operating with a 3 Hour Delay. This will continue until tomorrow, with the 0900 PM-GU-JE Delayed until 1145 and now operating PM-JE-GU due to tidal constraints.
  3. If true, that looks like a serious error. However, Condor Voyager 1530 Poole-St Helier is delayed until 2000. Condor Liberation 1415 Poole-St Peter Port was delayed until 1530 and an addition GU-JE-GU added. I think this guy is simply confused, and he'll be on Voyager at 2000. If he was booked on a 1530 Poole-CI Sailing, he was never going to Guernsey.
  4. Timetable page back 'Under Maintenance'. Didn't seem finished yesterday, possible glitch that it reappeared, with Rapide still featuring.
  5. Condor are interested in acquiring a RO-PAX to replace Goodwill, Stena Vinga is number one target. Though they don't have that many options to be honest and new build certainly not one, at the moment. Vinga is the correct age profile.
  6. More disruption for 31.07.21. Condor Voyager St Malo-St Helier cancelled. This evenings JE-FR is cancelled, so Voyager starts tomorrow in St Helier. Voyager will then operate the rest of her schedule on 31.07.21 as planned, though on reduced power and with extended crossing times. I'd be really interested to know what the problem is with Voyager, though Condor are keeping it a secret. I don't think Condor are overworking her, I think she's more capable of exceeding 40kns due to the extreme tides of the region. At this rate that facebook group will be renamed 'Condor Voyager and Condor Ferries - Good and Bad' 😉
  7. Timetables now online. Condor Voyager still showing as 'Rap' in downloadable PDF Timetables.
  8. Condor Voyager Services Cancelled between Poole/St Helier/St Malo on the 29/30 July. Condor Liberation Services Amended to cover St Helier/Poole Services on 30/31 July and, surprisingly, not much coverage... I wonder why? I can only imagine the outcry and complaints if Voyager, aka the mighty Cat, was being amended to cover Liberation, aka Liability, if she had Technical Problems. In all seriousness Condor Voyager hasn't been very reliable since her arrival. I assume she was laid up cold last year.
  9. Whilst I wouldn't dispute Macquarie were focussed on dividends/sweating assets/realising maximum returns over investment for the future, I still think Condor Liberation was a good investment from Macquarie. Yes, there were links, but they still made an investment and I'm sure many operators wouldn't mind having a new High Speed Trimaran 'foisted' on them. She has been a good addition to the Fleet, the Cats had been 'hammered' and in reality were not reliable. Liberation gets a bad reputation because she closed Weymouth (or did the fact the Quay Wall fell into the sea do that?) and Condor simply asked her to do too much in her early days. UK-GU-JE-GU-UK-GU-JE-GU-UK was asking for trouble. They would have been better doing UK-GU-UK-JE-GU-UK with Rapide & Clipper filling in Inter-Island gaps. She had very little downtime for maintenance, and she needed time to settle in. Maybe Express or Vitesse should have stuck around to back her up as crew got used to her, to let her bed down. Instead she was thrown in and expected to instantly take on almost twice the workload of the Cats. Let's hope Stena Vinga has a much smoother introduction!
  10. I know tides are often cited, but I cant understand why Liberation cant have a set departure from Poole to CI? Commodore Clipper pretty much always departs at 0900 from Portsmouth. And with the larger Voyager, would it not be possible to have Liberation do a 1000/1100 Poole-St Peter Port-St Helier-St Malo and return and Voyager do a 1000/1100 St Malo-St Helier-St Peter Port-Poole? Could Voyager even manage an additional 0800 St Malo-St Helier-St Malo before going to Poole via CI.
  11. They buy the holding company (BAI?) and drop the brand, replacing it with Stena. The regions would then have to jump onboard or operate their own vessels? If the regions choose to go it alone, they might have to compete against the might of Stena Line, so they'd probably be better off keeping their relationship with Stena BAI. There's also the rumours Condor are going to charter Stena Vinga from Stena RORO, so Stena Group look like they are becoming increasingly involved in BAI/BF/Condor. It would also give Stena a very good market share of Ireland-France and make refit season very straightforward, being able to call upon the resources of the Stena Empire.
  12. She will, at some point when there is demand/after travel restrictions, then operate Portsmouth-France, on charter to Brittany Ferries. At the moment however, she sails light to Poole, though I'm surprised Condor haven't rescheduled these sailings to operate to Poole. They've been making alot of changes lately, and haven't even committed to publishing any timetables yet, so I'm not sure why they're persisting fast craft to Portsmouth right now.
  13. Wasn't it under Macquarie that Condor acquired Liberation though? I've long thought that one of those two would be ideal for Condor. Dueodde has been in New Zealand since 2013, at which point she was only eight. Now the twins are 16, still younger than Commodore Clipper, and I've no idea what Stena have done to her. Maybe she also received attention when she had her vehicle decks extended in around 2012. It can only be seen a positive for Condor Ferries though.
  14. Further to my posts elsewhere, including on this forum, I'm hearing persistent rumours, from usually good sources, that Condor could be about to charter Stena Vinga from Stena RORO. I thought Condor should have acquired Dueodde when she was disposed in 2013, at under 10 years old she could have been a good addition to their fleet. And again when Hammerodde was disposed of in 2018 Condor passed up a good opportunity for CI suitable ROPAX. So it would be interesting if now was the time Condor did manage to get one of the sisters. It's a badly kept secret Condor had one eye on the Ben-My-Chree, though when she is 'replaced' she will be staying with the Steam Packet. Any Ben charter would be short term, and she would return to Manx Waters for TT/FOM/Winter Service/Refit Cover. If this does happen it can only be a positive addition for Condor. Stena Vinga would increase freight and passenger capacity and allow Condor to offer two Portsmouth-CI Passenger Sailings each day, increasing service resilience. The Goodwill Schedule is, apparently, the busier for freight, so Stena Vinga should be well suited, with her extended vehicle decks. I'd also be interested to see what the next Condor Conventional Vessel is named. Does she become a Condor, or do they continue with Commodore for the Conventionals.
  15. Condor should have purchased Hammerodde when she became available. She should have replaced Commodore Goodwill, increasing freight capacity and allowing Condor to offer two Portsmouth-CI Passenger Sailings each day. The Goodwill Schedule is, apparently, the busier for freight, though Hammerodde with her extension would have still provided enough capacity and allowed an extension of the passenger offering. She could have even operated freight only, carrying passengers during peak periods and times of disruption only. Could still happen I suppose, if she's owned by charter specialists Stena RORO.
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