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  1. Are you able to provide a summary in English ?
  2. Is there enough in the schedule for the Etretat and Connie to do Pompey - Le Havre - Rosslare - Le Havre - Pompey on an opposite rotation pattern ?
  3. Interesting read, potentially some winter fleet sharing with NEX, nothing else fits in the ports so that would be it for fleet movement Will this site be changed to BFCFEnthusiasts?
  4. Will the Connemara be repainted ?
  5. Will the Connemara get a repaint before she starts on the channel ?
  6. These rumours are quite strong, I have heard they will rename the NEX to Manche Express MEX to show her new home.
  7. When will there be a day trip offer to get booking?
  8. Bretagne is running daily now with the exception of thursdays. Before it was a more relaxed schedule to St Malo m
  9. All Cabins are en-suite, supervisors and officers have their own cabins.
  10. Perhaps they have work to do in the passenger spaces.
  11. Hi Andy I travelled St Malo~Portsmouth on Saturday, booking confirmation stated arrive for 1730 there is early boarding, the usual chaos after the check-in and free for all 4 lanes into the 1 for passport control. Freight was being loaded but cars were very slow and no real system to it or so it appeared, perhaps it’s the “Pont Affect” but you would have thought they had been used to it. finally boarded around 630-645 so not the check in and get onboard that is suggested but still had lots of time onboard before the 2145 departure. Safe travels. Invicta
  12. It may be on of the central or northern Irish ships. Stena are building their 4 new ro-pax to cover the Belfast routes.
  13. Does anyone know how long PLYM-CHB would be as a crossing ?
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