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  1. The thought process isn’t as complicated as you think and a share holder wanting a chartered vessel in a french port, it’s simply the vessel replacing Rapide.
  2. I don’t believe that is the case!
  3. What is happening with the Cap. She is on her way to Le Havre, is she going for layup ?
  4. If you click the link it says barfleur is covering Portsmouth Le Havre too !
  5. What was her schedule before she was chartered out ?
  6. I have heard the Stena Saga is the third ship
  7. Hi Nick Its to transport trade cards not berthing trials.
  8. It looks like the Stena Nautica has now replaced the Baltica so what is next for her?
  9. Is there enough in the schedule for the Etretat and Connie to do Pompey - Le Havre - Rosslare - Le Havre - Pompey on an opposite rotation pattern ?
  10. Interesting read, potentially some winter fleet sharing with NEX, nothing else fits in the ports so that would be it for fleet movement Will this site be changed to BFCFEnthusiasts?
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