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  1. Yes, she looks smart at the moment. I photographed her yesterday afternoon as she emerged from behind the Round Tower.
  2. I am faintly disappointed in the work done on the MSM. There are obvious rust marks, and other marks where the paintwork is very slapdash. The stern and bow doors are very obvious. Here are a couple of photographs.
  3. Interesting conversation. The Austal vessel that now runs between Morro Jable in Fuerteventura and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a 10,369 GRT monster, the Betancuria Express, constructed in 2011. Since the demise of the Stena HSS, she is the largest fast ferry of her type in the world. She is run by Fred Olsen.
  4. Photos I took from the Round Tower of the Normandie leaving Portsmouth while Cap Finistere arrives sporting her new colours. The weather was not good but I persevered.
  5. According to Marine Traffic she is bound for Bahia de Santander.
  6. elcotillo

    New Look Revealed

    Yes, it does look odd, but it stills all right. Here's the photo that I should have included.
  7. elcotillo

    New Look Revealed

    I took these photos of the Normandie from the Round Tower just as it started to rain.
  8. Yes. You are right, Gareth. MSM wad the last ship built by the Dutch shipbuilder, van Geesen in 2002.
  9. Let's hope that the refit is a success, and that it does not go to the dogs!
  10. elcotillo

    New Look Revealed

    The thing that I noticed on the 'fake' Normandie computer image was that the top of the logo on the funnel was very slightly above the top of the gunnel. That made me suspicious.
  11. elcotillo


    Pont Aven entering Portsmouth, pre 2018 refit.
  12. elcotillo


    Amorique entering Portsmouth after her refit.
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