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  1. elcotillo

    New Look Revealed

    The thing that I noticed on the 'fake' Normandie computer image was that the top of the logo on the funnel was very slightly above the top of the gunnel. That made me suspicious.
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    Pont Aven entering Portsmouth, pre 2018 refit.
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    Amorique entering Portsmouth after her refit.
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    Normandie Express Winter 2015 Lay-Up

    Normandie Express is just off Calais as I write. I still cannot believe that they have taken her off so early in the year. Will she be around next year?
  11. elcotillo

    P&O 'Express'

    Yes, we all remember the Express from the Portsmouth from 2000 to 2004. It was in short a complete heap of junk and it should have sailed on to Harry Pounds to be scrapped. It was extremely unreliable and it was always breaking down, no matter how much money was thrown at it. It broke down when I was travelling on it in mid channel and it managed to get going before it had to be berthed by tugs. It cost P&O a fortune in compensation. We were all very pleased to see the back of it and welcome the far more reliable Normandie Express!
  12. This afternoon, having caught the Red Funnel car ferry from Cowes, I spotted Wightlink St Clare clearly laid up in Southampton. Photo enclosed.
  13. According to Marine Traffic, the BDS is in Cherbourg this morning.
  14. elcotillo

    Normandie Express - 2015 Season

    I am sorry if you find this mode of transport unexciting. To me, watching up to seventy tons of water being emitted from her water jets every second is something that I cannot resist. It is very spectacular, no matter which way you look at it. I remember one young woman last summer being transfixed by the NEX's wake for almost three hours. She was almost in a trance and there is little doubt that was over the top. No matter, it is still a wonderful spectacle.
  15. elcotillo

    Normandie Express - 2015 Season

    Yes, I love to spend time watching the wake on NEX's stern but it is a pity that the car door stands in the way of a perfect view. Here's a photo I took last year.