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  1. https://www.nyan.ax/nyheter/vi-aterupptar-livesandningen-fran-bogseringen-av-amorella/ Footage of her being towed off here. Unloading vehicles in Langnas before heading to the Naantalli shipyard apparently.
  2. Heading to Turku by the looks of it. Not managed to find any update about damage yet
  3. Yes, largely it looks a lot better. Delving deeper, it still has Pride of York down as operating in the timetables, and some of the sailing updates could do with being clearer. But overall much improved, and badly needed. I can't believe they apparently won awards with the last website, it made the BF one look like a dream!
  4. Was in Hull last weekend and took a drive down to the docks to have a look at the boats. Both Pride of Bruges and York were in King George Dock. Quite a reasonable amount of domestic traffic in the queue for Bruges, given the covid restrictions and all. York had the stern door closed, so presume access as and when required is via the passenger gangway, or maybe it's just raised while they're loading Bruges so people don't drive on the wrong boat (especially as she's the nearest to the quayside). There were reports in August that York was being used as a hospital ship for covid positive crew me
  5. Be interesting to see what the revised plans for her and Barfleur are for 2021 in light of covid. Any conversion plans must be out of the window for her now. That said, I'd like to see it happen. If she was made into a full Armorique 2 would that make her more useful, and potentially cover for Caen boats?
  6. They still have Kent operating in freight only mode too. So they might restore to a 3/4 ship rotation.
  7. What will PA be doing post October? Sorry if i've missed this in all these revisions...
  8. I think Normandie will be required for Caen, isn't MSM on refit this year?
  9. She looks like she is well underway, and has Roscoff on AIS. She needs to be there anyway as she's off to Cork from there tomorrow.
  10. Yes, I'd agree. Have made a point of specifically booking the Bruges in the last few years. I find both Dutch flagged boats the better two, less of a difference on the bigger ones, but would still say P of R shades it.
  11. This has been the case for a couple of weeks now. Obviously due to the restrictions in Belgium, Pride of Bruges is essentially running in freight only mode, and has been using the freight linkspan in Zeebrugge apparently. Norsky, which was covering initially went off to Germany for dry dock but is now on her way back to Zeebrugge. I understand that she will resume back on her original Tilbury/Teesport route rather than double up from Hull but I could be wrong. The future of Pride of York remains unclear, currently she is being used as a Covid-19 isolation "hospital" for potentially infected me
  12. P & O CEO has stepped down. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dover/news/ferries-boss-steps-down-after-cutting-1-100-jobs-231909/ In other news Pride of Bruges is back in Zeebrugge and resuming service tonight.
  13. Just in time for the return of a limited passenger service to and from Belgium, it seems likely that Belgium will be added to back onto the quarantine list again shortly. Very unfortunate timing!
  14. Pride of Bruges is taking a limited amount of cars and pax on her temporary return. Hope bookings are busy enough to persuade them to re-instate properly..
  15. You'd think it would be at least worth honouring the existing bookings kn it, if they've got the crew available.
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