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  1. Yes, just looked. Looks like the Pride of York has been stood down, it's been in the dock in Hull for a couple of days anyway. Odd they make that decision when she had a long time in dry dock too earlier this year, i'd have thought they might have evened the running up and given Bruges a break. @Ryan_HI agree that I thought Stena or DFDS might go for them. The Humber already has plenty of Stena and DFDS traffic, but not passenger yet...
  2. Which P&O ships would you redeploy to boost BF routes? Their only nice boats (north sea) are too big for most french ports. I agree, that I suspect they're hankering for funding here. If it was so critical surely they'd have cut down some of their costs by only running alternate days on the north sea for instance?
  3. Was supposed to be PO Rotterdam and Bruges end of May. So next up it's either King Seaways in Sept or Finlaggan in October. PA if she does St Malo again next Christmas could be a possibility too...
  4. What did Barfleur do wrong to not be included in this section? 🙂 I bet mooring fees are cheaper in Caen..
  5. Armorique en route to Cherbourg.
  6. Maybe given her age she has to self-isolate...
  7. Bretagne now on the berth in Le Havre
  8. Hope someone can get some photos (if allowed)of most of the fleet in Le Havre. It reminds me of that time when several ships were anchored off Roscoff a few years back.
  9. Perhaps when all this is over we could get a special bfe members celebration trip together? Only thing to decide is which route and which boat?? Go!
  10. Oh for scheduled mail drops.. Was it Bowie that tweeted from the grave? Not long after he died? They have now made a change in line with DFDS. Hull to Zeebrugge/Hull to RotterdamAs governments implement further COVID-19 measures, P&O are temporarily suspending mini-cruises. Customers booked up to and including this date will be issued a credit towards a future sailing and will be contacted by email. We currently expect to be able to keep running our services, as our ships are a vital part of Europe’s transport infrastructure.
  11. I'm assuming all suspended vessels will return to their French ports for the time being then? Perhaps Connemara is operating to Cherbourg as Etretat or Normandie might be sitting on the berth if space becomes tight in the main docks?
  12. Have there been any alterations made in refit that would require her to have new berthing trials? Can't imagine so?
  13. P & O website currently still taking bookings for Amsterdam mini cruises for next week. Would have thought they would have stopped in line with DFDS north sea services. Especially as they carry more freight too.
  14. Pont Aven Aven touched down briefly in Roscoff and is now heading back to Le Havre.
  15. Do you think they're going to leave Cap in Spain then? Or maybe bring her up to Brest?
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