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  1. Tumnus2010

    P&O Pride Of Hull/Rotterdam

    Must be specifically to do with the direction as much as the strength, she turned at Paull before the river bends round. Due in at 10.45
  2. Tumnus2010

    P&O Pride Of Hull/Rotterdam

    Notice this morning that wind is causing a problem for Pride of hull. Looks like she's turned in the Humber and is heading away from Hull now, not even attempted to dock. Bit odd.
  3. Tumnus2010

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    I was pleasantly surprised by Armorique when we sailed on her a couple of years ago. Preferred her sea keeping to PA and also thought the cabins were fine for us as a family. Off again this year and have been able to book a club plus for the overnight which I'm told is worth it. The day return trip back on her was also very pleasant. Found the restaurant to be fine for what we needed. She didn't seem crowded in mid - August. Being out on the top deck coming into Plymouth was great. The only negative i remember was how slow customs at Plymouth were both ways. She still looked fresh and hope she will again this year.
  4. Tumnus2010

    Bretagne - 30 Years

    When were her sponsons added?
  5. Tumnus2010


    I agree with the above comparisons between the two. The only thing I'd say against it is that didn't Normandie take the mantle off Bretagne when she arrived? And not sure on this, but did MSM take it off Val de Loire when she entered service? If so it would suggest that the route is of little importance, Ouistreham is of course the flagship route in terms of number of crossings, and the one that is maintained above all the others it seems.
  6. Tumnus2010

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    The Hull ships have the Bahamas flag
  7. Tumnus2010

    P&O North Sea routes queries

    Rotterdam has bigger, more modern boats. The Zeebrugge ones are ok. Boarding at Rotterdam generally starts around 17:00 for a 20:30 approx dep. One main benefit of Rotterdam is that you'll arrive into Hull earlier and won't have to contend with the lock, so you'll be off and on your way around 8am hopefully, the Zeebrugge ones can be closer to 9.30 or 10 before you get off. The following applies to both routes: In terms of packages. Its slightly cheaper to pre book food. The Brasserie and main restaurants are both good. If you want a club cabin I'd chance your luck on board as it's cheaper by far to upgrade that way.
  8. Tumnus2010


    Not purely based on age, no. I agree then Armorique would have become it. But it could be a factor given it's 10 years since we had a brand new ship. My thinking was based on size -GRT and moreover the new technologies that Honfleur uses, LNG being something i could see them liking to shout about. The wording in project Honfleur however, as far as I can see, doesn't say meet our new flagship. So maybe PA will remain the flagship. It depends on what defines the flagship. PO Hull Rotterdam remain the PO flagships but are 9/10 years older than the spirits, but are larger and I would say grander. I would have no issue if PA remained, if so you'd assume she would until such time as a new build arrived for Bretagne? Would BF make an e-flexer their flagship(s)?
  9. Tumnus2010


    With the introduction of Honfleur I assume the mantle of flagship will move to her from Pont Aven? But PA will have been the flagship for 15 years which I guess is the record for BF ships. Of the previous flagships still in the fleet am i right in thinking that Bretagne, Normandie and MSM were all at one point the flagship?
  10. Tumnus2010

    P&O To Reflag Entire Fleet to Cyprus

    It's the same with the Rotterdam boats too. PO Rotterdam is Dutch flagged, PO Hull is Bahamas flagged. Crew of the "British" boats tends to be a mixture of British officers and mechanical crew, although last time I was on PO Hull last year think she had an Irish and a Dutch Master. Hotel and restaurant crew tend to be Spanish and Portuguese with a few Brits involved too. We've always tended to fine that the Dutch flagged boats tends to edge it in terms of customer service and cleanliness for some reason.
  11. Tumnus2010

    BF Refits 2018-19

    I've been on Bretagne when some of the external steps were roped off and they were replacing the steps between decks and painting external railings while on passage from St. Malo so they do do some things. Do the BF vessels have platforms and ropes that can be dropped along the sides of the hull? I've seen them on P & O North Sea vessels but can't remember if BF do have them or not?
  12. Tumnus2010

    New Look Revealed

    Looking at the official Bretagne one, and the work currently done. I wonder if they are going to reinstate the stripes but just haven't yet? They've only just done the one that goes goes along the side windows and the front, but it's possible the rest is yet to come?
  13. Tumnus2010

    New Look Revealed

    Do we assume all the planned work is done on her now externally? Or is it likely further work is to follow?
  14. Tumnus2010

    New Look Revealed

    Yes it does. When you look at the site they have Bretagne in new colours but with stripes...
  15. Tumnus2010

    Brexit effect on BF

    And surely Bretagne is probably the vessel you look to least bar Nex to increase freight capacity..