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  1. Tumnus2010

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    She’s on her way to Santander now, so hopefully fixed
  2. Tumnus2010

    Ferry Strip-Down

    She looks even better now, following extensive refit early 2017. Was on her at Easter and they've aged well. Hope they plod on for a bit longer.
  3. Is passing through the channel en route to Gdansk. The second ship to undergo a major refit in Poland. Heck of a voyage for a boat that reminds me of the Pride of Dover from British Colombia to Poland!
  4. Tumnus2010

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    She's off Ouistreham now. AIS says Portsmouth but doesn't look like she's going further than the bay just now.
  5. Tumnus2010

    Baltic Minicruises

    Looking into doing a Minicruises with my wife for upcoming birthday early next year. Have looked at both Color and Stena from Kiel. Stena on paper is quite a bit cheaper and cabins seem good. But any recommendations? You don't get long in Oslo with Color, is it worth the extra or is Gothenburg a better bet? Thanks
  6. For any northern based ferry fans like myself. P&O are doing minicruises to Belgium and Holland from £45 each rtn. We'll probably end up with a few days in Holland pre Christmas. Always good.
  7. Tumnus2010

    BF Refits 2018-19

    The cap seems to go annually, is there a reason for it? Is Bretagne not due a visit too? Gdansk was 2 years ago if I remember correctly?
  8. Tumnus2010

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    She's just left Portsmouth for Cherbourg
  9. Tumnus2010

    Ameland - Waddensea

    We travelled on these two. I think it was 2013/14 that we went on them. I remember the ridiculously twisty route
  10. Tumnus2010

    Ameland - Waddensea

    Did this route a few years back. Only a day trip and would like to go back! Thanks for the report.
  11. Tumnus2010

    New Fuel Pump Labelling.

    I have a citroen relay. Its got a Ford engine in. Anything over 2 litre is Ford apparently. Used to have a 2 litre Boxer which was indeed Peugeot though.
  12. Tumnus2010

    Van hire

    A friend of mine has bought a place near Limoges and wants to move their furniture from Yorkshire down there. We've had a look at self drive options but it seems difficult to hire anything bigger than a standard transit to take abroad. Ideally he needs a Luton sized van. Has anyone got any tips or ideas from your own experiences? Thanks.
  13. Tumnus2010

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    I'm sure they used to actually sail down the Humber and back or something years ago. The Bruges one sails to watch the fireworks at Ostend and Rotterdam moors by the erasmusbridge, both more appealing than a night alongside in Hull! Presumably time prevents PA going to Rouen this year?
  14. Tumnus2010


    Why would you do that and spend money converting a ship when you have a larger ready made one waiting to go? I'm not sure where Normandie would go otherwise anyway.
  15. Tumnus2010

    2018/2019 Xmas & New Year Cruises - Confirmed

    You can still sail to Amsterdam on the 'Val' of course, just not from Portsmouth..