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  1. Same, looking at the R'dam fares they are significantly more expensive than they were for similar crossings we've done in the past, and that's without adding food or anything on.
  2. I just emailed them to find out about any updates. Reply was quick, to be fair but was copy and pasted from their website. Even the font was bigger than the rest of the email...message still passenger suspension until 15th July, they've removed all bookings from website, not able to confirm when if/resuming..why don't you try Europoort that’s nice... I'd read some social media comments about an announcement coming this week. Doesn't look good, but who knows. I wonder why the Belgians don't intervene? Surely the amount of minicruise passengers going to Bruges is worth a significant amount to the local economy? Whenever we have been there there's always been at least 5 or 6 coach loads travelling to Bruges, even in the quiet times it still seems to be popular. I'd wondered whether a scheme similar to BF models where the local authority subsidises the operator would work there too but maybe not?
  3. Wonder if they are just waiting for the govt to announce the countries listed then? If they do restart then presumably they have to wait for their largely Filipino hotel crew to come back? Don't suppose they will have had anything but a skeleton crew on board. Wonder what they're planning with the Dover boats up in Edinburgh too. Given the reduction in capacities there would be an argument for having more capacity available on a route?
  4. Nice to see Pont Aven back in Portsmouth again on the warrior webcam. A positive sight for once, even with those funnels!
  5. It would be great of DFDS or Stena took over the routes..can't see it happening sadly
  6. I wonder if they're only taking bookings for vehicles that fit on Deck 7 on the R'dam boats then? Leaving the other vehicle decks free for freight? They're either spectacularly late to the party, or are not planning on resuming passenger services on Zeebrugge, maybe they want the govt to actually confirm it all first this week..
  7. Looking at the replies in their twitter feed they're not making a decision yet on Zeebrugge returning, which does seem a bit odd given that they are potentially missing an opportunity to make bookings. So perhaps the old girls are moving on. I have to say I'm glad I've not got a booking in with them for this summer. The somewhat casual nature of replies ("nobody's in the office this weekend, sorry about that") and general vagueness makes me think that BF have done a much better job in at least trying to update us with dates etc.
  8. Edit to above post. Although Pride of York is bookable Monday 6th. No return dates are coming up for either ship..Could be a website glitch..theirs is on a par with Bf for being bad.
  9. Newcastle - Ijmuiden open from 9th July. Princess on the 1st crossing
  10. Hull - Zeebrugge now bookable again on website. Pride of York will take first crossing 6th July ex Hull. Good news.
  11. Especially at Ouistreham where the berth is needed. Better leaving Normandie and PA where they are? PA starts from Portsmouth doesn't she? So will either restore in le havre or go to Cherbourg. Armorique is heading to Roscoff now so that berth is taken. Addition: can't remember what happened earlier this year...did PA re-enter service post Gdansk? Or head straight to lay up? Am I right in thinking she was in Cherbourg for a bit?
  12. Twitter has always worked best for me, and others by the looks of it. But facebook and instagram work too
  13. AIS has Armorique showing Roscoff arrival 0900 tomorrow
  14. Agreed. We were planning in using them later this summer, if it sails. For us with young children the departure and arrival times work well, plenty of things for them to watch in the lock. And like being on Bretagne and PA it's nice to be able to stand right at the stern.
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