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  1. Are there further strikes planned? We're booked on the Pont 16th/17th, thanks @Jim for sorting the member offers. Hope there is no disruption then. P&O mini cruise was the alternative, same price and much less driving for us in N. Yorks, but we were keen to see St Malo at Christmas and Pont Aven is a bonus. P&O rarely get disrupted though. Hope your respective journeys go well.
  2. @colindo any of Bretagne's crew move over to PA whilst she's deputising?
  3. As someone who works in weather forecasting and with (not for) the Met office I'd say their models are good. Windy etc don't have the model detail that the met office do for UK waters as they only use a European or german model generally. Where we are on the east coast, The UKCMF bouys do a good enough job. I appreciate matters may be different elsewhere on the Coast.
  4. Both Pont and Cap in Portsmouth together. That can't happen too often?
  5. I'm not a frequent BF traveller, only making a couple of crossings a year. But, I would suggest that other operators pay way more attention to freight than BF, so I'd disagree with you there on where their attention is. The relatively small amounts of freight I've seen at Plymouth Roscoff and St Malo also suggests their priorities lie elsewhere. I'm a frequent user of P & O north sea, both routes always have plenty of freight on (including many Leyland cabs on the Zeebrugge route), the proportion of freight to cars is high, admittedly the boats have more capacity for freight and vehicles than the Caen boats. A look at the twin height freight decks on the Rotterdam boats really gives you some perspective on their size, especially in comparison to some of the BF fleet. BF to me has always been about holidays. They may have started out with freight in mind, but they've certainly changed track over the years.
  6. Hi all, Considering taking the Pont to St. Malo early December for some xmas shopping. Having looked at multiple websites it seems unclear when the Christmas markets are in St. Malo, some say end Nov, others mid Dec. Does anyone here know? Failing that, if there are any other recommendations for something festive that is close to St. Malo, we'll have the car, I'd be grateful to know.
  7. Pride of Bruges, or Norsun as she was then, brought a load of cars from Japan when she was built.
  8. I agree with Jim. It depends on other users. The worst experience I've had with tightness of space was on Pont Aven.
  9. Presume Bretagne will get a full repaint and start to look a lot better than the tip exed version applied last winter?
  10. I don't think any of Bf's fleet could be called huge in comparison with rival European operators. I think even PA is outside the top 25 largest ferries in europe in GRT. Always think Cap looks very elegant though. I'm sure this has been asked before, but what's the reason that Cap requires an annual dry dock when the rest of the fleet seems to be alternate years? I know she covers big distances in all weathers, but she can't be massively busier than PA. Granted Pont has a quieter winter but then Cap always has a few weeks off herself.
  11. About 20 years ago I took my sleeping bag from the cramped reclining seat lounge and slept on a sun lounger on the upper rear deck of Normandie. Lovely weather, was very pleasant.
  12. Economie to France isn't that much cheaper I've found. Indeed when looking to book I found it to be as expensive as Caen, the only plus side being a slightly longer night crossing it seems. Hope it goes
  13. Could they be used on Stena's UK to Hook of Holland routes. Hvh has twin loading I think?
  14. What odds of her appearing before Honfleur?
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