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  1. Big fan of the mini cruise, whether it's with P and O or BF, it's big business in the north sea. Have to say best experience yet was PA to St Malo last December. I know people say she won't move there, but I think its probably inevitable. Looking forward to the arrival of the e flexers too, more than Honfleur, Estrid looks good!
  2. I see that Pride of Bruges has just finished covering for Pride of Rotterdam during her dry dock and is currently in the damen botlek shipyard for what appears, from the timetable, to be a few days quick splash and dash dry docking before returning to the Zeebrugge route. This allows Pride of York to disappear until the end of Feb. Given the length of absence I'm assuming she's back of to Gdansk again but does anyone know for sure where she's off to?
  3. Bye bye Kerry, and Connemara, in due course then. But which way round?
  4. Is she getting a brand new engine or a reconditioned one do we know?
  5. Surely it's down to the size and route in BF's case? Armorique is newer than Pont Aven. PO Hull/Rotterdam remain flagships despite Spirits being newer. @jonnowill majority of Notmandie crew transfer to Honfleur do you know?
  6. Especially when the system has been modified, which is presumably the case with the addition of scrubbers.
  7. Just made a booking on P & O's apparently award winning website for some friends. Interested to see the photos of the ships they're supposed to be travelling on..could use some updating!
  8. @Garethit does say Liberation on the official site. Maybe she's covering, Rapide and Liberation both currently in Poole.
  9. Did the Duc have a restaurant? As she served both routes. Too young to remember..and definitely wouldn't have been allowed in it!
  10. I'd leave the logo and just give her a good clean, that is, if they're going to do as good a job as they did with Bretagne...
  11. Yes, well Princess is at least. Currently in Amsterdam shipyard, along with Spirit of Britain.
  12. She could use a re-paint, and a nice blue line. I always found her the least aesthetically pleasing ship in the fleet to look at anyway, very functional, and that was before the scrubbers landed. Hopefully she gets some attention somewhere this winter!
  13. Interesting route choice from Pont Aven, not going past Helsingborg/Malmo and under the Ostersunds bridge, rather a longer route through the great belt area. Is she stopping off in Flensburg? 😂😂
  14. Would MSM not go to Santander? Didn't they do her scrubbers?
  15. RE: Bretagne. Is it possible they were just waiting to transfer stock and staff from Pont Aven? All the winter stock will be on her and when she comes back it will be springtime? Could be they didn't want to replenish potentially short season items unnecessarily.
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