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  1. Saiing time would be around 55hrs at 20 knots. Not sure it would be any quicker than driving?
  2. It's a somewhat rare positive feeling to have that for once, Britain might be at the head of the curve rather than trailing behind. I'm very grateful that this is the case. I know of many people who have already been jabbed and feel much more confident about life in general as a result. We have a BF sailing booked for mid August. Optimistic that it will happen, not the end of the world if it doesn't. More likely that we should finally be able to get to the Scottish Islands later this year, and looking further ahead into sampling the newly refurbished Norrona at somepoint if we can
  3. When was the last ex BF ship scrapped before the Duc? There are a few still clinging on in the med and Red Sea I think? Duchesse Anne, Tregastel, Gotland, Pont L'abbe that I'm aware of. Is the Apollo, former Benodet still going? Very old AIS signal from Quebec
  4. Remember seeing her laid up, I think in the inner harbour at St. Malo, when we were on our way back to Duchesse Anne. She must have been interesting on the Spanish run given her sea keeping reputation.
  5. Just to note, the documentary featuring the cruise ship I was refering too was called Sea City - The Humber Estuary, and was on BBC1 in 2016. Not currently on iPlayer. But link to homepage is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06z9k79
  6. They did use some of the terminal for some cruise ships. Remember seeing a documentary where the cruise ships in Hull didn't appear to use the facilities though. It all appeared a bit Heath Robinson with one of the customs sheds being used for car parking and sorting luggage. There are plans for a "proper" cruise terminal on the Humber, that's positioned near The Deep and Victoria Dock. Apparently this is still on track for 2024. This would obviously give access to much larger tonnage than the ones that can access King George Dock. Hull is keen to be able to offer out coach trips to York and N
  7. News on Facebook site that the King George Dock Terminal building in Hull is to close this week, before decommissioning and deconstruction at a future date to make way for land storage areas. This is the terminal latterly used by Pride of York/Bruges, and Norland/Nortar in its heyday too. The main River Terminal building where the Rotterdam boats depart from is unaffected.
  8. On what will now sadly have been our last minicruise to Zeebrugge, we took the car and went to Ghent, which we preferred to Bruges. Very picturesque but less touristy. Would definitely go back. I live in York and when we first went to Bruges the taxi driver we had laughed, because he said a lot of people from Bruges go to York as tourists. They are quite similar in some ways. I think I read on Facebook that the King was one of the last boats to keep its Maltese cross. At least one of the CPH - Oslo boats does too I think, from seeing a recent picture.
  9. Yes, agreed. Although I suspect the one thing P&O did bring was a certain amount of consistency and particularly low season tourism. I've been in Bruges in high summer when it's been heaving, largely with American and Asian tourists. But, also been there many times in the low season where there have still been healthy numbers of coaches taking minicruise passengers to and from the boat. The 2 for 1 deal certainly helped in that regard, and better "value" than the DFDS equivalent. Zeebrugge, like other cruise destinations, must be hoping for the return of the cruise market ASAP. Other
  10. You'd assume that BF would try to extend Etretat? Otherwise would it be the Cap on a last in first out basis? Presumably the most practical in terms of capacity to reactivate if need be too. Alternatively..what are Normandie's loadings like? If it's quiet she could cover for a bit...
  11. Thanks @RickOShea I had read somewhere about the city of Bruges looking to tender for a new passenger link to the UK. Had wondered if that might come from Newcastle and DFDS. They would (I think) have the capacity in North Shields as presumably they still have 2 linkspans?
  12. Just wondering with Moby's current issues whether there is likely to be any revival of the replacement of the DFDS Newcastle boats with the Moby sisters? Personally quite glad the current sisters are still operating as I've still got a twice delayed trip on King Seaways from last year
  13. Yes, I'm a cricket fan and was listening to Australian radio coverage of their games against India last month. You get Australian news, and the fact that single digit infections were the top story was rather refreshing, when we were experiencing record breaking numbers at the same time. That and the fact that some fans were allowed into the stadiums brought some comfort and light into a dark situation. The Aussies and Kiwis have been showing it is possible to come out of this.
  14. We have a BF booking for August. I'm still optimistic about it going ahead. It's 6 months away, much can change. A year ago we were only just starting to deal with emerging cases, and there were the issues around skiers returning from Italy. The situation can change quickly either way. I work for an organisation that has members of staff that are members of the sage committee, and our internal updates have been relatively upbeat about the short to medium term. In respect of what ministers are saying, it's cautious, and probably working to the reasonable worst case scenario, which is what
  15. Those two (Gotland sisters) would look good in BF colours. Like a slightly smaller Cap Finisterre...
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