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  1. @jonno Is Cotentin owned by SOMANOR or BAI? Wondering if it's likely that Etretat crew will shift to Cotentin?
  2. Cherbourg is going to be busy if we have Cotentin, Galicia and Normandie/MSM all there shortly. Out of interest, presume Stena pay the bill to reset Cotentin back to BF requirements?
  3. Have I missed something with Connemara? She's listed on Marine Traffic as being Cypriot flagged again, she was initially wasn't she? And then moved to Morlaix
  4. How hard would it be for extra cabins to be added in place of a reclining lounge or something at this stage?
  5. Pride of Hull due back on Wednesday from Europoort according to Freightlink social media post. An update on Pride of Bruges and Zeebrugge will follow in due course..
  6. Yes, not showing up on AIS for a few days. Wonder if it will be longer. Will be interesting to see if when she does return if the Bruges goes back on the middle berth where she spent lockdown 1..
  7. Reports on social media suggest Pride of Hull is scheduled to return to service on Monday hopefully. Not heard anything about extents of damage, she's still on the middle berth in Europoort so obviously doesn't require a dry dock. Apparently Pride of Rotterdam lost a stabiliser a few weeks ago, and so wonder how long they will go without that. As restrictions increase in Belgium and Holland they could keep Pride of Bruges on Europoort and get that sorted too..
  8. Small piece about Honfleur on Fosen yards page today. https://fosenyard.com/ukategorisert/ny-kontrakt-til-fosen-yard/
  9. She's providing cover for Pride of Kent for a bit before heading off to Falmouth apparently
  10. Think she can give her a tow? 😄
  11. Pride of Hull is outbound on the Humber, currently with a tug following, but is approaching Spurn with an AIS destination of Rotterdam. Suspect she's off to Damen Velrome where she usually goes, or maybe just alongside on the spare berths at europoort. Pride of Bruges is down to cover for the next week anyway.
  12. She's on the berth now. Wonder if they've in fact offered on board accommodation overnight before disembarking and loading onto Pride of Bruges tomorrow. Would seem the decent thing to do.
  13. Seen online on freightlink: "Due to the previously advised circumstances surrounding the Pride of Hull, tonight’s Hull to Zeebrugge service has now been cancelled. The Pride of Bruges will now be deployed on the Hull ⇌ Europoort service from tomorrow." P&O Ferries. Bruges on Europoort until at least Weds 28th on their facebook page. No further mention of Zeebrugge past tonight. Wonder if it's just not worth getting POY up and running for a week.
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