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  1. It would make sense. P&O do a similar thing with the Rotterdam route, boarding starts around 16:00 for a 20:30 dep. I like to get on board and have eaten etc before departure. Works well, we were able to do a similar thing on PA last time we sailed from St Malo too.
  2. The Caen boats do the same thing in the Baie de Seine, as does Barfleur often on their overnight crossings. Portsmouth and St Malo is our proffered crossing. Portsmouth is a 4-5 hr drive for us. Although because of where we travel to in Brittany the last few times we are doing Plymouth - Roscoff. In past years we have done an early Yorkshire dep for Plymouth overnight on Armorique. This year, assuming we go, we're staying en route to break the journey up a bit. As has been mentioned the evening arrival in Plymouth, and the very slow transition through customs is a
  3. I suppose it's possible BF may be an interested party. Although, any financial commitment to another new vessel, with another one already on the way, given the current financial problems because of covid must be an issue for BF. If restrictions continue for most of this year I can't see her going anywhere quickly.
  4. Pride of Bruges is just arriving in Naples now. These pictures captured from the Mount Vesuvius webcam. Some nice pics from a couple of Dutch crew that stayed for the delivery voyage of her passing through Gibraltar. Pride of York in shipyard now, there will be 3 ex P&O boats in Naples today with the ex Pride of Le Havre, also now with GNV as well.
  5. P & O's Pride of Rotterdam/Hull are similarly offset, presumably to allow them to better access linkspans in one or both ports. Does the width of Cotentin's potentially limit it's ability to visit different ports?
  6. Saw this posted on facebook a few days ago and finally got round to watching it today.. TV's Dom Littlewood spends 24hrs or so in the company of Stena Line, including multiple crossings on Stena Estrid whilst she was covering for Stena Superfast VIII, also featured in dry dock. The new ship looks very nice, and a good insight into the lives of some of the crew. All seem to really enjoy their work. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m000vl0v/dom-digs-in
  7. Yes, I thought they might do that too. I guess they will do it in drydock now. Looking at some of the pictures of POY sailing in and around Naples, it looks very nice. Much more scenic than East Hull or Zeebrugge.
  8. Pride of Bruges departed Zeebrugge for Naples at 17:00BST today. Pride of York is due to arrive in Naples tomorrow lunchtime and is just off Sardinia currently.
  9. Bye bye Pride of York. Leaving Eurosport just now. Destination Naples.
  10. Pride of York sale confirmed, now under Cypriot flag in Rotterdam. https://www.shippingitaly.it/2021/04/16/gnv-ufficializza-lacquisto-della-nave-gnv-aries-e-limpiego-sulla-napoli-palermo/?fbclid=IwAR2Xm1BowhwanIipTwp3Qk9ZKmF3EVm4NVwSEK13pcxCUGXnPuLGAa2SeCE
  11. It would make sense to use the P & O boats for that purpose instead I guess. Unless there are plans for GNV to use their freight capacity? If they do enter service I'll try and get on them. I'd like to go on Moby Otta/Drea too, but that seems unlikely given where the company may be heading I suppose.
  12. Apparently destined for the Naples - Palermo route. Will be interesting if they do anything to them. They have no recliners at the moment and GNV do seem to offer them generally.
  13. I understand those two are Visentinis, the latter the current Scottish Viking. Think they're in to cover some of the current GNV fleet refits over the next couple of months. I think there were rumours of new potential GNV routes, for which, no ships have been mentioned yet, as far as I know.
  14. This article linked mentions that the two boats have welcomed Italian crews on board. There was a suggestion on Facebook that the two could be used to replace two existing GNV ferries (one of which is the former Oscar Wilde), currently being used as migrant accommodation ships, to allow them to return to their summer schedules. This sounds very plausible to me. It will be interesting to see whether they get repainted or not if that is the case. https://www.shippingitaly.it/2021/04/12/due-traghetti-nordeuropei-si-rifanno-il-look-per-passare-nelle-mani-di-aponte/?fbclid=IwAR3hVt
  15. Pictures on facebook of the P & O ensign being painted over on the Pride of Bruges funnel, and also the logo on the side Pride of York. Suggestion seems to be that they are med bound for GNV shortly, but not seen it confirmed by anyone official, although the posts do appear to be commented on by crew members who have mentioned they are destined for a new life in the med. Glad they appear to be getting some more use before the end of their days.
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