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  1. Economie to France isn't that much cheaper I've found. Indeed when looking to book I found it to be as expensive as Caen, the only plus side being a slightly longer night crossing it seems. Hope it goes
  2. Could they be used on Stena's UK to Hook of Holland routes. Hvh has twin loading I think?
  3. What odds of her appearing before Honfleur?
  4. Yes, I know it was. I was being a bit pedantic as he was talking in the present sense. The programme did remind me to go and look again at the art next time we're on her now that I've heard about the family connections to Brittany. Wonder what they'll do with it all when she eventually leaves the fleet.
  5. Thanks Neil. Interesting watch and to hear Lachlans passion for travelling on Bretagne to Brittany and it being the start of the holiday is great. He did call it the flagship though.
  6. Was supposed to travel on King earlier this year but couldn't make it. Will take the number of ex BF boats in the med to 3? Be interesting to see how they go. I wonder what this might prompt P & O to do with their Zebrugge boats, they're a similar age.
  7. Hi. Am off to Brittany (near Quimper) next month. I'd ideally like to arrange hire if a mobility scooter for a week. I'm struggling to find any information online for them. We're sailing to and from Roscoff so could collect one en route if needed,but I'd prefer to have one delivered locally. So if anyone knows anything about these things I'd be very grateful.
  8. Is there still a bit of the superstructure to fit towards the stern? Looks incomplete..
  9. Slightly off topic but also about boarding Armorique...we have booked a club plus in August. However, I am temporarily in a wheelchair. Dies zntine know the boarding procedures for disabled people? We could switch our cabin to accessible but Arm only has 2 berth accessible cabins and we have our 2 small kids with us so hoping I can get through the door in the normal cabin. Will call bf to enquire but if anyone has any previous experience I'd be glad for it. Thanks
  10. Do you think they'll do anything with the 3 dormitories she has? The AF website suggests she should be a step up from the others. More similar to BDS than Etretat?
  11. I don't know the reason for it, but I've been on quite a few ferries where there was more wash on one side than the other, so perhaps it's quite common.
  12. If only Honfleur was ready they could have used Normandie on St Malo and sent Bretagne to help out in Plymouth. Would they put Etretat on a couple of Spanish runs?
  13. Tumnus2010

    BF Refits 2018-19

    I wonder if Bretagne then will go off to dry dock fairly soon into the winter schedules so she's ready for a busier than planned winter/new year.
  14. Tumnus2010

    BF Refits 2018-19

    They tend to close Plymouth down over winter
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