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  1. Wonder if she's had a weather delay? There's been some very strong winds and spring tides building this week.
  2. They did try to use one quite recently...and many others have big order books. I last went on PA in December 2019 and thought she looked fine, a couple of months earlier I was on Pride of Rotterdam and Hull and they looked very good too, they are 4 years older, but as you say, somewhat less worked. Will be interesting to try the new boats as the newest I've been on is Armorique, and her club plus are excellent, different world from the club on Bretagne really.
  3. Wonder if she's due a dry Dock visit? She's had a pretty busy year, was she laid up in Cherbourg for a bit though last winter?
  4. Is there any news on the future of the Cap from November onwards?
  5. We were looking at possibly going to St Malo this winter, the change of ship slightly decreases our liklihood of travelling, although I am a fan of the club plus cabins on Armorique, and have always had good food in her restaurant. PA or Bretagne would have been preferred but it makes sense for BF to do this. I assume PA will go to Astander again? We discovered she does fit a couple of years ago? If P&O reinstate their Dutch minicruises we shall probably hit the Christmas markets there instead of going to France as it's much less of a drive, and the Brasserie on board will be open!
  6. The Trip to Spain, made as both film and TV series features Pont Aven on a crossing from Plymouth to Santander. One of the North Sea Ferries boats, I think it's supposed to be Norland, but actually isn't, appears in an episode of Only Fools and Horses too.
  7. Wonder of they could use some rope barriers like you get in outdoor eating spaces to pen off a bit of the area immediateky outside cabins?
  8. This seems sensible? BF could benefit from all their freight knowledge for sure.
  9. Back from a day trip to Arran. First time there and we absolutely loved it, stunning place. Caledonian Isles back in service both ways, nice enough for the 55min crossing, but well worn inside, and in need of a decent refurb. Looks older than she is, she's younger than a similarly hard working Normandie, and nowhere near as well kept. Disappointed to miss out on the Isle of Arran which we saw in Brodick on Campbeltown duties, the calm seas tonight would have made for a lovely evening cruise there. Also good to see Waverley back in action and leaving Brodick for the Clyde. Calmac on Arran back up and running then, but a new vessel will definitely smarten up the route, whenever she finally arrives. Next trip planned is to Islay and Finlaggan, later this year. Good to be back on a ferry for the first time since 2019, even if it was a bit small!
  10. Supposed to be going to Arran on Thursday but not looking good. Caledonian Isles (which we were booked on) out of service due to covid cases at least until tomorrow. The Isle of Arran, covering and providing general support has developed an issue with her bow visor so needs attention tomorrow. Calmac asking people to divert to Lochranza to Clanoig. As the crow flies it's around 40 miles from where we are staying in Ayrshire, but by road around 3.5 hrs detour each way. 2-3hrs from Glasgow too, so can't see it being that popular.
  11. There is a video on YouTube of GNV Antares (ex Pride of Bruges). Recliners added where some of the shop was, and in the former main bar and show lounge area too. Still some P&O branding visible in the "bus shelter" for smokers. A lovely boat to sail on.
  12. Yes, I guess some of it will depend on what the refit schedule looks like now too. It does feel like quite a bit of the fleet will be enjoying Le Havre for some time this winter at least.
  13. Isn't Pont Aven timetabled on St Malo from 1st November anyway? Last time I checked she was down for the winter cover.
  14. The original Armorique sailed for BF in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. I think she probably covered most routes in her time. I think she finished up covering the Caen run just before Normandie arrived. I remember seeing her laid up in St Malo a couple of times. More info here: https://brittany-seas-ships.jimdofree.com/brittany-ferries-past-fleet/armorique-1/
  15. Up in the night with the kids. And whilst I wait for them to settle I thought I'd have a scroll through a Hamburg ship brokers list of boats for charter. Not surprised to see boats like Pride of Burgundy or Silja Europa on there. But was surprised to see Armorique listed. Bretagne was the other BF boat, although former Etretat also listed too. I would have thought Barfleur might have made the list too. Not sure how up to date these listing are, for instance the now chartered Pride of York/Bruges are included. But interesting that BF considered or consider Armorique potentially dispensable given how useful she's been.
  16. Have Brittany Ferries categorically stated that the Bretagne replacement is for St Malo? Or just a Bretagne replacement? I can't remember, but if it's the latter then that's possible I suppose. But, PA seems to be the most popular boat on the Spanish route, so not sure its likely, although I'd be quite happy if she did.
  17. I think Armorique is fine, nothing exceptional, but nothing bad. Have always found everything to be fine, good crew, cabins, food etc. She lacks a bit of the character that her predecessors have perhaps, but she does everything well enough. I really like the club plus cabins, and the weatherproof outdoor seating area is a bonus. When we were moved, with her, to St Malo for our now cancelled trip this summer I was quite happy with the idea of her for the overnight. On a return I would probably prefer Bretagne just in terms of outdoor deck space at the stern, and of course the restaurant. The fact that she can so clearly serve almost every route well is a credit to her. It will be interesting to see what they do to the interior of Cotentin when she's converted and how similar her layout will be to Armorique.
  18. Off to Arran too I'm a few weeks so good to know. Only ferry we're likely to get on this summer bow sadly, but looking forward to it nonetheless.
  19. Not sure why you say this Reasonably enough I think, because they decided to divert the Armorique to St Malo and cancel all her summer Plymouth sailings. We were on the receiving end of one of those cancellations unfortunately.
  20. I suppose it's possible that Armorique, as we see this summer, or Pont Aven can cover St Malo in the meantime if needed..BF have clearly decided that Portsmouth is the priority for French services if they have to choose between St Malo or Roscoff operating full time. Has anything been mentioned about Normandie to Le Havre still being on?
  21. As BF have a stake in Condor I'm not sure it can be applied as competition? Whenever I've looked at UK to France with Condor the cost has always been higher than with BF too.
  22. They are becoming the new Superfasts and Visentinis aren't they? Popping up everywhere. Wonder if the St Malo boat will still be a twin loader? Or is that upper car deck going to be where the commodores ( I wonder of they mean Club cabins as well here) and the useful sounding family cabins will go? We've used the slightly random, but nevertheless useful club 5 bunk cabins on P & O North Sea before now. Great to have the extra space with the family, and glad BF are doing something similar. Wonder why something similar hasn't been considered for the Spanish routes though, or has it?
  23. I think this is a sensible approach for BF, hastened, no doubt, by their financial troubles because of covid. It's worth remembering that Galicia has not yet had the opportunity to run without some sort of restrictions in place, and so the on board offerings will hopefully improve. This is a way of replacing two aging ships with proven tonnage relatively cheaply and quickly. In terms of interchangeability, it's certainly true that's possibly a benefit. But aren't we still going to expect Armorique or the converted Cotentin to cover on Ouistreham, assuming Normandie has departed the fleet? I think sister ships have their own identity, so I'm not unduly concerned about the fleet of e flexers that are coming our way. It is what it is, for now. I'm a regular user of P&O North Sea and I would suggest(and many would support) that the Pride of Rotterdam is superior to Pride of Hull. They're identical, but I think the crew on board just offer a higher level of service. Similarly the former Pride of Bruges was perceived to be superior to her near sister. I have always enjoyed the variety of BF, although when it was a choice between the Duc or Normandie, as much as I was fond of the Duc, there was no contest. As MSM is probably the next ship in the firing line(albeit sometime away) it will be interesting at that juncture to see what BF do. Noting that the charter is for 10 years, it's quite likely that in 10 years they will be looking at MSM replacements too...
  24. Just seen article on ferry shipping news which states the conversion of Cotentin to replace Barfleur is still on, but no date as yet confirmed for it.
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