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  1. Bye bye Pride of York. Leaving Eurosport just now. Destination Naples.
  2. Pride of York sale confirmed, now under Cypriot flag in Rotterdam. https://www.shippingitaly.it/2021/04/16/gnv-ufficializza-lacquisto-della-nave-gnv-aries-e-limpiego-sulla-napoli-palermo/?fbclid=IwAR2Xm1BowhwanIipTwp3Qk9ZKmF3EVm4NVwSEK13pcxCUGXnPuLGAa2SeCE
  3. It would make sense to use the P & O boats for that purpose instead I guess. Unless there are plans for GNV to use their freight capacity? If they do enter service I'll try and get on them. I'd like to go on Moby Otta/Drea too, but that seems unlikely given where the company may be heading I suppose.
  4. Apparently destined for the Naples - Palermo route. Will be interesting if they do anything to them. They have no recliners at the moment and GNV do seem to offer them generally.
  5. I understand those two are Visentinis, the latter the current Scottish Viking. Think they're in to cover some of the current GNV fleet refits over the next couple of months. I think there were rumours of new potential GNV routes, for which, no ships have been mentioned yet, as far as I know.
  6. This article linked mentions that the two boats have welcomed Italian crews on board. There was a suggestion on Facebook that the two could be used to replace two existing GNV ferries (one of which is the former Oscar Wilde), currently being used as migrant accommodation ships, to allow them to return to their summer schedules. This sounds very plausible to me. It will be interesting to see whether they get repainted or not if that is the case. https://www.shippingitaly.it/2021/04/12/due-traghetti-nordeuropei-si-rifanno-il-look-per-passare-nelle-mani-di-aponte/?fbclid=IwAR3hVt
  7. Pictures on facebook of the P & O ensign being painted over on the Pride of Bruges funnel, and also the logo on the side Pride of York. Suggestion seems to be that they are med bound for GNV shortly, but not seen it confirmed by anyone official, although the posts do appear to be commented on by crew members who have mentioned they are destined for a new life in the med. Glad they appear to be getting some more use before the end of their days.
  8. This popped up in my facebook memories today, to remind me of a trip we did a few years ago today. It being Easter a few have popped up, one from the following year from the Commodore Lounge on PA. I have to say it made me rather nostalgic, and longing for a return to ferry travel. I won't do guess the ship...One of the things I like best about many of the BF ships is being able to look over the bow from deck. Can't wait to go back.
  9. Haven't visited Cork, but the photos look good, and would agree with all the other comments about Armorique's current route. Although at the opposite end of the scale for natural beauty, I've always found Europoort a spectacular place to arrive and depart, the sheer amount of stuff happening is remarkable. Stranraer would have to be at the lowest end of the British port scale for me. Cairnryan improved things, and the cruise views into Belfast are also good. For me, the arrival and departure at St Malo are my favourite though, it takes time going past all the lighthouses, reall
  10. The Bithia class always look odd I think, due to their lack of windows overlooking the bow. There must have been a good reason for it, but it looks odd in this day and age. Bretagne would surely be a great bet for the med, it would be nice if she could replace Dubrovnik, a sort of fitting succession from the St. Malo route... With all of Moby's financial issues, are the two new builds secure still? The P & O Zeebrugge twins to the med story seems to have gone all quiet too.
  11. I had wondered the same @Ryan_H If they did then could they redeploy the current vessels to an existing DFDS route? Or maybe they could start a new route with them, to Belgium maybe..(I wish).
  12. Suggestions on Facebook that this would be for route expansion, but also a denial from P&O that this is happening. Although I think that is often par for the course until a deal is confirmed.
  13. Report here that the Zeebrugge sisters are off to the med and GNV. http://www.ship2shore.it/it/shipping/gnv-rileva-due-datati-traghetti-da-po-ferries_76737.htm
  14. News from Tasmania, that after a bit of a merry go round. The original plan seems to be back on track. https://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/7167761/replacement-spirit-of-tasmania-ships-to-be-built-overseas/?cs=20758&fbclid=IwAR0fMRAWGoz7B_2IgiVmcNtEebqQY19NagvdwjQ9APcSmq9jKrSYyHOvo8o
  15. Good news on the terminal. Will be interesting to see what they do about fleet renewal in the coming years.
  16. Agree with all the above comments. Utrecht we've visited many times for a nice city break, we were advised to go there first by Dutch friends. We also really like The Hague, fewer canals, but an interesting place to be.
  17. It would be nice if she called at Shetland again. I'd like to go on her as well.
  18. I'd like to see this sort of thing happen. Whether it's long term viable, who knows. Will be interesting to see what ship is assigned to the route if it does come off. There's a ship with a nice Atlantic bow laid up in Le Havre (jokes) but I think that is where it's suitability for such a route ends. 🤪
  19. Saiing time would be around 55hrs at 20 knots. Not sure it would be any quicker than driving?
  20. It's a somewhat rare positive feeling to have that for once, Britain might be at the head of the curve rather than trailing behind. I'm very grateful that this is the case. I know of many people who have already been jabbed and feel much more confident about life in general as a result. We have a BF sailing booked for mid August. Optimistic that it will happen, not the end of the world if it doesn't. More likely that we should finally be able to get to the Scottish Islands later this year, and looking further ahead into sampling the newly refurbished Norrona at somepoint if we can
  21. When was the last ex BF ship scrapped before the Duc? There are a few still clinging on in the med and Red Sea I think? Duchesse Anne, Tregastel, Gotland, Pont L'abbe that I'm aware of. Is the Apollo, former Benodet still going? Very old AIS signal from Quebec
  22. Remember seeing her laid up, I think in the inner harbour at St. Malo, when we were on our way back to Duchesse Anne. She must have been interesting on the Spanish run given her sea keeping reputation.
  23. Just to note, the documentary featuring the cruise ship I was refering too was called Sea City - The Humber Estuary, and was on BBC1 in 2016. Not currently on iPlayer. But link to homepage is here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06z9k79
  24. They did use some of the terminal for some cruise ships. Remember seeing a documentary where the cruise ships in Hull didn't appear to use the facilities though. It all appeared a bit Heath Robinson with one of the customs sheds being used for car parking and sorting luggage. There are plans for a "proper" cruise terminal on the Humber, that's positioned near The Deep and Victoria Dock. Apparently this is still on track for 2024. This would obviously give access to much larger tonnage than the ones that can access King George Dock. Hull is keen to be able to offer out coach trips to York and N
  25. News on Facebook site that the King George Dock Terminal building in Hull is to close this week, before decommissioning and deconstruction at a future date to make way for land storage areas. This is the terminal latterly used by Pride of York/Bruges, and Norland/Nortar in its heyday too. The main River Terminal building where the Rotterdam boats depart from is unaffected.
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