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  1. I was too young sadly to remember much about my first sailing on her (1986/7). But that once where we used to go on the orange boats to Cherbourg, things changed and the Duc was a revelation for us, and we’ve been with BF ever since. Not much choice nowadays I know, but I remember my parents were very impressed. Never made it on the Reine Mathilde, we always seemed to get the Duc.
  2. I really like the new logos now. I think it makes the ship look more modern. And modern trends I guess do edge towards minimal. Although I shall always like the original Bretagne design, it would look dated now.
  3. Can they bring Norbay and Norbank back to Hull please 🤪
  4. The problem is that most of the laid up vessels don't provide the appropriate solution, whereas Etretat seems to be more suitable for the job required. Barfleur and Armorique do in terms of providing potential cover to release something more suitable. Cap Finisterre could do it - am I right that she has a decent freight capacity? And Pont Aven could do the spanish runs, but has she got the freight capacity for that route right now? And as Gareth says, in March the situation changes again, hopefully for the better. Also would SOMARBRET be happy to have Armorique on an extended Ouistreham c
  5. If the Visentinis aren't free wouldn't not make more sense to put Cotentin on it (if permissible) and bring back Barfy to Poole?Not sure Barfleur is quick enough to do the Irish route in enough time? The Zeebrugge prides would also be too slow if we're comparing to the speed of the current Dunkirk vessels.
  6. Could they not switch Cotentin and put something else on Poole? Maybe that's why Barfleur was warming up the other day..
  7. She's still pottering around the sea of Marmaris. Wonder why she went there initially? Bit of a long way round.
  8. Both Cotentin and Armorique in Cherbourg this afternoon, along with Galicia. Hopefully someone is able to get a photo of them together.
  9. All the pics I've seen so far have shown an apparently very lightly loaded Cotentin. Does anyone have more info on how much is being carried? I know it's still early days in the process.. Am also wondering what the process is for booking the freight and costs to hauliers? What percentage is the govt recouping (if any) of the costs of shipping this way?
  10. Pride of Bruges departed Zeebrugge for Europort this morning and will cover for Pride of Hull, which is currently making its way down the Maas to drydock at Damen Velrome. Pride of Bruges' last departure from Hull is scheduled to be Monday 25th January. I wonder when the last time both of the old Prides were in Europort together? Could well have been 20 years ago when they were operating the route regularly?
  11. BF have announced she will move to the Le Havre route in April to replace Etretat. Not necessarily freight only either. https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/brittany-ferries-welcomes-cotentin-back-to-fleet/
  12. She's en route to the beach in Turkey now by the looks of things. The first BF ship I ever went on, and always had a soft spot for the Duc even after the arrival of Normandie.
  13. Re: Electro-magnetic mooring. Is that what Stena use at Cairnryan? I've always wondered how good a system it is
  14. Additionally would presume that tonight's departure from Hull will be the last from King George Dock and through the lock. She's likely to use the River Berth whilst covering the Rotterdam routes. Some nice footage from crew on board last night on Facebook showing her departure from Zeebrugge with "Time to say goodbye" by Andrea Boccelli blasting out from the ships PA as she turned off the berth. I've always found Zeebrugge a useful port to get to and from. I do hope this is not the end of pax services to Belgium, but I fear it is.
  15. Last night, Pride of Bruges departed Zeebrugge for her last return trip (presumed) ever. On arrival from Hull on New Year's Eve she will move to Rotterdam for refit cover before joining Pride of York in layup for the beach or sale. Presumably she will also be laid up in Rotterdam. Tonight's departure from Hull brings to an end over 40 years of passenger service to Zeebrugge.
  16. I've seen on the P&O North Sea boats that they have a hanging platform on rollers available that is presumably for window cleaning and painting duties, as required. That said these boats spend 11-13hrs a day tied up, so time is available that is not on the vast majority of BF. Do BF boats have similar facilities? I can't remember seeing any..
  17. Merry Christmas all. 2020 is the first year in a long time I've not been on a ferry (does the Windermere ferry count?). We've seen some difficult times this year, but I have enjoyed the discourse on this forum a lot. Thanks to you all. I do believe the best is yet to come, and I believe that BF will flourish once again in the years to come. I'm booked to Roscoff in August and have been looking forward to it for a long time. Hopefully will be able to get somewhere else by boat before that. Islay and Holland pencilled in, but who knows..Merry Christmas .
  18. Occasionally required to work with ABP for my job, never a hassle to have to down to the docks for a meeting in Hull. During my times around there though I have noticed that unloading/loading does take a while,there can't be many hours of the day where they are not, but then again there are fewer tractors then elsewhere to load so I suppose it's relatively steady away. I prefer watching them load the freight in Europort though, been a few times where some quite special items have been loaded on last, or you see the last minute motor home desperately trying to make the crossing. There are
  19. Is that correct? I thought they had two dedicated freight decks - Deck 3 and Deck 5, with Deck 3 being double height? I've always assumed that Deck 4 and 6 don't really exist therefore (unless there's a bit that's crew only) Is there more capacity below Deck 3?
  20. I've had experiences of PA and Armorique both rolling excessively on relatively calm days, due to swell, but it is par for the course to and from from Plymouth. Bretagne for me has always been smooth. I think my roughest BF crossing was on Tregastel when she was on Truckline duties, many people, including members of my family were being sick. Luckily I'm generally not affected that much. I have vague memories of a rough crossing on Gotland too when she was on Ouistreham. My most scary moment was on Pride of York beam on to the wind in a force 10 plus, one particularly big roll I remember
  21. Predictive text doesn't like Norwind!
  22. Yes, I agree, in many ways they are. But no more of a different product than jumboised Norland/Norstar were when they replaced Norwave/Norwich on Zeebrugge? That was my point I would have liked to know. The R'dam vessels are very bespoke, it would have been interesting to know if they would have continued and separate tonnage sourced for Zeebrugge. Reminds me of a similarity with BF and the continual question about whether PA succeeds Bretagne on St Malo or a new vessel is sought.
  23. I think the lock, novel as it is, is a reason for the route being cancelled. If there was a second river terminal I would expect that tonnage replacement would have been easier, possibly already have happened. And the best part of 45 mins, at least, of the sailing is saved. Had they done that it would have been interesting to see if they had continued the trend of moving the Rotterdam ships to Zeebrugge, which would have required major re-modelling of the terminal to enable the side loading car deck. Also the stern door is offset, like Armorique, so that may have been an issue berth
  24. I'm not sure i agree about daytrips being a thing of the past. We have used the minicruise from P&O regularly in the off seasons over the years. More often we have gone to Rotterdam, I agree with @jonnoabout Bruges prices. In 2018 we went to Ghent instead which was very pleasant. This time last year we were just about to head off to St. Malo on PA on a BFE special too. The Hull loadings have always seemed to be pretty busy. And always seem to be 4 or 5 coaches minimum taking people into Bruges, Amsterdam or Rotterdam. I do wonder how much money they made off them though. Wh
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