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  1. We used to see these on almost every trip home from Ouistreham, they were DAF and I think the cab units were built in Poland and assembly finished in the UK to meet customer requirements, I hope this helps.
  2. I found this post really interesting having watched customs at Ouistreham going through artics and their trailers with a fine tooth comb, the first time I have ever seen this, this summer. I note the way that the post, in a typically British way, started with the financial implications and then swung to the humanitarian side of the situation including what was life like for these people in their home country. It shows the attitude of the average Brit and it nearly always errs to a humanitarian approach to these issues, even if our country cannot really afford to be so generous. Perhaps if
  3. We travelled through Caen on the Peripherique Nord coming in on the N13 from Bayeux, after a stop at CORA, at around 14:00 on Saturday 22nd July and the road was the quietest we have ever seen the Peripherique, and we have been travelling this route for over 20 years, and even if we are held up in traffic we have never lost more than about 5 minutes taking this route round Caen. We take exit 3a but you can also take exit 3b, which comes first, for Ouistreham and it is swings and roundabouts for convenience which is easiest. We were heading for the 16:30 ferry from Ouistreham to Ports
  4. The worst section of motorway is always south of Manchester on the M6 from junctions 18 to the junction for the M6 toll (11A) or the junction for the M5 (8). We don't know why but it's about a 50:50 chance of a delay here, we had a 2½ hour delay just 2 weeks ago returning from South Wales, we covered 5 miles in that queue. We normally allow 10/11 hours for the 450 miles to Portsmouth allowing for comfort breaks and possible delays and we haven't missed a ferry yet in 25 years, I hope I am not tempting fate as we are heading south in 4 weeks, we normally cruise at around 65mph but if we think w
  5. We have always sailed from Portsmouth, with one exception from Southampton, and from Central Scotland we have always done the trip in a single run arriving in time for the overnight sailing to France. The strangest thing we have found is that Saturday is quieter than Sunday and we just do not know the reason but it is. Even cruising at 65, Scottish meanness to save money, we usually arrive with an hour or two to spare even leaving as late as 11:00 in the morning, the beauty of a diesel with a big fuel tank is that we can get to Portsmouth on half a tank 66/70 litres.
  6. Sounds like a plan, thanks for the info.
  7. Having just enjoyed the Rugby Champions Cup Final at Murrayfield I see that next year's final is in Bilbao at the Athletico Bilbao stadium on the 11/12th May 2018. I am wondering if Brittany Ferries are considering laying on some sort of package for ferry and hotel or even ferry,hotel and match tickets as Bilbao is already a regular route for their ferries. Even if BF are unable to offer a package I would expect the ferries may be a wee bit busier than usual following Gloucester and Saracens reaching this year's finals. I hope I have posted this in the correct forum.
  8. Well at the risk of starting a bun fight when did a stupid idea ever stop us Brits, oh sorry BF is French and sensible.
  9. I suspect that there would not be enough Scots to justify a BF departure from north of the border so perhaps Liverpool is an interesting departure point as it would be around 200/250 miles from central Scotland as opposed to 450 to dear old Pompey. It is always interesting to note just how many Scottish cars there are in the queue at Portsmouth so there quite a few of us Francophiles north of Hadrian's Wall. A long overnight crossing from Liverpool to Brittany or Normandy would be excellent as you would probably arrive at a sensible time instead of the 6:30 arrival time into Caen, several hour
  10. Try the HMS Warrior webcam as an alternative, it changes every 10 seconds: http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam
  11. I can see the advantages of the tunnel with a 35 minute travel time but as both myself and Mrs Lembyscot suffer from quite acute claustrophobia so the Tunnel is a non starter and although I suffer from mild mal de mer but there are wonderful 'drugs' (stugeron) to make the crossing quite painless. The other point is that travelling from Scotland the thought of the M25 and the roads to Dover sound quite horrendous while the M40/A34/M3/M27 route is usually a doddle by comparison. Horses for courses sounds like the answer here and we do like the commodore cabins on the Portsmouth/Caen crossing eac
  12. Just realised that the new all singing and dancing web site is up and running, well done guys it's looking good. Despite over 25 years in IT I still don't always like change but give me a couple of days and I will get the hang of it. I am looking forward to the gallery, I am just a sucker for a pretty picture especially if it is something mechanical.
  13. With the Calvados region the question is where to start, do you look for the big main attractions, Bayeux Cathedral and Tapestry, Memorial museum in Caen and the D-Day (Jour-J) beaches or do you try and find something quiet and off the beaten track. We have been visiting this part of France for over 25 years and there is still so much to see and our key advise is don't try and do too much. If you like big towns then Caen is definitely for you but with only 2 days you will probably not see too much of it, a good excuse to come back another day after a short visit. If you like peace and quie
  14. When we come home from France we always come back to Portsmouth arriving around 21:15 and we have found the two Premier Inn hotels at Port Solent, just past the big Marriott to be pretty convenient for an over night stop before the long slog back to Scotland. It's really easy to get there from the ferry just stay in the inside lane after leaving the ferry port and take the slip road round the big corner onto the M275 and then turn left behind the Marriott, it takes just over 5 minutes to get there. In the morning there is a large Tesco for provisions for the road home and cheap UK fuel.if
  15. Lembyscot

    BF Refits 2017

    Glad to see Normandie is out of dry dock and well on her way back into service. Do we know how big the refit way this time, will we see any changes or was it just a 'wash and brush up' to keep her fresh? Myself and Mrs Lembyscot will be return on Normandie from our summer holiday in July, travelling out on Mont St Michel, and we are looking forward to being back at sea again.
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