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  1. Mondeville not open on Sundays http://www.club-onlyou.com/Mondeville2/Horaires-Acces
  2. Pont Aven, Santander mini cruise November 2014 - went with a friend from work. We seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time eating. We won the quiz on the way out, and were second on the way back. Discovered the magic healing properties of the self-service fruit salad. Heard Guns n' Roses covered in the "lounge" style by the entertainment. Played "spot the pharmacy" in Santander (there really is a lot of them). Dos cervezas por favor. Bueno!
  3. I don't think anything was there when we arrived, pretty sure the Oscar Wilde was there when we got back - Barfy was on her usual berth
  4. We went to Cherbourg on NEx last week and didn't use the berth next to Cité de la mer, we were on the adjacent one (4??) and us footies had to disembark through the garage
  5. Hovertravel have their spring/summer deals on their site now http://www.hovertravel.co.uk/offers/Brittany-Ferries/index.php NEx to Cherbourg £21 including return hovercraft from the IOW (only a pound more than last year), and Mon/Tue overnight returns to St Malo on the Bretagne from £43 with return Hover and cabins
  6. I've had a cabin on deck 2, best night's sleep i've ever had on a boat! (and you get a tv in the cabin too)
  7. According to the voyage info on AIS, 9 hours and 23 minutes
  8. As someone that works in catering, I probably wouldn't have bothered with a buffet due to the low passenger numbers; I'd guess the boat was less than a quarter full, and the sailing times don't lend their selves to sensible fine dining hours - I think it was 6.30 until 8.30 on this crossing
  9. Travelling overnight on the Mont St Michel, cabin on deck 7, [ATTACH=CONFIG]n255735[/ATTACH] my father, my son and me arrived in Caen with our bicycles, then immediately decamped to the terminal as it was still dark, and nothing much opens in France before 9 on a Saturday morning. A gentle ride along the cycle path into town... [ATTACH=CONFIG]n255736[/ATTACH] And then some time at the Musee de Normandie, with its impressive collection of stone/bronze/iron age artefacts. This we followed with a ride out to Mondeville (2) for lunch and shopping - the former at Les Comptoirs Casino (for the uninitiated, Casino group chain of self-service restaurants, like a BF self service, but without the boat!) which was absolutely heaving, unsurprisingly, on a saturday lunch time; it's great for a sit down and refuel when out cycling because you can get a hot meal for 5 Euros - I went for roast chicken, dad had lamb meatballs and my son went for Andouilette sausage and we all piled on veg and rice/spuds/pasta. Carrefour was then tackled, and our bags were stuffed to capacity with wine, coffee and chocolate. The ride back to Ouistreham was via cycle path to Colombelles, and across the river back onto the voie verte - this is by far the best route to the shopping centre at Mondeville for cyclists (to/from the ferry) as it has the least distance on roads (barely half a mile out of the ten mile distance) and those roads aren't busy ones, so handy if you have younger children with you (mine's 10). Onto the Normandie for the 4.30 boat back to Portsmouth, Peter and his grandad posed for a picture on the Helipad (it was absolutely freezing out there) [ATTACH=CONFIG]n255737[/ATTACH] A nice hot shower (cabin 7202) later, dinner in the self service (Peter disappointed no Buffet available in the "posh" restaurant) was demolished by three rather saddle-sore tired-legged chaps - 2 racks of lamb for the "grown-ups", [ATTACH=CONFIG]n255733[/ATTACH] and a mixed hors d'oeuvres AND a caesar salad for the boy, followed by this.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]n255734[/ATTACH] which was a group effort, and filled us up nicely for a couple of hours kip, before getting back to Pompey, followed by the 22:45 cat back to the Island. Had a great day out, cycled about 30 miles in total, managed to avoid the rain; Peter got to cross 2 more BF boats off of his list (he's on 6 now, same as me) and he also got to see the Etretat up close ("that is one ugly boat, it's just a floating multi-storey carpark") correctly identified the Duc de Normandie from an old photo (sticky up/back black bits on the funnel apparently) and asked when the next trip is going to be (don't know), when are BF getting a new ship (don't know) ,is the Bretagne getting scrapped (once again, don't know) and "when can we go on the Cap Finistere (a girl in his class did and he's jealous) the Armorique and the Baie de Seine. I think we can safely assume he enjoyed it!
  10. Something strange going on there, PIP don't have the St Malo sailing listed on the departures on their website....we're on the 22:00 to Caen tonight and I have visions of wildcat strikes and us being stuck..oh well, it'd be an adventure
  11. BF website showed sailings cancelled, now shows back to normal - false alarm or broken website?
  12. Yep - last time I crossed over to Caen (think was on the MSM) the cabin next door had what sounded like a pair of rutting walruses in it
  13. Sound proofing in the cabins! No more snoring/car alarms.
  14. The boy, my father and myself are going for a ride on our bikes this coming Saturday and need to get ourselves (and bikes) off the Island. As we will be on the overnight to Caen, Portsmouth is the only sensible crossing option, and due to Hovertravel not taking bikes (well, they take the odd one if there's room) and not running late enough, we are stuck with Wightlink. Wightlink offer such exceptional value that they don't need vouchers or special offers, apparently, and so want to charge us £62.50 for 3 foot passengers to cross Friday night (on the fastcat) and return Saturday night! £62.50!!! BF are only charging us £57 to go to France and back with our bikes! Fine, I thought, i'll go on the Fishbourne car ferry, as it's always cheaper. 3 foot passengers £52. Still a bit steep, mind you, but wait...A car with 3 people and 3 pushbikes inside it is £41.75. It is £10 cheaper for you to take the same 3 people with 1.5 tons of metal sat on the car deck than it is to leave the car at home, and that is why Wightlink suck. Incidentally, I found out purely by accident, that as an AA member I get 15% off wightlink foot passenger fares (doesn't show up in member benefits, never seen it advertised) as well as 10% off BF, DFDS, Stena and P&O http://www.theaa.com/travel/ferries.html so I got booked on the Cat for £53 in the end. £53 quid to go 4 miles. Caen and back with a cabin in each direction £101.
  15. Would be really handy if it picked you up outside Les Eleis, save me dragging my body weight in wine/chocolate half a mile up the road....
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