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  1. Trasme have got Volcan de Tinamar in exchange, for Barcelona-Menorca/Barcelona-Ibiza. The JJ Sister was never ideal for this and the Tinamar is a great upgrade. So Tinamar goes to Trasme, JJ Sister goes to Armas for Canaries use (which she was originally built for) with the old Volcan de Tauce making way. Volcan de Tauce comes from Canaries to replace Tinamar on the Motril-Melilla route, chartered to FRS as Armas have been forced to give the route up on takeover of Trasme. Everyone's happy except residents of Melilla who are reaching for the pitchforks with Armas's best ship being replaced by its worst.
  2. Same yard as Normandie which has given her a familial resemblance. Couldn't be more different on board and not in a particularly good way though although she has a nice lido area. Armas takeover of Trasme was approved a week or so ago so they can now shuffle ships between fleets as they like.
  3. hhvferry

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    That's mostly economic reasons with ships following where the wealth is. There are plenty of hideously-maintained ships in Northern Europe and a good number of excellent ships in the south. The bigger impact is ships which jump from charter to charter with no operators having much interest in doing anything other than cursory maintenance on. On the other hand Stena RoRo ownership should provide some sort of guarantee of quality for charterers.
  4. hhvferry

    Replacement of Bretagne

    The restrictions only really apply in the summer (reference has also been made to ships calling "regularly") when there are movements throughout the day and they need to use the berths where ships sit at right angles to the eastern breakwater. Mega Express Three is 30m longer than the Piana etc and has ventured there in the off season but in the summer she stays on the Sardinian routes. When all six (or eight if they ever use the old NGV berths) are in use there is only Poste 7 on the eastern breakwater which has length to cope with longer vessels - but the ships, especially the Corsica Ferries and Moby ones, don't always go on the same berth and the practical restriction imposed by the harbour authority is 180m. (image from http://www.jaime-la-corse.info/le-trafic-corse-continent-stable-en-2012-avec-7-380-708-passagers/ )
  5. hhvferry

    Replacement of Bretagne

    Piana and Pascal Paoli look like they do because they need to squeeze into Bastia which has length restrictions during the summer. On board both are very BF-like as they are from the same designers as BF use(d) - the design team at AIA viewed Piana as one of their masterpieces and it's hard to disagree - they got rid of the frustration of limited-scope projects like Armorique and Seafrance Moliere out on her!
  6. hhvferry

    Replacement of Bretagne

    Definitely not a myth - both Thatcher and Mitterrand were being kept informed of what became a fully-fledged diplomatic incident. The UK government's views of Christian Michelini by the end were robust to say the least!
  7. hhvferry

    The French road myth.

    Wow... To think I positively relish going north over Harewood or Pool Bridges as the road surface on the Harrogate side is usually in altogether better condition than on the Leeds side! 😮
  8. hhvferry

    Brittany Ferries Cork 1978

    The Val de Loire, Pride of Le Havre/Portsmouth all had them as built and into W Channel service, although I think they all fell out of use at one stage or another.
  9. hhvferry

    Replacement of Bretagne

    She couldn't be afforded at the time either - she was built for well below cost in order to steal the order from Govan.
  10. hhvferry

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    Nova Star in Gdansk on Saturday. According to Polferries staff her entry into service is now put back to "the end of May". They are doing quite a promotional push to try and encourage some mini cruise traffic back to a route which hasn't really been geared up to it since the Wawel replaced the old Scandinavia.
  11. hhvferry

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    Pont Aven is going to be unusual for the Spanish routes with her lack of freight capacity if she is retained there. It might be that BF think she has most value continuing as a high earning peak season cruise ferry to Spain complementing the, presumably, less opulent eflexers. Her service speed is the thing which would be most wasted at St Malo rather than her relatively small freight capacity and the car/passenger mix isn't a bad fit. In fact does Bretagne not suffer from a lack of cabins in summer? Bretagne can go on for years presumably but there must be a maintenance/operational cost vs benefit balancing act going on with her. I guess BF have a couple of future fleet scenarios in mind but a lot will happen economically and operationally before the final choice needs to be made.
  12. hhvferry

    P&O 'Express'

    She's been chartered by Armas apparently.
  13. hhvferry

    P&O 'Express'

    The Express is heading through the English Channel this evening, destination Santander. Not sure what role, if any, she is heading south for. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:374093/zoom:10
  14. hhvferry

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Picture from Shipspotting -
  15. Balearia's current naming policy is to honour significant women scientists. So Cecilia Payne (who was an astronomer) joins the upcoming newbuilds Marie Curie and Hypatia de Alejandria.