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  1. hhvferry

    Penn Ar Bed

    Here's an early official BAI postcard for her -
  2. hhvferry

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Connemara from shipfriends.gr - (http://www.shipfriends.gr/forum/gallery/category/1430-connemara/) She certainly wouldn't need to be branded as economie if BF got their hands on her
  3. hhvferry

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    She was apparently delivered from Blue Star Ferries/ANEK to BF today in Patras. Ellinkiatoploia.net has some pictures of her final arrival in Igoumenitsa with ANEK hull markings already painted out. Also showing the Elyros which has taken over from her for now. (It's fair to say that's a big upgrade for anyone fortunate enough to be travelling on the Venice route for the next month or so) - http://www.ellinikiaktoploia.net/ξεκίνησε-τα-δρομολόγια-του-το-ελυροσ-σ/
  4. hhvferry

    Pride of Le Havre / GNV Cristal

    I suppose they do fundamentally different things now - the Naples-Palermo route is a relatively short overnighter although there are quite a lot of daytime crossings in the summer. It also takes a reasonable amount of freight. The Sete-Barcelona-Tangier route is a 40 hour crossing with very heavy peak passenger traffic. On summer crossings I imagine she would fill the car deck (even the expanded ones). So there is probably more demand for general passenger spaces on this route. Plus it gives the onboard Moroccan passport official somewhere to set up shop - and somewhere for the queue to sit as they wait in line for his stamp. It's almost a decade old now but here are some pictures of the Dubrovnik - http://hhvferry.com/blog/?p=1418.
  5. hhvferry

    Pride of Le Havre / GNV Cristal

    Here's GNV's official video (from last year) of her sister - fortunately she still seems to keep the bar, which as a public space is definitely required on the longer route(s) she operates to Morocco. She also now has a mosque.
  6. hhvferry

    Pride of Le Havre / GNV Cristal

    That's really sad. The bar was still being used when I was last on board in 2015 - and was broadly the same as it was at the end of her P&O days -
  7. hhvferry

    Pride of Le Havre / GNV Cristal

    What's happened to the main bar upstairs (which I think P&O split in two at some stage?) The ships were broadly as P&O left them (post-Doverisation), at least until a couple of years ago. The main work had been the addition of the horrific Sky lounges in the old shopping area and the removal of cabins from either side of the upper vehicle deck. The food is almost always poor and expensive on these ships now sadly.
  8. hhvferry

    Newbuild from Mitsubishi

    Interesting, thanks. I guess the most notable thing about the SNF ships is their hull design which might be a Mitsubishi design that they could look to exploit. It doesn't look like this would be a Visentini "what we make is what you get" sort of scenario though - at least I hope not! The Motor Ship has an interesting article about them - http://www.motorship.com/news101/ships-and-shipyards/japanese-ro-pax-melds-experience-and-innovation That also makes reference to the Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System which to my untechnical eye looks to be a similar thing to Stena Teknik's Airmax concept ship. It states MALS has also been used on the new City Line ships (rivals to Hankyu Ferry) so is evidently something Mitsubishi are offering to shipowners. Their Shimonoseki yard also built the European Highway, Causeway and Ambassador and churn out seemingly most of the never-ending new ships for Japan's coastal ferry operators.
  9. hhvferry

    Newbuild from Mitsubishi

    Where's the bit about series production? The Lavender and Azalea are bespoke ships which draw on the very idiosyncratic nature of Shin Nihonkai's operations which have evolved over several generations of ferries. Even if you could order one off the shelf , I don't know why anyone would want to. SNF's sister company Hankyu Ferry had a pair of new ships built at Mitsubishi a couple of years earlier and they are a completely different design, evolved from Hankyu's own previous vessels - https://www.nakashima.co.jp/eng/works/izumi_hibiki.html They share a few interior design traits with the SNF pair but are otherwise entirely seperate despite also operating longish overnight crossings. The logic being that these ships are expensive enough to justify getting something tailor made for your operation.
  10. hhvferry

    Penn Ar Bed

    This is what the Penn-ar-Bed was like - similar it seems to CGT/SNCM tonnage of the era which makes sense given she was a modified version of the Monte Rotondo.
  11. hhvferry

    DFDS SEAWAYS: News & Updates

    Is there still a Felixtowe terminal to do similar?
  12. hhvferry

    BF versus the competition

    In defence of both BR, if they had been given half the levels of investment that the railways have in the past 20 years things would have been immeasurably better. You generally get what you pay for and they were set up to fail to a degree. Sealink... slightly less so but they did generally appear to have a blind spot on the catering front 😊
  13. GNV and Grimaldi both operate Italy-Spain, Sardinia and Sicily routes so are in competition quite often although I'm not sure how cutthroat it is (compared to the Grimaldi-Moby blood feud). But I totally agree with zuludelta on the merits (or lack of) of the Cruise class and Grimaldi generally. The service is often poor as is the food and the quality of outfit of new ships (and new areas on old ships) is in my view poor. GNV are often little better on the service front but have better purpose-built hardware. I'm sure this is changing over time but in my experience the ex-SNAV bit of the operation is trying to maintain their former standards whilst the existing GNV part continues as it was.
  14. hhvferry

    Le Havre [Liner / ships]

    Another one from a postcard: Antilles, France and Dragon (at the original berth). What a time to be alive.
  15. hhvferry

    Port Border Issues

    Exactly - there is this delusion that Britain was in some way being dictated to. It's so frustratingly and simplistically black and white. Britain was/is part of a mutually beneficial club with much disproportionate influence over the way it worked and more bespoke concessions than any other member. Yet it is painted by some as a sort of tyranny. You can leave, of course - as we seem set on doing. But the point of membership was that we were all better off by it. There is no zero sum game with this - we have been better off as members, and yes we had to agree with our neighbours some common ground rules so that the market worked effectively. Tyranny it's not - it's how grown ups work. But you can't complain about being member and complain that you are going to lose the benefits of membership. On the NI border issue, the ROI remains part of the EU and is happy to abide by its rules - the EU's position is in fact being led by what the ROI wants - they are not being dictated to at all. But people who caused the problem are somehow denying it's anything to do with them and not their issue to fix. Bonkers and dangerous.