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  1. hhvferry

    Visitor to Plymouth today

    If only they'd left well alone in terms of her exterior profile. She probably wouldn't be that much use as a cruise ship unconverted but she'd be the most splendid looking thing in every port of call.
  2. hhvferry

    Dieppe Seaways

    Not sure what the particular point of the thread is but the Dieppe Seaways is the current Stena Superfast X and before that was the Seafrance Moliere. I'm not sure why DFDS chose this name when she was with them but I would like to see her try and turn in Newhaven harbour 😊
  3. hhvferry

    Dieppe Seaways

    I'm pretty sure it's not up to DFDS! They certainly didn't want to lose her first time around given the problems they had in getting a replacement. Then again she'll be available again in a couple of years if someone wants to wave some cash in Stena's direction.
  4. hhvferry

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    I imagine delays of this length are more likely to relate to the ship's well documented underlying problems than merely skimpy maintenance by Inter Shipping (which is still also likely to have happened although the Spanish have a habit of detaining ships which get too far away from reasonable). Polferries in their urgency to get a second passenger ship on the route and fear of being overwhelmed by Stena Line may have been sold a bit of a pup by the owners.
  5. hhvferry

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    It also gives them a bit more time to ponder what brand they'll use, Tirrenia, Moby or some combination. I see Alf Pollack has got herself a Moby funnel if nothing else.
  6. hhvferry

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    She's the Maria Grazia Onorato, named in honour of Vincenzo Onorato's mother, the Moby matriarch. http://www.themeditelegraph.com/it/shipping/shipowners/2018/08/02/varata-maria-grazia-onorato-gallery-YgPRM8MkfHOzyXxF5lal3H/index.html
  7. hhvferry


    The cabins are fine, but finding someone has left dirt and hair in the shower and a nice smelly deposit in your shared bathroom isn't ideal and would certainly be eyebrow raising.
  8. hhvferry


    She definitely operated on and off on mainline BF services after her return. She nearly sank off Cork in this period (some, unfairly. may have said that would have been no great loss).
  9. hhvferry


    Cornouailles after her sncf charter... 😊 I think Stena are in control of this relationship and can have Cotentin for as long as they want. BF aren't going to unilaterally reclaim their ship even if they were contractually able to. That said Stena's use of the ship is a bit of a puzzler. She's popular (I travelled on her with them and the crew kept saying what a "special ship" she is). Her public spaces are of an excellent quality but those cabins... Someone made a terrible money saving decision in the past that remains utterly baffling. But she's not THAT big and with the route now a four ship service with three including Cotentin taking regular passengers (incl footies) she certainly could be replaced by something larger when it becomes available. Maybe her operating economics are really good but I doubt they can beat a Visentini. All that said it's hard to see what BF could use her for right now. As a supplementary freighter somewhere maybe but BF passengers certainly wouldn't put up with the cabins. It's also not clear how expandable her superstructure is given the much larger vehicle decks compared to Armourique.
  10. hhvferry

    New Dover Strait Tonnage for P&O.

    This news is essentially what's written in the new edition of FCR which arrived, with me at least, today. If P&O genuinely do want to go back upmarket then that should be A Good Thing but they need to put their money where their mouth is - yes stop being so tight on every overhead and customer benefit and yes stop closing half the ships off for much of the day and much of the year. But also stop skimping on visible maintenance - the amount of rust on deck outside and yellow safety tape on floors inside is astonishing at times, and not just around refit time.
  11. Might Glasgow something to do with where Northern Marine are based (not sure why it would matter but that's Stena's biggest ferry-related outpost in Scotland other than Cairnryan and many of the crews of these vessels will come via them).
  12. hhvferry

    Plymouth - Roscoff disadvantaged again

    St Malo the third busiest route on the Channel? Dover-Calais, Dover-Dunkerque and Portsmouth-Ouistreham will all be ahead at least, possibly/probably Newhaven nowadays. And Plymouth is pretty competitive in terms of passenger numbers. The St Malo route is quite busy but relatively infrequent and in freight numbers it is nowhere.
  13. I imagine DFDS and Stena have both suffered from the latest generations of Color vessels. The Stena route has always been bargain basement so needs high volumes and busy shoppers. You can do all that in less time on the Superspeed service, albeit not from the centre of Oslo. The Saga has had loads of money spent on her but has been messed around with so much she's not really a very nice ship to sail on at times. DFDS are in a different league entirely but competing in minicruises with the Color Kiel ships is not going to be easy although in many ways I think it's a better experience.
  14. Skane and Meck Vorp are just a mess passenger wise so it would be a downgrade from the Europe without a lot of work. Their freight capacity is probably too huge anyway. Not sure what the economics of the Rostock route is but it's the one most crying out for upgraded tonnage based on the state of the ships if not demand. Does the e-flexer comes with a train ferry variant?! If the Sassnitz route were to close (rumoured on and off) the Sassnitz herself would be an interesting proposition for Fishguard if she's not too long.
  15. hhvferry

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Yes I think the financing aspect is alright but I don't think the related entities get revenues which vary with the performance of routes or vessels. So it's sort of that BAI continues to enjoy the financial risks and rewards of operating whilst the risks and rewards of shipowning lie with the related entity. And obviously the more ships they own, and can influence BF to operate, the more rewards they can generate both financially for themselves and for the regions they represent. If there was no likely financially viable competition this would be a very good setup but the way P&O were lost to the W Channel (much of it self inflicted admittedly) makes it more difficult to justify.