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  1. hhvferry

    Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

    This is the lower lounge on one of the later three. From the website which offered them for sale after they'd finished service. I prefer the Cuthred
  2. hhvferry

    Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

    And, if you really are interested, everything you ever wanted to know about the fit-out of the Cuthred but were afraid to ask (I'd forgotten I'd got this but in the same file as the photos was a copy of the owner's specification book from which these pages are taken) -
  3. hhvferry

    Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

    A couple of pictures of the Cuthred as built. The upper bar area - This is the lower lounge. Shipbuilding & Shipping Record commented that, "here it is possible that a claustrophobic effect could be obtained. There are no openings and considerable areas of anti-graffiti design plastic facings tend to give a restrictive feeling. The framed pictures on one bulkhead are rather inadequate to relieve the monotony". (They also assessed Cuthred as "not a handsome vessel" and that her builders accepted the order "at a price of £320,000 and... while non-committal as to whether a profit was made at this price, feel that the 'know-how' obtained made the project well worthwhile. They could certainly compete with a repeat ship providing the competition was realistic. This reflects considerable credit on a yard based at Lowestoft, an area which does not benefit from any concessions in UK selective employment tax".)
  4. hhvferry

    Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

    A snippet from Design magazine. I've got some B&W interior images of her somewhere when she was new which I'll dig out if anyone's interested.
  5. hhvferry

    Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

    Similar, up to car deck level at least, for the later 3-
  6. hhvferry

    New Look Revealed

    One thing being really terrible doesn't mean we should be grateful for something else which is merely horrible.
  7. hhvferry

    New Look Revealed

    Nice pictures but that funnel.... It just dominates and clashes with the rest of the ship in a really quite nasty way. The funnel on Normandie was central to her original identity - look how the aft line of the funnel formed an invisible line with the aft end of the blue superstructure band and then continued down to precisely tie into the aft step in the hull markings. And how the forward line of the funnel matched the angle of the end of the two forward superstructure bands which in turn intersected the blue around the mooring area and then met the orange just where it ends at the bow. That was Design and led to a harmonious look. This new version of both livery and funnel is just... bleugh.
  8. hhvferry

    Bretagne - 30 Years

    According to a Klas Brogren interview with Christian Michielini from 1990, discussing the Bretagne's late delivery (which was mostly due to the shipyard battle which preceded the order going to Chantier d'Atlantique and associated overpromising by yards on how long BF could delay placing the order whilst still getting a spring '89 delivery), "the delays were [also] caused partly by the problems to finalise the capacity mix desired, especially as the external maximum measurements of the vessel are restricted by port accessibility". This isn't explained further as far as I can see but accompanying aerial images of the ship in her four regular ports as they were at that time don't indicate great length restrictions although she would overhang the dolphins in Cork and the pier in Roscoff had she been too much longer. Brogren's contemporary views on the new ship's exterior are interesting given the recent changes: "Although not as boxy-like as many other modern jumbo ferries, Bretagne cannot be described as belonging to the most beautiful group of ships. Somehow, there is an unbalance in the hull and superstructure lines. For one thing, the superstructure ends too far aft, which leaves the foreship proportionally too long. Also, we find the experiments with window decoration lines along the windows are somewhat overdone, as on the fore bulkhead where there are lines between the windows as well..."
  9. hhvferry

    Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

    The Osborne Castle and, technically, the Balmoral would beg to differ 😉
  10. hhvferry

    Stena Hook - Harwich

    By Stena standards the ships are great in my view and the overnight crossing not too bad with timings. Day crossings can drag a bit without a cabin. Being purpose built and still in essentially their original configuration helps when compared to the somewhat butchered look and feel of some other Stena ships, especially their predecessors. Breakfast in the self service is a bun fight, the purser on the Hollandica told us once that she couldn't bear to be in the place during and after if the crossing was remotely busy. The a la carte is generally fine but again that's Stena standards not BF. As said above though the cabins are great.
  11. hhvferry

    Dover-France with DFDS - 31st Jan & 3rd Feb.

    With P&O Stena/P&O this was the Horizon lounge (which name it retained with LD) with adjacent play areas. The starboard side area was an NYC deli (whose servery area simply got boarded up by LD). It's a little bit of an urban myth that the original cabin windows weren't enlarged. OK well it's true that when she first emerged from her P&O Stena rebuild they weren't touched, but after a year or so she did get larger windows to either side although the forward ones were never touched. I can't recall if the vibrations were forward or aft in her accommodation but it definitely was serious to delay her delivery for a long while. If you look at this lounge to this day it has more than the usual number of ceiling poles and supports so it could well be this is a legacy of some work done to address vibrations, or it could be due to it not being designed as an open plan lounge. Here's how the area looked as P&OSL Aquitaine - As you say the Horizon Lounge was pretty unsympathetically butchered by LD Lines - this is the same area mid-transformation in October 2005 and it only got marginally better when they'd finished installing all those seats -
  12. hhvferry

    P&O North Sea routes queries

    The Zeebrugge two are IMO more appealing as ships - there's something intangibly unsatisfying to me about the current Rotterdam pair but on the other hand they are more modern and it shows. The Zeebrugge ones were originally quite smart and there's still bits of that left amongst layers of generic P&O tat, especially in the upper lounges. The buffet can be a bit of a bunfight and is, in my view, of middling quality. It fills a hole but little more and the restaurants on all four ships are, as I suppose you'd expect, altogether superior. As mentioned, getting through the various arrival checks by car can be painful. And with the greatest respect to the good people of the East Riding, naming a road which often moves at a snail's pace after the great Clive Sullivan is unwittingly ironic. Beyond that, as feat of construction the M62 was a heroic endeavour so let that thought amuse you as you queue your way over to the rainy side of the Pennines.
  13. hhvferry

    ex-Benodet/Corbierre sold for C$2.1m

    It is the ex-Corbiere. She's being replaced in her previous role by some second hand double-enders of dubious merit but has found another role with an operator whose purpose-build, the Fincantieri-built F A Gauthier, appears to be having serious issues. This report gives some more background and also mentions that the CTMA Vacancier (ex-Irish Ferries Saint Patrick II) was chartered to cover for a period before the Apollo was acquired - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-ferry-service-new-ship-matane-north-shore-1.4980853 The Apollo is a real trooper, still very similar to her final European role on board and despite being the first of the class has outlasted almost all of them. This is the picture her new owners have on their website -
  14. hhvferry

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    I think looking at her in the context of the time she was built is right - Shippax in their celebratory guide observed that, "maybe it is pure coincidence but the ship's utilitarian character also takes advantage of the economic climate with passengers keeping purse strings tight". Certainly the cycle of taste has moved on but I'd be surprised if the three newbuilds were similar in design scope and relative budget to Armorique given the routes they operate on (and the Stena pair are going to be some sort of Figura/AIA Frankenstein which sounds an almost impossible melding of ideologies). The Honfleur looks more sophisticated in design so far and hopefully more towards the designers' work on Mont St Michel and Piana whereas the Armorique arquably tends towards their later work on Berlin and Copenhagen.
  15. hhvferry

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    The horrors that lurk in ferry carpets shouldn't be underestimated - if I put too much thought about it I'd be reluctant to step on in the cabins one barefoot so moving (back) to linoleum or introducing laminate is a sanitorial improvement if not always an aesthetic one. The patterns on the cabin corridor carpets used to be designed to conceal the effects of fag-burns and puke stains which is why you rarely see single tone or light coloured carpets in these areas. As for Armorique and putting to one side the restaurant issue, she's a great ferry but different in concept to other BF purpose-builds. She was outfitted to a relatively tight budget which is reflected in the way she looks in her passenger spaces (not her cabins). For any other company operating point-to-point ferry services with limited cruise element she'd be great. And that's apparently what the company wanted for Roscoff-Plymouth; but compared to BF's previous large newbuilds she is more basic in concept, budget and in what was asked of the designers so will always get some unfavourable reaction in comparison to other BF ships.