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  1. FYI with regard to the funnel design change - From what I heard from various people involved, many 'everyday viewers' gave the cross an association with a former German government... Whether rightly or wrongly, this is obviously not what DFDS would want from their brand. As a result, they chose to rebrand to the new DFDS, amongst other reasons such as the funnel showing the DFDS name off more to the public. The cross has been retained in other branding, as it isn't in isolation so perception is much more positive. To be honest I sort of see where these views come from, but then I also realise that the cross remains a widely used symbol. People, huh!
  2. https://www.dfds-news.com/featured/new-structure-for-cruise-ferries-and-passenger-sales/ a sign of things to come? More cargo oriented? Time will tell.
  3. I wasn't suggesting that BF was wrong... I haven't heard any updates on this since January. Things can change very quickly.
  4. FYI - While I am not 1000% sure (as usual) from what I have heard, it is still intended that BdS will return to DFDS this year, although I have not heard anything else since January... I am actually leaving the position I was in to be told this weird and wonderful fleet stuff on August 30th, so I'll try to get some more knowledge... I can't see that I won't still be able to find out afterwards though.
  5. There are no plans to bring Dieppe Seaways back into the fleet, and there are also no plans to replace the existing vessels on the Newhaven to Dieppe route as far as I am aware.
  6. Well one thing is clear, this is not acceptable for BF, in any service offered, it us unacceptable. Well done to BF for investigating this, it takes a lot of courage to acknowledge when your service is broken. The person who raised this, is quite right to confront the staff... If they spoke to her like that, then it isn't acceptable, simple as. While I have always had good service onboard BF, I accept that in rare cases service from the 'soft product' and staff may not be up to scratch. We should all be happy that the person raised this issue, so hopefully it can be repaired for everyone when they use it.
  7. I think Stena have a base (maybe not a ferry base) in Glasgow, and possibly have a lot of operational staff there, ensuring stuff runs smoothly. London, I'm not so sure about.
  8. I'd go with that... 2 vessels similar to MSM would work really well in my view. Additional freighter capacity, while from what I can tell, only a slight decrease in passenger capacity.
  9. With DFDS operating 6 vessels out of Dover, is there really demand for another 6 from P&O? I'm guessing P&O may be feeling the pressure from DFDS, hence the decision to reduce the fleet size once they get the new builds?
  10. Yeah, they are odd choices, but I get where he's coming from... In reality, none of us can comment on which ships would be best suited, because no one here knows the load factors for the ship, and the relative amenities. We'll all find out what DFDS plan in due course - I'm still expecting one second hand cruise ferry, and one upmarket RO-PAX new build.
  11. Gothia seaways, not Gothica. I generally agree, but with my business hat on, DFDS could reduce overall sailings to the Netherlands by replacing King and Princess with ROPAX ferries (move a single ship off the Rotterdam rotation from Immingham or Felixstowe), and use it for another sailing. Pure speculation though. I can for sure see a single second hand cruise ferry (perhaps larger than King and Princess, but smaller than Colour Magic) and a smaller RoPax, so they can get the best of both worlds. That being said, I haven't been briefed recently by DFDS about load factors and demands for the routes. On a seperate note, I have heard that (again, from my 80% correct source) that Baie De Seine will spend her first returned winter at DFDS (next year, so over a year away) on refit cover, before settling down on an unconfirmed permanent route. Again, I have been told that given the time between this, and the constant chance of change from both DFDS and BF, all this should be taken with intense pinches of salt. It will be interesting to see where BDS does end up...
  12. There is a nice animation showing the new freighter vessels which DFDS has ordered. I am told the first one will be called Gothia Seaways, a nod to former Tor Gothia. I don't know why DFDS have moved back to the Seaways naming, after Cote Des Dunes / Flandres, but I am told all the new ships will be 'Something Seaways'. DFDS also won some completion in being the best in Europe or something. Have a nice day all
  13. I think I joined in 2015, when Baie De Seine joined the BF fleet. I initially joined to share knowledge, and learn more about how BF runs. I feel that everyone here, has welcomed me, and has helped me grow my knowledge, and be able to help me improve the way I cite my information, and sort my sourcing. Being a member of multiple 'insider' groups allowed me to start the DFDS updates thread. As Khaines said, " If I had a penny for every time someone disagreed with me, I’d be very rich". Let me just say, I think the only thing my sources were wrong about was Malo Seaways covering Newhaven to Dieppe, which I did say was "Unlikely"! While I generally don't feel a huge interest in the current ongoings at BF, I do like to dip in and out. I think the main reason I contribute less, is that there isn't a 'Todays' posts anymore. I tended to use that to see what was going on. I feel I've connected, debated, disagreed with, and found common ground with so many on BFE. I've learnt so much! I'm not going anywhere, I just wanted to share how the forum content on BFE has been perfect! Lets keep going!
  14. Maybe because plastic waste, is the single biggest issue facing the planet right now. Like minded people talking about what can be done to help this issue, will only make the situation better, no matter how little the impact is. Scrutinising the usage is the best thing to do. Edit - I'm not being rude, I just strongly believe we should be doing more as a group, no matter how small or big, to do something about this.
  15. Theres also an argument similar to this for airlines, and rail operators also... Almost all of these companies in standard classes give passengers plastic cutlery (very often black)... When you look at the amount of journeys on airlines and rail operators across the world, you see that the majority of this stuff will end up in a landfill site, either because destination nations don't recycle, or the cutlery gets dropped into bins which contain other none recyclable items. There is a huge issue with weight, across all modes of transport, boat, train and plane, in terms of offering metallic cutlery to all passengers, but in my opinion, the costs of making this cutlery (on a say once every 5 years) to making plastic none recyclable cutlery (so much per day), the cost benefits will likely outweigh the extra weight... It is a shame that these groups can't get together to find a real solution.
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