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  1. I was struggling with the logic of how more sailings were going to reduce a problem caused by border checks but I suppose the idea is to draw freight away from the Dover routes where there is a physical land limit on expanding customs checks, to ports with more capacity? Not sure what would stop DFDS from simply moving tonnage away from Dover to another port ( as Dover will not be able to handle the freight the ships have the capacity for for a while) and be paid handsomely for it?
  2. http://UK to spend £108m on no-deal ferries http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46704522 The BBC currently seem to be describing DFDS as Dutch in the article, a bit like their Swiss rivals Stena! This charter just raises so many political issues of course but more importantly where will the available tonnage come from? Are the Government just paying for Pelican to work harder or will we see new tonnage?
  3. Discuss! UK to spend £108m on no-deal ferries http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46704522
  4. Yes, not much of a bulb though is it? Again the AIDAPrima’s bow was designed with efficiency at slower speeds in mind, though I believe she had a whole range of pioneering efficiency measures fitted too. I think we can expect to see far more of these sorts of features in future and with shipping generally heading towards bigger though slower ships will this mean far fewer bulbous bows? Time will tell what other efficiency measures the DFDS ships will have, I won’t be surprised if their operating speed is quite slow though, a far cry from the Tor sisters.
  5. Just catching up with this news, great to see DFDS finally working out a policy of how to spend their cash that doesn’t involve purchasing and stripping out other companies. I agree the design is no looker but it does show how serious DFDS are to cut their costs and carve out a profit in such a low margin competitive market. The lack of bulbous bow on a relatively smallish (though quite big for DFDS) design would indicate that this vessel is built for slow steaming and fuel economy. Once again DFDS displays their hard nosed business side rather than the romance of travel favoured in the less marginal 80’s.
  6. I can only comment about how I found her on the North Sea, which was very comfortable. She has great length which helped her if pushing into heavy seas and with the accommodation being at the front and engines at the back she is quiet and vibration free. I know the route across Biscay has a lot more swell though and I don’t know how she copes in those conditions.
  7. Amused to hear today on From Our Own Correspondent on Radio 4 that what sounds like Moby Dada is being used to house Spanish police in Barcelona. The piece pointed out the natural comedy of the force being accommodated in a ship resplendent with Daffy Duck and other Looney Tunes characters.
  8. Great to see that P&O are looking after these two. They were quite a bold addition to the North Sea when introduced and I shall miss them almost as much as I miss the Tor sisters when they finally go. Here's to many more years!
  9. I agree. There is an indented section in the middle which I felt would be better if painted black or dark blue to give an illusion of separation. However I'm sure we will get used to it in time. The best place to be is on-board, then what the funnel looks like really doesn't matter!
  10. Does anyone know why Superstar is now heading to Italy? Ok forget that comment. For some reason the second page of this thread wasn't showing when I posted it! All explained now.
  11. Agreed, there has been a natural long term decline in passengers and the ability to make profit. The exception has been the cruise and "true" cruise ferry experience. This is not a company afraid of investment, their freight tonnage reflects this, it is a company managing long term withdrawal or at least refocusing from the long distance pax market. DFDS has been criticised for its tendency to buy then shut routes but the fact remains that it is a profitable company. If it had not changed the company focus from the mid 90's it would be in trouble by now.
  12. Some very good points 5_ShortBlasts. I suspect you are correct that the overall environmental gain is fairly marginal, I think Jonno made that point quite well too in another post. Sulphur emissions seem to have been put ahead of CO2 emissions, I guess because sulphur is more of a regional issue (thinking in terms of acid rain) than the global issue of CO2. It would be interesting to read some research papers on the issue, I'm not sure much is published yet. I do think it's good that something has been done but thoroughly agree that investing in new ships and new engines would be preferable to the compromise we have. At the moment I'm not sure the economics work out either, though this will change as fuel costs climb over the coming months.
  13. Do you mean "aberration" rather than abortion? I have to disagree about the scrubbers. Shipping has a much longer average life than cars. It's quite right that the environmental damage is reduced, if anything it is far too little far too late. If that results in ugly structures on ferries we love then we quite rightly should get upset about that, but it really is not to do with the EU.
  14. Given the need to include such a lot of new plant on top I think the way it's been packaged is fairly clever. The key issue is the "block" like appearance from front and back. I wouldn't be surprised to see the middle segment being painted black front and back in the future to give the appearance of twin funnels. I'm surprised the design of the enclosure wasn't designed that way in the first place, a few steps in or down in the mesh enclosure could be quite effective.
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