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  1. Hi Andy, sadly my French isn’t the greatest. In short, do you know what’s being said? ☺️
  2. BF Enthusiast

    Most memorable crossing...

    Hi Gareth, Thanks for your reply. could it not be argued the captain should have known better prior to setting off? weather forecasts, other ships notifying of conditions, and all the other mod coms on the bridge?
  3. BF Enthusiast

    Most memorable crossing...

    Hi, Was the Cap really in such danger as Lofty eludes too? Sounds very scary if indeed she could have been in danger when turning.
  4. BF Enthusiast

    BF Refits 2017-18

    I wonder if Pont will receive new carpet to her main bar area?
  5. BF Enthusiast

    30 minutes Safety Procedure

    Hi Ferry Man, no, I meant deck five of the Arm is open ended. At times there can be I believe signs of wetness on the garage floor, no doubt from the spray. Could water not reach the fifth deck in a severe storm, making surely a completely closed ship a little safer?
  6. BF Enthusiast

    30 minutes Safety Procedure

    Hi, yes, seems most likely I guess. car was i. Deck 5, so on the arm it's a straight forward down on the lift with no water tight doors. i do always wonder if these type of ships are as seaworthy as a fully enclosed ship.
  7. BF Enthusiast

    30 minutes Safety Procedure

    Evening All, Having returned yesterday afternoon onboard the Arm, I took the opportunity to buy a few boxes of excellent value wine. I was told we couldn't gain access to the vehicle decks (with a member of staff of course) until 30 minutes into the sailing due to safety reasons? Does anyone know the reasons for this? Cheers,
  8. BF Enthusiast

    Quiet news day in Plymouth...

    Morning All, Having travelled on the Thursday night crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff on July 13th, we sailed for approximately one hour, and then turned off all engines. We were stationary until approximately 12.30 - 1am. i know many say this happens often, but this was the first time I had experienced. Yes, I had been on her when travelling very slowly but not the above. It made for a lovely vibration free and peaceful meal.
  9. BF Enthusiast

    Pont Aven Problem? [No Problem]

    Evening All, In drifting to waste time and save fuel on a Thursday evening, could this not provide a reduced comfort level for those onboard?
  10. BF Enthusiast

    How long will the Bretagne stay in service?

    Has this not been discussed a hundred times?
  11. BF Enthusiast

    Plymouth-Roscoff for the first time

    Enjoy. You'll ha e a great time I am sure.
  12. BF Enthusiast

    Do the Pont-Aven scrubbers look good?

    Quite impressive.
  13. BF Enthusiast

    Bretagnes Spikes on Hull

    Hello, Having seen the newly painted images of the Bretagne, please could someone confirm the numerous silver looking spikes attached to the side of her hull. These look as though they would be below the water line? Also, looking at the propellers, there seems to be small holes across the width of the hull. Is this to take on ballast water?
  14. BF Enthusiast

    Is it Worth It?

    Well with the upgrade.
  15. BF Enthusiast

    Cross Flood By Compartment

    Thank you in particular to Jonno. Very detailed reply, and great engineering by the sounds of things.