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  1. I would suspect Galicia is now the best, followed by the Cap, Pont and Mount would be my top four.
  2. Hi All? I really like the look of Galicia, but why didn’t they cover the bow like on the Pont, Arm and other ships within the fleet. Personally, I believe this gives a sleeker appearance to the bow.
  3. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. Nice touch BF.
  4. Surely if a ship goes on it’s side, it’s sadly fatal for all, escape corridor or not.
  5. Hi Timmy, is it possible to look back and trace the route of the Stena ship that afternoon?
  6. Hi Timmy, The tanker came from right to left. Visibility was very good. I would have thought right have way would have been sorted without the need to cut power.
  7. Hi Everyone, Having recently travelled on the Stena Hollandica from Hawrich, I just thought I would mention how impressed I was with the cabins. We had a Comfort Class Cabin, with tv, fridge with complimentary water, fruit juices, beers, wine and snacks.😁. The beds were very comfortable with the lower bed being a double. They even had a separate shower to the toilet, and plenty of on tap shower gel. The ship had a relaxed ambiance, but I feel not the intimate experience of BF, nor was the food as good. That said, if the cabins, Windows/port holes on the new BF ships ar
  8. Hi, I really don’t agree with Bretagne being a better sea keeper than PA. What evidence do you have? It seems so often the PA gets slated.
  9. Good Evening All, With the exciting launch of Honfleur getting ever closer, it made me think if newly built ships have advanced safety features, such as how cars develope in a short space of time? Will Honfleur have any advanced over other ships within the fleet? Best wishes,
  10. It would be nice if BF share photos this year of some of the works carried out. 🤞
  11. Hi All, Does Ulysses have more horse power than the Pont Aven? I am guessing the Pont has the most horse power within the BF Fleet?
  12. Hello All, I believe its possible to pre-order dinner on the all Spanish Routes? If so, is the procedure still to queue until reaching the desk? I guess the main benefit is that a table will be reserved as opposed to tucking in sooner 😁
  13. Hi Andy, sadly my French isn’t the greatest. In short, do you know what’s being said? ☺️
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