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  1. We're all doomed of course............you do all know that don't you?
  2. What a waste of time...........so I could save £22 on a return trip on my chosen crossing to take a trip at a time that's of no interest to me. Meanwhile, thanks to this wrexit nonsense I can't do what I usually do at this time of year......book a couple of crossings in April/May and June/July, now not possible until mid October. Too late to coordinate diaries with our friends in the US and Spain. We're not going anywhere this, or next year until we have full confidence in what's going on. By which time I assume everything will be sold out.
  3. Thanks to the last minute Brexit timetable changes, we'll be hanging around in Ouistreham on May 31st, waiting for the 23.00 sailing to Portsmouth. Last few years we've arrived there on the 06.45, and seen groups of sad, desperate looking youths hanging around, but not intimidating or threatening in any way. As we've returned home from Cherbourg in recent years and don't know what Ouistreham's like now, we wonder if there is anything we should watch out for as we spend a late afternoon and early evening hoping to enjoy a stroll on the beach, a bit of shopping, and something to eat. We used to park in the passenger terminal car park, wonder off for a few hours, then check in at the terminal, before moving the car through the still not open booths into the appropriate lane. I wonder if this area can even be accessed now, before the booths are open. Anyone been through recently?
  4. Don't forget the new system only applies to vehicles registered on or after April 1st 2017, and the new rates consist of a sum which you pay on first registration, and thereafter the 3 bands apply, which as you say apply to all petrol & diesel vehicles regardless of emissions. The first 'on registration' rate would be £135 for a VW Up, and £170 for a Golf. But after the first year they would both pay £145. The only incentive is to get an electric car from now on, or use a vehicle registered before April 1st 2017, where the rates are still based on emissions & engine type.
  5. We've had our CritAir sticker for a few years now, as we infrequently go into the zone in Paris, Lyon, & Grenoble. A mystery to us, is that we've never noticed any warning signs or understand how our sticker is scanned, if at all. But it does no harm to get one, just in case, and even if you don't intend to go into the restricted zones, you never know when you might take a wrong turn or be diverted. Same with IDP & green card. We've go 3 trips coming up this year, during which it's possible that we'll be away when we suddenly leave the EU with no deal; it could happen just about any time, but people are misinterpreting the extension as meaning that's the date we'll continue to be a member state, but it isn't necessarily the case. Make sure you use the official site to obtain your sticker.
  6. We've never had any particularly long delays with French or Spanish border control. But every time we return to Portsmouth or Poole there is a very long & slow queue, badly organised with such issues as inadequate lane directions and the frequent searching of vehicles whilst they hold up the entire queue. Presumably this will only get worse now.
  7. I guess this answers my question to some extent.
  8. Apart from BF failing to contact me in good time about my booked ferries not running, they have been very helpful and got back to me within a couple of hours. As it turns out one of the crossings will be from Cherbourg at 15.30, which suits us very well, so it's not all bad. BF said the changes were due to a 'government initiative', and I'd be interested if anyone knows what these changes are intended to achieve.
  9. Well since you ask, the big deal is that we have a long trip to the South & back, timings crucial, to a meticulously planned itinerary involving events, stop offs, & meeting up with friends from US & Oz. Presumably BF have the same laissez faire attitude that we're just on holiday so they can just change our booking at short notice...........one of these trips was only amended & confirmed 2 weeks ago, and yet it has been altered without notifying me. If I hadn't gone into my booking to change something, I'd still be unaware that my sailings weren't running. If you're happy to have to have you holiday plans changed, good for you. But we're not.
  10. No surprise about Wrexit, but a big surprise I've not received a call from them already. The 18.30 sailings seem to have vanished from the timetables, replaced with 08.45, 15.30 (alternating, not daily) & 22.15. Needless to say, the 15.30 sailing which would suit us very nicely isn't available on the days we want. I've e-mailed customer support. Very tempted to cancel both trips.
  11. I don't get this..........we are booked on Cherbourg-Poole, June 2nd @ 18.30. Went online to make a minor amendment, but there is no 18.30 sailing showing, but other Barfleur sailings which are timed in a manner that seems impossible for her to be sailing at 18.30 as per my booking. Before I make a fool of myself with customer support, can anyone suggest what's going on, or have I misunderstood somethig?
  12. I'll continue to watch this thread with interest over the coming months, despite much speculation I think there's some useful information here regarding possible developments. I wonder how many people have been put off booking next year, regardless of the deposit increase. I would certainly not be travelling next year, and would prefer not to travel to Europe until we see how things settle down. In reality, we have a special birthday celebration and will be driving down to Provence. However, if we start hearing stories about massive delays, cancellations, or other problems, we simply won't travel..............it is supposed to be fun after all.
  13. Looks interesting but I get this when I click the link; Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  14. The OP & most of us responding to this post refer to MSM, overnight & pre ordering breakfast for the following morning. How on earth have we got on to Bretagne sailing mid morning to St Malo?? Does anybody actually read or understand any post before they reply to it??
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