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  1. Dream on. There won't be any passenger ferries this year.
  2. It doesn't look like I'll be taking a ferry to France this year unless the FO withdraw their "you should not travel abroad unless it is essential" advice, and the French withdraw their requirement for all arrivals from the UK to spend 14 days in quarantine. This might be reviewed at the end of June, but I'm not expecting any great changes by then.
  3. Inside Olau is available on Amazon kindle, if that's of any interest to you.
  4. Looking forward to Monday's announcement. Hoping they'll actually be in a position to tell us something concrete.......we can but dream. Barfleur currently moored in the centre of Caen (wtf?), and I'll expect her to drop me off there next time, and save me the drive up from Ouistreham. Hoho!
  5. 60 cabins on Barfeur (including wheelchair accessible ones).
  6. The much awaited, for us anyway, latest announcement from BF CEO today at 16:30 BST, was inconsequential. Next one scheduled for May 18th.
  7. Sorry, I've just taken another look at this, and either the webpage didn't load properly or the timetable hadn't been populated for some other reason. Looking at the timetable indicates that you can book anytime after all. I believe BF are announcing their latest plans on May 15th.
  8. I see that some ferry timetables for 2020 have appeared on the BF website fairly recently. At present, bookings aren't available until mid September. I know there can be no real certainty on this, but I wonder if any of you insiders would care to speculate whether this is a final decision or if we could just as likely see the ferries running again by July or August?
  9. Which links do you mean? This one? But no live ship positions map, which has always worked fine until March 12th, using the link on the page I refer to above.
  10. ............not working since midnight on March 12th. What can this mean?🤔
  11. And very useful it is too. https://www.cestlagreve.fr/calendrier/?lieu=0&secteur=157 Here in the UK we have wade through media reports to find out what's going on.
  12. What a waste of time...........so I could save £22 on a return trip on my chosen crossing to take a trip at a time that's of no interest to me. Meanwhile, thanks to this wrexit nonsense I can't do what I usually do at this time of year......book a couple of crossings in April/May and June/July, now not possible until mid October. Too late to coordinate diaries with our friends in the US and Spain. We're not going anywhere this, or next year until we have full confidence in what's going on. By which time I assume everything will be sold out.
  13. Thanks to the last minute Brexit timetable changes, we'll be hanging around in Ouistreham on May 31st, waiting for the 23.00 sailing to Portsmouth. Last few years we've arrived there on the 06.45, and seen groups of sad, desperate looking youths hanging around, but not intimidating or threatening in any way. As we've returned home from Cherbourg in recent years and don't know what Ouistreham's like now, we wonder if there is anything we should watch out for as we spend a late afternoon and early evening hoping to enjoy a stroll on the beach, a bit of shopping, and something to eat. We us
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