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  1. Our dog had his rabies jab updated in the UK april this year. Because of Brexit our Uk vet had to enter the details in his UK issued pet passport. We had to travel to France 4/7/2021 on a AHC. The AHC took 3 visits and £120 to obtain. When we arrived in France our french vet just copied the details of the rabies vaccine into the French issued pet passport stamped and signed it. She also showed us a document that stated this was acceptable provided a couple of conditions were met. The dog had to be known to iCAD the French chip data base and not stay longer than 90 days. Our UK vet had already suggested we would be ok to use a French issued pet passport to get into France
  2. Pharmacie Briand on Ave. Victor Hugo in Carhaix will do antigen tests for €25 per test. Quite efficient and well organised. Do the test, nose only, call back a little later and collect the paperwork.
  3. Should be ok, provided rabies jabs are up to date. UK vets are not permitted to update rabies jabs in EU passprots, you must get it done by an Eu vets when over there. Our AHC got our dog into France with one small mistake on it. Stories are many of people being turned away by BF because of mistakes on the AHC. Because covid prevented us getting to France our dog had to be jabbed for rabies in the UK, the Frence vet just transferred the details into his EU passport no problem oh! and no charge.
  4. If you wish to retain C1 provision at age 70 it is my understanding a medical is required. I am sure you cannot renew online if you want to keep C1
  5. Thanks for that Chris at least every year is better than 5 AHC per year. What does upset me is that I thought we had covered all the bases, sadly covid did not help and our dogs rabies jab expires while we are in the UK. I am sure we can sort it out when we get to France, just something else to deal with. One thing to remember though is to make sure you are in France when the rabies jab needs to be renewed, even doing it early if necessary. We do have a little clarity now though. What happened in Caen did they check your paperwork? Did they send you to the Vet facility down the main road towards Caen? Keith
  6. I must be honest I was quite supprised at £150 but sadly it has to be paid. Our vet is now part of a national group and they clearly know how to charge. I have been told that the form is 12 pages and not a quick fill in. I did ask at the time for a bulk discount but got no reaction. I would be interested to know how much paperwork checking happened in PIP and Caen and did anything different happen on arrival. It is also my understanding that the French have moved to every 3 years for the rabies jab. I am willing however to accept I could be wrong, seems to happen regularly these days. Obviously you will find out when you visit your French vet. Best wishes, stay safe Keith
  7. I also have an update. My dog travels on a French pet passport no problem you might think. Er no, the rabies jab expires early May and so we visited our uk vet to sort out his jab and then to get it entered into his passport. The vet informed us that as we have left the EU she is no longer able to enter those details in his EU issued passport and therefore to get him into France we will need a Animal Health Certificte. The vet did say that when we get to France (when?) we should visit our French vet and sort out the entries in the passport. Sadly the way things are going in France the dog might need another jab before we get back to our house in France. Our vet did quote the going rate for the AHC and that is £150, it is going to be a costly crossing next time. We do need to sort it out as that sort of cost is bordering on the unsustainable. Stay safe Keith
  8. Hope you have a safe trip. Please keep us up dated with the pet pasport situation it is important to us. Sadly it will be some time before we are in France. I do wonder how bad our grass is. Best wishes, stay safe. Keith
  9. I totally agree, in 5 years and 20+ crossings with our dog never once have we experienced anyone from BF who has not applied the rules absolutely to the letter. Every single time the same proceedure has been followed. This is in contrast to our friends who have had problems at the tunnel. Keith
  10. I do hope so but with the amateurs running things well your guess is as good as anybodies. Our spaniel is really desparate to get to our house in Locarn, Brittany so we all hope all goes well. Please keep us all up to date on this, I really want this to work as easily as possible. I do think long term a French issued passport will be the answer. Time will tell. Stay safe and have a good journey
  11. If I may be so bold my advice would be to get your Vet to issue a EU passport I am sure it will help you in the long run. Our friend in France spoke to their vet who offered incorrct advice based on information relevant june/july 2019.
  12. It is my understanding is that everything will be ok but your problem will be getting back into France. You will require a UK vet to issue a Animal Health Certificate up to 10 days before travel. I have been informed the way round this is to get a passport issued by a EU vet, this should permit trouble free travel back to France. Sadly for obvious reasons I have not found anyone who has returned to France with a dog so as to whether this will work I do not know. I do know a AHC is 10 pages in English and French, at my vets it could well be expensive. In France the dogs passport cost €19. I will be really interested how you get on
  13. Our French vet who completed the new passport suggested it could be better if our dog was registered on the French chip data base. It did not affect the registration on the UK data base. The mad thing with all this is the fact that the passport scheme was started by the UK so dog owners could get their dogs back to the UK. It was taken into EU law and suddenly there is now a problem. I have no confidence this will be sorted ant time soon, best to get organised.
  14. I hope you are correct but the government does not seem to have a great record on sorting things in plenty of time. Unfortunately we would in normal circumstances be travelling early in the new year so we do have to be organised. My advice to anyone hoping to travel with an animal after Brexit is get on with organising a rabies blood test now, it could take 4 months to get it sorted out. The details of the test can be entered in the passport for later use. If you do get an EU passport the issuing vet will just transfer all the details into the new passport. I do hope all this will be easy but I have my doubts.
  15. Your dog requires a rabies blood test to check for antibodies. Your dog cannot travel for 3 months after this test. If the dog fails the test it will require a further rabies injection and cannot be retested for 30 days, hence the 4 months. The test results have to be entered into the passport. Sadly after the new year the EU will not accept a UK issued passport and the dog will need a health certificate supplied by a UK vet. As I understand it about 10 pages in French and English. It does sound expensive. My original source of the info re a French passport was a member of Defra staff in their call centre. This was back when Teresa May was trying to get her plan through Parliament. I was asked if I was a frequent traveller, which I was, and as such the advise was to get EU docs. The member of staff was adamant. My plan is to get UK docs for our first trip after Brexit but only offer the French paperwork and see if we get into France without trouble, if we do problem solved but we do have a back up. I should make it clear we do have a French property and our dog is registered at this address
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