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  1. I have a VW Touran not the same car I realise but is VAG. Pre 2014 the alarm was disabled by a small button on the B pillar drivers side which changed colour when pressed. My 2014 version used the dash infotainment display. if yours is the same the volumetric alarm is disabled within that system. With the ignition on touch car then settings,scroll down to opening and closing, touch that section and a new display should appear, find the box about disabling the internal alarm, touch and a tick box changes, job done. Remember the system will reset next time the ignition is turned on. Apols if all that is not relevant to you but it may help someone.
  2. The dog cabins are in the block 5304 -5315. It does seem a long way up to deck 9 but I suppose BF know best.
  3. We visited our local PO on Monday and 45 minutes latter we were issued with our new IDP. Most of the time at the PO was taken up by the member of staff working out how to deal with the paperwork. On examination back at home it was clear the IDP did not have any more information in it. Our ordinary card driving licences contain the same information as the IDP. The only real difference appears to be the size of the fonts used on both documents making the IDP easier to read. I understood we moved to card driving licences to fit in with the EU regulations. It does appear to be a load of bureaucratic nonsense.
  4. I booked dog friendly cabins on the Normandie when the new timetables were issued in July. The tickets that were emailed showed that we have been allocated cabins on deck 5 in the block 5304 to 5315
  5. It would appear that Tues 2 July (Etretat) is the same price as Tues 9 July (Normandie). This is also true of Friday 5 (Etretat) and Friday 12 (Normandie)
  6. Sorry to confuse the topic. I compared our summer crossing this year on Etretat to the equivalent dates 2019 on the Normandie. You are quite correct Gareth a comparison with Etretat and Normandie could be done immediately before and after the change.
  7. Using our crossing details from August/September this year on the booking engine for 2019 there does seem to be a little change perhaps £5:00, that could be due to the days of travel. The cabins are more expensive but we do book pet friendly ones. As said in previous post the breakfast allowance is available.
  8. Sorry to jump in here but my impression of the prices does seem to indicate a little increase over what we normally pay when we use Le Havre. Two things to note however, the requirement to tick the economie box appears to be not there and also the night crossings show a breakfast allowance. Not sure about BdS maybe a bit more research is required.
  9. I understood that travel to France was not permitted within 21 days of the dog having its rabies jab. The French have also fairly recently gone over to 3 yearly rabies jabs. This information was given to me by both our English and French vets. The worm treatment given to dogs is to kill off a particular worm that we do not have in this country. This worm is quite dangerous to human health or so I am told. We have always scanned our own dog but always in the sight of the checking-in person
  10. I think you will find the price is €5000.00 the French use the comma where we would use the point. At least that is my understanding, still a bit pricey though. As Neil said a trip to Turkey would be better in so many ways.
  11. As a regular user of pet friendly cabins I am pretty shocked, definitely not acceptable on any level. I will be checking the mattress when we travel in a couple of weeks, should be interesting to see how the BdS shapes up. I would also be interested in knowing what the normal non pet friendly cabins are like on the Etretat.
  12. I have booked 2 crossings on the Normandie before it transfers to Le Havre both with pet friendly cabins. The tickets show the cabins are on deck 5 within the block 5304-5315
  13. Travelling with a car almost guaranteed in my experience.
  14. Travelled many times on the Etretat and seen many motorcycles loaded at Le Havre, never had any on the open deck with the cars.
  15. A couple of thoughts. Can the vehicle be driven with the suspension lowered? Assuming that the lowered height is below 2.6m. Maybe you can drive on board and then lower it to get into the parking position. How long does it take to raise or lower the suspension? One further thought I have seen vehicles dimensions checked at the check-in you may need to lower the vehicle as you check in. I guess being refused a crossing because space for an oversized campervan is not available would not go down very well.
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