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  1. We live in south Leicestershire, and to get to Dover the M1/M25 are horrendous parts of the journey. M40/A34 and onwards to Portsmouth is far more civilised, so the Western Channel is our automatic choice. Plus, of course, as we aim for north Brittany, Calais/Dunkirk adds far too much journey time, compared to either Caen, Cherbourg or St Malo.
  2. We are due to sail back on her overnight trip on 22-23 June. Can't remember ever travelling on her before, so looking forward to that.
  3. Travel vouchers are OK up to a point, but not necessarily appropriate for some travellers. For example, in our case our passports expire in 2017 and, with me nearly 81 and SWMBO not far behind, renewal of our passports is debatable, and in flux at the moment.
  4. Not sure I'd fancy the Dover run with possible disruption by the immigrants, although there are indications that they are targeting other ports further afield. Only did the Tunnel once(both ways), and not very pleasant. Might have been interaction between suspensions of rail carriage, car and caravan, but movement was such that I could not do a crossword without the pen slipping all over the page. Afterwards, we also agreed that, if anything was going to go wrong, we'd prefer to be in the open air rather than stuck in an undersea tunnel.
  5. That's a nice, positive reply, almosthere. We are hoping to get to our campsite and have the caravan all set up by lunchtime. Trip to the supermarket for a few groceries, and then a nice evening meal - with a bottle of red, of course.
  6. We will be going overnight Portsmouth-to-Caen, and landing about 06:45 in the morning. As we will be heading for north Brittany, the periferique (anticlockwise) and then the A84 are an easy run, and our destination is only 85 miles from Caen. Regarding noisy neighbours in an adjoining cabin - that can happen on any BF boat.
  7. Not having a dog, this does not affect us. But, in the process of introducing dog-friendly cabins, why would BF take the view that only owners of vehicles with a maximum height of 1.83M would wish to take advantage of this facility?
  8. And PASSENGER safety, I would hope.
  9. So, heads we win and tails we lose. Either vessel can be a problem as far as travellers are concerned. Everything crossed now!
  10. Obviously, thoughts are occurring around worst case scenarios, and it does seem reasonable to expect the situation to be back to normal with a month to go as far as we are concerned. We do not want to go on the Portsmouth-St Malo-Portsmouth (Bretagne) run again, as last year we experienced horrendous overcrowding on the vehicle deck (apparently not unusual), which resulted in me making criticisms to BF, and adverse comments on this forum. Other travellers have indicated that the Bretagne is an old ship and less able to handle vehicles than the Normandie and Mont St Michel. I don't know how
  11. As we are due to sail on the Normandie on May 12th., is it reasonable to feel confident that the schedules will be back to normal by then? Does this "brilliance" extend to an automatic update by email/text, or is it necessary to keep checking in for latest news of any situation?
  12. We are due to take the overnight sailing on the Normandie on May 12th. Hopefully, the problems with the ship will have been sorted out and things back to normal by then. But if this is not the case, and this sailing is cancelled, would BF make an alternative sailing available, hopefully informing us in good time of course, or is there a possibility that a cancellation could mean no sailing was available at all? Quite some years ago, when we sailed on the Barfleur from Cherbourg to Poole, we met some passengers who should have been sailing from Rosscoff to Plymouth, but were redirected t
  13. We booked in January, the full amount has now been paid, and we are due to sail in 4 weeks time. I doubt that a change of route outward would be possible now without cost; if possible at all.
  14. This occurred to me too late - after I had booked Ouistreham (Caen) both ways.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. We will only be looking to shop on the return trip, but an evening meal and breakfast is preferable in both directions. We have booked a cabin for both ways, so a very early rise with a shower will be the first order of the day. Carrying only an overnight bag, we can then vacate the cabin before going for breakfast. Eating ashore is not an option, as we would not leave the caravan unattended either side of the channel. Our destination in France is only 85 miles from Caen, so a three-hour drive would be a maximum - probably considerably less, depending on traf
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