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  1. On Twitter yesterday, BF confirmed that the repairs were finished
  2. Having spoken to Brittany Ferries last week and again in an email this week, Pont-Aven will be sailing from Plymouth not Portsmouth.
  3. Having spoken to BF today, they are expecting her to return to service on the Friday 14th June
  4. By the looks of this, it seems Pont-Aven will be back operating Portsmouth to Santander on 11th June
  5. One feature I would have liked to see was being able to select your cabin number/location online rather than having to phone up after you have booked
  6. I have just gone onto the Brittany Ferries website and discovered their BETA website. It is very user friendly and works extremely well on mobile.
  7. Possibly allowing club voyage members to be able to book a few days before when the prices for the winter/summer are released
  8. Do we know then the prices and bookings are going to be released for winter 2018 and 2019
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