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  1. When I went across to France in September they did it off the surnames on the passports. We had the phone ready but he said he didn't need it
  2. Does that mean that Armorique might be making another visit to Portsmouth ?
  3. Although this seems logical Ed and I see where you are coming from to a certain extent. Why should a party of two be ‘penalised’ as they want a bigger cabin. If BF offered a two birth commodore or club plus then this wouldn’t be a problem but they don’t. Why shouldn’t we be able to get the top of the range cabins if we are happy to pay
  4. We have got commodore cabin 8418 on the Pont Aven. Do you know if the WiFi will reach here?
  5. Hello, I am travelling to Santander from Plymouth in the summer and I have a French Club Voyage membership. I was wondering if I get the same benefits as I would if I was going over to France such as 10% off in the restaurant. Many Thanks
  6. Hello, I was looking at a video of the Armorique on the Brittany Ferries YouTube page and saw that one of the club plus cabins has a double bed. I was wondering if anyone has been in this cabin and know what number the cabin is. Many Thanks
  7. Another Question. Are all bags searched on the way up from the car decks now or is it just a select few
  8. Hello, I have two questions The first is, what time I can check-in from. I am booked on the Plymouth-Roscoff sailing on the Pont-Aven on the 26th October and I would like the chance to embarked at 7 for a meal in Le Flora. And secondly, I was wondering if Brittany Ferries are releasing any new menus soon. Many Thanks
  9. Hello, I am travelling to Roscoff in October onboard the Pont-Aven in a Commodore Cabin on the 20:45 crossing. I was wondering if Priority Restaurant booking is available on this booking and if it is how does it get arranged. Do I need to ring in advance and book or do I need to wait until I get onboard and go from there. Many Thanks
  10. I phoned the BF reservations team this morning and booked for June/July 2018.
  11. Just booked for next summer
  12. Pony Aven for me. Although Mont St Michel comes a very close second
  13. A good restaurant in Roscoff is La Bonne Etoile. Get there early as it fills up very quickly. A good restaurant in Saint-Pol-de-Léon is L'Ardoise. Just down from the main square. I am not sure about wine stores around the area but I have passed one driving out of Roscoff. Plymouth Hoe has some great views of the sound and the channel. Hope this answers your questions. Enjoy your trip
  14. I was hoping if anyone had any idea when the 2018 prices will be released. Many Thanks
  15. We travellled to Roscoff from Plymouth on Friday 26th May on the 08:00. We arrived at Plymouth Ferryport at 6:45 and we were put into the shortest check in lane. We though that this would be good as we will be on quickly. An hour later we eventually checked in after all the cars that arrived after us were directed to go down past the king point marina building and were queuing down that side. All of these cars passed us whilst we were still waiting to check in. A man from Brittany Ferries walked around the lanes telling people to leave their passports open and he said to us that the reason for
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