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  1. It would appear that the French Prime Minister has just announced the closure of shops (except for food shops and pharmacies), restaurants, theatres and cinemas. This may increase cancellations of ferry bookings even further, once would-be visitors realise they will not be able to find places to eat. One really has to feel for BF, and indeed all the passenger transport companies and the tourist industry in general
  2. As I mentioned before, my daughter’s Lycée group’s trip to England has now been put on hold until the autumn term. BF were very understanding when she phoned them on Monday, as was everyone the English end. With all school trips from France cancelled, and probably others not wanting to travel at present, it must already be having a negative impact upon BF, and indeed, the whole French tourism industry, with all the strikes and Gilets Jaunes already having adversely affected the industry
  3. My daughter and two colleagues, teachers in a Lycée in France, are due to be taking a party of French Catering students to Cornwall in around a fortnight. The education authorities have informed them today that all educational trips anywhere overseas are now on hold - not yet cancelled, just on hold.
  4. My OH and I were on the Bretagne as well on Sunday night and also noticed the state of La Vitrine. The shop that sells books, travel items, etc was also not open. More annoyingly for us though, the queue for the self service cafeteria was very long, and ditto the bar, and the coffee bar was closed. The coin operated drinks machines dotted about the ship were all hors de service, so there was nowhere to get a drink unless you were prepared for a very long wait. I appreciate some things take a while to get up and running after being out of service, but, on what was a very full ship, this was an
  5. I hope they do something to improve the traffic management on the port if they are going to have greater passenger ship throughput. It can already get chaotic when vehicles are queuing to get off the ferry, and then off the quayside, whilst others are being sent across this flow to wait to board the ferry, thus holding up the whole process, although BF obviously has to get as many new passengers processed and ready to board as possible as soon as possible in order for the ship to leave at its allotted time. I pity the poor marshals trying their best to keep it all going
  6. Returning to England on Sunday, my husband and I noticed that the flagpole on the foredeck of the Bretagne was flying the Breton flag when we set off from St Malo. After we had set off, and were well out of the harbour however, we saw a man come over and remove this flag, which he attached to the railings. We have never noticed this before and wondered why this was and if this happens every trip.
  7. If one looks at all the current climate change furore at present, I wonder if there will be moves to significantly curtail short haul air travel before long, or at least put such heavy carbon levies on it as to make it prohibitively expensive for ordinary people. If so, BF would be in an excellent position to reap the benefits of the increased demand on ship transport to and from the Channel Islands
  8. Some previous neighbours of ours, when I asked if they had had a nice holiday, responded that they had drunk loads and got really drunk, so it had been a good holiday. I have always felt it very sad when people’s measurement of how good a time they had was how drunk they got - and thereby probably forgetting a fair amount of what happened, which rather defeats the object of going away in my mind! Personally, my husband and I might have a glass or two of wine (no more) on the ferry, but that tends to be at lunchtime on the return leg, as we tend to get the overnight out, so getting a reaso
  9. Also worth thinking about is that on weekdays, the A3 around Guildford gets horrendous leading up to, and through, the evening rush hour. There is lots of traffic heading out of Guildford, and out of the University, and the road simply can’t cope with the volume of traffic.
  10. Easiest way of giving feedback seems to be voting with our fingers and making bookings by phone only.
  11. With all the problems Pont Aven has been causing recently, the old reliable workhorse Bretagne shows why she is still worth keeping in service, in spite of her age, so this thread is very current. Many of her problems could be solved if they had a mind to refresh her cabins. The latest issues demonstrate this could well be worth the outlay
  12. A bit much when BF’s flagship seems to have been beset by mechanical issues - not just over the past few weeks - whilst good old Bretagne just keeps reliably ploughing along. Can I be the only one that thinks Bretagne is not the vessel that should be being retired?
  13. And as the grandmother of a just-turned two year-old, I’ll now have the ‘Baby Shark’ kids’ song on the brain - thanks for that!🙂
  14. I remember there were quite a few moans and complaints when BF changed some of its sailings to accommodate the extra capacity contracted with HMG. To alter these again in the light of the cancellation of the contract might well risk reputational damage to BF. Swapping customers’ bookings once was an annoyance for some, but could be blamed on the Government and Brexit. To mess them around a second time is something I wonder if they would risk, unless it was part of a much bigger shuffling of ships to cover for Pont Aven maybe
  15. My husband has just been on the phone to them to make a booking, and the lovely lady he spoke to said they were very busy rebooking everybody due to sail over the next two weeks, and she was going to be at it until 7.30, so a lot of extra work still going on for them
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