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  1. Some previous neighbours of ours, when I asked if they had had a nice holiday, responded that they had drunk loads and got really drunk, so it had been a good holiday. I have always felt it very sad when people’s measurement of how good a time they had was how drunk they got - and thereby probably forgetting a fair amount of what happened, which rather defeats the object of going away in my mind! Personally, my husband and I might have a glass or two of wine (no more) on the ferry, but that tends to be at lunchtime on the return leg, as we tend to get the overnight out, so getting a reasonable amount of sleep before the early morning start is the priority. I agree with Straightfeed that it is particularly stupid to drink a lot just before complicated driving. Also, French Gendarmes, unlike our British Police, do not need any reason to stop motorists for a vehicle and breath test. They can set up and play any time they feel like, and frequently do
  2. Also worth thinking about is that on weekdays, the A3 around Guildford gets horrendous leading up to, and through, the evening rush hour. There is lots of traffic heading out of Guildford, and out of the University, and the road simply can’t cope with the volume of traffic.
  3. Easiest way of giving feedback seems to be voting with our fingers and making bookings by phone only.
  4. With all the problems Pont Aven has been causing recently, the old reliable workhorse Bretagne shows why she is still worth keeping in service, in spite of her age, so this thread is very current. Many of her problems could be solved if they had a mind to refresh her cabins. The latest issues demonstrate this could well be worth the outlay
  5. A bit much when BF’s flagship seems to have been beset by mechanical issues - not just over the past few weeks - whilst good old Bretagne just keeps reliably ploughing along. Can I be the only one that thinks Bretagne is not the vessel that should be being retired?
  6. And as the grandmother of a just-turned two year-old, I’ll now have the ‘Baby Shark’ kids’ song on the brain - thanks for that!🙂
  7. I remember there were quite a few moans and complaints when BF changed some of its sailings to accommodate the extra capacity contracted with HMG. To alter these again in the light of the cancellation of the contract might well risk reputational damage to BF. Swapping customers’ bookings once was an annoyance for some, but could be blamed on the Government and Brexit. To mess them around a second time is something I wonder if they would risk, unless it was part of a much bigger shuffling of ships to cover for Pont Aven maybe
  8. My husband has just been on the phone to them to make a booking, and the lovely lady he spoke to said they were very busy rebooking everybody due to sail over the next two weeks, and she was going to be at it until 7.30, so a lot of extra work still going on for them
  9. Can anyone remember what time they normally start serving breakfast in the self service restaurant on the Bretagne? We like to get there before the queues build up
  10. JenT

    New Look Revealed

    Penlan, I agree with you about the interior. When we last travelled on the Bretagne, back in November, the carpet of our cabin on Deck 6 was very threadbare, so I hope they are replacing them during her layover. I took a photo, although I didn’t do anything with it in the end. Gives a very bad impression
  11. Stunning sunset at Portsmouth waiting for the ferry to Le Havre last Tuesday
  12. JenT


    Saw this car with a trandem on the roof. Memories of the Goodies here
  13. I remember the first time we travelled to France as a family, in around 1992, to Roscoff on the Quiberon. We remember walking past a door to the outside of the ship that was so rusty you could literally see daylight through it. Also, it wallowed so badly that it did not just go up and down, but corkscrewed as well. At least we had a small cabin, but our two kids wanted to explore, whilst all my husband and I just wanted to lie down, because we felt to seasick. What luxury on the return crossing on the almost new flagship Bretagne! We have been to France many times since, but never had such a bad crossing as that first one, even in bad weather
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