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    New Look Revealed

    Penlan, I agree with you about the interior. When we last travelled on the Bretagne, back in November, the carpet of our cabin on Deck 6 was very threadbare, so I hope they are replacing them during her layover. I took a photo, although I didn’t do anything with it in the end. Gives a very bad impression
  2. Stunning sunset at Portsmouth waiting for the ferry to Le Havre last Tuesday
  3. JenT


    Saw this car with a trandem on the roof. Memories of the Goodies here
  4. I remember the first time we travelled to France as a family, in around 1992, to Roscoff on the Quiberon. We remember walking past a door to the outside of the ship that was so rusty you could literally see daylight through it. Also, it wallowed so badly that it did not just go up and down, but corkscrewed as well. At least we had a small cabin, but our two kids wanted to explore, whilst all my husband and I just wanted to lie down, because we felt to seasick. What luxury on the return crossing on the almost new flagship Bretagne! We have been to France many times since, but never had such a bad crossing as that first one, even in bad weather
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